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November 26, 2012




University of Miami freshman Duke Johnson was named second-team All-ACC as both a running back and specialist, announced Monday by the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association (ACSMA). The 2012 All-ACC teams were voted on by 46 ACSMA members.

Johnson, a five-time ACC Rookie of the Week honoree, posted one of the best all-around freshman seasons in program history, accumulating 2,070 all-purpose yards and 13 touchdowns in 2012. Johnson rushed for a Miami freshman-record 947 yards and 10 TD’s, while amassing the second-most all-purpose yards in program history.

Four Hurricanes received honorable mention honors – redshirt sophomore LG Jon Feliciano, junior RT Seantrel Henderson, junior RG Brandon Linder and sophomore LB Denzel Perryman. Feliciano and Linder started all 12 games along the offensive line in 2012, while Henderson started the season’s final seven games at right tackle. Perryman played in nine games, including five starts at middle linebacker and one at outside linebacker. The hard-hitting Perryman finished second on the team with 64 tackles.

Three Canes were named to the 2011 All-ACC Team by ACSMA – LB Sean Spence (first team), C Tyler Horn (second team) and RB Lamar Miller (second team).


at the start of the season, you all (I didn't) predicted doom and gloom for this season because we are really young. funny how 7-5 is now cause for 'execution.' if you think the record is fine because of where we are, then you have to know that us not having a better record was bound to be the result of a break down in one of the three facets. in this case, it happens to be Defense....deal with it. get a life. support your team and coaches. look to the future...

Posted by: NigeianCane | November 26, 2012 at 02:26 PM

Yup! Couldn't agree more.
And not saying that fooball is easy by any stretch, but since offense is mostly rote, it's easier for a talented freshman to make an impact on offense, as opposed to defense.
It's no accident that Duke,Lewis,Scott,Waters,etc., had an impact this season, because again, that's the nature of offense, that's the nature of the game.


Duke Johnson. I say the canes had av great year. A step in the right direction. The d does need some work. .. alot but I see alot top improve on so go canes


And ya'll check out this Raising Canes episode with McCord. And notice the underlying theme of this espisode...SPEED OF THE GAME!


"That $hit a lot different swimmin' with Great Whites, than it it is seein' them muthaphuckas on the Discovery Channel." Kobe Bryant


These three things remain:

1. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.

2. Michael Parker looking good.

3. EJ#44 is still in between.

That is all.


I always thought that the defense was always ahead of the offense because most of the defense is just tackling the ball. And the old adage that defense wins championships in 2012 is the same if you look at who wins championships. So why isnt that philosophy instilled in this team on a daily basis?

Somebody said its easier for a freshman to excel on offense than defense. I dont think thats correct. Because on offense there is a lot of ball handling and learning the plays. Where as if you think too much on defense then your gonna be on your heels instead of attacking the line of scrimmage. So its mostly taking care of your part of the secondary and making sure you in the rite position to get a pick. So defense is mostly reacting to the ball. I dont understand this excessive mental focus.

And we used to talk about man to man coverage like it was our bread and butter. So if we had a a sack on the qb it was because we shut down the hot receiver in our man to man bread and butter. But i hear that man to man cannot work if we do not have a pass rush. But i see on the field that our man to man is never on the level of shutting down the hot receiver. The receiver most of the time is open when the qb sets himself in the pocket. So we never get a sack.


i ll tell you what i saw back in the day... we stopped our opponents by putting ray lewis in the middle and told him to get the guy with the ball... used to see him run from side line to side line bustin heads... lol


When you saw the qb set up ...look at the receiver and then pull the ball down.. you saw a cane d. lol


MiamiCane...Perryman was doing that before he got hurt and then they took him out of the middle and put him back outside.

Raphael Kirby is supposedly the answer at MLB next season? If we have Kirby, Perryman and Johnson at LB next year I will feel pretty confident.


By the first game it should be simple enough for the d to be fast enough so that there is consistent gang tackling anywhere on the field. Even if guys learned where to go but were not getting there for some reason then its not simple enough.. how long does it take to bet a little faster than highschool? Maybe the reason we played so much man to man was because it simplified the complicated offenses that we ran up against... i dont know. Are we suppose to see players getting beat consistently until their junior years?


It seems like to me the question is not whether they are learning but do we trust the players talent level to demand that they use it to make up for someone elses mistake because that talent reacts faster than it is able to think.

So really its getting a jump on the receiver through intuition and speed rather than actually thinking of what to do.


