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November 10, 2012



Anyone else see see Tubberville slap his Assistant Coach (technically a GA_

Anyone on here think Golden should be slapping people on his staff?


Did anyone see #99 Hamilton out there today....



GREAT post. For some reason people think playing without Bush, EJ, and Denzel didn't matter. Lol


We got to stop the excuses. We lost because we have too many freshmen. Well these guys have been freshmen for 7 games now. The excuses havent changed nor has the play. lol When it all comes down to it the only people who keep their jobs are those who win so it doesnt matter if the players are doing theirs. Its got nothing to do with the coaches keeping theirs. In the end there is not excuses. Instead of excuses we always preach the next man in.


Winning is everything...never saw a successful season making excuses for losing.


QB X = Heisman Candidate


I agree with mi@mic@ne ....A&M beats Alabama in Alabama with a red shirt freshman.

The excuses have got to stop. I mean if anybody has a complaint, it's Maryland where they are on there 4th QB (a converted LB).....

How much game film are these kids watching???


Losing is like a virus.. like Jimmy said you cannot accept it.. got to get rid of anything that is infected ..



GREAT post. For some reason people think playing without Bush, EJ, and Denzel didn't matter. Lol

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | November 10, 2012 at 11:31 PM

Thanks. I know Terry was left home. But I need to dig around. Not starting a rumor but I did not see #99 out there at all today? Did anyone else see him?

Prediction- if we give up historic points and yards the next 2 games and lose both games Coach D is gone.

If he gets all his players back from injury and suspension and we hold the next 2 teams to a reasonable amount of yards and points 300ish under 15ish and win both games he probably buys himself another year. He needs to fire everything he has left in the barrel because the heat is coming now from the local media and once that starts in SFLA banners start to fly.

You have to have horses to win.

Rogers- great height wt speed combo but not a football player. You be honest with this kid either he grows a pair and improves a lot and plays ST next year as a senior at best or he gets "cut".

Highsmith- a great kid by all accounts, is vocal and knows the D. Is not as gifted as any of the other safety's athletically and it shows. Next year Gets his degree and only see's the field on ST.

Jenkins- showed me something today, another great ht/wt/speed guy but plays much better then Rogers. He is young and will only get better, he can start the next two games with Bush and prepare for next year.

Porter- moving the pile better then anyone has the past 2 years, can be a difference maker if he goes hard in the offseason and has a big year next year might have a chance to make it to the nfl.

Darrius Smith- have not seen you in a month. Nice young man good luck in your next endeavour.

Mcgee- Will cheer you next year in the NFL. Thanks for buying in and showing guys what a Senior is about. our young guns will benefit next year because of what you did this year.

Gunter- not bad... Your length really helps you and next year you will be decent.

Howard- getting better each game, if you keep improving we will never have to see Finnie cost us a game again..

Finnie- you run a 4.3 why do you feel the need to grab a guy's jersey? Just stay with a guy. come on you are in the middle of the field did you think no one would see you? SMH

Paul- You are a decent LB in run support and blitzing, you are a dumpster on fire in pass coverage. On a decent team you would be a special teams demon and maybe a 3rd down blitzer.

Pierre- you got off 2 blocks today which was actually an improvement.....

Chick- the most invisible 2 sack game I can remember anyone having. Maybe another year you will get stronger and improve and get used to moving better with the weight. you can work hard and have a good career but need a big leap in improvement this spring and next fall.

Green- a hard worker but teams do not game plan for this guy, he scares no one. is smallish and is not disruptive on his side.

i could go on and on. great Canes teams had playmakers on both sides of the ball.

we have

Duke Johnson- by far our best player.
Dorsett- with improvement can be an nfl player.
Scott- see Dorsett

On D

#96- only DT who gets TFL and pushes the pile

Perryman- teams have to account for him

Bush- will be a bigger playmaker when we get another safety and he does not have to cover 3/4 the field by himself.


Jenkins and Bush are the future for UM at safety and D'Onofrio might consider playing both together in Miami's final two regular season games -- assuming Bush will be back."

What does that mean, assuming Bush will be back?


als got to be balanced with the rules cause nobodies gonna write next to his win lose column that he lost because he had to sit a star... lol


Fans need to stop making excuses for not supporting the team.

If you are not doing your part as a fan don't hold the coaches and players responsible for not doing theirs




What does that mean, assuming Bush will be back?Posted by:

TonyCane | November 11, 2012 at 12:03 AM

If he's not still injured



The coaches would get the fans support if they start winning instead of using excuses they said they wouldn't use...


On a completely separate note, never throw the football with your son at nighttime while wearing gas permeable contact lenses. It hurts like heck when he beans u in the eye with the football.


