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October 23, 2012


AnthonyJManis aka Antcane


AnthonyJManis aka Antcane

Do I get a canespace tee?


Anthony...email me at: canespace86@aol.com




Roaches too. (RoachCane77)


AntCane...U ever hear from our former female friend and blogger from Orlando?


Lmao Zilla!

AnthonyJManis aka Antcane



That's what I thought. SAD.

I'll hook U up with the shirt.


I now know where the Golden rumors started.

I will fix it.


Yeah, you know there's WAY MORE insects out here than people.

Hey, a Cane fan is a Cane fan... welcome Antcane!


Zakkee...your GENERAL theory or concept is a good one (blame for both players and coaches is fair and balanced) but when you use specific examples of certain players that it was in fact ALL their fault and nothing to do with the coaches you weaken it if not destroy your argument completely.

Posted by: SOUP | October 23, 2012 at 05:55 PM

Do U have a more complex theory or concept of accountability when all info is not known? My premise was based on all info not being known besides the fact that its the truth (that u guys don't know everything in every situation--but the player gets bashed in every situation).

I don't know what happened with Kevin Nelson and Devontae Davis besides the fact that they left. Have/did you spoken/speak with them to get their side of the story?

I really don't care anymore though, y'all do your thing.


AntCane in picture #2 below:




I'm going to post the recruiting numbers for a similar school like ours, Stanford while Andrew Luck was there.

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | October 23, 2012 at 09:24 PM



Did you get my email?


I really don't care anymore though, y'all do your thing.

Posted by: Zakkee | October 23, 2012 at 09:17 PM

That's what happens when U get called out because U don't have the foggiest friggin clue what U are talking about.

U don't know even HALF of the chit that goes on behind the scenes. But yet U and your elitist attitude that makes U think that U are smarter than everyone else and knows more than everyone else gets U into so much trouble that U can't get out of that you bail and cry and scream.

Hey have U ever seen the movie with Cheech and Chong in it: "Up In Smoke"? Yeah that's what you and the players U mentioned need to watch.


Christ, zakkee the info about Nelson is so well known that I know it. Kid talked big, could've back it up, and left, never to be heard from again. Jeremy brown "allegedly" raped a female student (his story wad so far beyond absurd that I hesitate to even use the term allegedly) and got booted. How you attribute either of these guys as losses by Golden is too big a stretch even for the most hardcore Golden bashers


Seriously 86 this is one of your best, great article!

Posted by: canechic | October 18, 2009 at 12:11 PM

Like I was sayin...


How you attribute either of these guys as losses by Golden is too big a stretch even for the most hardcore Golden bashers

Posted by: j.w. | October 23, 2012 at 09:33 PM

Zakkee has serious anger management issues that are often masked by his strong intellectual abilities.


Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world,[1] although the term is not easily defined.[2] Traditionally, metaphysics attempts to answer two basic questions in the broadest possible terms:

1.What is there?
2.What is it like?[3]
A person who studies metaphysics is called a metaphysicist[4] or a metaphysician.[5] The metaphysician attempts to clarify the fundamental notions by which people understand the world, e.g., existence, objects and their properties, space and time, cause and effect, and possibility. A central branch of metaphysics is ontology, the investigation into the basic categories of being and how they relate to each other. Another central branch of metaphysics is cosmology, the study of the totality of all phenomena within the universe.


In a continuation of last night's post, let's look at how Miami's last four recruiting classes rank compare with our opponents on the schedule. I'm not counting for early departures or transfers in this scenario, but the numbers should still roughly apply:

2009: (1)*****,(9)****,(8)***,(1)**
2010: (0)*****,(6)****,(18)***,(4)**
2011: (0)*****,(2)****,(13)***,(2)**
2012: (2)*****,(8)****,(23)***,(0)**

5 Stars: 3
4 Stars: 25
3 Stars: 62
2 Stars: 7

Now let's compare that to our remaining opponents:

2009: (0)*****,(5)****,(14)***,(3)**
2010: (0)*****,(4)****,(14)***,(0)**
2011: (0)*****,(4)****,(14)***,(3)**
2012: (0)*****,(7)****,(19)***,(2)**

5 Stars: 0
4 Stars: 20
3 Stars: 42
2 Stars: 8

2009: (0)*****,(5)****,(11)***,(9)**
2010: (0)*****,(1)****,(12)***,(4)**
2011: (0)*****,(5)****,(17)***,(3)**
2012: (0)*****,(4)****,(16)***,(6)**

