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October 16, 2012



Has anybody seen a football around here?


Yeah, I am not a REAL Canes fan because I ONLY go to baseball, basketball and football games from living three hours away. Yeah, I totally hate the Canes.

Just HATE them. I am a bad fan (slap, slap)


Alright, alright.


UM Baseball Schedule:





UM vs FAU in Boca 2/20/13.



Hey what the hell happened, what I miss??? Lol



One of my favorite songs by Phoenix covered by this dude Will. Its extremely relevant to our predicament as UM fans/bloggers right now.

I imagine Old Skool and Ms. Feliciano will appreciate lol!


Why hasn't anyone called for ray Lewis to join the staff if he retires? Imagine the motivational speeches that he could give to players and recruits!

Posted by: Tonycane | October 16, 2012 at 08:57 PM

Don't need to, you better believe he'll be around a lot when his son gets here


I know ray lewis will be around..can you imagine though..I mean watch how the ravens defense crumbled after he left the field the other day..im not saying it was soley cause he was gone but that dude is a great leader and knows the game of football better then probably anyone in the NFL right now.


Stats for the blog last four games:






Going to Tampa tomorrow.

See U in the 813...

Dude on a Pale Horse

I think the dems have won the last 2 debates but really let Romney in the door with the 1st debate.

As far as Canes go... What hasn't been said already? Jeez! The problem is we have no Andre Johnsons or Kellen Winslows or Edgerrin James. No 1st rounders on O. Defense? No playmakers there either. We are not stacked with NFL guys right now. That's not to say some of these guys can't be developed into that... but they aren't there now. I'm not gonna hold my breath on the defense improving. But we play the game to win. I know we won't beat FSU, but that's why we play, to try. I hope we win. It would change a lot about this year so far. We can win our next 2 if we play perfect. I haven't seen anything that says we will. Just hoping for 6 wins this year, great recruiting and light sanctions.


I'm just hoping that the coaches have something up their sleeves with all these changes they are making. At this point any change has to be good..right? We need to go to a drive the field in bits eat the clock offense and stop with the constant deep pass.. Get these wide receivers comfortable and regain their confidence, and keep our defense off the field and just hope to get points on the board and some key turnovers and we could be in business. They are a complete team but are beatable. Against Clemson and south Florida they were exposed. Nc state played harder and the rest of their games were gimmes. As a canes fan of course I want to beat fsu more then anything but this year if they can do this it will go down as one of the best of all time and will be a swing in the right direction.


Miami Hurricanes after 7 games since 1994:

Year: Record PF PA
1994: 7-1, 243-80
1995: 4-3, 190-137
1996: 5-2, 192-85
1997: 3-4, 193-192
1998: 5-2, 260-147
1999: 4-3, 206-148
2000: 7-1, 315-136
2001: 8-0, 307-65 (NC)
2002: 8-0, 302-124 (NC*)
2003: 8-0, 253-107
2004: 7-1, 243-130
2005: 7-1, 213-97
2006: 5-2, 164-89
2007: 4-3, 166-144
2008: 4-3, 228-170
2009: 5-2, 211-165
2010: 5-2, 209-127
2011: 4-3, 206-150
2012: 4-3, 196-226

After 7 games, offense has regressed to the lowest point output since 2007.

And for the heck of it, let's throw in a few other by comparison:

1994: 6-1, 201-145
1995: 6-1, 216-162
1996: 4-3, 240-163
1997: 3-4, 190-261
1998: 5-2, 281-210 (Mack Brown's 1st year)
1999: 5-2, 262-137
2000: 6-1, 254-133
2001: 6-1, 269-92
2002: 6-1, 227-96
2003: 5-2, 282-174
2004: 6-1, 246-97
2005: 7-0, 326-101 (NC)
2006: 6-1, 299-96
2007: 5-2, 246-144
2008: 7-0, 337-123
2009: 7-0, 293-95
2010: 4-3, 165-141
2011: 4-3, 223-152
2012: 4-2, 255-195 (6 games)

I would note that Mack Brown's early years were helped by sensational recruiting classes coupled with incredibly weak schedules that left Oklahoma as the only credible competition. The only semi-difficult out of conference game played between 1998 and 2005 was a series with Arkansas. Otherwise the normal out of conference saw the Longhorns against Sam Houston State, Rice, and North Texas.