#44 needs an hour in a padded dark room with Ray Lewis.


i remember back in the day ...schnells... i went out for a try out... and all we did was run patterns and guard receivers...they had done it so much it was damn near impossible to get space...they had reached a certain plateau of stamina and strength through hours of practice.. its hard to explain.

DallasTX Cane

2/3 of the team is trending up - offense & special teams. 7-5 doesn't please any CANES fans, BUT is a heck of a lot better than all the pundits predicted. A lot of promising talent made a showing this season.

Too bad that the "most important" 3rd, the defense, is not trending up. I have patience, but even a blind squirrel gets it...the D was horrific. The DC is responsible. It's not worth typing about any longer.

I think AG is doing well overall especially given the condition of the program when he arrived and the external pressures of the NCAA problem. Don't kid yourselves; anyone who thinks this program wasnt just about at rock bottom and on the edge a couple of years ago is being delusional. AG is going a good job bringing in talent and laying a foundation for the future. Fixing the D is the next challenge tho. If he doesn't get that done, nothing else will matter in the long run.

The Dude

I dont think 6-6 and 7-5 records earns Golden much wiggle room. I'm not impressed. D'Onofrio better have the defense ready to go next year. Because if I am telling you right now that he sucks and we will never win a championship with him, then Golden had better know that as the Head Coach. If D'Onofrio sucks it up, then Golden sucks it up too. He's married to him as of this season.


Wow, nice post DallasTX Cane! I totally agree.

Also, nice blog article 86. Surprised Duke "The Truth" Johnson only made 2nd team though...


Damn I'm tired but happy. Did all my X mas shopping on cyber Monday. The UPS guy is gonna hate me. I'll be eating ramen the rest of the month too!


The problems I saw on defense this season were fundamental in nature. To use the KSU game as an example, we should've gameplanned better, we should've thought out the box. For one example, we should've treated Klein like a RUNNING THREAT, INSTEAD of taking our best run defenders (Perryman and Johnson) out the box, and treating Him like a PASSING THREAT.

Another problem I saw, was ALIGNMENT...particularly against UVA. An example from that game, is the UVA game winning drive. Our guys were so distracted looking towards the sidelines for the call, that by the time they got to the line, UVA was already in their cadence. Seems to me, we need a better communication system between the sidelines, and the field.

orange 'n green in the vein

Not even honorable mention All-ACC for the one and only Steven Morris? WTF?

So Duke gets the offensive LOF pretty obviously unless somebody has a real good argument for the one and only Steven Morris (I don't, but his is quite good when healthy and settled in the pocket), and now the defensive LOF is . . . man, this is going to be one giant no-prize LOF this year isn't it? McGee? 3G? The LB's were the best players as a corps overall but their two best roster players missed too much time between injuries and suspensions for not doing what they need to do to be members of a team so I'd have to disqualify them on that basis from LOF contention. Bush too based on the two games he missed with the shoulder/neck/concussion(?) whatever it was.


Defense ain't that complicated, courtesy of Bear Bryant:


(These must be ASSIGNED, & understood, in EACH defense)

I. FIRST CONTAIN 1) Outside-in support on the wide play. 2) Take on lead blocker on sweeps and options. Normally responsible for pitch on option.

II. SECOND CONTAIN - 1) Widest man in defense by alignment. 2) Never let ball carrier outside of you. 3) Responsible for the one-out pass. 4) Secondary support always from outside-in.

III. ALLEY - 1. Fill inside Contain if ball cuts up.

IV. FORCE - 1) Normally takes QB on option and sprint or roll out. 2) Squeeze from outside-in the off tackle-hole on play inside. 3) Inside-out support on wide play.

V. TRAIL - 1) Responsible for bootlegs, counters, and reverses when ball starts away.

VI. CUTBACK - 1) Responsible for cutback when ball starts away - do not overrun.

VII. GAP RESPONSIBILITY AND PURSUIT - Interior of defense given gap responsibility and down the line of scrimmage pursuit.

VIII. DEEP PURSUIT - On play away you are the last man in our pattern. You must take a proper course (different from every play) that will enable you to make the play if no one else does."

orange 'n green in the vein

CR going to the guy with a statue next to the one of Stallings and a few streets up from the tornado swatch cut into the town for the straight dope.

UM was getting alley gashed most of this year worst of all, had some cutback problems with the run defense all year too, maybe were good on four most of the year but that's basically half or worse most of the year for run defense, thus the 200+ rushing yards allowed games for the middle 3/4ths of the season.


