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October 28, 2012


Old Skool

Slow morning


Go canes


Is it Thursday!!!




Where is Six when U need him?


Good morning! I am hoping for better this year from the baseball team than last


This is the year of the hoops team :-)

orange 'n green in the vein

Is Jim Morris still the baseball coach?

UM hasn't fired a guy who's climbed the summit of the mountain twice?

What is wrong with this administration?

Are we sure D'No wasn't hired as a baseball coach instead? A lot of those signs seem to be telling players to play back after all.


Co, I am going to hold you to it


OGV - what's wrong with this administration? Well the baseball team has become mediocre and has been getting consistently beaten by the team that hails from your hometown. Is that complacency on Morris' part? Or is he not given the resources or "encouragement" he needs to get back to the top. We can't seem to hire an AD that gives a hoot. There was a midget ponzi schemer roaming the campus at large and proffering large sums of stolen cash to the school as memorialized in a picture on the front of USA Today with Donna Shalala and Frank Haith gazing lovingly at one of his checks. We are facing NCAA sanctions.

LOL The Temple crew is the least of our problems

Let's Go Canes!


Posted by: CGNC | October 28, 2012 at 12:25 PM

Well said! Morris will be on the hot seat this year.


Here's hopin' for a KST-ND national championship game. Why not?


Canes on the board!! by OV!! lol blocked punt for a TD....alright MIAMI!!!


an no way BLEEP ND I want them to lose every game!!!


Posted by: j.w. | October 28, 2012 at 02:17 AM

You mean to tell me you think that the NCAA is just going to give us 1 bowl ban????

Why do you think schools punish their selves??? Its not because they felt they did wrong. Like UM for instance, all the rule breakers are gone so why would they want to punish their selves?? The NCAA wants to see what you are willing to give up


IF big IF UM runs the table and make it to the ACCCG the ACC will make a deal with the NCAA or something....because if not that means you would have a 5 loss VT team or 4 loss Duke team going.....that would kill the ACCCG and rating!

If anything if UM says look we are playing, but win or lose we will not be going to a bowl. That would go a long way to making us look a lot better to the NCAA. Of course that just IMO


Dolphins 20 to NUTHIN'! over the Jets. Olivier Vernon with a blocked punt AND recovery for TD, AND a blocked FG.
WHO SAY! that boy should've stayed in school.


These days economic impact trumps desire by NCAA to take scholarships away. Self imposing ban/forgoing Bowls = Far more impactful for NCAA -- Papa Cane (@ByPapaCane)


Should Miami win out and qualify for the ACC Championship game & Bowl, forgoing that privilege & economic benefit = very helpful with NCAA. -- Papa Cane (@ByPapaCane)


When did OGV turn into the negative nancy of the blog?

Let me guess, when D'No did something horrific by implementing a scheme for young players who can't remember if they're blitzing, or in man or zone coverage and with no DL presence?


College football is gonna be destroyed by ND. The freeking arrogance is getting thick. i hope it aint long before we can salvage this thing..lol

orange 'n green in the vein

O_C, the veteran's couldn't remember it last year either and the scheme in general isn't a championship caliber scheme in my estimation. Go see how great Al was at UVA in the middle of the last decade when they were always going to about to be having a breakout year even after Schaub left and then tell me how many ACC titles they actually collected.

Miracle's at Temple though! Yeah, yeah, heard it all before.


NFL Scouts asses current UM team
### Among the points raised by NFL scouts, who asked that their names not be used: This is the worst defensive line they’ve seen from the Hurricanes in many years; the defensive play-calling should be more aggressive; but Al Golden is doing about as well as can be expected with this roster.
“Look - you lost your senior class, then you lose five of your better juniors, then you lose Ray-Ray Armstrong,” one longtime scout said, also acknowledging tackle Curtis Porter’s absence due to an appendectomy. “Has any school ever lost five juniors the same year? Who the hell is left? They have young athletes, but you need some experience to win.”

### The consensus is UM must find better defensive linemen to become a big winner again. “Worst I’ve seen from a Miami team,” one longtime NFL scout said. “What they miss most is those strong, athletic, really good 6-4, 290 pounds defensive tackles. LSU and Alabama have three or four of those guys. The irony is the last couple years, Temple had a better defensive line than Miami does now. That’s how far Miami has fallen.”
Said another scout: “They just don’t have the size and strength up front. When was the last No. 1 pick they had on the defensive line?” That would be Vince Wilfork in 2004.
The scout, who observed a closed Hurricanes practice this season, said if you take the UM jersey off the back, you could not distinguish most of Miami’s front-seven defensive players from, say, Central Florida or any other FBS program not in one of the major conferences.
"I’ve never seen the upper class talent so thin there,” the scout said. “UCF might be able to beat them if they played. The overall talent is mediocre. I said at the start of the year, if Al Golden won six games, it would be a great coaching job.”