5 Stars: 0
4 Stars: 15
3 Stars: 56
2 Stars: 22

2009: (0)*****,(5)****,(17)***,(6)**
2010: (0)*****,(2)****,(12)***,(5)**
2011: (0)*****,(1)****,(15)***,(4)**
2012: (0)*****,(2)****,(16)***,(2)**

5 Stars: 0
4 Stars: 10
3 Stars: 60
2 Stars: 17

2009: (0)*****,(2)****,(13)***,(12)**
2010: (0)*****,(0)****,(10)***,(10)**
2011: (0)*****,(0)****,(11)***,(9)**
2012: (0)*****,(1)****,(10)***,(9)**

5 Stars: 0
4 Stars: 3
3 Stars: 44
2 Stars: 40

Based on this, we have a solid chance in each remaining game.


Called out???

U still haven't answered my question: have you spoken with Nelson or Davis?

Elitist attitude from the person who has been the Blog Nazi and banned so many Canes fans from his blog when they don't agree with him or hold his jock strap (stroke Ur ego).

Would an elitist admit to being ignorant of a situation? Or would he profess to be all knowing like U?

Elitist thats the pot calling the kettle black.

If i were an elitist you'd have undying admiration for me and I wouldn't be able to any wrong. U love elitist and hate rebels--which is what the Hurricane were when you went to school there--but you missed that theme lol!

Bail and scream thru a computer??? You are the one using all caps in every post directed at me.

U support this UM administration and Board to the death but you don't support our Commander and Chief the same. Whats the difference between you good ole boys philosophy of unwavering blind support for Golden, but not for your President's administration?

I don't know what you ate tonight but you need a nap bro. U just shot out a cannon for no reason really.

j.w. I miss stuff--I'm human..i knew about Brown..I never attributed either one of these guys to loses by Golden. I said aside from Brown we don't know everything with the other kids, so we shouldn't pass such strong judgement, using such strong terms.

The enemy is always the kids that leave because the are safe punching bag--they can't hit back once they leave.

And I'm not smart or a Golden basher. Those are descriptions others have attributed to me.


U are still stuck on Metaphysics LOL!!!!

I was referring to dj moonbat's training as an attorney and how you didn't stand a chance in a logical argument with him due to his training...not mine! Lol...you give me waaay to much credit my friend!

Slow down...U are so quick to chew my head off and disagree with anything I say that u aren't reading clearly.

Emotions clouding reason.


U still haven't answered my question: have you spoken with Nelson or Davis?

YES, I spoke directly to people who spoke to them.


And I'm not smart or a Golden basher. Those are descriptions others have attributed to me.

Posted by: Zakkee | October 23, 2012 at 09:56 PM

I said OUT LOUD that U are smart.


from previous blog -

Could Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long become the next athletic director at Miami?

Anybody know what this is about?

From BMOC article on espn.com

Posted by: pbcfrcane13 | October 23, 2012 at 02:30 PM


I hope not. He made the best decision to let Bobby "I'm going for a motorcycle ride with a hottie" Petrino go but then screws up royally by hiring John L. Smith.

Posted by: raizecane | October 23, 2012 at 07:17 PM


Zakkee...yeah Metaphysics, since U brought it up as a strength for your Presidnetial candidate, is my new area of study. What is yours?


I was at that UCF game and still remember Angry jumping in to do the power beer bong that u have a picture of..... that was a fun day indeed.


RaizeCane..Hell yeah! Remember how we rescued that UCF student who was drunken bum and gave him a sandwhich? Actually that was one of our BEST tailgates ever.

Ah, those were the days...


Soup - Oh yea, he thanked us BIG TIME.

That and the Champs Bowl. I still go out to youtube and look at the video I took that day. Which is a good thing cause I didn't remember much.


Raize..bring it!


I've attacked arguments on this blog but have and just personally attacked me. Describing and spinning my intentions and character to resemble your own (projecting).

Metaphysics & Obama lol! I don't see the connection but have at it. Apparently i've sent you on a mission for clarity so good luck with your endeavors. I'm not voting for either personally, I just don't see how Golden and the UM administration deserve time, unwavering allegiance and support to work their "process", but your President doesn't. Is football more important than your life? Was he left with the cupboards full or bare--4 years ago?, was he in need of a Schnell/Butch rebuild? lol!

The contrasts in the ideologies are hilarious!

My area of study is the truth. I seek/pursue it, embrace it although it hurts, learn it, think it, speak it and then telling the truth becomes habitual.

Unfortunately it leads to a life of struggle and undeserved infamy...but I'll take it. Its the price one pays when they make this commitment or take this path.

