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October 24, 2012





Swiss Cheese Defense

Blue Cheese Offense


Kelvin Cain is gone ? Wow another scholarship tho...

Terrance Sullivan

Another excellent piece on the road to Fort Lauderdale Beach for one team and South Beach for the other team. Tommy Tuberville is doing a great job. I know the Assclowns at Auburn feel real stupid right now. Also we get the obligatory Jab at Al Golden from OGV. Let's go Canes beat Vagina Tech.


WHOA! I guess Luther Robinson's did call WQAM:

Wednesday night update: UM player's father rips Golden; Samson responds to angry callers

The father of UM junior defensive linemen Luther Robinson sounded delusional and did his son no favors when he called WQAM’s Joe Rose to complain about coach Al Golden on Wednesday morning.

“Golden comes on the air with a bunch of crap every Monday,” the father said.
The father accused Golden of saying the team’s defensive tackles can’t rush the quarterback, which Golden never specifically said.

“I’m going to tell him he’s a liar,” Robinson said. “This guy is a liar and I don’t like it. I don’t like him insulting my son.”

Rose correctly pointed out that Golden never mentioned Luther Robinson.
The father continued his rant anyway: “I’m sick of this. It’s bull [bleep].”

The father then accused Golden of favoring the players that his staff recruited at the expense of players recruited before Golden was hired.

“Is it something against Randy Shannon players?” the father said. “Luther Robinson needs to be playing defensive tackle more than the other kids. He’s a much better defensive tackle [than the others]. He’s being held back because he’s an upperclassman.”

Earth to Robinson: Your son is playing, in a rotation with Darius Smith, Corey King, Olsen Pierre and Earl Moore at defensive tackle. We’ve seen Robinson take snaps at end, too. If he isn’t playing as much as you would like, deal with it.

The father then lost any remaining shred of credibility when he asserted that Golden doesn’t care about winning games and suggested he’s more concerned with favoring his own recruits.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2012/10/wednesday-night-update-um-players-father-rips-golden-samson-responds-to-angry-callers-.html#storylink=cpy


You have to think . By him(Robinson sr) calling Al golden and telling at him and the coaches didn't do anything.. But get him suspended against k state. Golden doesn't play favorites imo.. Kacy Rodgers can tell you that. #93 plays Alot IMO but he needs to stop calling home to daddy.. Cause he isn't doing him any favors.


Cain bites the dust. Wow, what happened? They praised him all during camp, summer, etc. He played, certainly wasn't worse than half the others who do play. WTH? Guess Gaines did end up the best of those three. Kind of like being the most likeable kardashian, but he wins the prize.


Soup you got mail


I ain't saying Luther Sr. is going about it the right way but he's right about his son being better than the other DT's. Imo

The Dude

We will see what The U's response is to Robinson's dad soon. We cant let that just hang out there like that can we? I hope this is only one bad apple. Do we know why Gains left yet?



Idk but when I re watch the games I do see him getting in the back field. I heard he was lazy and out of shape tho and eats fried cheese lol


My gut tells me the DLine coach is the weakest link. Goodbye



I guess coaching does matter MORE than stars do?

Posted by: 86Cane | October 24, 2012 at 10:24 PM

Mos def. I'll take COACHING over STARS 7 days out the week


Do we know why Gains left yet?

Posted by: The Dude | October 25, 2012 at 12:00 AM

LMAO! I don't know, but Cain might've read OGV's posts, and gotten inspired to cuss D'Onofrio CLEAN OUT!


LMAO! I don't know, but Cain might've read OGV's posts, and gotten inspired to cuss D'Onofrio CLEAN OUT!

Posted by: CaneRock | October 25, 2012 at 12:49 AM

You see what did OGV, you see what you did LOL.


My gut tells me the DLine coach is the weakest link. Goodbye

Posted by: CoCane | October 25, 2012 at 12:10 AM

And your gut may be right.

I don't know if it's Franklin, I don't know if it's part of the scheme, but all that "Slantin' n Stuntin'" doesn't seem to accomodate that defensive alignment their in.

Now if they were a 3-5-3 defense, maybe, but not that flavor of 4-3 that they're running.

orange 'n green in the vein

C'mon now Terrance, once guy's coaching one of the biggest surprise teams to date this year in college football and the other guy is still four games under .500 for his career, so it's hardly an obligatory jab, more like an opportunistic one, and justifiably so. Besides, the obligatory part was the swipe at the crap AD out in Lubbock. Thought that was obvious Sully?