### One scout said sophomore Anthony Chickillo is getting more attention from opponents because there’s no pass-rush threat opposite him. “And Chickillo is not dynamic,” he said. “If you’re going to be his size, you need to be an explosive pass rusher.”

### One scout, asked to assess some of the others as college players (not as pro prospects): “Eddie Johnson is going to be a stud. Deon Bush is going to be a very good player but since the safeties don’t get much support up front, they are always running downhill to make tackles. That’s a lot of banging for a freshman like Bush. He’s going to be beat up.”

### An AFC scout, on defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio’s approach: “They could play a little more aggressive. If you can’t rush the passer, why sit back? Why are you seven yards off a receiver? I would be sending people left and right, playing pressure coverage. They’re giving up yards anyway.”

### Another scout questioned offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch for throwing to Robert Lockhart instead of running the ball on a third and two deep in FSU territory last week, and said Mike James – not Duke Johnson – should be used on short yardage. “Duke is not going to be a Clinton Portis or Edgerrin James, where you hand him the ball 25 times a game.”
By the way, Fisch said Saturday that UM burned Lockhart's redshirt because he "has made some amazing one-on-one playts in practice" which reminded the staff of Tommy Streeter last year.

## The scouts were optimistic about Stephen Morris improving, but one expressed concern with his accuracy issues and “lack of touch at times. He’ll be better next year. One problem is his receivers don’t catch the ball.”

### One scout said of the receivers, “I like Rashawn Scott the best, with his size. He has the most upside.” He likes Phillip Dorsett’s talent, but “it looks like the bigger the game, he’s not ready for that.” And the offensive line “is disappointing. Physically, they look as a good as any in the nation.”

### Recruiting analyst Larry Blustein said “if UM expects to keep the train rolling with the 2012 class, they need to get [Oakland Park Northeast] receiver Stacey Coley and [Booker T. Washington offensive tackle] Denver Kirkland.” (They are rated by rivals.com as ninth-best in the nation at their positions.)
He said they also must keep oral commitments Alex Collins (running back) and Kevin Olsen (quarterback).
But Collins is also considering FSU and Wisconsin and sent a tweet last week saying he has “been doing a lot of thinking” and is “close to decision time.”
Delray Beach Atlantic's Keith Bryant, rated 17th among all defensive tackles and Miami’s only oral commitment among defensive linemen, visited Purdue and has told rivals.com he’s also still considering FSU, South Carolina and won’t announce until signing day – putting UM in a bind.
Miami is in the mix for other defensive tackles, including Toby Johnson, a four-star prospect at Hutchinson (Ks.) Community College. Booker T. Washington linebacker Matthew Thomas, rated the nation’s 15th best player by rivals.com, says he has Miami even with six other schools.

### Among draft-eligible players, the scouts see Brandon McGee and James as potential mid-or-later round prospects. “James has power, can catch the ball, runs hard, some shiftiness,” one scout said. “McGee has size (6-0), speed and long arms.” One scout said he wouldn’t draft junior Seantrel Henderson until late because he “can’t be counted on.”
ESPN’s Todd McShay said he entered the year with draftable grades only on Vaughn Telemaque (who lost his starting job) and McGee; he had Ramon Buchanan as a seventh-rounder before his knee injury. He said Miami’s talent “has been dwindling for the last several years and 2013 stacks up as one of the worst classes from an NFL draft standpoint since I’ve been involved.”
Remember, from 2001 to 2004, the Canes had 19 first-rounders and 35 drafted overall. From 2008 to 2012, UM had one first rounder and 22 overall.


Terrance Sullivan

Who is this Papa Cane character?

OG cane

papa cane is someone who had risen to popularity using social media.

his sources include paid subscriptions to various Canes fan sites such as rivals, ITU, scouts, etc etc.

i actually have a picture of him.


i like the fact that practices are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC for baseball.

can we do that for football por favor?

Terrance Sullivan

Thanks OG Cane.


Posted by: dafakeS K R E E T Z Z | October 28, 2012 at 05:27 PM



Can we just get to Thurs already! Im ready to start tailgating at.....8 in the morning!


Sinister -

Good info! Maybe the Canes upset VT this week and win 7 or 8 games. I am a believer!!!

Let's go Canes!!!