And Notre Dame, over the same time period:

1994: 4-3, 185-148
1995: 5-2, 229-175
1996: 5-2, 217-127
1997: 2-5, 132-159
1998: 6-0, 200-141
1999: 4-3, 213-161
2000: 5-2, 199-141
2001: 5-2, 146-115
2002: 6-0, 158-84
2003: 2-5, 114-195
2004: 5-2, 180-132
2005: 5-2, 265-177
2006: 6-1, 202-159
2007: 1-6, 80-199
2008: 5-2, 186-131
2009: 5-2, 210-169
2010: 4-3, 190-161
2011: 4-3, 211-157
2012: 6-0, 164-52 (6 games)

And finally Temple, after 7 games:

1994: 1-6, 173-241
1995: 1-6, 130-251
1996: 0-7, 140-244
1997: 2-5, 110-227
1998: 1-6, 140-226
1999: 1-6, 80-194
2000: 4-3, 192-155
2001: 2-5, 127-207
2002: 2-5, 156-203
2003: 1-6, 137-223
2004: 1-6, 135-254
2005: 0-7, 66-331
2006: 0-7, 50-338 Al Golden's 1st year
2007: 2-5, 139-214
2008: 2-5, 120-135
2009: 5-2, 182-139
2010: 5-2, 177-165
2011: 5-2, 220-57
2012: 3-2, 135-112 (5 games)


Yeah, I am not a REAL Canes fan because I ONLY go to baseball, basketball and football games from living three hours away. Yeah, I totally hate the Canes.

Just HATE them. I am a bad fan (slap, slap)

Posted by: 86Cane | October 16, 2012 at 09:48 PM

I wouldn't be surprised if this stemmed from someone dogging you for taking off the homer glasses and looking objectively at the situation, and said individual responding with "then you're just not a REAL fan like I am."

Nothing stands more in the way of resolution and progress than sheer blind foolishness of those who go about things unquestioningly, almost indifferent to real world consequences and results.

Couple of high profile sites (obv not the Space) were all about Randy Shannon until the South Florida game, then summarily got on board and joined the criticism as if they were always in agreement after doing whatever they could to put down and snuff out any and all sources of dissent in the ranks of the fans. And I'm not talking about those who just wanted the situation to play out for a couple of years. Of course RS earned that.

...because THATS being a true fan and all. The hell is that?

That said, simply saying "I know it's brutal, but this is a long-term investment with some short-term costs to our reputation" goes MUCH, much further than an attempt to put lipstick on a pig like that PC article did.


I should have stated "finding solutions" not "resolution", and "not talking about the Space" instead of "not the Space obv."

Meaningless post hoc errata corrections at 1:26am for the win.


Love your posts TonyCane. Love that stuff.


Thanks Felipe.

Looking at Temple...just how awful was the mess that Al Golden came into in 2006?

Like Temple, I think it will take three seasons before we really see the fruits of what Golden will bring. Temple was literally rock bottom, and unlike in Miami he could not go and sign a highly ranked class in year two that he could start as freshmen. Simply impossible at Temple to see a turnaround in the second year. It does start to show in year three.

I think the turnaround in Miami would have shown itself this year had a few players elected to stay or not eliminated themselves. Olivier Vernon, Ray Ray Armstrong, and Marcus Forston would have helped considerably on defense. Tommy Streeter and Lamar Miller would have been an absolute boost to this offense, and Brandon Washington would have fortified the OL. The five early departures plus Armstrong robbed the team of its best upperclass talent and set this team back a year.


Now that I look at it a little further, between the graduations, early departures, and eliminations we took a huge hit off of last year's team. More than most teams normally take:

Starters gone from 2011:
QB: Jacory Harris (graduated)
WR: Travis Benjamin (graduated)
WR: Tommy Streeter (early departure)
HB: Lamar Miller (early departure)
LG: Harland Gunn (graduated)
C: Tyler Horn (graduated)
RG: Brandon Washington (early departure)

Only 4 out of 11 starters on offense returned.

On defense:
DE: Olivier Vernon (early departure)
DT: Micanor Regis (graduated)
DT: Marcus Fortson (early departure)
DE: Adawale Ojome (graduated)
OLB: Sean Spence (graduated)
CB: JoJo Nicholas (graduated)
SS: Ray Ray Armstrong (left team)
CB: Lee Chambers (graduated)

And only 3 of 11 remain on defense.


UM vs FAU in Boca 2/20/13.


Posted by: 86Cane | October 16, 2012 at 09:57 PM


"After 7 games, offense has regressed to the lowest point output since 2007."

Yet Jedd Fisch is a genius and D'No must go?

Hold your assessments until the end of this season then we will decide.

BTW...who are the Legends of the Fall so far?


Got to be morris and eh for me with ej as the freshman of the year and the assistant coach would go to.....ummm Art.


Stupid phone.

