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September 08, 2012


Old Skool

LOL Great line Solar

orange 'n green in the vein

The good news is that Hassan is wrong.

It will get better instantly because BCC will get 386 yards or less on offense next week, UM will win by half the margin they loss today by and will still be in tied for first in the division with a change to beat one of the two favorites to win the division title out of four other eligible winners of the division.

I just got done weeding so the future is bright fellow 'Cane fans. Who won Al Golden post game conference Bingo tonight on here anyway?


SEC is so boring to watch on ESPN. Not sure why.


thanks guys,
making fun of these Canes at soup's expense is like being in the bonus situation

orange 'n green in the vein

Is it too soon to ask how good TCU's linebackers are looking tonight? They could probably tackle Klein this year I bet.

Account Deleted

From what i see ahead based on two games, my thoughts

2 wins - duke and bethune

2 maybe wins - NC State, USF,

4 maybe losses - NC, ND, Vir, GT

2 lost - VT, FSU,

Give or take a game either way, 6-6 is about right.

wonder what Susan is predicting now? thought her comments said ask after game 2...


I said when we got Al that the best scenario would be Randy running the d...because he was the coordinator in 2002 and our d was man to man with corners coming up hard. But of course that would be impossible since you got to cut ties with the old guard. We still need that old style because it showcases the d tackles and d ends. They know were they are going every play before the ball is snapped...its just a matter of how quick they get there.


Wow, Tulane safety fractured his spine, broke his neck, and had a collapsed lung today. Revived and will need spinal surgery within 48 hours.

Posted by: Felipe | September 08, 2012 at 07:49 PM

Heard he had a tracheotomy on the field too. Prayers out to that kid.


Ah......Im still having visions of Klein running up the middle for 5-10 yds.


Just putting things in a little perspective of what we want to be:

Bama Starters http://alabama.rivals.com/cdepthtext.asp

Offense (this does not include TJ Yeldon)
4 seniors
5 juniors
2 sophs

4 seniors
3 juniors
4 sophs

Rivals Rankings:
2008 Bama #1 recruiting class
2009 Bama #1 recruting class
2010 Bama #5 recruting class
2011 Bama #1 recruting class

Miami Starters http://miami.rivals.com/cdepthtext.asp

Offense (this does not include Duke Johnson)
1 senior
4 juniors
4 sophs
2 fresh

Defense (this does not include Deon Bush or Tracy Howard)
4 seniors
2 juniors
4 sophs
1 fresh

Rivals Rankings:
2008 Miami #5 recruiting class
2009 Miami #15 recruiting class
2010 Miami #16 recruting class
2011 Miami #36 recruting class


There was one season where we knocked 7 qbs out of the game. That was what Sileo said today.


Klein= Mongo from blazing saddles



Account Deleted

Is the AG post game on youtube or somewhere?


SOUP, get your guitar, an icy Redbridge, and do a little caterwauling, It'll chase away your blues, works for me!

Posted by: ScallopHead | September 08, 2012 at 08:05 PM

Tried that. I was so angry, broke a string in first five minutes.

Going to guitar #2...But I think I really need to get a drum set?

YEAH that's the ticket!


You can see these guys are on a totally different speed from the past. Thats why theres not real collisions going on.


Ah......Im still having visions of Klein running up the middle for 5-10 yds.

Posted by: Pbcfrcane13 | September 08, 2012 at 08:42 PM

U can still see through all of that rum?

I know RaizeCane must be blind by now! LOL


This UCLA Neb game is fun to watch!


LOL I ran out of rum had to switch to beer and yes Klein is burned into my brain....all I kept saying today was thank god we dont have to see KSU anymore!


Making fun of these Canes at soup's expense is like being in the bonus situation.

Posted by: solarcane | September 08, 2012 at 08:37 PM

I feel your pain, uh, I mean pleasure at my expense. Where the hell is the wicked witch of the West? I'll get U my pretty!


The dude,

And its bad when the best player on the other team is one of your rejects lol. If brown was still here everybody would be talking about how much he's under achieving and he can't understand the playbook or terminology, look like he understands everything now. He gets a new coach and he magically turns all-american lol. Like I said, the talent hasn't left Da U (except to transfer or go to the nfl) the coaching has. I like Al but he needs to know that friends don't let friends coach drunk

The Dude

Posted by: solarcane | September 08, 2012 at 08:20 PM

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously funny, cuz it true.


Watching UCLA NEB this is what I thought todays game would look like......Im so glad I deleted the game from my dvr!


I am very Pissed about Arthur brown bring a aa and killing Miami today. This was a team loss. I read that the players didn't support the benching and leaving Luther Robinson in coral gables.. True or not he should have been on that field. next week can't come fat enough

Account Deleted

found the AG post game video...he looked shell shocked and just plain wiped out.

Gave no excuses though, just a plain old whopping.....everyone including himself needs to do a better job.

In truth he knows what a rebuilding project this is going to be....just hard to accept


Arthur brown may be a home body... maybe he was a head case


Tonycane - when I went through my checklist of games that were ugly, I forgot about the LSU 40-3 loss in 2005. That is when I first realized we were probably in trouble. I never envisioned it would stick around for as long as it has though


College football is a game reacting quickly...its playing as fast as you can..just a little slower is not close to winning but its losing big.


From the AG video I watched, AG DOES seem shell shocked. "Outcoached and outplayed in all 3 phases."

For some reason, I don't feel like he doubts his schemes though... just player execution. (Reminds me of Randy.) I just don't see ANY coaches getting fired anytime soon... (Not that I would EXPECT a "firing" after game #2.)

Our stats are just horrible.

I'm not happy...


That LSU game was a shocker not just because it was a bowl game but because we looked seriously outcoached in that game. And we were. And we have been ever since.


you know I love you like a brother, im just messin around lol







Posted by: SJMPARMAN | September 08, 2012 at 09:24 PM

their guys were more physical than us as well.


Solar is it getting cooler up there? We are supposed to get a front that will have the lows in the 50's for the next week


Is the AG post game on youtube or somewhere?

Posted by: longtimecanefan | September 08, 2012 at 08:52 PM

You don't want to see it.


Wow Chick looks really upset about this and Im glad to see it! Maybe (and Im hoping here lol) this is what a young team needs. A whooping that Golden can turn and say see you can't just because of one win roll the helmet with the U on it and think your going to win! Maybe?...........


If you don't think coaching matters look at what Jim Mora has done for UCLA. Night and Day between this year and last year.


You are right CGNC, there was a huge talent disparity between LSU and us then. That was Coker's first recruiting class as seniors and it showed.


So western kentucky gives up 328 TOTAL YARDS to #1 Alabama and we give up 498 TOTAL YARDS to big bad #21 KSU????





Just a stroll into the past... winning is everything

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