Hai guize! Where da fake gaturd info be?

S pent all day monitoring Canespace
K ept racking my brain to insult the owner
R ealized I'm a loser because
E very post I made got
E rased by the moderators for my own good
T he fact that this is my life and it equals a big fat
Z ero isn't the worst thing about me.

L ittle do I realize
I 'm a desperate shell of a human
V essel that deserves nothing but scorn
E verytime I waste another worthless
S econd of my life doing the same old scumbag routine here.


You mean to tell me you think that the NCAA is just going to give us 1 bowl ban????

Why do you think schools punish their selves??? Its not because they felt they did wrong. Like UM for instance, all the rule breakers are gone so why would they want to punish their selves?? The NCAA wants to see what you are willing to give up

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | October 28, 2012 at 02:16 PM
Willie, now I know you can't be serious. I have had fun with this one, you made me laugh with that last post, but I 'm moving on to fighting a different battle now. Thanks, though. :)


Can we just get to Thurs already! Im ready to start tailgating at.....8 in the morning!


Ah yes those two are very very good friends of mine to!!! Ill hopefully be at the staduim around 4pm. Im out of work for another week so I'll be primed and ready to go once I wake up!

orange 'n green in the vein


Posted by: canezilla | October 28, 2012 at 06:11 PM"

Yeah, that guy's related to that backup UM QB from Tampa, hear he knows how to throw a helluva party in the clubs down there.


Trek or Treat WYPT3 or sweet geezuz this water is cold


Working my azz off in South Carolina or freezing my nudz off in Tennessee I still think about my space buds

go canes

CG I'll shoot the blazing schooner pix here in a minute for ya, thanks for asking about me


Posted by: j.w. | October 28, 2012 at 06:00 PM

Yeah you made me laugh, 1 year bowl ban is hilarious LMAO. And people considered us as having the WORST scandal EVER before the Penn state fiasco




off to dinner with the wife and pals be back on here in a couple weeks

Go Canes!


Please we live in the now society. They were saying that because people forget to look back or have perspective. This doesnt even touch what SMU did. I mean they were paying for recruit and had coaches and political people involved....really!

Than they get caught and still did it. Yea what UM did which btw never "paid" for a recruit...that scum bag himself said he never paid for a kid to come to the school cause he couldnt afford it compared to what the SEC pays out (funny how they never talk about that claim.) He gave players on the team gifts and took them places. Really...worst scandal ever? Please!


UM-VT game starts at 7:30 so gates open at 3:30?


Solar...U are not missing much, trust me on this one. WYPT III sounds good right about now.

Rumor Monger

A member of the University of Miami Board of Trustees who is extremely close to the NCAA investigation at UM has told me that the university and the ACC have asked the NCAA to delay announcing their findings and potential sanctions againt Miami until after this season has ended.

The source has said that the ACC has appealed to the NCAA on behalf of UM and the conference because it want's a marquee matchup (UM vs FSU) for the ACC title game and does not want a Duke vs FSU rematch for TV and revenue reasons.

The source has said that the NCAA is taking it under consideration and may delay the announcement and any pending sanctions until after the 2012 season to ensure that UM is eligible for the title game should the Hurricanes win out.

In addition I have been told that the NCAA is considering significantly reducing the potential sanctions against UM due to the university's excellent academic standing and top 10 NCAA GSR rate over the last 7 years. So there is a very good chance that UM could get off easy in terms of sanctions and penalties from the NCAA.


Ah yes thank you 86.


Close out the season strong Canes!!

8-4 would be EXCELLENT!

7-4 would be GOOD!

6-6 would be BAD!

6-6 is worst case. However, I believe in this coach "from Temple" and feel we finish at least 7-5. Improvement indeed! You hear that OGV Coach Golden is an up and comer, you'll see!!






How? Hes going to get it fixed....and it starts with him!!


Oh and with a no exuses mentality


If we finish strong and show improvements against some average opponents, that should be considered improvement. If we see the same mistakes we saw against K St and BC v Duke and UVA i wont be happy and it would be worrying. We have to had learn something from 3 ass whoopings

Dude on a Pale Horse

I've been out for a spell but I'm feeling better. Did I miss anything? Interesting perspective on the NCAA sanctions. I'm hoping they are accurate. I for one, WILL NOT bitch over a 8-4 record this year. If we win out, I will be one happy camper. Do we control our destiny because Duke lost to FSU? Can someone answer that? WE HAVE TO BEAT VIRGINIA TECH AL!!! THIS IS A MUST WIN!!! Lets go Canes!!!

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