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October 13, 2012



Heading out from the Hampton.

Everybody lived to tslk about it, that's all I will say.


Happy that the defense finally made a few steps forward. Not the best performance, but solid. The D also got a lot of help from stupid penalties by NC.

I hope Morris and Duke can come back healthy for the next game. A loss to FSU makes the Canes 4-4, but still a chance to win the coastal if the Canes can beat VT.

I am still hopeful as long as I continue to see some steps forward.


Good article on Ryan Williams. He just miscalculated where Walford was - or was that on Walford not getting to the first down marker.


Get to six wins. That's all I care about for this season. A one year bowl ban instituted in 2013 (because we took 2 years of self-imposed punishment) is a lot easier to recruit with than a two year bowl ban when your base has so many other options (the entire SEC, Louisville, FSU, Florida, ect.)


Welcome to Herbie's weekly rant.
One Carolina did every thing they could to give us the game. Our defense played better but still coughed up close to 500yds.
Why did we not try a FG on the next to last possession and cut the lead to one and then we could of tried a FG to win it. I say this game is on Big AL, plus the play calling went a little Vanilla. We had at least 3 chances in the game to try FG's and didn't attempt any. What the hell have you got FG kickers on your roster if you're not going to use them. Forget the fact that Weiclaw was 1 for his last 6, if you don't have faith in him use Goudis. Our WR's have butter fingers and Dorsett has lost his edge. Lastly you can't develop TE's if you're not going to use them to throw to. Yes the defense still stinks but Golden & Fisch blew this game.

VA Cane

On the lighter side...Greg Olsen took his new daughter home this week. The little boy had a series of heart operations, should be in the hospital 40 days or so. It will be very touch and go, very complicated situation. We all have opinions on subjects; presidents, NCAA sanctions, Defense, coaches etc....that is good for the human condition. However, I know that all of us can get together, shelve our opinions for a few, pray for our Cane friend and his family and and ask that God bless and hold the Olsen family close to him during this difficult and trying times. We all have obstacles in our lives...I do...but not so daunting and difficult as my newborn childs life being at stake. Bless you Greg Olsen and your family.


The biggest problem on offense that I saw was that they didn't attack the middle of the field enough. UNC safeties main focus was not to give up deep passes. The hashes were wide open all game. I like coaches that find openings & exploit you until you stop it & then use that to bust open another hole in the dam. Defensively I have nothing to say until D'No is gone. You know what it is.

I hope Morris gets better quickly. FSU is most likely a loss even with him. We need him back for VT. Win that & winning out is a strong possibility...


Best team in the ACC - Maryland?!

Edsall appears to have sorted that disaster out. AG, not so much. The mess is getting worse by the day.

dj moonbat

I need a new hobby. Is it next year yet? Does it even matter what year it is? Bring back Butch.

Posted by: The Dude | October 13, 2012 at 10:13 PM

Miami got weirdly -- freakishly! -- lucky when Butch came along the first time and rebuilt the juggernaut even better than before. Most UM fans (myself included) mistook that good fortune for inevitability. Miami had done it so often over the course of 20 years, it just seemed like it couldn't have been any other way.

But there's no rational reason for us to believe that Miami is DESTINED to come back to greatness. My heart and gut won't take no for an answer, but when I'm being purely rational, I really think the odds are pretty slim that Miami ever gets back to being a regular occupant of the Top 25, much less a consistent championship contender/winner.

VA Cane

4 Real,

quite a list of players that are playing big time football. If you had a handful of them, we would be much better. The 3 best players on the field yesterday were 17,44 and 52....who had a chance to stop the stud back at the end...just missed him.

