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October 05, 2012



10First on 2nd page


How did you know you would be first on second page? Damn birthday cheater, LOL


If it was based on my word count, I pity you for counting my words, lol.


None of the teams Notre Dame has played has threatened the outside of the defense, or taken the ball down field. They haven't had to defend the edge because the opponents didn't have a guy who could zing the back on a 7 yard out. And they haven't had to defend down field because the Notre Dame riush usually has overwhelmed the offensive line.

That is not going to happen tommorrow. Miami's offensive line will give Stephen enough time to throw. I feel strongly about that. This game will come down to Stephen and the passing game and his ability to win it on his a...
Posted by: SJMPARMAN

Absolutely agree... but we need to score before we reach the red zone.


Yes, you are right, because three straight runs by Mike James inside the three won't get it done. But I believe Fisch won rely on that. If anything, he could be criticized for being too agressive in that regard.

But I can't, as a man, say I know something he doesn't know as a former offensive coordinator in the NFL. If we settle for a field goal, I have to attribute it to something he sees that gives him an opportunity later in the game. I just think he has earned that respect.

I Love Miami

I can not believe this place. I used to be a devote reader, and still love the stories that are put up, and most of the people in here are die hard Canes fans, but to come on here after we are 4-1 and (3-0) in the ACC, about to play Notre Dame in a huge game and see the talk about HOW BAD GOLDEN IS???? It is just unreal. We are a team of 18-19 year olds that have shown the ability to overcome adversity, both on, and off the field. This isn't the NFL, some of these kids were going to Prom 4 months ago! We have a program that has spiraled downward, and for the first time in years, it seems like we may be starting to pull back up and might be getting on track. Previous Canes teams would have quit, and you can not deny that!

Just a question for you guys that do not want Al Golden, who do you want instead? Who is going to come in here, and lay in bed with the NCAA, pending the sanctions? Get out of your dream world and wake up, this is not 1986 and a dream job. The rest of the nation caught up to us, and it is a different type of kid out there today. Kids care more about how many people are in the stands, and what the size of the weight room is. They want to be WOW'd when the go on recruiting visits. When they go to a Canes game and there are 20K in a stadium that seats 75k, it does the opposite of WOW. What we have to offer is a FAMILY. We are suppose to be close knit and take care of each other.

If you are TRUE Canes fans, you should be thanking God every night that Golden has stayed this long, because 75% of all other coaches would have bolted, and we would be back to step one, and being laughed at by the rest of the country. If you go to the events and really support the program and are around it, U can tell, he really cares!

I am not saying that Golden is 100% the answer and we are going to win a National Championship soon, but it is too early to be on here bashing him. U need to open your eyes, this program needs someone like him, especially right now! We need some stability, we need someone the players look up to, we need someone who has turned a program around before, we need someone with a plan, and most importantly we need U TO SUPPORT THE PROGRAM AND STOP WHINING ON AN ONLINE FORUM.

If you need me ill be at Soldier Field tomorrow, praying for a miracle. We are not where we need to be, but we are a long way from where we were. Who knows, maybe the young kids will play their hearts out and steal a win up north. We will be back to National Relevance soon, but it is going to take some time, and not going to happen overnight.. . . UNLESS IT HAPPENS TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! LETS GO BABY!!!!

MIA Chi 'Cane '98

Just came back from the city. A couple of my friends went to the team hotel around 9 PM. A bunch of players were in the lobby along with some of their families and fans. Met Chick. I think he was ready to play right then. We told him to kick a little Notre Dame A$$. Stephen Morris had a big crowd around him and was having a good time. I met him and he was one of nicest guys i have met. He was hugging everyone as they left. I am not sure if they were family or not. I took a pictures with him and told him to have a game like last week or GT. he laughed. He left with Ryan Williams and Preston Dewey. AJ Highsmith was there along with Alonzo Highsmith. Both very nice as well. I told AJ to pick one off tomorrow night. There were other players around but unfortunately I did nor recognize them. But it seemed like they were ready for tomorrow night and said the weather will not effect them. It will be perfect autumn football weather, low 50's and sunny.

Afterward went to one of the Canes sponsored bars and Donna Shalala walked in and said hi to her. She was glad to see so many 'Canes fans out.

I gotta say it pretty cool to see the 'Canes in my hometown. This will be a weekend I never will forget. So far this weekend is living up to its billing and I have all day tomorrow at the tailgates and game.

Whoever is going to the game tomorrow dress warm, once sun goes down it will get chilly.

86 if U want some pics from tonight I can send them to U. And will try to take some tomorrow.


