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November 01, 2012



86 - You have email.....


Looks like he reads Canespace and finally started to pressure the QB!

Posted by: calGary Cane | November 02, 2012 at 11:27 AM

YES, he does.

He'll never admit to it but trust me he does.


ACC establishes policy on potential UM bowl ban; UM-Virginia Tech fallout

Some have asked if UM can play in the ACC title game and accept the invitation to the Orange Bowl if it wins, but self-impose a bowl ban if it loses the ACC title game.

The ACC said that would not be allowed.

Why? The ACC says its championship game is considered a postseason game. So if a team self-imposes a bowl ban, it must do so before the game.

UM said Friday it has not made a decision whether to self-impose.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2012/11/postscripts-reaction-from-ums-win-against-virginia-tech.html#storylink=cpy


Great night, great day, great wife, great life.

Winning cures everything!

Did I mention that I am happy?

Yeah I thought so...LOL


The message that our d was seriously tough .. and i believe was when the tempo of the game changed in the 4th was the sack by Pierre when he bulled his way in there handled their qb like a rag doll. Along with getting Porter back we played bigger on the pass rush and run stop. It showed me that our success on d is gonna come when the d line demands more attention.



Did last night really happen? I staggered into bed not sure if I was happy or sad. A much-needed "W", over hated rivals, but couldn't shake:

- Morris is not the answer at QB. I don't care how beautiful he can throw a 70 yard rope down field, the guy can't manage a game. Million dollar arm, 5 cent head.

- Announcers flat out mocking the attendance. That hurt, all the way up here in Atlanta!

- Did the kickoff coverage team miss Eduardo Clements or what????

- Note to Coach Fisch re two Morris bootleg calls: Really??? Really??????

- Our D is so broken. Other than McGhee, and usual crazy effort from Eddie Johnson, our tackling was poor, angles non-existent, reads inconsistent. Blech!

- Nice to see Wieclaw out of his funk.

- Waiting to see Golden make the TE more of a cog in the offense, despite a nice couple of plays by Walford.

- 3 yards in the 3rd quarter? 1 of 12 on third down? Don't expect Duke or VA to gift-wrap us the game like the Hokies did last night.

Given all that, I love the win. I'm still troubled as hell though by the team's inconsistent play, poor discipline and lack of fundamental capability (read: we can't tackle for shit).

Someone tell me I'm wrong about Morris. Is Williams really that bad? (Disclaimer: Williams was my LOF - last year!!) lol






@StateUMiami: Nobody at the Cal-Wash game. I wonder if front page of yahoo will have a pic of Cal empty stadium?


It'll be interesting to see if we beat duke what the AD decides to do about the championship game. If they could somehow get sense if forgoing the championship would take care of the sanctions.. I would self impose the ban if we could then get the full 85 schollies

orange 'n green in the vein

Alph, honestly you have to look at Morris as a guy with untapped potential that can still be brought out and harnessed. Golden defenses are at their best always a hot mess to a certain degree it seems. Really, the day you stay giving a damn what a backup for life from Canada has to say about anything football related since all he's known for is a putrid reality show is the day you need to stay watching with mute enabled and internet stream turned to the propaganda of Bailey Jr.





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