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October 20, 2012


orange 'n green in the vein

SOUP, glad you can stomach this crap because I'm tired of being forced fed this garbage.but it was a talent laden affair tonight.


OGV...I'm not like U. I don't root against my team or enjoy when they fail. But TALENT I always appreciate! That we have in common.

Dude on a Pale Horse

No lifetime contract for Goldie. 3 game skid. Butch Davis is the answer. No more experimental coaches at Miami please.


Dude it ain't done yet. IF Golden wins 6 games he gets the LIFETIME contract. If not he goes to South Beach. Either way he wins!

Dude on a Pale Horse

VTech sucks and we will probably lose to them. We could beat Duke, USF and UVA.

Dude on a Pale Horse

We need 2 more wins and a self imposed bowl ban and an amazing recruiting class and an amazing offseason workout. Next year an ACC conference championship game or bust.

Dude on a Pale Horse



Posted by: Zakkee | October 21, 2012 at 01:12 AM

Have you ever seen players not play for a certain qb. Let me explain it to ya, J12 came in with the infamous 08 class, who do you think they wanted to play for?? Before you answer let me mind you that these are the same players that declared for the draft without any feedback. I guarantee they made him look good in practice on purpose. And if it wasn't for Streeter he would have thrown almost the same amount of int's that he usually does. As a coach you play the qb that the players are going to play for.

So which side are you on so we can get this clear, you Golden or not???


I saw a good game. Didn't win and the offense was inept and the play calling was wayy too conservative


Could have been a blowout. This is a good young team tho. I'm very confident in golden.


The game was ok- stayed off twitter, the blog just so I could enjoy it as much as possible. The good news: McCord, no penalties, took advantage of some mistakes, Morris showed a ton of heart and guts. Bad: too many short passes (because of Morris health, play calling, defense by FSU took away the intermediate and deep routes?), just never got the running game going, Gaines just doesn't belong anywhere outside of special teams, OL broke down, DL got worn down. Hopefully this game sets us up for Va Tech, win that one and we're likely to win the rest.


No more experimental coaches at Miami please.

Posted by: The Dude | October 21, 2012 at 01:33 AM

What do you think Butch was when he first came???




I like Golden personally but he can't coach schematically

We cannot pull an upset thru adjustments and out scheming an opposing coach. Like Tommy Tuberville does yearly.

All the kids have is heart and determination, the intellectual piece isn't there from the coaches.


Willie Will - I like you and respect your opinions BUT when someone disagrees like me or Zakkee about Morris as QB you don't have to get defensive about it. Zakkee's points are valid. I still think 17 is ok but he is not GREAT - he has flashes during the game when he is and then POOF its gone and he is like that bad ankle or not. What we need is good\great right now with all the other things going on and we just don't have that.

Team fought hard last night. That's all I really asked for




One thing no one has mentioned is that we have not had a buy week yet. A lot of other schools have already had one, or in some cases two (temple). Doesn't factor against Fsu though, as they have played 7 games in a row as well.


I BELIEVE in this coach and team!

I see us winning 3 of 4! 7-5 improvement indeed!! Good showing lastnight for the D! The D will continue to improve and we WILL finish strong!

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