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October 21, 2012



I like Golden personally but he can't coach schematically

We cannot pull an upset thru adjustments and out scheming an opposing coach. Like Tommy Tuberville does yearly.

All the kids have is heart and determination, the intellectual piece isn't there from the coaches.

Posted by: Zakkee | October 21, 2012 at 02:29 AM



Look at the teams we lost to this year, all good teams

Please remember that we do have talent but its young talent


We need to do a better job ob 1st down Al...then 3rd will be a little more successful.

I would love to hear how many yards we gained on 1st down plays.

Routine throw away down


Zakkee...do U think that maybe if Golden had a degree in Metaphysics he could do a better job?


Ok Willie...I'll remember


Zak...agree about the first downs. The play calling was absolutely horrendous on first down as it was in the RED zone.

Third and 2 and you don't run the ball but choose to throw a LOW % fade which may be Morris' worst pass as he has no touch???


No, you shouldn't need a degree in Metaphysics (if it even exists) to make a sensible argument, but he might have more justifiable and dynamic excuses for his lack of coaching ability, for people/fans who don't believe in Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, and The Boogie Man anymore.

Repeat after me: the kids are young...no excuses...we'll get better...we had chances...we'll get it fixed...the kids are young...no excuses...we'll get better....


We luck into all of our wins

Golden and the crew are totally shocked when we win


Because there is no strategic plan for victory...just chop away (outplay and out hustle the other team) and hope for the best.

Canes Baby!




I don't know if it was a Fisch call or a Morris decision but 3rd & 2 inside the 15, down 16-10, the biggest play of the season up to that point & a fade gets thrown to... (drum roll) ROBERT LOCKHART??? I was speechless. That was one of the most fukked up calls I have ever seen. The inexperience & mistakes ain't just coming from the players, the coaches are guilty of it too...

This was the 1st game against elite competition that the defense looked like they could be good in the next year. That's the biggest positve I saw in the game.

The Brown Recluse

Yep. I knew the game was over when they missed on that fade route. 3 stud running backs on 3rd and short...and Fisch calls for the damn fade!



But Lockhart has been a beast in practice lol


I got up at 0330 to listen to the game via 560WQAM, and was happy as hell until the 4th quarter. I see a lot of negative comments, but it seems to me that 3 of 4 losses came to legit top 10 teams. And that is with a roster full of Freshmen and Sophomores. I am as proud of this team as I have been for any UM team before them. It just makes me sad to see all this sarcastic and negative shit on here.



#80 has doodoo hands


Willie Will - I like you and respect your opinions BUT when someone disagrees like me or Zakkee about Morris as QB you don't have to get defensive about it. Zakkee's points are valid. I still think 17 is ok but he is not GREAT - he has flashes during the game when he is and then POOF its gone and he is like that bad ankle or not. What we need is good\great right now with all the other things going on and we just don't have that.

Team fought hard last night. That's all I really asked for

Posted by: CGNC | October 21, 2012 at 08:17 AM


86 - new blog put up in the wee hours - is that some kind of record? LOL!

Co - I agree with your comment - players and coaches are learning. As weak as the ACC is this isn't the MAC.

We hung tougher with FSU than I thought we would.


Terrance Sullivan

86 good job man. Our Offense has regressed badly last 3 weeks and Fisch + Morris has been doo doo brown lately. Fisch called that 3 and 2 fade route was one of the dumbest decisions ever. We don't run the ball enough . The Canes played hard . Let's go Canes, beat Va. Tech.


Stat of the game:

Rushing (FSU) 218 - (UM) 29
Rushing Attempts (FSU) 41 - (UM) 21
Yards per rush (FSU) 5.3 - (UM) 1.4


Not happy with the loss, but it would have been a big upset for the Canes to win.

On a positive note, if the Canes can beat Virgina Tech, they are back in control of their own destiny in the Coastal Division.

I hope Duke Johnson is healthy for the Virginia Tech game.


BTW, anyone else besides me thought "LOL there goes OGV" when the guy ran across the field? LOL - j/k OGV


BTW, anyone else besides me thought "LOL there goes OGV" when the guy ran across the field? LOL - j/k OGV

Posted by: CGNC | October 21, 2012 at 08:54 AM

Actually, I thought "Which Spacer is it?!? Does he have a sign with 'Ohio_Cane' on it?????"


