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November 05, 2012









Ohio...I want to thank U and OGV for helping out with the troll patrol over the last few weeks. Good job by all involved!

And bloggers PLEASE remember this rule:

When the trolls do surface do NOT reply to their comments. Ohio, OGV, Solar (now that he is back in action) or I will be along soon enough to ZAP their comments.


Morning Spacers.......


"When the trolls do surface do NOT reply to their comments. Ohio, OGV, Solar (now that he is back in action) or I will be along soon enough to ZAP their comments."


Via Heather Dinich, we're #3 in the ACC Power Rankings.


Let's start the HATE TRAIN for UVA right here, via the classic from Colin Cowherd:


Terrance Sullivan

LB Colin had me in stitches I was laughing so hard. Morning Spacers. can someone post the coverage map of this weeks game for those of us who do not live on the eastern seaboard. let's go Canes beat UVA.


Don't forget Part 2.


Papa Cane - Personnel Update: DE Kelvin Cain is back with the team - actively participating in teams drills with the scout team. Welcome back.


Terrance, there won't be a coverage map out until Thursday


I know I've said it many times before, but Duke's stiff-arm is BIG TIME! Wow!

Just re-watched highlights of the VT game. Man, is that thing sick.


The Herb has been away from the key board for a couple of days and wanted to throw in his 2 cents about whether or not to self impose another year. I don't care what the ACC wants, I want us to get to 6 wins, take another bowl ban, get to recruiting and filling in the final few voids we have on defense, and look towards next year, when all these pups become big dogs. Why would we forsake another bowl ban to play in the ACC ship, (if we get their), and take a chance on getting hit next year with a ban when we Should be a top 25 team? To me it's a no brainer. Get the bans out of the way and then we'll just have to deal with ship reductions. I'd love for us to play, if we get there it's in my backyard, but the big picture says stay at home!

Terrance Sullivan

Thanks Ohio.


Lets go Canes!

calGary Cane

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | November 05, 2012 at 11:39 AM

Do you notice that he protects the ball by shifting it to the safer side too!


Duke Johnson (rookie) and Gabe Terry (specialist) just named ACC Players of Week.


Could someone explain how the 'ship reductions' would work(herbieibis mentions above)? If they reduced 5 for 3 years would we have to have no more than 70 players after the third year(if we started at max 85) or would we have to just maintain 80 each year?


I like this title better -

"Depth Matters, That's what she said". :-)


I concur with The Herb.

Besides, does the ACC really want a FSU-UM rematch in the championship game? I don't think so! Likewise, does the ACC really want UM (with its BCS ranking somewhere around 50) playing in the Orange Bowl. Again, I don't think so!
Playing for the ACC championship - and a postseason bowl game - SOUNDS good. If, however, we happen to lose to FSU (again), and then go a postseason bowl game and lose (again), we will have ended the season on a low note (again) . . . with NCAA sanctions looming. Frankly, it is better for recruiting (and we are much less likely to have ANY players transfer when the sanctions are imposed), if we self-impose a bowl ban (again).

PS. Please don't misconstrue my comments. Certainly, I realize that the U might beat FSU if we are fortunate enough to play them in the ACCCG - and then it would be great to play (against L'ville?) in the Orange Bowl before all our local fans. But let's face facts, the U will be much stonger NEXT year. As such, I don't want to run the risk of a bowl ban NEXT year.


The best thing for the program would be to lose to UVA this weekend and hope that Duke wins. I don't think UM will say no to a conference title game, thus setting up a rematch against FSU that Miami will lose. Then UM will be headed to the champs bowl to play Northwestern and wasting a year to self impose. But if we can get bowl eligible and not win the coastal then it makes the decision simple and the best for the future of the program.


This team hasn't won a bowl game since 2006, and hasn't sniffed the ACC crown. Wishing for a loss to UVA is MADNESS. There are far more important factors than these sanctions, which we shall survive.

Do you realize what it will do for morale to add a divisional championship in the locker room? Al's building something here, and the big time recruits like Greg Olsen and Ricky Town see that.

