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October 11, 2012


Gin & Tonic


Gin & Tonic

Great article once again.

Can't Believe your picking against UTSA, never underestimate the power of a good clapper.

Account Deleted

3 spot...

Gin & Tonic

I'm watching Troy vs. W. Kentucky on Espnu instead of play-off baseball. I love college football season.



Gin & Tonic

Dam. Got some green on the Hilltoppers and they already down 10.

Account Deleted

My call for saturday...about the same as ND.

Not enough D, UNC runs with power and mixes in the pass. Morris tries his best, but the UNC defense gets a few picks to break it open. As good as I think he is Morris is over due for a bad game. In the end ...

UNC 38-20....

Wish it wasn't so...


UM 41, UNC 37

Gin & Tonic

UM 30, UNC 35.


Our offense is our best defense, but the LBs and CBs are jelling.

38-24 UM


All the plays I've seen from the nd game, they had more blockers than we had rushers. We sent 3 and they had 6 blocking or we sent 6 and they blocked wit 8.


Im gonna bite and say the defense improves this week..hopefully with three talented linebackers they wont all feel like they have to play the entire field and trust each other. Offense will suprise and establish a running game since everyone thinks they are a primarily passing offense.

Miami 28
North carolina 17


A shocker! We pitch a shutout!!

U-31 heels 0


Miami 57, North Carolina 3.

A loss that is so damaging to the psyche of the North Carolina program that they dismantle their Connor Barth cloning chambers.


Seriously, I'm thinking 34-24.


UNC 34 - Canes 24

we'll be playing catch-up but wont catch-up this time.


A loss that is so damaging to the psyche of the North Carolina program that they dismantle their Connor Barth cloning chambers.

Posted by: TonyCane | October 11, 2012 at 08:34 PM



48 points 521yards UNC and 3plus 10min drives, 17 points Canes wont get the ball much. DNO will then visit his mentor Sandusky for advice . Golden will support the player that have no fault in this putrid scheme and everything will be OK!!!! MOVING FORWARD my friends....forward where I DONT KNOW!!!!!! jajajaja


A loss that is so damaging to the psyche of the North Carolina program that they dismantle their Connor Barth cloning chambers.

Posted by: TonyCane | October 11, 2012 at 08:34 PM

And so it is written on this day, 10/11/12 (notice the significance of those numbners) that this shall come to pass.


Tony...if UM beats UNC 57-3 I will divorce my wife and marry U. I am pretty certain that I am safe with that bet.

(God I sure hope so)


Tony...if UM beats UNC 57-3 I will divorce my wife and marry U. I am pretty certain that I am safe with that bet.

(God I sure hope so)

Posted by: 86Cane | October 11, 2012 at 10:07 PM


You have no worries......


I can't even get myself to believe we have a chance in this game. Once you have an opportunity of a lifetime, and you get embarassed like that, it carries over. No amount of belief in a process will change that. Morris will bounce back but not enuff to offset a 300 yard passing game by Renner and a 250 yard rushing performance by Bernard and NC. NC 39 (our average against FBS competition) and UM 24.

It pains me to make this pick because I don't want to but I have lost all belief that this defensive staff has ANY ability to change things for the better. Sorry, but I just don't. I may actually save myself and the family from watching the disaster. Car crashes are just not interesting to watch when you see them multiple times.


SJM...this team will NOT quit.

They will fight til the end and win.

And when they do U will hide in shame.


Lol...86 cane...happily married to fellow um alumni DebbieCane!

I just want the hurricanes to win the Clone Wars on Saturday. No more barths!


Miami 45 , NC 24 .


I won't hide in shame I will admit I was wrong like any real man would do. I didn't post that without thinking about it. But I'll modify something I posted elsewhere.

I can't defend this team anymore. I can't accept Al and D'No's defense of the team anymore. Well, if you have watched the team all year, I guess they didn't notice that the team is DEFENSELESS. That have an offense, and probably an above average one but not a great one but they are utterly DEFENSELESS.

You can't give up 200 yards plus rushing and 300 yards a game on defense, and expect to win any conference title. It just doesn't happen very often. ND realized in the 2nd half that they had a choice to attack, run the ball for 7 yards a run or pass the ball. They chose the safe option. 2 runs, 14 yards and a first down. If our defense has any strength it is in the secondary. So why test it. NC will do the same.

I don't live in So Fla anymore but if I did, I would NOT go to the game. The D Coordinator already said he doesn't care about me as a fan, he is only happy if his family likes him no matter how horrible a job he does, and frankly, he has NO plan to change things to make it better.