This program started down the minute Butch left. Dorsey and the boys wanted Coker....good players but no idea of what it takes to be a top tier FB coach. Larry is a nice fellow, easy going, laid back... just not meant for a big job like this. Same with RS...abrasive personality, felt picked on, did not play well with others....job way too big for him. Shalala came here to promote academics....that she does and that is her first job to do..academics come first I think....but is not really interested in big time college FB....does anybody think Wisconsin has ever been really good...Alan Ameche won the Heisman in 1954...case closed.
We play in a very nice but way out of the way place in front of 30,000...not good. We have a huge cloud hanging over us from NCAA, 2 ADs have left...wonder why....

Since the Fiasco at the Fiesta (whether we got jobbed or not, matter of opinion easy excuse) we have steadily gone downhill...the teams after that were good...but look at the numbers...we have dropped into being a mediocre program..not in that next level of elite teams. We have had some sad times since that Fiesta...lost a lot of big games that could have been launching pad to being back...we did not play well. I look at Bama as the best...but look at some of our peers who have clawed back to the top...Notre Dame, Florida, Ohio State Fl State...they all were missing some for a long time, others shorter...Fl since Tebow has their fans in anguish. They are playing in big games, are relevant in the title picture, are the site of Gameday, are on national TV, are on national press, radio....and social media big time....they are exposed to the nation, most importantly the athlete who wants to be in that world...ASAP. I am around lots of teens...my players are 12-14, young teens, I have a 17 year old athlete, and I am helping a real good HS program. These kids here are all over Bama, OK, FL, FSU, Ohio State, ND, GA, USC....very limited mention of Canes now...except the know I love them and even my boys rub me when they lose..like yesterday.

It is a very tough overall situation...I feel like every aspect of the program has declined....and until we get more of those kids on that list to say "UM Baby" we will struggle....you got to reach the kids continually to really build solid depth in college....continually bringing in local and far reaching talent to stay at the top. Does that sound familiar to long timers....kids from everywhere for a long time that fed the machine? We have to get the house in order, so that it shines brightly on that college football hill. That is where I always want to be in coaching and my teams on top. I know all of you do as well. We have to continue to support them, and be fans til the end. It will get better, but we do not know when. JMO

dj moonbat

What guy has Al brought here who has clearly made a difference and you can say definitively that we would have lost a game without him?

Posted by: SJMPARMAN | October 14, 2012 at 12:59 AM

Chickillo was pretty crucial in beating Georgia Tech. But considering his history with UM, that's not exactly a huge recruiting coup on Golden's part.


The funny thing people are saying what youa re VA we need to get into these kids houses and recruit better....isnt that what Al just did this year? He has had one real recruiting class the 11 class doesnt count he had a month to put together that calss that btw had 2 players on it the day he took the program over.

Last year he got UM a top 10 RB from Dade...He got a Top 10 DB from florida....he got a high star WR from FL....Top tier safety from FL......

Look i am not happy right now, but to sit hear and say you know for a fact he is not a good coach Im sorry I disagree.

Just like I said we needed to wait till Randys 4th and 5th year to see what he had and developed could we say hes not good.

dj moonbat

Who was the best player for UM in the past 6 yrs? He didn't even really play football - Jimmy Graham. And it's not even close. That is how bad our recruiting and personnel development has been. Jimmy is awesome to be sure, but I find it hard to believe we haven't been able to spot one kid in HS and develop him in that amount of time with of this "talent" we allegedly have.

Posted by: BEERicane | October 14, 2012 at 08:12 AM

Not to knock Graham, but that's just not right. First, Jimmy wasn't much developed when he went pro. He looks great now, because Drew Brees's accuracy is good compared to most NFL QBs, and very, very good compared to Jacory Harris.

Lamar Miller is the best overall product of the U over the past few years. He's not lighting things up in the NFL, because he plays for the Dolphins.


