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September 06, 2012




Johnson totals 16 kills

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – The University of Miami volleyball team knocked off No. 6 Florida State, 3-1, in front of a national television audience and a record crowd at the Knight Sports Complex on Friday. It was the first-ever win over a top-10 team for the program.


The Hurricanes have now won 10 straight matches at home and 21 of the last 22.

Junior Alex Johnson, a Tallahassee native, recorded a match-high 16 kills for Miami (7-1, 1-0 ACC), while sophomore Alexis Mourning contributed 14 slammers. Senior setter Nryitha Sundararaman put up 50 assists to pace the offense.

It was the first time that the ESPN family of networks had ever broadcasted a volleyball match in Coral Gables. The attendance was listed a 1,179 – a new Knight Sports Complex record.

The Seminoles dropped to 6-1 and 0-1 in the ACC.


man when your qb's real name is Chucky Cheese how real do other teams take you?

Posted by: solarcane | September 07, 2012 at 10:30 PM

who's name is that?


Solar...about 8 hours, maybe 9 if you stop twice for gas and eats.


Solar...here U go:

I-75 S to US-27 S

8 hrs 40 mins / 533.14 miles



soup thanks!

the Utah state qb;s name is like Chucky Chein or something, the announcers called him Chucky Cheese for four qtrs I thought that was his name


Armwood takin a beetdown from American heritage.

Posted by: 4-Real | September 07, 2012 at 09:45 PM

And Tampa Plant is taking a WHOOPIN'! from John Curtis (Louisiana) in the Super Dome. The score is 27-3 in the 3rd...


Nice, Utah State won.

Was a fun game to watch.


10 hours 46 minutes till game time!

Harry Miller

Ricky Town leads leads St. Bonaventure in second half come from behind victory over Redlands East Valley top 15 ranked and top 5 in defense. He did a great job leading his team to victory against a top defence in California. overcame early adversity, kept his composure and made several big throws and made several key runs to keep the drives alive. A great win after a 3hour bus ride! Home town refs were not any help either.

Harry Miller

Ricky Town went 17 for 22 for 180yds in that game. Sorry forgot to put this in previous post.


Last year. we were clearly the more talented team and we lost against K State. Compare NFL Miami NFL roster entries from 2011 team to K State and there is no comparison. We got beat because they were a better team, not better individually but collectively better as a team.

There is a coaching element when more talented players lose to a less talented team. For me last year, that was on the defensive side of the ball. From line play, to linebacker play to secondary, the K State team was just better coached against us.

But the talent we lost from last year's team has been replaced by new, young talent. I think we are better at the OL positions, better at the QB position, better at RB because we have a dynamic player in Duke who just has a different skill set than Lamarr had, we are better at WR because these players aren't so limited in their routes. On defensive line, there isn't much talent difference but there is at LB, and there definitely is at the safety positions. I also prefer our corners slightly over last year.

So talent wise, we match up very well against K State. My concern this year is this a better TEAM than last year. Can they summon the strength K State did against Miami last year to win not based on individual talent but based upon being a team. Is it too much to expect such young players to hang together as a team when the inexperience of individual talented players might be tested.

History says they will fail because relying on true freshman and sophmores is not normally a recipe for success. I thought they had a good chance against BC last week but to be honest I would not have been surprised by an L. Thankfully, these players surprised me. But I watched that video tonight, about each player placing an individual brick to build the wall, and how the players understood the concept. I am hopeful. I am not going to put down any money on it but I am optimistic about the game.

This game today will be a real indicator of alot of things. I am not worried about player performance. I am concerned about coaching especially on the defensive side of the ball. Defenses that rely on read and react, and which look at what teams have done in the past, live in history and almost always die from it. But when you have talented players, you create your own identity, you dictate to teams what you are willing to let them do not from what a team did years ago but based upon the strengths and weakness of your defense may be. If you have a weakness, you can fortify it. You are a fool if you ignore it.

The better talented team should win tomorrow, just as it should have won last year. If it doesn't and the reason is defensive ineptitude, in spite of the talent, then we have a real problem in Coral Gables.


Since I'm still up....34-30 UM

You guys be good round' here.


I don't think we can expect 34 points against a team returning 40+ starters playing there first real game at home.

I see our offensive total somewhere near or below 24 points. And if they score 30 points against us, we lose this game. Maybe 24-21 in your best scenario. When a home team scores 30 plus or more, they almost always win. The crowd gets juiced during the game and even an experienced team has a hard time overcoming it. That is why the D must be better than last week. The players have the talent for sure. The coach has to believe in them.


GameDay Baby...

Rise and Shine SpaceCadets!

The Coffee is Fresh and Hot and that means it's time for...






Canes 35
KSU 10

Mike James turn to rumble...




Can U say Wildcat?

That is all.


ive had my cuban coffee this morning and i gotta say go canes baby! canes 41-14. also gotta give a shoutout to james clark wr from nsb kid has 4.31 speed and dominated deland last night. fingers crossed a kid from my hometown makes it at the U. i dont think weve had one since daryl fullington did it back in the day.


Native - Here

Canes put a Whoopin' on Kansas 34- 20.

Go Canes!!!


Canes 42 K State 35


Present but will miss most of the game. Step grandfather's showing and funeral


Canes - 47
K St - 46




whoosh whoosh


k state worrying about #8 every play opens up play action big time.
Perryman makes ACC defensive player of the week possibly saving D-no's job

Go Canes




D'No defense is poop. Its a passive defense thats wait on what the other team does to make a move. Its a culture clash with the type of players that are usually in South Florida and particularly on the DL.

In saying that, we win this game by forcing KSU to kick FGs if they reach the red zone and getting turnovers. As we saw at BC thats the formula for winning. Over the past 3 years we have outgained plenty of teams and lost, including FSU last year and Ohio State the year before due to Turnovers. Am looking forward to our guys punishing Klein as a GROUP and trying to rip the ball out of his hands. I love the way we tackled at BC and i know it will continue.

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