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October 01, 2012


Alex D

First time long time






How could U be such an IDIOT to re-post such a thing ANYWHERE much less here? Do you think that is funny? Have you know common sense?



Sorry about that, I wasn't thinking


If we beat the Irish, our destiny is in our hands. We have a bye week before the VaTech game which is on a Thursday, thus giving the team 10 days to prepare. We could potentially win out the rest of the season after that.


BTW, when is the team going to get new uniforms? They are stilling wearing the Shannon era uniforms.


How could U be such an IDIOT to re-post such a thing ANYWHERE much less here? Do you think that is funny? Have you know common sense?

Posted by: 86Cane | October 01, 2012 at 11:14 PM

Ruh roh...

What'd I miss?



This is exactly why this game is so damn important. We played a brutal opening schedule but if we beat Notre Dame the conversation about us changes. We not only become relevant in the ACC coastal but we become relevant nationally again. Teams will fear us and they should. It would totally fast forward the progress of this program by 2 years. At 5-1, we would be a force to be reckoned with. If we go up there and lay another KSU stinker game, we will be in the not ready for prime time group, and we will be looking to rebound after the Stephen Morris era to get back in the conversation.

And it isn't just important that this team be competitive. This team has to win to bring us back as a program on Saturday. Notre Dame is a very good team especailly on the defensive side of the ball. But we have the talent on offense, and a great coordinator, to do what we want to do. We can score on them in ways that none of the opponents who have played ND have done.

But we absolutely have to shut down the run. If that means we play the bears defense from the 1980s and play gap control 9 men across the line then we have to do it. If it means we play base 4-3 and blitz on run plays, we have to do it. The run is easier to stop than the pass. But you have to be committed to it. This is a high risk but high reward game for us. We are going to have to take some chances to win up there. They have home field, usually a 3 point advantage and you can just add 7 points because we always get screwed by the refs against ND. So you can't play passive D and expect to win because it won't be a fair game. You have to take chances a bit.

I also think the players have to really think about things especially on the D side of the ball. The plug has been no plug. Maybe there was a reason he was JUCO in the first place?

I am reading between the lines on what I have read in news reports on this one but here it goes. Luther Robinson plays a good game at BC and the coaches called him out for shooting a gap here and there instead of playing their system. Fair enough but he caused the freaking fumble. Sometimes as coaches, you got to just trust the player sometimes. That guy is an absolute stud but he hasn't been playing while we have been gashed in the running game. Someone needs to check his ego and let the most talented tackles play.

Everything is in front of this team this week. They can either step up right now and take this program back immediately or they can regress and let it be a work in progress. Personally, I see a TON of talent on this team. I think it is doable now.

Some have compared this team to 1984. I remeber that defense well. Jimmy Johnson was hired and a stipulation in his contract was that he retain the defensive coordinator from the previous year, Bill Trout. Bill Trout did everything he could to undermine Jimmy, including leaving the press box while Flutie was setting up for the infamous play.

It wasn't until 1985 that Jimmy got total control of the defense. I am not saying that D No is doing the same thing. He is not. But Jimmy wasn't aware of that problem until that game. He identified the problem and took care of it. Al doesn't have that luxury. Take care of the defense now, take advantage of the chance to fast forward the program now and advance the program with a win. It is doable but only if Al steps in now and not later.




Sjmparama.... Great post sir




Good morning Y'all.

Old Skool

Barry Jackson tidbit...

## According to rivals.com, UM athletic director Shawn Eichorst is a candidate for the same job at Nebraska.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2012/10/um-notre-dame-tidbits-marino-on-tannehill-heat.html#storylink=cpy


Barry Jackson tidbit...

## According to rivals.com, UM athletic director Shawn Eichorst is a candidate for the same job at Nebraska.

Posted by: Old Skool | October 02, 2012 at 07:41 AM



Exactly Canezilla. I completely agree


Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan
🏈✈⛄☔Just kidding on snow, but #UM #Canes could be facing Irish in chilly weather. Low expected to be 37 Sat. Rain poss.


Family love keeps Miami Hurricanes’ Rashawn Scott going - #UM #Canes - http://MiamiHerald.com http://hrld.us/PTOIIm


Jorge Milian ‏@caneswatch
Indefensively bad: Hurricanes' defense on pace to give up the most points in school history. My story: http://bit.ly/QUvUaS


Although Rashawn Scott had his coming out party on national TV in a thrilling, last-minute University of Miami football victory, his prolific performance this past Saturday hasn’t affected his modest demeanor – especially when it comes to talking about his unique family.