Ireland is a country,not a GM

The comments the day after a loss are always interesting. Al Golden can't coach? I'm not saying he's a messiah. He may end up being a turd. I think he will turn out to be a really good coach and quite frankly he's about our only choice given the impending sanctions. As for play-calling, it's tough to question passing routes because you and I don't know the progressions and we don't know if Morris checked off to a different play at the LOS. The team seems to play more disciplined football - our penalties have been way down this year. Given the team is so young, I think it's really positive.

Ride the waves fellas. We will return to glory soon enough.


^^^ Agreed^^^


BTW, anyone else besides me thought "LOL there goes OGV" when the guy ran across the field? LOL - j/k OGV

Posted by: CGNC | October 21, 2012 at 08:54 AM



I just don't understand the cute/bad play calling that fisch has been making these last few weeks,but for the third year in a row the U control their own destiny i pray that this young team can pull a win over vatech on 11/1

Ken roberts

Coach,s comments were interesting. Talking about talent and recruiting. He,s saying he coaching is OK and er got out-talented.

Ok, so hit the recruiting trail !!!


why is my name showing up in ghost form?


You know, watching the Raising Canes after the ND game, why do they have Coach Barrow upstairs?

wartown canes

play that turned the game was the 3rd and 2. Pick up the first down run out the 3rd quarter then have 3 plays to try and score to make it a 1pt game early in the 4th. That was a terrible decision/call with the fade. The d could have had an addtional3-5 minutes rest which could have really helped in a game where they were on the field way to much. Also I know Morris was hurt but he played a bad game, to many missed throws, not accurate, holding the ball to long.

wartown canes

Also we need to RUN the ball more, make a concerted effort to pound the rock. I will say that I am not afan of D'no and his d calls but I saw Kacy Rodgers in position twice to make a play and just whiff,Highsmith took a horrible angle that resulted in a big play to. The safety's other than BUSH who I love,are killing this team in run and pass defense. Also #98 missed on Wilders TD, in position but didnt make a play. Shout out to Gunter though that boy will stick you


Canerock - LOL I thought "well he has finally had it and is going to straighten out the coaching staff" LOL!


myndraize - sometimes typepad kicks you out and you have to re-sign in


One thing not mentioned is that we have not had a buy week yet. Most other teams excluding Fsu have had one, or in some cases two (temple). Could be having an effect on this team.


Thanks 4 nuthin Tony. What we saw on offense last nite is the end result when u hire your O.C. over the phone lol.Having said that I was proud of the way our guys hung tuff all nite. Just a few more pieces and we will b a top 25 program on the regular.


No doubt, TOny, they looked worn out by tghe end of that game and a bye will be good for them. Va Tech isn't that good this year, so hopefully a week off now works to our favor

dj moonbat

This was the 1st game against elite competition that the defense looked like they could be good in the next year. That's the biggest positve I saw in the game.

Posted by: CoCane | October 21, 2012 at 03:26 AM

This. And I think it's a pretty big positive.

We weren't going to beat FSU, y'all. They rolled into the game with BOTH a top-5 D AND a top-5 O.

But we were pretty much in the game for all but a few minutes, for two reasons.

1) FSU committed as many self-inflicted penalties as I've ever seen
2) UM's defense played football.

The D still wasn't exactly great. But they were playing hard. If they blew their assignments (and they did a fair amount of that), they did it WITH CONVICTION, not just standing around like they had no idea what to do.

I have trouble diagnosing the O. Morris was clearly struggling, and it's tough to put a number on what percentage was his injuries and what was the FSU pass rush, and what was just brain freezes. Certainly it's strange that Miami's only reliable weapon was passing to the RBs in the flat.

But the D finally played like young, inexperienced, but talented players should play. Mistakes abounded, but they weren't playing confused or scared. They could end up being a real defense after all.


Disappointing way the season is unraveling after starting out 4-1. Now preseason i called 8-4. Its right there infront of us. Two 2 win teams, USF and UVA, a down VT at home coming off a bye week on thursday night and an improved Duke(still Duke). The coaches love to make excuses....valid excuses, i hate anyway but there will be none for losing to any of these teams. Duke is the best of the bunch, they lost to VT a few weeks ago and is the last game of the season. We have no more excuses for this final 3rd of the season. If we win out, and we should, we will play in the ACC title game. Lets see these coaches earn their money


I BELIEVE in this coach and this team!

I see us winning 3 of 4 and finnishing strong at 7-5! Improvement indeed!

The D will contiue to improve and I am excited about the future!


It wasn't a BLOWOUT (again) on national television. That's PROGRESS, I guess.

PS. Looking objectively at their recent recruiting classes and the current BCS rankings of UF, FSU, and the U, is there anyone out there who still believes that "stars don't matter"?




