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November 05, 2012


Terrance Sullivan

The other teams will also be back to form also. Ask Arkansas if anything is guaranteed, or any other team that figured their year was going to special instead it has turned into doo doo. I see we got a lot of Ms. Cleos in the house tonight. Smdh.

Terrance Sullivan

We thought we were gonna have a special season in 2010 also and we know how that ended.


It is dumb as hell for us to think we are guaranteed to be good next year. Remember when we went 9-3, everyone thought we were gonna be BCS the season after.....Shannon got fired. Next season we have to play UNC, FSU and VT all on the road. Is our defense gonna be better, are we gonna be able to have a strong running game? None of these things are certainty, just like they said VT was gonna win the Coastal and we were only gonna beat out Duke. Nothing is gauranteed, we are better equip to recruit telling kids...hey we just played in the ACC title game, hey we just played in a BCS game etc. Thats a strong sell even with a bowl ban, which i dont think could be anymore than another year. Those who are saying the worse are just paranoid and need to stop spreading unsubstantiated theories




Herb - I hear what you are saying but think about this.......Dan Marino went to the SB his rookie year and everyone thought he would surely go to more. Well, you know what happened there.

Like Terrance said, nothing is a gaurantee. USC was pre-seaon #1 and look where they are now. All I am saying is if (and that's a big if) we have a shot at a BCS bowl, IMO, we should take it. But what do i know....


Now see...when differences of opinion like this are expressed respectfully and interestingly that is what blogging was meant to be.


Terrance Sullivan

Exactly 86. Exactly Raize.


Freaking bryce brown!!!! 40 yard run


I hope this doesn't happen, but man for all tese people who think its such a great idea to play in the bowl game and acc chip when btw we shouldn't even be in the game it shoud be unc if they win out so yea a ribbon because a team is banned......any ways would love to see all the people if UM next is this years OSU who is sitting at home when they could be playing for a chip this year. For what to lose to FSU and go play in some crap bowl. Nothing is guaranteed agree, but being happy to be second in our division qualify because a team is banned sounds awesome!


I'd rather take my chances with next years teams. May lose 6 or just maybe lose ony 1 or 2.


Anyone what to drive from NYC to Virginia last minute trrip?


Yeah, OSU has to be kicking themselves for that decision last year. And people at Nebraska, Michigan St, Michigan, and the rest are probably still laughing.

How did Robert Marve do for Purdue last weekend? And is he playing with a torn Achilles?


Great posting today space fam!!!!

Even nemo made me agree wit him today for a change lol

Herb and pb church!!!


Anyone who thinks that the NCAA won't ban the "U", aka the evil empire, from post season play next year if they go to the ACCCG & a bowl game this year, is either rediculously dumb or insanely naive. Period...20 STARTERS return next year. Who else in the ACC will have that??? NOBODY. Next year will be the best chance at a BCS bowl the "U" has since '04. Don't be dum

Posted by: CoCane | November 05, 2012 at 08:04 PM

Leave it to da homie Coke to keep it all da way one hunned tho


Of course anything can happen next year but you would be crazy to not believe that we have a better chance next year.

This is part of the process and we are no where close to being a finished product, when the time comes for us it will but now is not the time we have a bright future ahead.

I get the feeling that people wanna go to the acccg like this is our last chance to go. And shannon not improving on his 9-3 season the year after, you should know the reasons why and I don't think that'll happen this time around. Just imagine our boys going thru "U Tuff" for their second time

Terrance Sullivan

I got a question for Pbc, Willie Will, CoCANE, and Herb and others who want the season to end on November 24th what if the NCAA gives us an additional 2 year bowl ban even after we have self imposed 2 years of bowl bans. U guys would be cool with that? Just asking.



Hell naw I wouldn't be cool wit that. But I'm not cool wit nothing the NCAA does, except when they took Joe pa's wins away, if they give us 1yr and 1 scholarship reduction wouldn't be cool wit me. Let me put it this way no fan is ever happy about any sanctioning situation, but I'll have no other choice but to accept it. If they give us two more bans after we sit out this year would only tell us that they would have gave us more had we not taken it. Don't get me wrong, I would love to keep playing this year if we make it, but I would rather forfeit this year than next year. We are suppose to be trying to get on the fast track to the national championship game not the acccg. It's not our time this year, the pre heat light on the stove has just went off not the timer for the food to come out the oven.

Take off your orange and green glasses and see what the NCAA and the rest of the world thanks about us, you can't seriously think that they won't hit us wit another ban.

Now let me ask you a question. If you let yo home boy borrow $200 from you and next week he brings you $20 and says I'll give you the rest later after he just hit the million dollar jackpot, how would you feel? I would be PISSED, just like the NCAA will be if we go to the acccg.



Also, papa cane thinks we should take the ban this year, he said it would be huge for us if we do. And you know how he feels about Da U


I'd be so mad! Like Willie said if they hit us with 2 more rars than that means more than likely they would have given us 3 years. That's how this bowl ban thing works. So in your example if we take the bowl ban that means only senior and juniors can leave without sitting out. If we don't give ourselves a bowl ban than that means seniors juniors and sophomores can leave....ouch! Again going to the acc chip as a second place team doesn't really excite me sorry. It's like going back and saying hey OU your the champs in 05 we took USC chip away....really no thanks UNC should be there not us. If of course we both win out again a big if.

Terrance Sullivan

Okay cool love the perspective peeps.

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