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October 27, 2012


orange 'n green in the vein

Everybody who thinks Golden at Temple = 'MIRACLE,' take note. Larranaga at George Mason = 'miracle.'

Golden at Temple = good move to a weak conference for a program to have something to play for (and still not win).


When the GSR becomes part of the scoreboard let me know so I can jump from joy. For those who think we can win out, remember there is a difference between believing and hoping. I hope we win, but I believe what happened yesterday is happening now and the same will happen tomorrow. Yes, inconsistent play, bad defense, poor coaching, etc. We have done nothing to change this, so if you expect a different result while you do the same thing over and over, you are literally insane. DS I hope you are reading this. Looks like you don't give a dime for our football program. Time to redistribute the billion $$$$ you just got. The program needs better coaches and a thing with grass in it where you play football...some people call it a Stadium.


92 Jalen Grimble –OR– 6-2, 295, So.
99 Jelani Hamilton 6-5, 271, Fr.
DT 72 EARL MOORE 6-1, 300, Fr.
98 Darius Smith –OR– 6-2, 315, Sr.
66 Dequan Ivery 6-1, 303, Fr.
DT 91 OLSEN PIERRE 6-4, 300, So.
93 Luther Robinson –OR– 6-3, 288, RJr.
67 Corey King 6-1, 295, RFr.
DE 51 SHAYON GREEN 6-3, 260, RJr.
17 Tyriq McCord –OR– 6-3, 236, Fr.
90 Ricardo Williams 6-5, 240, RFr.
OLB 44 EDDIE JOHNSON 6-1, 238, RFr.
34 Thurston Armbrister 6-3, 222, So.
MLB 59 JIMMY GAINES 6-3, 230, Jr.
56 Raphael Kirby 6-0, 218, Fr.
36 Gionni Paul 6-1, 230, So.
OLB 52 DENZEL PERRYMAN 6-0, 229, So.
34 Thurston Armbrister 6-3, 222, So.
31 Tyrone Cornileus 6-2, 210, Jr.
CB 37 LADARIUS GUNTER 6-2, 198, Jr.
3 Tracy Howard –OR– 5-11, 185, Fr.
20 Thomas Finnie 5-10, 183, So.
S 2 DEON BUSH 6-1, 190, Fr.
30 AJ Highsmith 6-0, 202, RJr.
S 22 KACY RODGERS II 6-2, 210, Jr.
7 Vaughn Telemaque –OR– 6-2, 204, RSr.
29 Rayshawn Jenkins 6-1, 203, Fr.
CB 21 BRANDON McGEE 6-0, 194, Sr.
39 Antonio Crawford 5-11, 188, Fr.


WR 80 RASHAWN SCOTT 6-2, 190, So.
86 Herb Waters 6-2, 185, Fr.
LT 79 MALCOLM BUNCHE 6-7, 325, RSo.
64 Hunter Wells 6-4, 300, RFr.
68 Jeremy Lewis 6-4, 316, RSr.
C 62 SHANE MCDERMOTT 6-4, 295, RSo.
75 Jared Wheeler 6-5, 314, RJr.
RG 65 BRANDON LINDER 6-6, 308, Jr.
63 Daniel Isidora 6-4, 320, Fr.
74 ERECK FLOWERS 6-6, 314, Fr.
TE 46 CLIVE WALFORD 6-4, 250, RSo.
49 Dyron Dye 6-5, 255, RJr.
82 Asante Cleveland 6-5, 263, Jr.
FB 33 MAURICE HAGENS 5-11, 240, Jr.
43 Sean Harvey 6-4, 262, RSo.
QB 17 STEPHEN MORRIS 6-2, 214, Jr.
11 Ryan Williams 6-5, 221, RSo.
RB 5 MIKE JAMES 5-11, 220, Sr.
8 Duke Johnson 5-9, 188, Fr.
WR 4 PHILLIP DORSETT 5-10, 185, So.
83 Kendal Thompkins 5-10, 182, RSr.
6 Robert Lockhart Jr. 6-1, 188, Fr.
WR 1 ALLEN HURNS 6-3, 192, Jr.
24 Davon Johnson 6-0, 188, Sr.


After his team's off week, Miami Hurricanes head coach Al Golden released his latest depth chart Saturday.

Most of the changes were to the No. 2 and No. 3 positions at various positions on the depth. The biggest omission, however, was that of junior RB Eduardo Clements, who is now out for the season due to injury.

Single-game tickets for the 2012 football season are available online, by phone at 1-800-GO-CANES (1-305-284-2263) or in-person at the Miami Athletics Ticket Office, now located on the first level at BankUnited Center. The popular "Publix $9 Before 9" is back for the Nov. 1 game vs. Virginia Tech, while fans can also purchase "The Joe Rose Special" - 2 lower-level tickets and orange parking for $80 - for the VT game.

For the latest information on Miami Hurricanes Football, follow @HurricaneSports on Twitter and the official blog for Hurricanes Football, www.theufootball.com.


That way people know what is being said COULD happen.

Posted by: Hassan | October 27, 2012 at 10:48 AM

I can live with that.

Terrance Sullivan

I really hate that for OT. Hope he comes back strong next season.


NEWS: New UM Canes depth chart for VaTech; RB E. Clements out for rest of season

Good morning.

First, the injury news: third-year junior tailback Eduardo Clements, one of the most devoted and hard-working Canes that I have come across, is out for the season with an
injury not yet disclosed to us. Feel so bad for him and the team.

In seven games this season, Eduardo had 16 carries for 70 yards and two touchdowns this season as the third-team tailback who is used primarily as a third-down specialist.

He also had two catches for 11 yards.
Eduardo also played on special teams, and had four tackles this season.
We're waiting for practice to end. Please note that the new depth chart only lists Mike James and Duke Johnson at running back -- not Dallas Crawford.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2012/10/news-new-um-canes-depth-chart-for-vatech-rb-e-clements-out-for-rest-of-season.html#storylink=cpy


I am a former Marine 86 I love to shoot lol

I think it is ok to post the info as long as you make it clear it is a rumor and not the gospel. That way people know what is being said COULD happen.

Terrance Sullivan

Got to buy 2 ACC weekend ticket packages for men's hoops.M-I-A-M-l fight, fight, fight.


Canes win it 7-3 over Duke.

CGNC i got the updates on twitter.

Posted by: Montreal-Cane | October 26, 2012 at 11:39 PM

Wow. They must have lit up that goalie LOL!



Hassan...if U recall some of the people and pay sites that started some "rumors" before were 100% WRONG.

Remember that Gruden was signed with UM?

Remember that Seantrel was gone and enrolled at Minnesota?

Should I go on? Look if U shoot enough bullets U are bound to hit something sooner or later, but most times they are just shooting up in the air and hoping for a hit.


The herald and almost any new org can post anonymous sources but Tom's blog requires a source.....

Posted by: Hassan | October 26, 2012 at 11:25 PM

I just love your thinking and rationale on this one. Since everyone else can be rumor mongers and post unsubstantiated rumors then we should do it too? More than that since we are just a blog and not a news org then we should do it even more, right?

Posting unfounded and irresponsible rumors just because U heard it "somewhere" is part of the problem NOT part of the solution.

Saying "WE are hearing rumors that the NCAA will come down in November and the ACC wants us to self impose aban from the ACC championship game" is no more difficult than saying "ITU is reporting that" ...or "I saw someone at the Miami Herald is claiming that that..." or "CaneInsider is saying that a source told them that..."







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