What has your adopted family done for your life? a visitor asked.

"Loved me,'' the soft-spoken sophomore receiver answered. "All the time.''

But mom and dad, his guardians and personal heroes, won’t be there Saturday night for Rashawn and his Hurricanes when they face the undefeated, ninth-ranked Irish of Notre Dame at Chicago’s Soldier Field.



For the past several minutes, Jimmy Johnson has sat in his Tavernier home, just back from a fishing trip 17 miles offshore, and talked in measured and even tones about what the Miami-Notre Dame series meant to him.

Jimmy is 67 now. He enjoys the good life he's created. He's always embraced today rather than yesterday, anyhow, so he's reflecting on a quarter-century ago to be nice more than from any personal need.

But now the 1988 game is mentioned and there's a rise in Jimmy's voice and a tilt to his thoughts. The fire is coming back with the memory. This was the one loss he suffered to Notre Dame. And he doesn't consider a loss. Not really.



Have you heard? Miami's defense has a few issues.

They're on a three-game winning streak, but the last two have been shootouts. That's a good sign for the Hurricanes offense, but, well you know.

The defense needs work.

Coach Al Golden gave an interesting answer this afternoon when I asked a more general question about the unit. He got specific about one particular group.

"Personally, I’m tired of answering questions about the secondary," he said. "I’d like to see a couple of those guys step up and say, other than [Brandon] McGee ‘You know what, I’m going to practice so well that you’re not going to want to take me out of the game. I’m going to prepare so well that I’m going to make plays.'



Philip Dorsett added to Biletnikoff Award watch list: http://www.biletnikoffaward.com/8_added_watchlist


"Scrawny Lou Holtz." LMAOO classic Jimmy Johnson is the man


The most important games are against acc opponents.it would b a nice win to have against ND, but not major


Jramos...I agree and disagree. The ACC opponents are important obviously because we can make it our first ACC title game and perhaps even a BCS bowl..BUT..the ND game is a program building game. If we go on the road and beat a top 10 ND on national tv, after winning 3 in a row, this program will get a huge boost both in the rankings and with recruits. It will also do wonders for these young players.


Jramos..I honestly cant seem to decide which I think is more important lol


Man..the blog is DEAD today! I start a new job tomorrow, so somebody is going to have to blog in my place during the day lol


Lol good luck at your new job tomorrow Umike!!!

And i think we need to get back to thinking every game is important conference game or not.

We need to go out their and beat the living shit out of Notre Dame so that Lou holtz can announce his retirement on espn live!!!


UpNorth..I appreciate it....I think there are some games that are program builders, that really turn things around and this COULD be it for this young team. But if we manage to go on and win the coastal, we still become relevant again, idk..I just want to win them all dang it! lol

DallasTX Cane

Intellectually, only the ACC really matter until the CANES are back in the natl. title hunt. Emotionally, especially for the old fans and super-fans that live for remembering the JJ glory years, ND & fsu matter most.

IMO whatever game is next is the most important one. This team is learning to focus on the task at hand and worrying about games further down the line isn't productive for them. Stay laser focused on this weeks game!

Beating ND would be a huge accomplishment but only if we go on & win the coastal also. Losing to ND wouldn't really negatively affect us in the long run as long as we take care of ACC business. However a blowout loss would be bad.

CANES at 4-1... How fun has this season been so far?!? Not counting Kstate.


Good morning\afterooon LatinCane!
Happy Tuesday all!

woo hoo a DallasTexas Cane sighting. This season so far has beena roller coaster ride. Tightening my belt as we speak :-D


Dallas..I agree about the loss. If we keep it close in a lose on the road to a top 10 team, isn't so bad, especially since it wont effect our ACC hopes..but a blow out would be really bad.


Golden quotes incoming...


Nice recap 86 - Hard to believe they played in 1955 in the Orange Bowl


Good morning, friends. Always a good day when you start it off reading JJ's opinion of Lou Holtz.


Al Golden said from Canes standpoint they don't see much difference between Irish QBs

Golden says he doesn't know if there is anything to why the Canes seem to struggle in the middle 2 quarters

Golden "We're constantly striving for consistency but we're inconsistent"

Golden jokingly says he would prefer if this week's neutral site game was actually neutral.

Golden said he hopes his team isn't thinking about using heaters Saturday in Chicago, should be tougher than that

Golden "We need explosive plays against this Irish team."

Al Golden said Olsen Pierre is doubtful and Corey King will likely fill in this week Saturday.

Golden said without grading the film Seantrel Henderson was better than Ereck Flowers today at right tackle

Seantrel Henderson ahead of Ereck Flowers at RT right now, Al Golden said.

