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October 07, 2012



Eric Winston tellin' it how it is!


dj moonbat

MIami had a criminal booster partying with student athletes! Who cares?

Posted by: Jack | October 08, 2012 at 08:25 AM

The short answer, of course, is "the NCAA cares." We don't know yet HOW MUCH they care.


Va came, with all respect I am not hoping for the worst. Not at all! I am just bring realistic. I think we all have to realistic about what we're facing, otherwise some people are going to be in for a horrifying shock in a few months.

Trust me, I want this to go away and be a bad dream. Perhaps my mistake is to post what I think is a realistic belief of what we're facing. It's just speculation nonetheless. I'll try to refrain for speaking about it until s omething happens.


All you chicken littles! $7.800 BUCKS that's what's been proven! Players severed suspensions and did not go to a bowl game. Miami actually punished thosed involved, right??

Penn State covered up the RAPE OF CHILDREN! You should be slapped in the face for even mentioning PSU with any other NCAA violators!

MIami had a criminal booster partying with student athletes! Who cares? These NCAA rules are dumb and as a consumer of college football I am growing tired of it. UNC , OSU, USC, UCF ext. the list goes on of university violators. The rules are oppressing!!!!!

Old Skool

If D'No can get the defense to play 20% better this week, UNC will only be able to generate 440 yard of offense.

VA Cane

Va & Tony are just as bad as Shapiro & Pee Wee. Hoping 4 the worst.

This is the problem of many UM fans. Nobody is hoping for the worst; however due to our history of violations, the severity of sanctions handed down lately,the NCAA having an ax to grind with UM, the long documented list of people involved and the national attention/media coverage it cannot be painted as rosy either. I hope nothing happens, but I cannot think we will skate by on these charges.

I am neither a criminal like Shapiro or a piece of shit like Allen. I am an honest top notch real estate appraiser, a very good parent, and one hell of a successful football coach my friend.

Dont feel bad 4 Real; your knowledge of the game is minimal, and obviously your vision is as well. You are in good company though; Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Jose Feliciano were blind as hell too, but they turned out all right...they just could not see.

Old Skool

Hmmm. Maybe D'No is in cahoots with the NCAA. He is part of our punishment.

If we were forced to lose 15 scholarships on defense alone, would we be doing any worse?


This article was comforting to me because I have been raging mad since last night. Seeing natures beauty was very cool. It calmed me down and reminded me that life goes on. I am still angry but not so much.

It was the perfect blog article after a loss like this. Well done.


On to the search for a new DC.

Who has names??


I prefer the raw emotion.


Someone who reconciles reactions to reality.


Speaking of which, Ocala, bring the coffee because I have money burning a hole in my pocket that I am going to spend on some of your wares and I won't be happy unless I do.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | October 08, 2012 at 12:32 AM

Already spoke to him about that last week when I was in Ocala (then Tally then Panama City). He is bringing a BOX full of FRESH ROASTED Canespace coffee to the UNC game.

Best coffee U ever had!

orange 'n green in the vein

Posted by: 86Cane | October 07, 2012 at 10:38 PM

If that really is the source of that advice I'm just going to LMAO! What's next? Openly turning customers away?

Speaking of which, Ocala, bring the coffee because I have money burning a hole in my pocket that I am going to spend on some of your wares and I won't be happy unless I do.

At least John Mackovic had actually won something previously when Arizona's players turned on him in 2003. What's D'No ever produced other than a loss in a December toilet bowl to a west coast team in DC where he couldn't stop UCLA in the 2nd half?


Yes 86 just like you i guess i get emotional
too with the injustice.

First thing in the morning i will buy orchids and bring one to my office.


When I read the article today, I became more concerned about the scandal than I was before. If what he said is true, we deserve the fullest extent of sanctions the NCAA can level against us. Not death penalty but major major sanctions. I am a huge fan but there seems to be some serious stuff in that article. He was credible and he implicated not just Shapiro but also the administration in the coverup. Really really bad. This won't be a slap on the wrist this will be serious. Don't kid yourself. Shapiro, Pee Wee and Moss' admission are devastating.


Exactly 86. ACC Coastal title or bust.