The head coach has said he is happy to rely on this hapless defensive coordinator. Why would I spend a dime when the plan is not to change anything but to continue to allow the defensive mediocrity to continue until something magically happens when the poor performers from this year somehow develop into beasts in the future. Yeah that could happen but we saw the same thing with Randy Shannons recruits. They never turned into beasts when they "grew up."

The NCAA might do us a favor but coming down hard because this is more painful than sanctions. This is a disgrace.


SJM...the defense will show up in this game and TH3 will get a pick 6.



I hope you are right and I am wrong but I think you are not evaluating this team based on the stats and how they have played. I don't enjoy reposting things but this team is bordering on a record of mediocrity on defense. Again, I posted this elsewhere because you were particularly perturbed the night I posted it on the other sight, and I didn't want to bring you down any further than you were. This defense is close to a record for ineptitude.

Let's take a quick look at how this year's Miami defense stacks up against some of the worst in recent college football history. I found an article on the subject from a reporter of the University of Kansas defense in 2011. Here was his breakdown of some of the recent worst defenses:


Total defense: Maryland allowed 553.0 ypg in 1993 (6,083 yards in 11 games)

Scoring defense: Louisiana-Lafayette allowed 50.3 ppg in 1997 (553 points in 11 games)



Scoring defense: New Mexico 44.33 ppg

Total defense: East Carolina 478.77 ypg


Scoring defense: Rice 43.08 ppg

Total defense: Washington State 512.0 ypg


Scoring defense: North Texas 47.58 ppg

Total defense: North Texas 482.58 ypg


Scoring defense: North Texas 45.1 ppg

Total defense: Minnesota 518.67 ypg


Scoring defense: Louisiana Tech 41.7 ppg

Total defense: Louisiana Tech 483.23 ypg


Scoring defense: Temple 45.3 ppg

Total defense: Northwestern 480.42 ypg


Scoring defense: San Jose State 42.6 ppg

Total defense: Army 490.09 ypg


Scoring defense: Mississippi State 39.3 ppg

Total defense: Louisiana Tech 510.50 ypg


Scoring defense: Eastern Michigan 47.2 ppg

Total defense: Eastern Michigan 519.92 ypg


Scoring defense: Idaho 45.0 ppg

Total defense: San Jose State 500.83 ypg


Scoring defense: Buffalo 41.1 ppg

Total defense: San Jose State 470.58 ypg

Source: http://m.cjonline.com/sports/2011-10-13/ku-defense-could-be-historically-bad

Miami's 2012 stats

Scoring Defense: 34.67 ppg

Total Defense 510.00 ypg

We are currently on pace to be worse than 7 of the 10 teams in total defense from 2000 to 2010 in total defense. The scoring defense number is helped only by the fact that we did hold Bethune Cookman to a low number of points. Exclude that game, and we are giving up 39.60 ppg versus FBS competition.

I am going to quote something Paul Johnson said when he fired Al Groh, because I think it is very prophetic.

Johnson on the difficulty of the decision: “It’s really disappointing and frustrating. You never want to do these things. You never want to have to, but to me, that’s part of being a leader. Sometimes you have to do hard things..."

A leader recognizes when mediciocrity and the race to ineptitude must end and takes bold action to try to change things for the better. He doesn't stand complacent in the face of disaster and act like it is all okay. I don't like Paul Johnson as a football coach but I do admire his leadership in saying enough is enough at GT. I don't admire AG's defense of his coordinator when the stats clearly show he is an epic failure.

The Dude

Those are some well thought out posts. Well done. 86, you are ever the optomist and I hope you are right. IF the Canes win, IF... I think they will need almost 50 points. We need lots of turn overs and good field position.


I know we disagree. You have hope that the kids will somehow play above the norm of averages and win this game. If you are right, I will serve you crow and be happy. But I just don't see any reason to hope that things will get better and have every reason to think things will get worse. And much worse once we play FSU.

I wish I still believed in the "process" as a solution. I just don't anymore. There has to be something more in terms of coaching. If I bought into the process, we would be competitive in all games we play. We haven't been in 2 of our 5 games so far this year. I don't think process wins games against NC or FSU.

I do think coaching matters and right now, we do not have any advantage against ANY team we play from here on out on our schedule, at least on the defensive side of the ball. I am sad about it but I have lost ALL hope that will change until a change is made at the DC position.

The Dude

This weekend is already gonna suck for me. I have a sinus infection. Would really love a Canes win to perk me up. See, when the Canes lose, I actually get physically ill. LOL.

