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October 07, 2012



I prefer the raw emotion.


Someone who reconciles reactions to reality.


On to the search for a new DC.

Who has names??


This article was comforting to me because I have been raging mad since last night. Seeing natures beauty was very cool. It calmed me down and reminded me that life goes on. I am still angry but not so much.

It was the perfect blog article after a loss like this. Well done.

Old Skool

Hmmm. Maybe D'No is in cahoots with the NCAA. He is part of our punishment.

If we were forced to lose 15 scholarships on defense alone, would we be doing any worse?

VA Cane

Va & Tony are just as bad as Shapiro & Pee Wee. Hoping 4 the worst.

This is the problem of many UM fans. Nobody is hoping for the worst; however due to our history of violations, the severity of sanctions handed down lately,the NCAA having an ax to grind with UM, the long documented list of people involved and the national attention/media coverage it cannot be painted as rosy either. I hope nothing happens, but I cannot think we will skate by on these charges.

I am neither a criminal like Shapiro or a piece of shit like Allen. I am an honest top notch real estate appraiser, a very good parent, and one hell of a successful football coach my friend.

Dont feel bad 4 Real; your knowledge of the game is minimal, and obviously your vision is as well. You are in good company though; Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Jose Feliciano were blind as hell too, but they turned out all right...they just could not see.

Old Skool

If D'No can get the defense to play 20% better this week, UNC will only be able to generate 440 yard of offense.


All you chicken littles! $7.800 BUCKS that's what's been proven! Players severed suspensions and did not go to a bowl game. Miami actually punished thosed involved, right??

Penn State covered up the RAPE OF CHILDREN! You should be slapped in the face for even mentioning PSU with any other NCAA violators!

MIami had a criminal booster partying with student athletes! Who cares? These NCAA rules are dumb and as a consumer of college football I am growing tired of it. UNC , OSU, USC, UCF ext. the list goes on of university violators. The rules are oppressing!!!!!


Va came, with all respect I am not hoping for the worst. Not at all! I am just bring realistic. I think we all have to realistic about what we're facing, otherwise some people are going to be in for a horrifying shock in a few months.

Trust me, I want this to go away and be a bad dream. Perhaps my mistake is to post what I think is a realistic belief of what we're facing. It's just speculation nonetheless. I'll try to refrain for speaking about it until s omething happens.

dj moonbat

MIami had a criminal booster partying with student athletes! Who cares?

Posted by: Jack | October 08, 2012 at 08:25 AM

The short answer, of course, is "the NCAA cares." We don't know yet HOW MUCH they care.


Eric Winston tellin' it how it is!


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