CR, I get blamed for all of this staff's failings around here just for pointing them out it seems sometimes, but it doesn't take a clairvoyant to see that you can only put deformed mutagen defense out there for so long before the guys getting steamrolled say enough of this happy crappy so maybe he did go laugh in D'No's face and say catch you later? The fact that Cain ended up just gone and not tried out on offense first doesn't speak well to his ability to play multiple positions which as we know is Golden's favorite fetish for a recruit. Maybe a silent, star laden, commit gave the secret recruiting handshake after the game Saturday to the staff and it was time to make a little more roster room for him instead of another TE that can't catch for jack while making the DL that much thinner on the depth chart to use as an excuse for the 200+ yards a game surrendered on the ground?


Is Gaines really gone. Hope so


86, I sincerely accept your apology and commend you for making it.

I apologize for the name calling in response.

"mutagen"...lol OGV is hilarious!

Robinson's dad shouldn't have done that, but (not to justify) his kid is one of the most active players on the D-Line. Aside from Chick, Green, and occasionally McCord; Robinson is most disruptive. Robinson had been soft and ineffective until this season though. King tries but his technique isn't there yet, he'll be fine with more experience.






The messy players are all but gone. When Golden dismisses/suspends someone, there's an excellent reason. If Golden touts the horn of Ray Ray Armstrong all summer and then removes him from the team, it can happen to anyone.

Furthermore, the comments from Robinson's father about Shannon recruits are way off base. Linder, Henderson, Morris, James, Hurns, and McGee (among others) are all playing in the two deep.

Yes, the defensive line is the weakest link.

Terrance Sullivan

OGV great point yes Tommy Tuberville is doing it despite that Assclown of an AD. I apologize OGV epic obligatory jab at the kirbster. Grrreeeaaatttt article man. Go Canes, beat Vagina Tech.


I think robinsons dad is way off base... Some parents expect their kids to go pro and save them and when their kids time is getting close to ended get worried lol......a lot of Shannon's recruits play.. And parents have no clue what their kid does at practice....


As a parent myself, I can see why his dad would call and complain. I know that when things didn't go well for my kids for whatever reason, I would want to go all "Dexter" on someone but then cool heads would prevail. His dad should have waited a few days and then go talk to AG instead of calling a radio show.


Funny thing about tuberville, what would canes fans have done if he was here and had the same level of success that he had a t tech his first two years? Coming off of the relative success of the leach era, tuberville's first year was a disaster. If he had done the same here, how many cAnes fans and alumni would have the patience to stick around for a third year?


I got news for Luther Sr... The WHOLE DL STINKS! INCLUDING YOUR SON!


Whats up guys, just a couple thoughts....

The news about Kelvin Cain doesn't change anything Tyriq Mccord showed up against FSU so you know he's ready to ball..

Luther Robinson's Dad should just shut his mouth for once and his son needs to come out and defend his coach or ride the pine or get off the team sh** is ridiculous..

I would love to see both Hargreaves and Patrick coaching on the defensive side in Miami, we would kill recruiting and and the boys would be ballin for sure...

Deon Bush = Beast, kid has all the tools to be a great one at the U, hoping he sticks around and really continues to evolve.


It is crazy to see how an ineffective dline can change a defense for the worst.


Still wonder why Cain was ever moved from LB. Now Im not there to watch them, but that is a move I didn't like and and wish they kept him at LB.




From jorge millian on twitter
"Kelvin Cain is latest UM player to quit team in season. Judging from a player I spoke with Wednesday, he probably won't be the last."

I guess kids can't handle earning their spot? Shannon let them get away with anything now they have to work and everyone wants to leave. It is like last year all the underclassman leaving. Either that or maybe golden is being a dick to them and we dont know about it? I do rememeber the rumor of D'no putting players down and all that. Maybe something is true? Im not spreading rumors because I have no inside info or anything, just wondering


Happy Thursday party people!


I would say this as a coach....and I admitt a dumb comparession, but if I was a coach coming in I would probably play the younger guys if I knew I was not going to when this year or next year. Which Golden sees this team is not ready to win this year. So why not play the kids who are going to be around the next 3-4 year and let them get PT.