Terrance Sullivan

Miami 41 UNC 38. Let's go Canes.

The Dude

This week I have have "It's my responsibility to get it fixed" and "Clearly we're not there yet" on my bingo card. Let's see if this is my week, LOL!

The Dude

By the way, did anyone get a bingo on "Holy sh*t?"

The Dude

The good news is the "we suck" opinions are out in force this week. So far that has translated into wins for us.


Miami Hurricanes mid-way through the season, Record, Points For, Points Allowed:

Year Record PF PA
1994: 5-1, 219-77
1995: 3-3, 154-125
1996: 4-2, 182-78
1997: 2-4, 136-177
1998: 4-2, 225-130
1999: 3-3, 178-128
2000: 5-1, 273-105
2001: 6-0, 269-65
2002: 6-0, 262-101
2003: 6-0, 201-93
2004: 6-0, 215-99
2005: 5-1, 179-63
2006: 4-2, 144-74
2007: 4-2, 152-127
2008: 3-3, 179-139
2009: 5-1, 174-125
2010: 4-2, 176-117
2011: 3-3, 182-143
2012: 4-2, 181-208


RIght now, the Canes need to score a lot of points to win games against quality opponents. Canes need to take care of business at home and they will be in the drivers' seat for the Coastal Division championship at 4-0.

Offensively, this team can score a lot of points when they get it going. Defensively, our players get pushed around like shopping carts in a crowded grocery store, and the scheme is not working.

This is the perfect game for the Canes defense to step up and create some momentum for the second half of the season.


Zakee is alive & well, and posting all the time. If your gonna troll, at least do your research, Another One Bites Some Nuts lol


Looks to me like RS's team was much better on defense. Of course you have to take the opponents into consideration but still...208 points, wow.

This just in.....the 2001 team was BEAST!!!


Theres no way to get a next button put at the top of the comments? Im always using my phone to read the blog and especially on game day when there is 5 pages its a pain in the butt to scroll all the way down to skip comments I have already read. If not its cool.


panama - what you do is hit next to go to page 2, then in the URL you can change the 2 to another number indicating the page (ex. 5). You can do that or enter a * in comments field, submit and that should take you to last page.....


"A shocker! We pitch a shutout!!

U-31 heels 0"

Whatever you're on, please tell us.

I think it's reasonable to assume that if we score 40, we probably win. Under 17, we probably don't.

Somewhere in that range lies the truth.

Let's just hope D'Onofrio's farewell tour as DC has a nice win for us on Saturday. I think it will.

UM 34, NC 31.


Looks like the trolls are bored... Again.

Feels like playing the old Asteroid video game! Lol


It must suck to post on a site U hate with people U hate all day long.


This one time, a troll verbally attacked the state I live in, and I cried. True story.

Seriously tho, I love Lebron and the Heat, so I get the best of both worlds.


By the way, did anyone get a bingo on "Holy sh*t?"

Posted by: The Dude | October 12, 2012 at 12:56 AM

YUP, that was Old Skool.

This week I've got: "Trust the process" and "Certainly" and "The conditioning program paid off in the fourth quarter" .


This week I've got: "Trust the process" and "Certainly" and "The conditioning program paid off in the fourth quarter" .

Posted by: 86Cane | October 12, 2012 at 10:20 AM

All my slots are filled up with "Again" and "*Brushes hair back*". I win a LOT.


Oklahoma State had the 107th ranked defense in the country last year...went 12-1 and should have played for the NC. If they get the drops taken care of (offense and defense), they can win the ACC. Anybody predict ACC championship chance for this team two months ago?
I,for one, would be very happy to be playing in the ACC championship game this year.

The Dude

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | October 12, 2012 at 10:24 AM

Ha ha. Ah, funny.


Thanks 4-Real. I saw that but decided it isn't worth a thought let alone a response from my medulla lol. Leave that alone its politics and bullshyt--an unworthy distraction.

I post where I want, unless I'm told I'm not welcome to--which has never occurred. I don't fight or pick sides on bull ish pretenses or premise. I don't even know anything about the "beef"< lamb behind the scenes (in depth). But people need to know that they can't control other people and especially not me.

I like to blog about the Miami Hurricanes with other Miami Hurricanes fans. Wherever and whenever I get the opportunity to do so..I will. Its really that simple.

This beef is jerky or even tofu. Dudes probably see each other all the time and don't do a damn thing but say, "Aye we got some Canes ova here!" And thats good, because thats all its really about and the only reason we know each other or ever come together.

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