Welcome to Herbie's weekly rant.
One Carolina did every thing they could to give us the game. Our defense played better but still coughed up close to 500yds.
Why did we not try a FG on the next to last possession and cut the lead to one and then we could of tried a FG to win it. I say this game is on Big AL, plus the play calling went a little Vanilla. We had at least 3 chances in the game to try FG's and didn't attempt any. What the hell have you got FG kickers on your roster if you're not going to use them. Forget the fact that Weiclaw was 1 for his last 6, if you don't have faith in him use Goudis. Our WR's have butter fingers and Dorsett has lost his edge. Lastly you can't develop TE's if you're not going to use them to throw to. Yes the defense still stinks but Golden & Fisch blew this game.

Posted by: herbieibis | October 14, 2012 at 11:04 AM

have you seen the kicker the last few games? AG settles for a fg and weiclaw misses, it's on AG. He goes for it on 4th down and they don't pick it up, it's on AG. That's where he and the team are, can't win for losing,


I mean not sure about you guys but I feel good about next year....The whole Oline will be back Morris will be back you will have Duke bigger stronger as your back have all your man WR back with Lewis hopefully back thats huge.

Than on D ok maybe maybe with all the players getting older.....they will trust them and start playing real defense? ok i can see everybody laughing

well talent wise you get all your man startes back your two DE all your DT(not sure if thats a good thing) having the younger guys a year in now....Starting LB core of Perryman, Paul, and E44 all a year older with Kirby as your main back up with Gaines.

In the back field you will have Bush and Hightsmith and Howard I thought played well yesterday and Finnie Gunter. I like what we have in place. its just growing pains like we had with Butch


I love the arm chair experts we have. everyone knows the "real reason" why tommy streeter is not starting, why we suck, why someone commits etc

really half the coaches and recruits do not even know this stuff most of the time so how in the world does anyone else claim to. Skreets himself is an insider and he will openly admit to being wrong fairly often.


And I know Ive said this hundred times if this site was around when butch took over up to 99 they would be calling for his head! Every day butch is the worst the worst game day coach he needs to go. UM has never been so low before!!!

Look how that turned and I bet OGV would have been heading that chant lol.....

We need to wait and see guys we have a new coach with one recruiting class under his belt.....two ADs have gone and NCAA sanctions coming. We need to give him time to get his players he wants in here and develop them. of cours IMO! GO CANES SHOCK THE WORLD NEXT WEEK!! Ken Dorsey JR!!!! here he comes lol. I can dream right?


what was the attendance like for the game??




Wow, saying Lamar was the best player at UM in a long time is really sad and let's you know how far we have fallen.

Lamar is a joke.

VA Cane

I think AG has done a very good job, not faulting him. I am talking about a national exposure, where you are on TV, radio, talk shows, high school campuses and circles, social media...all aspects...its like free advertising for you. They see them on tv, news, ESPN, game day, Twitter....my middle and high school players are all over them, wearing the gear, hats....talking about playing there.....the top teams with the free advertising playing on thge big stage is beamed right into them...and thats where they wanna go.....and when they get a call, letter etc recruited at many levels...they know where they want to play. We used to have that....not as much now. I am not doubting his recruits.


I agree with you on that part VA, but we also went through that in from 95-99 Im looking at Golden like Butch Davis hoping that by the time we get out of the sancations he will have this team reloaded and ready to explode like butch did.

Btw this also why I say the ACC needs to get ND to committ to the ACC in football break away from ESPN and let NBC take over all tv rights for the ACC. This way the ACC can start having there own talk shows and pregame shows all about your own teams. UM,ND,FSU would pretty much be playing on network tv every week one at 12 the other at 330 the other at 8pm.

Now you dont play second fiddle to the SEC and ESPN you have your own NBC and NBC sports network to promote your own teams


I think I got lucky watching that one via DVR (my kid had a gymnastics event). UNC won taht game because they have enough talent to overcome their mistakes. Plain and simple. Our kids aren't there yet, and they won't be next week.
The positives: Smiley ran hard, Duke showed more in the 2nd half than he has in a few weeks, the OL blocked reasonably well, and our young LB's are starting to look like Playas. And Botts looked great as always.
The negatives: Wish our kicking game could inspire confidence, the DT mostly still get their asses kicked every play, the DE can't read the play, ever; Safetys are either terrible (Telemaque) or too young (Bush); no depth on D (at all).For those asking why not spy on Bernard: who is capable of it? The LB can't, we need them in the middle. The Safteys may have the size, but not the strength or speed.