SAMPARMAN, the players with April potential AIN'T! gonna win this game, the players who PERFORM TONIGHT! will win this game.


I'm on W. Van Buren. Lets Go Canes!

SJM my birthday is Monday as well!

panama, miamicane-- Happy B-days!

Can't think of a better gift than this win.


Kirk Herbstriet said b4 Golden was hired that there were several big name coaches that wanted the Miami job, but Miami ain't willing 2 pay. So enuff of this 'nobody wants the Miami job nonsense'! Nick Saban will come IF u are willing 2 pay him!! Having said that I'm all 4 giving Golden his 2-3 year opportunity like everyone else got. But if he can't win more than 6 games a season we might as well bring Coker or Shannon back.

dj moonbat

Kirk Herbstriet said b4 Golden was hired that there were several big name coaches that wanted the Miami job, but Miami ain't willing 2 pay. So enuff of this 'nobody wants the Miami job nonsense'!

Posted by: 4-Real | October 06, 2012 at 04:36 AM

Well, if I want a McDonald's job, but McDonald's isn't paying what I'm looking for, do I actually want the McDonald's job, or do I want something different?


^^^^^ That's how you attempt to disagree with someone but still end up proving their point. Lmao ('o')


Watching the miramar - st thomas game.....hope we do get jermaine grace...and I think we do

Posted by: UMike | October 05, 2012 at 10:31 PM

Oh, we do!

dj moonbat

^^^^^ That's how you attempt to disagree with someone but still end up proving their point. Lmao ('o')

Posted by: CoCane | October 06, 2012 at 08:12 AM

In one sense, sure. Yes, plenty of coaches would jump at the chance to exploit South Florida's talent pool, and coach at a school with five national championships in the last few decades.

But, like most jobs, the UM coaching job description includes a "salary" term. It's a range, not a specific number. But the range is low, relative to other schools that entertain the notion that their school will win championships.

What these anecdotal coaches of Herbstreit's want is a HYPOTHETICAL Miami job -- one that pays better.

Co, you and I agree (I think) that Miami should be willing to pay a more competitive salary range. But it's not. Just not going to happen. Shalala has decided that the school's overall mission is better served by trying to find diamonds in the rough, both at AD and at head coach, than buying a juggernaut like, say, Florida or Alabama or Oklahoma would try to do. Since I don't really give a rat's ass about Miami's academics, I wish she felt differently; but if I DID care about Miami as an academic institution, I would probably agree with her. Certainly, it made me angry that the big state school I went to for grad school was dedicating such preposterous sums to its glamor sports programs.

Anyway, the point is: even if Shalala is WRONG to make "low salary" a reality of "the Miami head coaching job," it IS a reality of that job. So we can't really say that there are coaches out there who want the job, but MIAMI said no. What happens is that coaches want MiamiJob Plus, a product that doesn't exist, and THE COACHES pass when they find out they can't convince Miami to manufacture this product.


Enemy articles:




Lol Willie Will, Hassan and the other Canespacers in the Windy City keep reppin hard. Btw who is doing the Canespace poster for this game. UpNorth did the Boston College game, I did the Ga. Tech game, who got the Notre Dame game?


And you said all that to still say the same thing. ROTMFL & LMAO


daily chuckle before things get serious later:



I have not seen any spacer. Where is Miamis team hotel. ND is at the JW Marriott

dj moonbat

And you said all that to still say the same thing. ROTMFL & LMAO

Posted by: CoCane | October 06, 2012 at 09:10 AM

I guess all I'm sayin' is: Herbstreit is wrong to say that there were big-name coaches who want the Miami job. There aren't.


We will be back to National Relevance soon, but it is going to take some time, and not going to happen overnight.. . . UNLESS IT HAPPENS TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! LETS GO BABY!!!!

Posted by: I Love Miami | October 06, 2012 at 01:35 AM

Get on the bus Gus! Let's win this thing!!!

It is game day bishes, let's roll.



May U all get your birthday wishes granted.


Game Day Blog will be posted later around 3 PM for the game which is at 7:30 PM.


If U have photos from Chicago please send them to:


MIA Chi 'Cane '98

Game Day, Baby! Perfect day for some football in the Chi-Town!

Heading down to Soldier Field in about 5 hours.


I woke up this morning at home in the Chi and realized that...

'I can feel it comin' in the air tonight!'

HawaiiCane is in the building!

MIA Chi 'Cane '98

86, You've Got Mail!


