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October 06, 2012



4real, he'll no! I'm as big of a cane fan as anyone! I just fear that if the allegations are proven, the NCAA will have no choice but to come down with unprecedented sanctions. The spin from the NCAA will be that our violations were in their own way were as bad or exceeding penn state. That said, because penn state did not get the death penalty we will not. I hope that I am wrong. It's vital that Miami get six wins this year and take another bowl ban. I think the minimum bowl ban by the NCAA will be three years.

VA Cane

Though some NCAA rules are pure bull hockey, its a shame this school cannot play with the rules and guidelines. RS was spot on with Shapiro...and other jerks like him. You have to keep the lambs from the wolves....and this may mean former players having limited access. Irvin said he used to call and text.....talk about a undesireable role model. I find him to be a very repulsive human....crying at HOF and crap...he is not a family guy at all...great player no doubt...but another loudmouth...I do not want him influencing players one on one....encouraging the team as a whole is one thing...calling and talking that ancient art of magic ie SWAG to kids....not good at all. Sad thing is that this happens just about everywhere.


I work with a guy who was a college receiver and is now about 35 years old. He played for a small college but he was very fast and scored a lot. In one game he chipped his front tooth. The other day the tooth fell out. Its a very noticeable change in his appearance but he doesnt have the money to pay to have it replaced.
I was thinking about all the people who profited from his success and the fans who got to enjoy victories because of it. It makes me sick to see a family man suffer without being repaid for it. Why should Al Golden be penalized for something that happened 4 years ago? You know that any time you get caught up in a situation where you lively hood is affected that you can sue the person who slandered your name and who went after your livelihood. I dont understand why people think there is no injustice done to people when the NCAA arbitrarily causes injury to innocent parties. In my opinion its the same thing as being harmed by someone personally.





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