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October 27, 2012


I thought I was real slick, until I got blocked

Where da fake gaturd info be?



Did you get my email???



You mean like against fsu when the wr kept pushing off?? Were the refs not suppose to call that???

orange 'n green in the vein

No Willie, but without those calls and a lot more others the numbers would be trending even further downward for the mutant from Philly doing the sideline chicken signal dance.


Its not the d's fault the opposing teams are committing infractions

What are you going to do when Golden gets the ship turned around????

orange 'n green in the vein

Be happy that he finally fired his college roommate and hired a DC who has some idea how to play dominating defense instead of this crap he's been fielding for two years now at UM?


Offense is not declining.. I blame their recent problems on player mistakes (catching the ball) and injuries (duke and morris) with such a young team I dont care who is calling offensive plays that is hard to deal with and most likely will have issues.

The defense on the other hand is a tad bit better..but not really..FSU only kept It close because of cute plays like jumping over tacklers and little tosses dropped by a wide reciever. We just give up too many 5-10 yard plays way too easily..I am all about wanting this team to do their best and I think they have heart..but I dont care what you say heart is not going to win all the time..I believe we will be a better team next year. But I think so will Va tech and ga tech and all the other teams that are re loading... I do hope we can win out and atleast play for the accc and hopefully we win...do I think its possible? Yes but things have to change coaching wise on this defense. I doubt it happens but give dno till the end of the year and then we have to get a big name dcordinator if we want a real shot at making a national title run over the next few years.


So why do teams self impose bans?? To look good to the NCAA to not get the hammer dropped on em. No team wants to self impose anything. Which is the position we're in right now. I would prefer a lighter punishment from the NCAA than to go the acccg, I rather have a earlier shot at the ncg than acccg

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | October 27, 2012 at 10:02 PM
Find one example of a team that stated "Well, we're not sure if we're going to get hit with a bowl bid, but just to make sure the NCAA thinks we're serious about repenting we're taking one anyway" and I'll believe it. UM took one last year because it was "necessary," not to curry favor with the NCAA. At least that's what Chris Freet told me via twitter. The Ath. Dept. knew one was coming and got it out of the way. We might self impose this year, but if we do it will be because the department is pretty damned sure we're getting another one anyway and you might as well get it out of the way now. Or we might just go to a bowl becuse the school doesn't think we're getting another one.


DTX, the flag for holding was as late as Terry Porter's, the refs never announced the penalty over the mic and if we are listening to the announcers as if they're an authority (I'm not), even Kirk said it was crazy late and "the kind of hold that could be called on every play, on any football Saturday or Sunday."

The "INT" by Teo was supposed to be called pass interference as the LB clearly ran thru the receivers back prior to the ball arriving, jarring it into the air for "the great" Teo who trapped it beautifully.

I give those devils some credit though: they can tackle, shed blocks, play with intensity and maximum effort. They have a great game day coach and coaches.

I haven't watched a Notre Dame game in my life where they didn't obviously get cheated for.

Its despicable. Every single week.

orange 'n green in the vein

Look, obviously the refs aren't going to do ND's opponents any favors for them but it was a hold at the point of attack, the ref got the flag out behind the play relatively without hesitation but his microphone didn't work for an announcement thus leading to Burnt Hamburger and Herbstreit to sound like maroons. You can't review a penalty call into a play and while I personally thought the replay shows Teo letting the ball touch the ground as he goes to the turf, the review determined there wasn't conclusive proof that he didn't catch it and the best angle for it was obscured by players in the foreground so I don't have a problem with them letting that judgement call on the field stand.

Bottom line is, ND controlled that game and OU's gimmick hurry up didn't keep them close enough in fourth to make it a big issue in regards to the officiating. The better team won and an (extremely) wise man once said on here that 'Big Game' loses two games a year like clockwork so it must be college football season since there's a numeral 2 after the record - dash for OU. Hope Kiffen coaches beyond his abilities Irish haters because Kelly's not letting his team lose focus this month.

DallasTX Cane

Zak - Kirk came back and corrected himself after 1/2 time; the back ref threw his flag within a reasonable amount of time & there was a microphone malfunction. On the int: the ball is allowed to touch the ground, the determining factor is if the player has control. I saw the ball touch the ground, but it looked like the player had clear control to me. IMO they didn't replay the linebacker play far enough back to determine pass interference on the replay.

I have been anti- ND for about 32 years now while always living surrounded by ND lovers. But I'm also really tired of all the crying and whining about the refs. It's supposed to be a given that the CANES always get screwed by the refs and teams like ND always get all the calls. Reality is that we've been getting a lot of referee help lately.


The announcers aren't authorities in my opinion they get stuff wrong and never go against the refs anyway. I do just fine watching football and determine what I see for myself.

The game was loss by OU and the better team did win.

Officials are getting suspended for their actions in our games and I don't agree at all that we've been receiving help from the refs any year. Thats your reality.

A blogger posting the refs are cheating is a little different than a coach or some associated with a university saying it I suppose. So if u want to call it crying and whining then I guess thats what u can label it.

How would a Notre Dame fan react to my post?

..yup he'd say the same. Those lovers may be warying on you.


Hai guize! Where da fake gaturd info be?

S pent all day monitoring Canespace
K ept racking my brain to insult the owner
R ealized I'm a loser because
E very post I made got
E rased by the moderators for my own good
T he fact that this is my life and it equals a big fat
Z ero isn't the worst thing about me.

L ittle do I realize
I 'm a desperate shell of a human
V essel that deserves nothing but scorn
E verytime I waste another worthless
S econd of my life doing the same old scumbag routine here.


Posted by: dafakeS K R E E T Z Z | October 28, 2012 at 08:39 AM

Which one of the banned former bloggers are U? Seriously, man (or woman) up and quit being a pu$$y.

Mac jones? Cane Chic? Gayturd troll?


My money is on Mac jones


So...What exactly is this rumor being pushed around about a possible ACCCG ban and bowl ban?? Any info would be nice!

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