Do we have to pick a LOF on def? BTw if you didn't listen to the Golden interview with Sedano it was pretty funny....Portis and Channing interviewed with Sedano....Portis pretty much called out NoD


CR going to the guy with a statue next to the one of Stallings and a few streets up from the tornado swatch cut into the town for the straight dope.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | November 26, 2012 at 07:55 PM

Maybe, but remember, the architect of the Miami dynasty was a disciple of Bear. So maybe part of the roots of our dynasty began in Tuscaloosa.


Saying that he has been very critical of the D all year and some of the O play calling/clock managament liked their line of questions to Golden.


Very proud of my Canes. They did show progress, although I would like to see the defense play MUCH better.

LOF rookie - Duke Johnson was a legendary player in high school, and he now has had a legendary freshman season. We got a treat this year with Duke, and we are only scratching the surface. Duke is a good young man, from a great family and he has the heart of a lion. Duke hates to loose and he gives it his all.

LOF offense - Morris had a great year -- One of the most productive seasons in Canes history from a yardage standpoint. Clive Wafford stepping up really helped him take the passing game ot another level. With a healthy receiving corp and offensive line coming back, the offense should be really explosive.

LOF defense - Perryman was the only Canes defender to make honorable mention on the All ACC team. Although they had some good individual players, that is what happens when your total defense is the worst in the conference. When Perryman was healthy, he made an impact. Hopefully, Perryman will have a full, healthy year and will lead the LB corp to greatness, but he needs some support from his DTs.

LOF coach - Fisch is a great offensive coach, and he has shown it. The development of Jacory in his final year and in Morris this season is attributable to Fisch. The Canes slump in the middle of the season was attributable to the stiff competition and (my theory) a slight injury to Duke that slowed him down a bit and took the explosive plays away. Fisch will light it up next year, and I think the offense can be a 40+ point offense next year.


The only thing stopping Morris from being 1st team all ACC is his perception of height and distance.

When he throws long he perceives the receiver to be exactly one arms length deeper than he actually is.

When Morris throws that short out he perceives his receiver to be exactly 2ft 8 inches tall

nice work lately I read about five blog articles including all comments back to back Sunday and today.
Glad to also read you are taking time off with your sweet wife, good for you!


Regardless of sanctions, in year 3 better be some improvement cross the board

Posted by: Sinistercane | November 26, 2012 at 11:27 AM


I agree 100%. Many coaches have won a BCS or a NC game with a 3rd year coach and with less talent. Anything less than a ACC title and a BCS birth will be a failure.

Next Years motto should be....... (fill in the blank).


Nice one Solar! LOL (Height & Distance perception... )


wad up roach?
good to be here for a few with you guys


For the guy on the last blog who said that Shannon should have been given more time, I don't think that he could have lasted past 2011. The impact of the yahoo article would have probably led to his ouster by the end of the season, if only for image control by the university.

A Shannon led team in 2011 would have landed a better recruiting class, but would be tempered by probable lower qb play by Harris that year. So potentially a sub 6 win season, and no self imposed bowl ban.

So who would Miami have been able to get as hc months after the story broke? Unknown. But whoever they did land would have had to scramble to keep duke, while golden had a year to recruit him and keep him in the fold. Bush and Howard would probably be lost, just as bridge water was lost.

Bottom line, Shannon would not be hc because of the yahoo story, and golden's hiring puts us in a better position than we would have otherwise been in if Shannon had lasted one more year.


Yeah... staying busy... still teaching and coaching.

I'm actually going kayaking on Saturday at the Three Sisters river up near Crystal River with some old high school buds. We reconnected at our 40 yr. reunion back in early October. Should be fun.


suweet roach, enjoy it my friend!


Great article tonight!


But whoever they did land would have had to scramble to keep duke, while golden had a year to recruit him and keep him in the fold. Bush and Howard would probably be lost, just as bridge water was lost.

Posted by: Tonycane | November 26, 2012 at 08:30 PM

Duke and Bush would've came to Miami regardless of who the HC was. If anything, Bush is more of a legacy recruit, either 1, or both of His parents were scholar-athletes at UM. As far as Howard is concerned, I don't know.


who would have thunk

Miami wins the Coastal at 7-5

Bryce Brown starts in the NFL

Marve gets yet another year of eligibility


Marve got another year?! I didn't know you could get two medical redshirts.

Interesting post, cane rock. Did not know that about bush.