Thats what I do in NCAA 13 when I take over a new program....again I admitt dumb comparession, but he all I have to go off of lol. So I can see that Golden is driving the SR/JR away because he would rather let the kids take there lumps now.



Very Funny stuff

calGary Cane

Posted by: pbcfrcane13 | October 25, 2012 at 11:29 AM

So very true. Didn't RS do that as well when he came in?


Pretty sure he did because in 08 when the number one class came a lot of them played right away.



Does that work in NCAA 13????


Lol yes it does....if your taking over a school your trying to build......again I know I know it was a dumb comprasion but w/e! lol


Well if this don't sound like Pop Warner football, a daddy complaining and making excuses up for his, average playing-azz son. Losing Cain, NO BIG LOSS! LOSING JOHNSON, NO BIG LOSS! If Luther wants to QUIT, NO BIG LOSS! If you've been in a program for 3 or 4 years like all the above mentioned and you're still 2ND or Third string, you just might want to quit or transfer. I coach and if I'm not getting what I need from an older kid, that maybe has a year left, wouldn't that only be natural to play a kid more who has three or four years left? Duh, that's a no brainer. Aside form maybe 4 or 5 of our current de linemen, I'd broom the rest and that includes our DE'S. They've tried everyone of them and given them a shot to prove themselves and nothing works, so either it comes down to coaching or talent and it's probably a little of both.
In the Herb's estimation, Goldie needs to do a little more house cleaning, to get this ship righted and if we have to take a step back, which we are doing right, so be it. Not all Shannon's recruits were dogs. They are just better pro players, than college. I believe Goldie wants his players to give there all each and every day instead of saving themselves and coasting to get to the pros, the Shannon way if you will! I can't see what Jethro has done to make the D-Line better or maybe DeNo and his hapless shemes. All I know is we've had way to many coordinators, the last several years and the results have basically been the same, so I believe the problem lies in recruiting. We all know we have not taken care of business, in that area on a consistent basis for several years. It first started when we couldn't keep QB's, and then we had deficiencies, at WR and then it was LB and then it was the OL and now it's not enough talent on the DE-Line. All these areas, we have lacked depth & depth of talent at one time or another. In order to fill those voids we took to many tweeners and you couple that with all the coaching changes, it becomes a grade a mess. We are not going to get every 5* or 4* star we go after, hell the 5*'s have been a curse to us for the last 8 years. The 3* players have to be good role players, every team has them and they can play, it just takes a while for them to develop but make no mistake, the schools that are on top, year after year have there gluttons share of 4 & 5 star players. Ask yourself this: would Bama be where their at with our starters, No but they did have to reload from last year and look where their at. Depth of talent, is the answer.



latest Sedano Podcast.....at 80 minutes you have our interim AD on the show. Talks a lot of topics....sounds like a good guy wonder if hell get a real look for full time AD?


Actuallly looks like the interview got cut short. Does talk staduim though.

Heard more from him in a month than the other two ADs!


pbc - i have seen / heard more from this interim AD in 2 weeks than I have from that knucklehead who went to Nebraska so he can have his corn shucked the entire time he was here!!!


It would be interesting to see how many players transferred out of Temple in the first two years after Al Golden took over.



Yeah it would. Why don't you look it up for us? Lol


May not be as many saying the kids who went to Temple back then weren't that good to play in many other FBS schools. This kids leaving the Canes can go to other FBS schools without a problem. Maybe not a big school like UM, but seems like they just want to beable to play.


I still wish Cain stayes at LB! Grant his only start at MLB was against but did have 11 tackles.


When is the big FAU-FIU "F*U Battle for the FBS Bottom" game?

Can you beleive these two schools have on campus footbal stadiums, and yet, the U - the only SoFL school with a FB team that really matters - does not? I don't know whether to laugh or cry!


Public vs Private man thats what it comes down to oh yea and space matters to...the city your school is on thats a big deal. The AD talks about it in the interview with Sedano all the issues they face to trying to get their own staduim.


Herb...great comments above.

Nemo...don't sweat the on-campus stadium. Sun Life was A ROCKIN for the FSU game and NOT because there were a bunch of Noles fans in the house, trust me on that.

Raize...remember UM vs UCF basketball in December @UCF.

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