Monty...it is what it is. Let it go for now, go outside and play. Your constant hand-wringing and knashing of the teeth isn't going to change things one way or another. Time will tell and until then keep the faith!


Sully...IF Miami beats UNC and FSU ALL will be forgiven. IF not, then the heavy drinking will commence immediately.

RaizeCane...your expertise may be needed!


obtained from the Miami Herald


I cannot believe the NCAA would make parts of it's ruling based on 2 scumbags and lyars.


Amen. See u Canespacers at Sun Life for FSU, sure wished I could be there this Saturday for UNC but Go Canes beat UNC.




Things are NOT pretty in Canesville.

Hate to say it, but D'No must go.

That is all.


4-Real...I saw your Gators beat LSU. U must be happy?


Va & Tony are just as bad as Shapiro & Pee Wee. Hoping 4 the worst.


Catch of the day Reggie Wayne



For those who are wondering the people who told me not to get so "emotional" are from UM. OGV and CGNC know what I am talking about but that's all I will say about it.



pbcfr...look forward to seeing U at the UNC game. Go to the GREEN Lot East 5 in the parking lot before the game or section 444 last row against the wall during the game.


With D'No, who cares what the NCAA does. We are having an appetizer now.


As optimistic as I am and as much as I love the Canes, I have seen two things that I have never seen happen to the Canes.

First, Dorsett's 4 drops were unbelievable. These were easy catches. The ball hit him in the hands. I have never seen anything quite like that in all my years of watching football, from optimist league to the NFL.

Morris put the ball right where it needed to be. The OL provided all the protection, and Dorsett could not catch balls that were hitting him in the hands.

Second, we have the worst Canes defense I have ever seen or read about. Its no coincidence when you are the worst defense in your conference and 118th out of 120th. This was the chance for the Canes to reestablish themselves as a respectable program. Instead, they have simply been satisfied with letting people run all over them.

At least we finally have a QB, an OL, RBs and some playmakers. Hopefully, that will be enough to carry us to the Coastal Division championship. But that defense must play a whole lot better, and I wonder if that is possible.

D'No should sit down and watch the film with some real good D-coordinators and analyze what they are missing. When you are rated as horrible as we are in defense, coaching has to be the issue.

As much as I

VA Cane

There is no comparison.....PSU players are innocent victims of some jackass adults afraid to deal with reality. Pres, VP, AD....and Jopa were way off base. Paterno has been defended saying he did not understand exactly...how can you not understand a grown man naked in the shower having sex with a child? He was an educated man ....Joe knew and hid it to cover the public perception of PSU...all the others did too. I even feel McQuery did not go far enough not a player but a KID!!....having coached 34 yrs, I would dare anybody anywhere to mess with my players. I have had a couple minor run ins where a fan or even a parent that got smart or rude to my boys....ask them what happened...nobody messes with my guys. I say all of them should have been tried in a fair trial...and if guilty, fired and imprisoned....hell Sandusky should be executed on TV to show all these molesters what their fate should be....and the others sent to jail for life....even Joe if he lived. Child molestation to me is the ultimate evil; get electric bleachers and execute them by the hundreds. PSU football got screwed...hell hold the adults responsible. The kids did no wrong....

UM on the other hand, has a history of not going by the rules all around. You all know it, last time they hammered us cause we were way guilty. Foote may have been a jerk....but Dees is a ignorant slob jerk on a much bigger scale. He knew about alot of shit...how is he on an NCAA committee? That's like Charlie Manson being on the relations committee for murder victims. I think JJ and Erickson knew about shit....c'mon they did. So now, we have coaches involved....maybe even Al per the article....and tons of players. I think it is safe to say bad things happened.....right through the last probation...it never stopped. We have done a lot of bad stuff. So the evidence is plentiful, UM Administration, coaches and players let it happen...they gave the NCAA the finger by never controlling the stuff from last time...we are their nail and they got a 9 pound hammer. Logic tells me you punish the program cause all people are involved....they gonna come down hard....players are very guilty....PSU not at all. We are gonna get nailed I think...its been too long. Just my opinions, may not be right or what some think, hope it does not offend.


Nemo2002, I tend to agree with you. As much as I want to believe 86 Cane's worst case scenario as the max - a scenario Miami could easily overcome - I fear that my scenario (5 year bowl ban with a 5+ year scholarship reduction and a ridiculous financial penalty) is still a possibility.