#80 has doodoo hands

Posted by: SinisterCane | October 21, 2012 at 07:57 AM

this right here is the reason i dont read or post as much during football season...a couple weeks ago and phillip dorsett was all world then he has a bad game and he's the next lance leggett..now rashawn scott drops a pass and he has doodoo hands...i would love to see you infront of 70,000 fans, running as hard as you can, trying to look back over your shoulder into the black sky eluminated by big lights and successfully catch a 50yd pass that is just off your finger tips...

people need to stop bashing our players individually. if you dont like the play calling thats fine. if you think a player didnt give 100% effort, thats fine. but stop saying so and so is terrible this week. Rashawn Scott is a very good young wr that is still learning how to play the game..

before the season a lot of people picked us to be 8-4..well that is still attainable. tell me which one of our remaining 4 games are we gonna lose.

orange 'n green in the vein

First off; thanks for letting me know SOUP! So you mean the guy who came up to me at the end of the game in orange and green, shook my hand with about two minutes left on the clock and said to me, "I just wanted to tell you man, you where awesome all night," before he left the game was letting me know my voice is shot because I was cheering AGAINST his team all night? Always good to be informed after the fact.

Second of all, that streaker might have been the UM highlight of the night, for all that implies unfortunately. Guy jumped the wall on the FSU bench around the UM 30-45 yard lines, runs out through the sideline just as the play is snapped, by some divine miracle gets a play sweeping to the side of the field he's running onto, doesn't get killed or generate a penalty, runs about 60-70 yards to the endzone as the fans go wild, gets his shirt off on his way across the goal line, then gives a few nice 'ole' dodges before they finally wrangle him to the ground. Worth the price of admission right there final score be damned. Now yes, my disgust for the mutants from Philly's scheme is no trade secret but I had already been secured by the fact that both the Virginia's had lost so UM couldn't be any worse at the end of the night in the standings than they were coming in, UNC beating Duke was just the unseen present under the Christmas tree the next morning for me.

The offense is struggling because they have faced the best three defenses they will face all year the last three weeks. Next Thursday it's the fifth best all year so maybe they get healthy and bring their A game for the home fans who are there. The defense is as always, a mutagen pile of radioactive goo. DB's played significantly less soft zone and even a little bit of press man last night but still the problems are starting up front where fast guys are being told to not get penetration in the OL blocking splits and several other problems that most of you can either see and expound in depth on or just sense for yourselves but don't want to waste the time to worry about. Al Golden football ladies and gentlemen! Get your post game loss presser bingo cards here!

dj moonbat

a couple weeks ago and phillip dorsett was all world then he has a bad game and he's the next lance leggett..now rashawn scott drops a pass and he has doodoo hands...

Posted by: SlingBlade | October 21, 2012 at 12:39 PM

Scott has dropped a LOT of balls this season.


Just think. Getting 5 stars like bama.. USC....fsu.. They coach talent also


Has anyone noticed that the UM football program has been in a funk ever since Jim ("Yamma, Yamma") Flemming passed away in 2006? Homecoming ain't the same without him!

I say Skit Skat, How'bout That.


Couple things stood out to me.

Morris forcing passes
M.james came to play
No Te play still
Besides fr the 2-3 sacks oline played good

Gunter and bush can play..(Kelvin Benjamin pi twice lol)
T.mccord came to play as mos of the defense.. Gaines included..
Too many arm tackles on James Wilder

future seems very bright for Miami. Im proud of this loss oddly because they came to play


How about our coaching staff sucks. Last good coach was Butch. He could really recruit and coach. Also, he had a great coaching staff. He built the best ever team. We are going backwards and this is not getting better. Sad.


So can we officially say our season starts nov 1st. Loved the game day atmosphere finally! I hope we can get one for a thur night game biggest of te year!


Can this CANES team win out? There I said it!


Gaines didn't come to play, he whiffed every time he was sent on a blitz up the middle. He was the one attempting arm tackles as well.

Gunter, Bush, SHAYON GREEN, Perryman, Cornelius, McCord--freed up by Chickiilo's efforts were playing.

Highsmith and especially Kacy Rodgers...I'm speechless

They haven't made one play this season. VT and Ray Ray weren't the best, but they made plays and an impact occasionally.

Our safety play is the worst I've ever witnessed at UM.

Not commenting on the deficiencies you see on the field and saying you believe no matter what...does not make you a better fan than anyone else.

Not being critical is not a prerequisite for being a fan.

Everyone doesn't think with their heart--show some tolerance.

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