There's precedent for your behavior and mine.


Zakkee...well done and well said!


So not to interupt this silly little argument..but any word on injuries? Anything new?


Now let's compare Miami's last four recruiting classes to the teams that they lost to this year:

2009: (1)*****,(9)****,(8)***,(1)**
2010: (0)*****,(6)****,(18)***,(4)**
2011: (0)*****,(2)****,(13)***,(2)**
2012: (2)*****,(8)****,(23)***,(0)**

5 Stars: 3
4 Stars: 25
3 Stars: 62
2 Stars: 7

2009: (2)*****,(10)****,(8)***,(1)**
2010: (2)*****,(8)****,(14)***,(0)**
2011: (2)*****,(13)****,(13)***,(1)**
2012: (3)*****,(9)****,(5)***,(1)**

5 Stars: 11
4 Stars: 40
3 Stars: 40
2 Stars: 3

2009: (1)*****,(13)****,(9)***,(5)**
2010: (0)*****,(4)****,(16)***,(1)**
2011: (0)*****,(8)****,(13)***,(3)**
2012: (0)*****,(3)****,(18)***,(2)**

5 Stars: 1
4 Stars: 32
3 Stars: 56
2 Stars: 11

2009: (1)*****,(9)****,(5)***,(3)**
2010: (0)*****,(10)****,(12)***,(1)**
2011: (2)*****,(8)****,(11)***,(1)**
2012: (1)*****,(8)****,(7)***,(2)**

5 Stars: 4
4 Stars: 35
3 Stars: 35
2 Stars: 7

2009: (0)*****,(0)****,(12)***,(13)**
2010: (0)*****,(2)****,(12)***,(3)**
2011: (0)*****,(0)****,(20)***,(8)**
2012: (0)*****,(1)****,(14)***,(6)**

5 Stars: 0
4 Stars: 3
3 Stars: 78
2 Stars: 30

In three of the four losses, the teams that beat Miami had more four star players than the Hurricanes. Kansas State is an anomaly, boosted by a much higher percentage of JUCO players.

PlayaCane aka Rashad

### UM canceled a home-and-home football series with Memphis in 2014 and 2015, feeling it was pointless to play.

### Though he presumably would have left for Nebraska regardless, a UM source said it didn’t help that former athletic director Shawn Eichorst’s Pinecrest home was robbed – with lots taken, including his wife’s jewelry – while he was traveling to Boston for the football opener this season..

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2012/10/barkley-heat-might-not-make-it-out-of-east-shaq-others-weigh-in-marlins-on-guillen-firing.html#storylink=cpy


Rashad.......good to see ya bro.....



There is no anomaly about KSU. They have the best coach of all those teams. So great coaching beats great recruiting. Thanks for the proof. Lol!

Also, your math needs improvement. UNC's 4*'s 13+4+8+3= 28 not 32. UNC's 4&5*'s total out to 29 compared to UM's total of 28. UM outnumbered UNC's 3*'s 62 to 56. They break even, with UM having the slight edge. ND's 4&5*'s totaled out to 39 to UM's 28 but UM had 27 more 3*'s. They broke even. So, the only team that hands down outrecruited UM was FSU. FSU had 23 more 4&5*'s than UM.

So the worst recruits by far is the best team by far. Due to better coaching. Ain't that a bitch... LMAO



So I guess you are saying that teams that are doing good with less 4* & 5* players have juco players???


Don't get it twisted though. Great coaching & great recruiting is at the top of the food chain...

Willie Will in Nashville

Stanford's recruiting. 2008 Andrew Luck was one of their 4* recruits.

2008: (2)5*,(14)4*,(8)3*,(8)2*
2009: (1)5*,(9)4*,(8)3*,(1)2*
2010: (0)5*,(6)4*,(18)3*,(4)2*
2011: (0)5*,(2)4*,(13)3*,(2)2*


HEAD COACH JIM HARBAUGH, thats the difference not the ****'s


Good stuff TonyCane, and good follow up CoCane. You clearly have to identify prospects, recruit to your philosphy and develop players when they arrive.

Florida continues to produce great talent, and you see that on display each Saturday and Sunday. The problem is that recently, is that UM did not recruit players like Denard Robinson and Geno Smith and they did not develop the players that the did recruit.

Golden is trying to fix that. I hear the H.S. coaches say that UM is now recruiting their good players. I see players developing under Golden. A victory at home against Virginia Tech will go a long way towards building this program and attracting the kind of recruits that Al Golden wants.

orange 'n green in the vein

Fire Jim Morris!