One item to note in regards to cooperation..after SMU's final round of violations the school was very forthcoming and cooperated fully with the NCAA. There was a strong push NOT to give them the death penalty because of the penalties. However the NCAA disregarded the cooperation and still gave it to them.

I hope that everyone else is right and I am wrong.


I guess what we have to determine is, does Miami's violations coupled with cooperation exceed the scope of what Penn State did? If so, then what realistically could the NCAA do beyond what they did to Penn State?

Posted by: TonyCane | October 07, 2012 at 08:15 PM

Good question TC. First, note that LACK of cooperation can enhance the penalty. But cooperation does not necessarily reduce the penalty. Second, from the perspective of NCAA disciplinarians, it's ALL about the U. Third, the PSU program can endure and survive NCAA sanctions better than Miami. Attendance at PSU home games will still be good, even if the team is struggling. After all, what else is there to do in Happy Valley, PA? Fifth, the NCAA had tenuous legal authority to impose stiffer sanctions against PSU (for transgressions not specifically covered by association rules) and it was more than willing to cut PSU a little slack, provided that the school agreed to meekly accept the sanctions which were levied (instead of fighting the NCAA in court). Sixth, sometimes quantity has a quality all it's own. The cumulative penalty for a lot of little instances of "lack of institutional control" can be severe, a heavy burden to bear - even when the death penalty is not imposed. Finally, there is no reason to believe that the PSU sanctions constitute an unofficial glass ceiling. It is clear that the most egregious NCAA violations can result in more onerous penalties than those levied on PSU - especially for schools (like Miami) which have a history of bad behavior.

Bad boys, bad boys
What U going to do when they come for U?


Please don't compare UM to an institution that covered up the RAPE OF CHILDREN!

orange 'n green in the vein

Wow, those are some really pretty flowers 86, I would have never fingered you for a green thumb type of guy!

But where's the picture of the leprechaun stomping all over them with his smug little douche-bag facial hair configuration though? I'm confused.

Old Skool

From SI.com NFL draft thoughts

Darius Smith/DT/Miami-Fla: Smith was highly rated by a number of scouts entering the season, who thought the big lineman could sneak into the third round. He offers tremendous size and the ability to control the line of scrimmage, but all too often Smith disappears and is a non-factor. Such was the case in the loss to Notre Dame as he was handled by one-on-one blocking all game.

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/writers/tony_pauline/10/06/week-6-risers-sliders/index.html#ixzz28fJO4e1v


Ill be there! Just got back from Chicago....was a great trip great city awesome staduim to watch a football game and awesome weather!! To bad the didnt turn out they way we liked it.

Oh well time to focus on the ACC schedule at this point.....huge three game stretch we need to come out 2-1 at least to keep hope alive. Lets go Canes hopefully we can get a half decent crowd...btw wth is with the 230 kickoff time....really?


Agree with that last statement, 86. We're looking at something in between what OSU got and whast USC got, based on Pee Wee's corrooboration. As bad as it sounds, there really isn't much evidence that the program turned a blind eye to Shapiro (basing that more on what everyone else said than what Pee Wee stated). Mistakes were made, but the dollar numbers were so small that it's hard to say there was overwhelming evidence that someone should have known what was going on. Kyle Wright's family lived in Napa before they moved for his varsity football career, his family had more then enough money to send him on vacation to the Bahamas, or a concert in Detroit.



Posted by: canezilla | October 07, 2012 at 08:35 PM

We will be there:

Old Skool

Who got next?


86 - I'll try orchids now that I'm done pulling weeds.....

Posted by: longtimecanefan | October 07, 2012 at 08:11 PM

Weeds are temporary, orchids are forever.


I really hope the NCAA will go more after individuals than the institution.

Posted by: Montreal-Cane | October 07, 2012 at 08:50 PM

I think they will do both.


Why don't you ask the President of the NCAA Mark Emmert why the NCAA doesn't go after the guilty people who left the boat instead of the innoncents...

I still think Miami will have two more bowl bans ( that makes three total with the one self imposed last season) plus we suspended several players...And the collaboration from UM has been excellent with the NCAA...So add to that a reduction of 10 scholarships per year for the next three years.

