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September 16, 2012



He actually is playing a good amount of redshirt sophmores and juniors and being less than forthright about it, but he also publicly said those guys are garbage. I took an exception to that. lying about it.

Posted by: SJMPARMAN | September 18, 2012 at 01:24 AM

SJMP, calling D'Onofrio a liar is a very bold statement. Please provide us with a link, or a quote, where D'Onofrio says "those guys are garbage".


"That is sad, very sad. Unless you live out of State or are having serious financial difficulties U should be at the games."

I'd love to go, but I am indeed more than a couple of states away. Else I'd be at Bethune... even just to see the Tie.


What if you are out of state and having serious financial issue? lol


Hearing Winslow to the Pats



It is official!!


E J Baker #17


Chastising fans of Miami for saving their money when they play poorly or play poor competition is a non-starter. How about you field a product people want to see first, then worry about selling tickets next? Get a single digit number next to your name on the television and the tickets will be used and sold, I promise. Keep giving up 500 yards to real teams every time you play and there's better use of three hours and making a wallet thinner.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | September 17, 2012 at 07:46 PM

Preach it OGV


South Florida sports in general are like that. When I relocate back to Palm Beach County I will be at most of the home games even if I have to ride the horse to get there - :-D


Jon Bastian - Top JUCO DT Marquel Combs in Contact with Miami - http://linksha.re/2AV



Check your email


I don't wanna hear any excuses from the football team whatsoever cuz the coaches get paid & the players get a education / pro career. What do we fans that pay our hard earned money get in return besides disappointment? What I lack in game appearance I make up in Miami apparel, ashtrays, coasters, duffle bags, bed comforters & I'm about 2 order the curtains 4 my man cave. I can watch em sukk @ the crib & save that money 2 by mo merchandise lol. Do plan on getting down there fo tha year out tho just 2 meet the Space cadets.


That's been something I've been curious to see. Golden and Co recruit rather small on the dl players that need a rs year and a development year then the following year to contribute. Why is it that chick is the only freshman now sophmore getting pt ? Why not go the juco route . Golden is a Amazing recruiter and closer compared to randy imo... Miami only lost the rb to Tennessee and Northrup to fsu... You look back at randys tons of kids loved Miami but he didnt want them or he couldnt reel them in..


AJ Highsmith is now the backup longsnapper...

LOL, this kid can back up anything. QB, RB, S, LS

Gin & Tonic

The University of Miami worrying about why fans aren't showing up now is the equivalent of George Lucas wondering why Howard the Duck was a box office flop after his success with Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Put out a product worth the price of admission and people will show up.


For me its more the atmosphere, my love for the Canes, not the product at that particular moment. Sure its more fun when we are winning, but it wouldn't be the reason I would or wouldnt go. I go to ever high school home game in my town and they suck, but I love being there..but everyone is different lol


is the equivalent of George Lucas wondering why Howard the Duck was a box office flop

Posted by: Gin & Tonic | September 18, 2012 at 02:28 PM

Hey! Howard the Duck was AWESOME!!


I live in Seattle, WA if I was able to go to games I would. Ive been a canes fan since 2005 so im the youngest here I didnt witness greatness in 2001 , wasnt there to watch fsu in 97. But I never miss any hurricanes game since Tyrone moss was on the field and Kyle Wright sit in the pocket like a deer in the headlights against fsu and get sacked 9 times. Im standing with Miami. Though it pains me to watch them lose and not play to our standards im sure they are headed in a good direction.


Howard the Duck > That last Indiana Jones crap, come on man crystal skulls?





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