Offense: Morris
Defense: EJ44
Assistant: Art

Dude on a Pale Horse

Offense: Morris
Defense: Johnson
Freshman: Duke Johnson
Coach: Art Kehoe

Dude on a Pale Horse

Defense would have been Perryman burt he has missed games.





Wow, I know I posted this already before, but now it's made national news: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/highschool-prep-rally/top-rb-stops-one-yard-short-end-zone-184311063.html

Kids around this area generally barely make the local paper, just FYI.

Except for Joey Galloway and Tim Spencer. Lol


Heading to Pittsburgh for a wedding and on to Cincy for the Steeler game sunday night. I won't physically be at the game but I will still be rooting like a mofo for a miracle. I would love to have ray Lewis actively involved with the program and Gino Toretta as the AD.


Ohio that story brings tears to my eyes. What a wonderful expression of caring by that young man!


It's not an assessment, it's fact. Due to the last two games our pt total is the lowest in 5 seasons. And two weeks ago, after 5 games I pointed out that this was our highest pt total since 2003. Just showing the numbers in this case, not making judgments.


Ohio that story brings tears to my eyes. What a wonderful expression of caring by that young man!

Posted by: canesteeler | October 17, 2012 at 09:47 AM

I've been trying to get Golden to recruit this kid! Lol


Tony the offense has looked like shit for the past two weeks.

orange 'n green in the vein

The offense has played the two best defensive units it has to date all season these past two weeks also.

I got no problem with the guy who's getting his side of the ball to set the right kind of records here and there, the guy getting his side of the ball setting the wrong kind of records constantly needs to go spend a lot more time with his family and make sure they like him instead of continuing to steal UM's athletic department money through his paycheck.


Morris is out practing today per SMD at the Herald.

The Brown Recluse

Jed Fisch needs to pick an offensive personality and stick with it. His offense is very much (in my opinion) like Patrick Nix's. The only difference is that Morris is a better QB than Marve and Jacory ever were. He does not get a pass as far as I am concerned. I can see Fisch getting offered a job at the NFL level (Qb coach) in maybe the next year or two, because of the work that he has done with Morris.
I have to be honest in saying that I don't care for No'D. Especially after he allegedly stated that he didn't care what the fans thought. Let me tell you people something. The Canes are the most hated college football team on the planet! Without the fans, especially fans that are not alumni (like me) the Canes would not have a fan base! I spend time screaming at No'D's defense on TV every Saturday, and hard earned money for merchandise and tickets whenever the Canes come to Atlanta. Screw you No'D!!!
News flash: Butch Davis is not coming back to Coral Gables. UM will never attract a big name coach as long as Donna Shalala is at the helm. Shalala is clearly not a fan of winning athletics, and I believe she may be Thad Foote in drag. Get leadership in there that actually cares about academics AS WELL as athletics...




I'm not an offensive guru or anything...but there are times Fisch is just to predictable. Against UNC they had this formation where 3 recievers shifted to a side to make a bunch/triangle...and every time it was a pitch to duke...after the third time , I saw that formation and told migh son "pitch to duke"...it a normal guy like me knew what was coming..I'm pretty sure unc did lol


Happy Wednesday people! Ugh this day is dragging


Have things gone down hill for Armstrong or what?



Cassagrande - Watch video of Stephen Morris dropping back, throwing passes at Wednesday practice. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/um-hurricanes/miami-hurricanes-blog/sfl-stephen-morris-practices-before-fsu-game-20121017,0,7690940.story


Enjoy the process, life is hard enough to hang your happiness on a bunch of kids playing a sport .

" Love is my religion"
B. Marley


Correction: Z. Marley





orange 'n green in the vein

Well, Morris avoided an amputation, looks like he'll get a chance to win this game with his arm, QB draw plays only from the six to eight yard line please and slide, always slide.



Have you proposed to yo gf yet? If no, why not??

The Dude

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | October 17, 2012 at 01:21 PM

That is REALLY funny.


Love this blog. That is all.

dj moonbat

Jed Fisch needs to pick an offensive personality and stick with it. His offense is very much (in my opinion) like Patrick Nix's.

Posted by: The Brown Recluse | October 17, 2012 at 11:06 AM

If you mean he has some screen plays in there, I guess that's right.

I don't want an offense to have personality. I want an offense to score points, because the people in charge use the number of points to figure out who wins the games.

Jedd Fisch's offense is scoring points. Because fan memory isn't very long, everybody is using UNC as their proof that the offense is anemic. But they are averaging 27.9 PPG, including games against Notre Dame (the No. 2 scoring D) and KSU (No. 19).


DJ...u are wrong. Read what Tony posted and what I wrote after the unc game.

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