FSU is neither immortal nor guaranteed a spot in the ACC title game. Yes, I think they'll take the Atlantic. But funny things happen in Blacksburg on Thursdays. Funny things also happen to the Seminoles when their ranking gets too high (see October 6).

Also, we aren't guaranteed a spot in the title game. We must beat UVA. It is beyond critical that we punish these freaking Cavaliers for their sins. Just like last week, the final score is absolutely irrelevant.

Just win. Win hard. Win all the live long day.

WIN, and let's root for Duke's next game to be a big fat loss.


Just win.

Win hard.

Win all the live long day.

Posted by: LB | November 05, 2012 at 01:22 PM

There IT is right there.


Wishing for or hoping for losses for your team under ANY circumstances is bizarre. In this situation it is just crazy.

IF we win out then we have a choice of what to do: Take a self imposed post-season ban or go all in and play the ACC title and Bowl games and take a a risk. But either way WINING is what competitive athletic events are all about.

U never hope to lose.

U never try to lose.

U always try to JUST WIN BABY!


Bro, you want a Canes loss Sat.? You are not a Canes fan!!


Let's go Canes!!!


The University of Miami Athletic Department will once again be offering The Joe Rose Special ticket offer for its home finale Nov. 17 against USF. Fans can purchase two lower-level tickets and an orange parking pass for $80.

To order, fans can purchase online, call 305-284-2263 or visit the UM Ticket Office at BankUnited Center. If you have any questions, tweet us at @HurricaneSports or @UMTickets. Miami/USF kickoff time will be announced no later than Sun., Nov. 11.

Chris Yandle
Director of Communications | University of Miami Athletics



Sept. 4: Duke Johnson (Rookie)

Sept. 17: Duke Johnson (Rookie)

Sept. 24: Phillip Dorsett (Receiver), Eddie Johnson (Linebacker)

Oct. 1: Stephen Morris (Offensive Back), Gionni Paul (Linebacker), Eddie Johnson (Rookie)

Nov. 5: Gabe Terry (Specialist), Duke Johnson (Rookie)


I sleep a little better at night knowing I had a small hand in irritating Kyle Wright

Teddy Bridgewater is way fun to watch play.

Posted by: solarcane | November 04, 2012 at 09:11 PM

Yes and yes. LOL!

orange 'n green in the vein

The best thing Saturday that could happen is UM wins and the rest of the Coastal except UNC loses to wrap up the division title and get a head start on whether to self impose the postseason ban decision making process. Oh, and hold UVA to under 200 yards rushing to stop that defensive surrender streak this year.


I can live with that, OGV. :)

orange 'n green in the vein

Plus, just got off the phone with Swafford, I asked him if he wanted a FSU/UM ACCCG rematch. He said, "I like money. You bet your f[_]ck!ng @$$ I do."


I have said it before and will say it again. Wanting Or expecting Miami to lose is like wanting or expecting the United States to lose. It should not happen and any setback must be considered short term and rectified. That said, I'm guilty myself of thinking Miami could not win a rematch this year with Fsu. But the Seminoles have not proven themselves worthy of such an assumption.

As for Virginia, punishment for the last game at the orange bowl still must be meted out. A win in the barest acceptable outcome this week.


Anyone have a link to the vatech highlights?




This is now the biggest ACC game sine 2005! Because we have not controlled our ACC destiny this last in a season expect in 2005! We lost that final ACC game to Georgia Tech and did not make it to the ACCCG.

Canes MUST win Sat. and continue to prove that this program is headed in the right direction under Al Golden.



Is Nick a "troll" or not a fan?? lol


If the canes win out, I believe we could beat FSWHOO or Clemson!!!


Ive had time to not let my emotions control my thoughts. I think miami needs to play hard and win out and that will help win some recruits. 8-4 with this team is amazing! We have so much upside into the next couple years and a couple good recruits will seal the deal. We should if we do win out give up the acccg and the bowl game. But play so damn hard we show everyone they should buckle down and get ready for full steam ahead by the canes because I feel like next year we could be great! Im tired of having to wait but I think it will be worth it

DallasTX Cane

Man! After being so excited about beating VT all the sanctions talk is a major downer.

