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October 24, 2012



TonyCane...we ALL really appreciate the excellent statistical research that U do for the blog. Email me at:


I got something for U!


Watching this Wake game.....I remember the canes game there on Halloween when we had that 4th down play I want to say it was a pass to AJ 4th and 16.

Oh glue hands what happened to you!


Oh glue hands what happened to you!

Posted by: pbcfrcane13 | October 25, 2012 at 07:28 PM

He ran out of stickum?



How to throw away millions of dollars.


Quite unfortunate. How many college careers never reach their full potential because of things like this?


Oh glue hands what happened to you!

Posted by: pbcfrcane13 | October 25, 2012 at 07:28 PM

Hopefully he can hook up with an AFL team in the coming months and get some playing time and then develop. He had the physical tools but it will be a long road to the NFL for him.



She did it again.

Almost a year after advancing the Hurricanes into the second round of the NCAA Tournament with a game-winning overtime goal, sophomore forward Ashley Flinn connected in the 89th minute to send Miami past No. 1 Florida State and into the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship.

Her confident finish in the game’s final stages, which came on a perfect through ball played by Tara Schwitter, clinched the Hurricanes’ first Championship berth since 2008. Miami (9-6-3, 4-4-2 ACC), which could only advance to the eight-team tournament with a win over the first-ranked Seminoles (15-2-0, 8-2-0 ACC), used Flinn’s third goal of the year to earn their first win over Florida State since joining the ACC in 2004.

“The kids were fabulous,“ head coach Tom Anagnost said. “They executed it exactly as they’re supposed to. The effort was extraordinary. I’m as proud as I have been since I’ve been here.”



Willie Will in Nashville

Willie will, I did a cursory check while at lunch and nothing I could find. Not going to devote too much time to temple stuff...lol.

Posted by: Tonycane | October 25, 2012 at 05:56 PM

Aw man, you have to channel the inner Golden in you lol.

Also, you did realize that 4* & 5* players bring luggage with them and its filled with ENTITLEMENT??


Hi Willie, that's true. But I think I'd rather take the risk of the 4* and 5* baggage. If Al Golden is a Bill Snyder, Nick Saban, Jim Harbaugh or Bill Belichek then it doesn't matter what star the recruit is...in a few years he'll have a cohesive unit that dominates. But that caliber of mastermind coach is rare.

I'd prefer the higher overall talent base - greater margin for error in coaching and in talent of players. And if Golden turns out to be a Harbaugh, how much more dominant will the Hurricanes be? Hopefully that is the case.

Willie Will in Nashville


Stars are not always true, look at EJ and Perryman. So just because a player is labeled as a 3* player doesn't mean that he's not just as good as a 5* player or has less talent. Duke was ranked the #10 rb in his class, can you name 9 freshmen rb's better than him??


Duke was ranked the #10 rb in his class, can you name 9 freshmen rb's better than him??

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | October 25, 2012 at 10:48 PM

RB Danny Dillard?


Actually, there are several (at least 9) FR RBs that have more rushing yards than Duke.

In All-Purpose yards he is behind only one FR player: Stefon Diggs at MD who is #11 and Duke is #28. The next FR is at #41.


CoCane...did U email me?


NCAA Rushing yards 2012:

Kenneth Dixon #22 LA Tech
Johnny Manziel #29 TAMU
Todd Gurley #47 GA
#60, #67, #77, #74 and #79 are all FR.

Willie Will in Nashville


I said better, not most yards lol.


Danny Dilliard has been forgot about


Yeah I did Soup



Did you get my email??


Dillard came in late soooo yeahh

Dude on a Pale Horse

Golden will win big if he understands the biggest rule of college football: TALENT. You gotta have horses. You get horses by developing the talent you recruit whether they be 2 stars or 5. Boise State develops top notch players out of nothing. That's what we used to do. We'd find a kid no one was recruiting like Santana Moss and make him a stud. We would also get a high ranked kid like Sean Taylor and make him a stud. Golden unfortunately needs time. That doesn't make me happy because The U has completely come undone and I want my Canes back now damnit! I think if the right, proven coach is available (Butch) we should go for it. If not, we stick with Al and give his "process" another year. In college football, you don't get 5 year plans anymore. Year 3 is the most important because it sets the standard for year 4 or if it is a failure then its time to start over.


.......he gets 3-4 with the Miami fan base and their impatient need for immediate results. He has gotta play whoever he can to win and win soon or now.

Garbage. This chest thumping mentality is ancient history. Golden will get all time he needs. 5 to 7 years, but it wont take that long.

Sanctions on the horizon have made this Goldens job. Period. Any coaching changes berfore or during sanctions wold be a disaster.


Dan, I pretty much agree. And for everyone calling for butch, it took him years to assemble a championship roster. Being butch in tomorrow and nothing changes. Coaches will still recruit against us by using the NCAA issue. And butch will need two more years to add to the roster.

It seems too early to say that there would be a marked change if you replaced golden with Davis.

Now if you get could get bill belichek to try his hand at college football, that might be a different story.

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