This is the worst case scenario when you compare the Miami situation with USC, North Carolina, Penn State, FSU and so on...

I really hope the NCAA will go more after individuals than the institution.


As far as Manny goes, he was just doing his job. He didn't create the story he just wrote it. It is what it is.

As far as the sanctions go I see two possibilities (best/worst case scenario):

1 years bowl ban
3 years loss of 5 schollies (15 total)
3 years probation

3 years bowl ban
5 years of 5 schollies each (25 total)
5 years probation
Some financial penalty (bowl revenue)

If it is any more than that I would be VERY surprised and would in essence if not in name be the death penalty. That's not gonna happen.




Orchids are beautiful, nice to see other passions other than college football.

Given that, had to weigh in quickly on ND game to get off my chest.

I've sat through a lot of highs, and a lot of lows with the 'Canes, dating back to early '80s.

I have to say though, that the 4 plays that ND ran prior to the end of the first half, 4 consecutive passes alongside the sideline(s) for 48 yards and to get ND in field goal range, with under a minute and half left, quite possibly was the most upset I've been in forever.

To sit back, and give up those plays, to me, that was just totally inexcusable. I don't care who is responsible - coaches, players, whomever....that was just the bottom as far as I was concerned.

Haven't read the in-game or post game blog comments; wonder if anyone else felt the same way. Record number of first downs given up.

They even had a Rudy-like little slow white guy gashing us at the end of the game. They were laughing at us on the sideline.

This one really shows how far we still have to go,young roster or not.




I don't think it approaches anything near Penn State, USC like most likely, we cooperated and some punishment already served. Look at OSU and AUburn, they got away without much damage. aS much as they may want to bring the hammer, what can they prove? That is the crux if this.


Not sure what NCAA will do. On one hand, they gave USC a three year scholarship reduction for a booster given 120K to Reggie Bush (and USC showing some intrangience during the investigation).

Penn State got four years.

I guess what we have to determine is, does Miami's violations coupled with cooperation exceed the scope of what Penn State did? If so, then what realistically could the NCAA do beyond what they did to Penn State?

Old Skool

Yeah, yeah, yeah and "The calla lillies are in bloom again!" Of course, that's from Golden Pond which lead somehow reminds me of a certain coach.

The bottom line or stanza as the case may be...

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;
But there is no joy in Caneville — the mighty Canes have flamed out.

Account Deleted

86 - I'll try orchids now that I'm done pulling weeds.....

VA Cane

Beautiful orchids Soup. Probably gives you a lot of peace. Thats why I collect records, carefully cut, sort into type and neatly stack my firewood. Just being aro0und my hobbies gives me inner peace. Great article.

I think we burn from NCAA, I am very disappointed by rule breaking...but it happens. I guess we will wait and see...but if they have a lot, and with time passing they seem to....it could be a serious burn gang.


The NCAA has more than enough damning evidence to bury us.
Although I don't think we'll get hit with the death penalty, the sanctions could add up to a near death experience. And, as such, it may be a long time before the U fully recovers from the direct and indirect effects of NCAA penalties.

I hope I'm wrong. But I fear I'm right.


Exactly Willie Will.


We love orchids.

OGV i agree Manny will get a pass on this one. And like wrote to him...Manny i appreciate your comments but still we already knew about all of this. We just all hope for the best and put the bad stories behind once and for all. I love UM and the Canes. No need to harm and bash about the program any longer. Like you wrote i hope the NCAA settle this case this month so we can move forward and always in the right direction.



Whoever told you that you couldn't be emotional tell em to go to hell


Great stuff 86. Our Canes control our ACC destiny. The march to Charlotte. Go Canes, beat UNC.


Two statements stood out to me in Manny's article;

Allen, interviewed three times by the NCAA in the past year, said he stopped lying and told the truth after he was subpoenaed by Shapiro’s lawyer to testify under oath in Shapiro’s bankruptcy case in December 2011.

So how can they trust him now if he lied at first???

"I don’t think they can prove everything. But they know everything.”

This statement speaks for itself


well 4...the number of ACC wins we'll have next week?!?!? lol


3...the number of ACC wins we have; leading the ACC


Go Canes





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