From the Miami Herald – Eye on the U. A blogger’s case for Duke being first team all-ACC!
“Plain and simple... DUKE GOT ROBBED of the honor he deserved. They gave it to the senior Ellington instead of the far more deserving freshman.
This my friends is as close to a TRAVESTY as I have ever seen. Duke played 12 games while Ellington played 11, but this is NOT even close. NOT by a long shot. The ACC should be ashamed of itself. Actually, I think a stir should be created out of this injustice. The kid deserves his honors. GIVE IT TO HIM!
Here's the evidence:
- Rush Yards: 957
- Yards per Carry: 6.9 yd/carry
- Receiving Yards: 221
- Return Yards: 892
- All Purpose Yardage: 2,070
- Rushing TD's: 10
- Receiving TD's: 1
- Return TD's: 2
- Passing TD's: 1
- Total TD's: 14
- Rush Yards: 959
- Yards per Carry: 5.2 yd/carry
- Receiving Yards: 197
- Return Yards: 153
- All Purpose Yardage: 1,309
- Rushing TD's: 8
- Receiving TD's: 1
- Return TD's: 0
- Passing TD's: 0
- Total TD's: 9”

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2012/11/duke-johnson-only-hurricane-named-to-all-acc-team.html#storylink=cpy


More an more i hear Saban.. kind of sounds like a voice over of the Bear... thats gonna get him that statue next to the Bear for sure.. lol



Just another award winning post by CaneRock.


Posted by: BigWindyCane-Forecast1 | November 26, 2012 at 08:04 PM

Agree 100% with your LOF picks for the 2012 season. Could not have done better myself.


you might as well face how we are thought of by the college elites and the media machine. The absolute best college football team in history on both sides of the ball was the 2002 Canes... you wont see us in the top five in the media....hey..the only thing that cures this injustice is winning baby.. crushing the big bloated programs .. we like to call it walking into their stadium and making it ours .. lol


bryce brown rippin it up on monday night football :( i have him on my fantasy team and started him so this is good but I still have a little hatred for him hahaha


Glad to also read you are taking time off with your sweet wife, good for you!

Posted by: solarcane | November 26, 2012 at 08:08 PM

Yeah, I have made more of a commitment to do that now that the season is ova and the weather down here if Central Florida is just perfect for being OUTSIDE. At least one new State or County park per month, hiking, biking or kayaking, that's our goal.


i wished i had that kind of time here in Clermont ..

Old Skool

At least one new State or County park per month, hiking, biking or kayaking, that's our goal.

Great Goal.


I wished i had that kind of time here in Clermont ..

Posted by: mi@mic@ne | November 26, 2012 at 09:40 PM

Clermont? I used to live there!

Go here and never be sorry:


A short drive from Orlando, this park is noted for its beautiful lakes, rolling hills and scenic landscapes. Lake Louisa, the largest in a chain of 13 lakes, is designated an Outstanding Florida Water Way. Lake Louisa, Lake Hammond and Lake Dixie, the park’s most accessible lakes, provide opportunities for fishing, canoeing and kayaking. Anglers can fish in four of the park’s six lakes, but gasoline powered engines are not allowed. Primitive camping facilities are available for equestrians. For hikers, there are more than 25 miles of trails. The park also has a full-facility 60-site campground and 20 furnished cabins for rent. Camping and cabin reservations can be made by visiting ReserveAmerica.com or by calling ReserveAmerica at (800) 326-3521, TDD (888) 433-0287. The park is located on US Highway 27 seven miles south of highway 50.

Bicycling: Lake Louisa boasts 7 miles of paved roads and over 20 miles of unpaved multi-use trails for visitors to bike on. Mountain bike or “fat” tires are advised for off road trails, as some trails may be sandy. Please watch for vehicles on the paved roads.

Cabins: Lake Louisa State Park's 20 cabins overlook beautiful Lake Dixie. Cabins accommodate up to six people with two bedrooms, two baths, full kitchen and dining/living room. Each cabin is equipped with dishes, pots and pans, silverware, linens, towels, picnic tables and rockers on the porch. All you need is food and personal items. Wheelchair accessible cabins are available.


Monday night update: Al Golden addresses numerous issues
UM’s Al Golden will address print reporters at his season-ending press conference on Tuesday.
In the meantime, here are some highlights of what he told WQAM during two interviews Monday – his weekly segment with Joe Rose and an afternoon appearance with Jorge Sedano:

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2012/11/monday-night-update-al-golden-addresses-numerous-issues.html#storylink=cpy


Skool...I know that U know that November through May U gotta get OUTSIDE here in Central FL. People from all over this Country PAY to come here. We get it for free. Heck, who knows U might even find some "frum smoked root" along the way!


Nomad...thanks for keeping us in the loop with the Miami Herald. Good work there.


Heard I was being nominated for something?????

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