@86Cane: New RaisingCanes: Dirty Work - http://t.co/yO253iEr


The key to this game is not kicking any FGs outside of 15yds. In a situation when one would ordinarily trot their FG kicker to put 3 points on the board, AG should elect to go for it on 4th down each and every time in ordinary FG yardage rather than guaranteeing a missed FG by giving Wieclaw an attempt. Heck, I'd rather see a punt from inside the 30 rather than another missed Wieclaw chip shot.

Face it, we have NO kicking game.

We sideline Wieclaw, we win 35 28.
We kick FGs, we lose 35 14.


Herbstriet didn't wanna mention any names Dj cuz the coaches were already employed elsewhere. Furthermore, Hocutt was responsible 4 hiring the new guy, therefore he wasn't about 2 bring in a Jon Gruden or any high profile coach when he new he was leaving anyway! Remember when we all thought Hocutt refused 2 interview Tubberville cuz Tommy was 2 old, only 2 find out days later that Hocutt himself was headed 2 Texas Tech? So from here on out I'm not blaming Al Golden 4 anything else that goes wrong with this team, including his boy No' D! All blame should be placed on Shalala & Hocutt, THE BONNIE & CLYDE OF CORAL GABLES!! Having said that go Al Golden, Go Canes!!!


BEERiCane thats Hurricane football, the other way shouldn't even be an option for our coaches. Our culture is to apply pressure, not to have it applied to Us. We set the tone, we swing to the whistle and sometimes after it.

4-Real-- these problems definitely stem from the top.


Papa Cane ‏@ByPapaCane
Air Force Cane. Enough said. pic.twitter.com/vJ7L3aHU




The Canes will forever be grateful to ND for providing tonight’s opportunity. OJT is over and tonight is our coming out party on national TV. In the gridiron, our young canes are fearless, cocky, arrogant and yes, unpredictable. But just like Ali did to Liston, tonight we are shocking the world!
Canes win and Tallahassee is suddenly very worried!


Not liking the cold weather. 48 @ kickoff. Brrrrr


A loss on the road against a top 10 team would be tolerable as long as the Canes come to play and don't back down.

However, I think the Canes can win. I think Al Golden is a special coach building a special program. A win will be huge for Al Golden and what he is building, and I think Golden might be on a campaign to become coach of the year. If the Canes are on the right track toward elite status, history shows that we will know it this year by the way the Canes are playing. This game is the Canes opportunity to reestablish themselves among football college elite for years to come.

I think Al Golden and company will get it done.


this game is up to the D. NDs offense has been super questionable this year, but Miami D has been atrocious arguably one of the worst in the country. If the D plays average relative to the national standard, we will win. If they play typical for this years standard, we will get a whoopin.

orange 'n green in the vein

Good defenses can always take away at least one facet of a good offensive attack. I think ND tries to take away the deep pass and makes UM string together lots of moved chains on drives for scores with that 3-4 front.

ND's offensive rank is a function of their schedule difficulty. UM's defensive rank is a function of their coaching ineptitude. Another week, another game where Fisch has to score every time his side of the ball has possession. No pressure or anything.


I think ND is a one dimensional offense. They are gonna try to knock us off the ball and run run run. We have problems with good qbs...if the game slows down we will do this....gawd those gold unis make me want to throw up.




Yes UNC is giving Vagina Tech all they want. Let's Go Canes.


This game is the Canes opportunity to reestablish themselves among football college elite for years to come.

I think Al Golden and company will get it done.

Posted by: BigWindyCane1 | October 06, 2012 at 12:08 PM

And so it was wriiten on the 6th day of October in the year 2012.

The Dude

I am SO jacked for this game! LETS GO CANES!


I'll tell U why I feel fear for today's game. Before today nobody, and I mean NOBODY expected the Miami Hurricanes to do anything this year. But after this better than expected start, expectations have risen. Now ANYTHING is possible.

There is a LOT at stake in today's game. A big win against a hated rival, a top 10 team and a top 25 ranking. As the stakes get higher, I get more nervous.

The Dude

Posted by: 86Cane | October 06, 2012 at 02:59 PM

This year is as much game by game for the fans as it has been for the team. Just try to enjoy the ride. I really just want our Canes to fight like hell, well and to win.



Settle down, we got this!!!!

The Dude

It looks like UNC will beat VTech bringing them both to 1-1 ACC records. This is the best possible outcome for The U. Duke 1-0 vs. Virginia 0-1 just got underway.

The Dude

Army making it interesting vs. BC.

The Dude

UVA strikes first on Duke.

The Dude

Duke strikes right back. Also Clemson can put GTech away for the rest of the year if they win today, gets underway in a bit.

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