DallasTX Cane

CBNC - yeah, it's been crazy fun so far! These roller coaster games are much more fun when U win! 4get your belt, just hold onto my hand as we plunge down the ND abyss! Lol

I seriously love AG's comment about heaters. Getting back to the tough mental attitude of our glory years. Enough little child coddling about the cold or the rain...blah blah blah. Football is played and games won by tough guys, physically and mentally. U think JJ or Schnelly worried about heaters or let his team worry about someone like heaters before a game? Fans in the stands worry about the cold. Champion caliber teams don't.

Go CANES! ND suks


Good luck UMike, great points DallasTXCane.


Al Golden: "We need explosive plays against this #Irish team because they're very patient on defense" and run Cover 2

Al Golden: "How we played last Saturday is not going to be good enough to beat Notre Dame. It's just not."


I do believe Miami can win this game and win big...

Everyone will look at nd's wins and see low score defensive game (navy in Ireland was something else) they played denard robinsom who is all or nothing..and barely win. 4 ints and only scored 13 ? Michigan st is terrible on offense breaking in a new qb.. Just the weather scares me. Chicago is cold right now. this is a current team than that sun bowl team...

They should go right at Te'o . Make him tired and pay lots of 2 Te sets making him chase Walford and dye all day..

They play a 3-4 defense with fatboy nix in the middle. I'm feeling better after these Last 3 games about um.


"Dallas..I agree about the loss. If we keep it close in a lose on the road to a top 10 team, isn't so bad, especially since it wont effect our ACC hopes..but a blow out would be really bad."

I don't feel as bad about this one as I did against Kansas State. The quarterback situation is much, much worse. Regardless of how South Bend spins it (though this is the political season), their current state of signal calling is a MAJOR deficiency.

The running game is also not impressive (86th). The only defense of note they've played was an underachieving Michigan State.

Notre Dame is, however, 3rd in scoring defense. It's also a deceptive number. Their opponents' scoring potential is not good (Purdue being the only exception: beating up on Marshall, Eastern Kentucky, and Eastern Michigan).

Te'o is a nightmare, though.

Miami has a good shot if they take advantage of Notre Dame's quarterbacks, neutralize Te'o, expose the Irish secondary, and revive the kicking game.

Hail Miami!


Oh, and please note the ACC Coastal schedule this weekend. It's important.


Manny: Eddie Johnson said teammates refer to Denzel Perryman as The President. Who is Vice President? Eddie Johnson


I beg to differ Alfred, if our offense plays like it did against N.C. St. we will be good enough to beat Notre Shame but unfortunately we have to play defense, UhOh. We've had 5 turd games in a row defensively, it looks like maybe by now we need to start turning the corner and start getting a little better. My opinion, DeNo can rotate 20 guys and we are still 3 to 4 players short on the dee side. We'll just have to wait until next year, to plug the holes in the dam. I just want to get to that 6 win plateau and the sooner the better. I'll breath a sigh of relief, when we obtain that number. With everyone we have coming back next year, we don't need to be on bowl probation. We have a few depth issues but other than that, this team is set for the forseeable future, as long as we keep capable QB's in stock.


December 10, 2001
Secondary School

Led by take-no-prisoners free safety Ed Reed, who leads the nation in interceptions, Miami boasts a defensive backfield second to none

Kelley King

When attempting to explain Reed's preeminence among their defensive backs, Miami coaches and players often begin with what the 6-foot, 198-pound Reed is not. He's not the fastest member of the starting secondary. (That would be junior Phil Buchanon, a cornerback who runs the 40 in 4.2 seconds, compared with Reed's 4.5.) He's not the most prolific tackier in that group. (That would be senior strong safety James Lewis, who has 59 tackles to Reed's 44.) He's not the best leaper. (Senior cornerback Mike Rumph has a 39�-inch vertical jump to Reed's 37) Rather, it's Reed's uncanny field sense that makes him "the complete player," says defensive backs coach Mark Stoops. "He's such a reliable safety that he inspires everyone in front of him to play with confidence."



Remember 2 Weeks ago when people were saying who is natmbu fentress.. Kid stood out to me :) had 5 tackles and 3 really good licks


LaQuinton..I with you..he was all over the place and I didn't personally see him get beat once, but he was making tackles, including open field ones, hes only 5'9 I think, a walk-on if im not mistaken


Our secondary is going to be downright frightening in a year or so. Good luck passing against UM.


LB..we still have to have some sort of pass rush, even a good secondary cant cover all day long while a QB has no pressure...imo

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