Don't ever hope we lose. Winning may present more of a dilemma, but that's a GOOD problem to have! I'd rather try to figure out how to deliver more sales than not to have sold anything. Plus, beating fsu in a rematch would'nt be the biggest upset in history. I wouldn't bet on it, but stranger things have happened. Play the game...see what happens.

All I hope is that the team and coaches are taking it one game...one win....at a time. Being "able" to do something is not actually doing it. Let's beat UVA then worry about the rest!


Nick should be banned for 2 months for even thinking it is better for us to lose and move forward instead of winning.

If the NCAA adds a year to the bowl ban because we decided to go this year, so be it. This current roster has been dealing with alot of crap. Going to a BCS Bowl would be a great ending for some of these kids. Now if we get invited to a smaller bow, OK, I can see skipping that. But NOT a BCS bowl.



Sept. 4: Duke Johnson (Rookie)

Sept. 17: Duke Johnson (Rookie)

Sept. 24: Phillip Dorsett (Receiver), Eddie Johnson (Linebacker)

Oct. 1: Stephen Morris (Offensive Back), Gionni Paul (Linebacker), Eddie Johnson (Rookie)

Nov. 5: Gabe Terry (Specialist), Duke Johnson (Rookie)

Posted by: 86Cane | November 05, 2012 at 01:44 PM

That is already miles ahead last year. Many of these will be on the all-ACC or All-Freshmen ACC teams, especially if the Canes win out.

Virginia looks to be formidable, and the Canes are only a 1 point favorite by the odds makers (toss up) going against a 3-6, 1-4 team. Virginia is probably hoping to win out and make a bowl.

I will be watching this game closely. I will look to see how well Golden can keep this team focused and ready.

Its time for the Canes to take that next step that they never could take under Coker and Shannon by winning a game that they should win on the road and make it to the ACC-CG in convincing fashion.

As some of the bloggers said, I think UVa might be the biggest challenge left for the Canes, but the Canes are a much better team. Will they show it?


Just WIN baby!

Never lose another game. Ever.

End of story.


You got to be kidding me, about playing in the Orange Bowl over taking another bowl ban. I'm all for winning and busting up teams that get in our way but this is not the year. Great if we win out and go 8-4, that would be a major coup for us. I had us going 6-6 and I'm still sweating that but not taking another bowl ban this year is lunacy. Look at what we will have coming back, just practically the whole 1St and 2ND team, on offense & defense and you want to risk next year instead of this year. I'm looking at at least 9-3, at worst next year. That would absolutely be a downer having to take a ban next year.

Terrance Sullivan

Herbie are you a fortune teller and you know what the NCAA is going to do if so please speak now or you will be just guessing like the rest of us so saying we should go for it is lunacy. Smdh. Go for it and play if we qualify. Let the NCAA do that. Otherwise play the damn game and stop shooting ourselves in the leg.

Terrance Sullivan

To say we shouldn't play in the ACCCG if we qualify is lunacy.


TSully...don't go all Plaxico on us! LOL


NCAA football re-ranking: List from 1-124

7. Florida (8-1, 7-1)
8. Florida State (8-1, 5-1)
31. Central Florida (7-2, 5-0)

54. Miami (Fla.) (5-4, 4-2)

90. South Florida (3-6, 1-4)
109. Florida International (2-8, 1-5)
117. Florida Atlantic (2-7, 1-4)

Incidentally, the second highest ranked ACC team is Clemson at number 11. Virginia is 83; and Duke is 65.

We sure as hell ought to win our next three games. However, we're still not a BCS-BOWL caliber team . . . not yet anyway. (The four ACC teams we beat are ranked 56, 68, 71 and 101).

Terrance Sullivan

Lol 86 great One my friend.


Anyone who thinks that the NCAA won't ban the "U", aka the evil empire, from post season play next year if they go to the ACCCG & a bowl game this year, is either rediculously dumb or insanely naive. Period...

20 STARTERS return next year. Who else in the ACC will have that??? NOBODY. Next year will be the best chance at a BCS bowl the "U" has since '04. Don't be dum


In other words... We better ban ourselves this year just to be sure.

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