The outcome: We shouldn't have even been in the game, but its frustrating we couldn't make the plays when we needed to pull off the win. The defense played better than I thought possible for a while, and they played about as well as you can reasonably expect. They just aren't going to be a lot better against a quality offense, and UNC is good. On offense, we saw some really terrible decisions by Morris, some good throws as well especially near our own goal line, and I wish we could have seen him executing a two-minute drill again.
The outlook: We'll be lucky to stay in the game without Morris next week. After that, the schedule gets a lot easier and we'll get our wins. Then we wait to see what the NCAA and administration decides.



great story about Reggie Wayne and Chuck.....sounds like maybe we should have looked his way when we let Shannon go.....

dj moonbat

Wow, saying Lamar was the best player at UM in a long time is really sad and let's you know how far we have fallen.

Lamar is a joke.

Posted by: BEERicane | October 14, 2012 at 01:57 PM

Yeah, things have been a little underwhelming.

orange 'n green in the vein

Yeah, in '99 I was a sophomore,I thoroughly supported Butch but wanted Coker fired.
Fire D'No.
That's all until I get back from South Beach later tonight.


Lamar Miller was our 1st 1000yd rusher in over a decade and u consider him a joke!!?? If he & the rest of Shannon's recruits sukk so bad then why were u pissed when they left early!!???

dj moonbat

I don't see any reason to knock Golden's recruiting yet. A lot of great, great Miami teams were built on less than #1 recruiting classes (and that 2008 #1 class didn't exactly light the world on fire).

But are the 'Canes going to get better? That's what we need to start seeing to have any hope. Right now, we're just seeing the same pattern we saw under Shannon -- rays of hope, then collapse.

On offense, so far, they are. In fits and starts, yeah. But we can see them making some plays. Certainly, the O-line has improved. Morris still screws up more than we'd like, but there are a couple games that we lose without him.

And on defense, we held UNC under 500. It's SAD that it's an improvement, but it is one.

I think it's pretty much senseless to talk about sacking Golden. D'Onofrio I could see dumping, but it's not likely to happen. If they aren't a lot better at the end of the season, and particularly next year, then changes will have to come.


Soup Canes pulled the trigger and offered 2015 QB Ricky Town.


Lamar may not be a HOF but he is far from a joke. How can you say you are a fan is you consider one of our better and most exciting players lately a joke? Go root somewhere else please.


For the record people with attitudes like half the so called fans on here, if I had to take you to war with me you would suffer and unfortunate "training accident" while on patrol. Can not win a battle with people not committed 100%. Yeah sometimes things sucks and you are looking up at a big uphill climb but the difference between champions and losers is not giving up when dangling from a ledge. the first step is easy it is those last steps near the summit that separates us.


Vernon just had a huge sack to seal the dolphins victory


We had a gauntlet schedule this year... its really a stupid thing to do cause we were too young to play that many good teams. Just remember that the last time we were good we were in the big easy. All the other acc teams play a couple of division 2 teams each year.


per Manny and SMD Morris ankle sprain not high. No brake






P.s Willie Will, but Duke Johnson committed to Miami under Randy Shannon. Duke was coming anyway regardless of the coach as was Chickillo, Perryman, Jelani Hamilton, Malcom Lewis. Eddie Johnson committed to Shannon. Golden only has Olsen Pierre & the plug to his credit lol

Posted by: 4-Real | October 14, 2012 at 08:32 AM

I believe when Shannon left everybody decommitted except for Chick and Dorsett. The rest are AG's kids. I would say that Duke was coming regardless no matter who the coach was. Golden got criticized for taking EJ so I know that's his kid.

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