Er, I mean, D'No. Sorry, knee jerk reaction, channeling my inner Six.

Willie Will, your star totals don't add up correctly for Stanford.

Zakkee, I have a question, where on your theorized romantic/conceptual scale would Golden sit if we calibrated it to a Platonic ideal of a PSU Nittany Lion program creator for him? On the opposite end of where he is on the Miami Hurricane scale?


I said aside from Brown we don't know everything with the other kids, so we shouldn't pass such strong judgement, using such strong terms.

Posted by: Zakkee | October 23, 2012 at 09:56 PM

Zakkee, it was well known that Kevin Nelson quit on the team before the Sun Bowl. Matter of fact, I think AG tried to work with the boy, but it just didn't work out.

It was well known that Latwan Anderson had "issues". IMO, the kid didn't seem like a team player, He would've been a cancer to what AG was trying to implement.

It was well known what Darion Hall's HS coach thought about Him, and it didn't have anything to do with His YT highlights.

Brown, well, we know about Him.

I mean think about it bruh, 13 kids either didn't make it on campus, never played a down at UM, got kicked out of school, quit, or didn't pan out for whatever reason. No major CFB team in America can afford that type of attrition, especially during a coaching transition. I don't know, but looking at that class in hindsight, that class was SEVERELY! mis-evaluated, and right now, that mis-evaluation is hurting us. Just my two pieces of copper on it...


So this is what Canespace is like during the bye week...

The Shannon 5-stars (save Spence) fell dead in the sky.

At least the Golden 5-stars (Chickillo, Grimble, Howard, Duke) are in the starting rotation and for the most part making a bit of an impact.


It seems to me that some of the best players are 3 and 4 stars!
Bush 4*, Perryman 3*, E Johnson 3*, Dorsett 4*, S Morris 3*,

Sean Spence was a 4*. Author Brown was the 5* linebacker in the 08 class. A Brown and Storm Johnson are the " two that got away". All the other transfers I never hear about.

Al Golden is turning this around!


Willie...I'm posting the fact about JUCO players at K State because that was has been mentioned repeatedly on this site, as well as up here in Austin when the Wildcats beat Texas on a semiregular basis. Snyder's patten is to use an inordinate amount of JUCO players. Not 1 or 2, but in the double digits. Add to that he is a great coach. Basically K-State is the anomaly on Miami's schedule.

CoCane...sorry about some bad mathematics...I was pretty tired when I looked that up and was also under a time crunch.


Willie, I would agree. A superlative coach like a Harbaugh or perhaps a Snyder can make due with less talented recruits.

Give that same roster to a Mack Brown or Butch Davis and you get a lesser result.


Once again... Just because Butch put together a squad with rediculous amounts of all americans & 1st round talent doesn't mean they were 4* & 5* coming out of high school.

Tonycane... Butch did more with 1*, 2*, 3* & juco talent than any coach ever...


OGV, I don't understand this part of your question:

Platonic ideal of a PSU Nittany Lion program creator for him?

Are you asking if according to my ideal of the two types of Canes fans (which by the way--were not derived from any philosophers--but from what the words mean and what they represent to me), is AG considered a romantic or conceptual to PSU's program and his roots (as an alumnus and obvious fan of PSU)?

CaneRock, I agree with that post. but all I said was two things on response:

1) Well-known doesn't mean all-known--that all the info was present. Well-known means that a lot of people are aware of a particular aspect of the circumstance. Well-known doesn't always encompass all sides of an issue/situation.


2) With all of that severe misevaluation that you mentioned and how its hurting Us now--all things I definitely agree with. I simply stated that some of the responsibility for those 13 players not panning out has to be on the adults/coaching staff/AD department as well. The people who asked to (actively recruited them), promised to (parents), and agreed to accepting the responsibility of facilitating and providing a healthy environment for the kids success on and off the field. Relationships involve two or more persons. When they split, its usually due to some issues on both/all sides, not just one.

You named 13 kids on your list and believe that 4 of them definitely were the only source of those irreconcilable differences. What happened with the other 9?

CaneRock, I agree with this last post and the first one--these kids not panning out has hurt Us. All I did was add on to your post with my thoughts 1 & 2^^. U are defending a post that was not truly attacked.

Well-known is not enough for me personally. Whether the well-known is true and what the other side has to say, are also important factors to me. Thats the one good thing about the Presidential debates. The fact checking that takes place afterwards and just hearing their sides/sentiments/perspective from their own mouths.

Go Canes!

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