Sick of new excuses every game. You have to learn to bottom line the situation. Our team sucks because the coaches can't coach and can't recruit. As a result fans stay home. A winning team fills a stadium, but full stadium doesn't make a winning team. So keep the fans out from the sorry excuses. Golden and his staff just don't have what it takes. We gotta live with it until DS begins spending, gets a good AD and good coaching staff. Maybe it's time to impeach her.LOL.


If this team hasn't learned after 10 games.....I am not looking for 180 degree turn but phuck....show some improvements each week.


new blog is up.......pysch :-)


4th quarter possessions – offensive stats, are we tough enough?
#1 – 4 plays, result fumble. Elapsed Time 1.20
#2 – 2 plays, result TD. Elapsed Time 0.31
#3 - 3 plays, result punt. Elapsed Time 0.55
#4 – 3 plays, result punt. Elapsed Time 1.35
Totals – 4 possessions, 12 plays, Time of possession 4.21, 7 points.



If yo kids play sports and they sucked at it would you still go support em??

orange 'n green in the vein


First Downs 20 27
Third Down Eff. 4-10 9-14
4th Down Eff 1-1 1-1
Plays-Net Yards 59-420 85-482
Rushes-Yds 33-233 33-94
Passing Yds 187 388
Kick Return Yds 231 123
Punt Return Yds 0 0
Passes 18-26-0 40-52-1
Punts 4-136 3-105
Fumbles-Lost 1-1 0-0
Penalties-Yds 6-42 6-35
Time of Poss. 23:46 36:14

Looks to me like UM compared favorably to what Duke put up on UVA, except for the fact that the Hurricane defensive coaching staff couldn't coach UTSA competently at this rate (save Mike Barrow, as always, the guy with the NCAA and NFL championsip ring gets a pass from this indictment). Maybe one day no injuries will ever occur and there will never be a single player who tells the mutants from Philly how bogus their coaching is so they can have everybody available and some fans can finally face the music about their ineptitude instead of pining for a full roster 10 games into the season as being the reason why they still can't get anybody stopped.

How about when they set the record officially for the historically worst defense ever fielded by a UM team, will that do it for you myopically afflicted apologists?



Good job!!!


Stats for the game- participation chart does not list Terry, though I could ahve sworn I saw 58 out there.



You do realize that temple sucked just like the teams they played against? So to win at temple was a miracle



Tennessee hasn't won one conference game all year (0-6) but the stadium was still packed


Hassan- I've been on the no talent side of the coin all year. You can't make a race horse out of a donkey, but it's Golden's job to field a team, and make a gameplan that can handle a 2-6 squad. I'm having a real hard time absolving this staff for this loss because of the lack of quality of an opponent.

orange 'n green in the vein

Willie, I'm afraid to inform you that your bias has been exposed by your faulty logic now;

If Temple sucked just as much as the teams they played against in the MAC, it wouldn't be a miracle for one bad team in Temple to beat another bad team in the team they played and beat, it would be expected about half the time, even with the mutants dialing up the game plan.

Just like it wouldn't be a miracle for one badly coached team in Miami to beat a bad team in Virginia, even with less than all 22 starters available for various reasons.



I'm saying that temple was the worst of the worst. You been saying the teams that temple played sucked. So I'm saying you acting like temple was superiors to the teams they played so winning in the MAC was no big deal right????

We are talkin bout F N temple, most people don't even know they had a football team

Old Skool

I'm of the mind to trash the rest of the year.
It has become basically meaningless, the only thing to play for is to become bowl eligible so we can take a pass on it again.

Let the seniors start, play them for a quarter. Then let the young un's take over who need the experience, including Williams and especially Dallas Crawford.




Old Skool that is a good plan. It's funny - when we win a couple of games everyone gets excited and thinks "there are teams we should beat". Past history and this includes Shannon and Coker's last couple of years should really tell us that right now there are not really any "teams we should beat". And Hassan is right - that is alot of defenders to be off the roster. We finish this season 7-5, I will be ok with that as I really didn't t hink we would be in the hunt for anything big. Next year I want better though.

Happy Sunday party people and GO CANES


Cgnc yea I picked 6-6 to start the season so I'll take 7-5 as well. Next season must be a 9 win season at least! That stadium is going to be so empty on Saturday. I'll be there though......wonder if well see a fre NoD banner lol ah what a season so far so many highs and lows


I am really not surprise by the stellar performance of Jenkins. If you go back and look at the games or watch them live, you will see that although he did not play much, he is always around the ball when he did play. The only reason he did not have more tackles this year is for a lack of playing time.


Who is this #8 that plays for Miami?

He looks good.

Posted by: 86Cane | November 10, 2012 at 10:55 PM

I saw a kid like this in High School last year. I was thinking he is pretty good.

Posted by: Hassan | November 10, 2012 at 11:25 PM

After I saw Duke play in high school as a junior, I knew he was the best HS player in South Florida. Since then, Duke has only gotten better and better. Even when he does not have the ball in his hands, he impacts the game.

Duke is now third in the ACC in rushing and first in kick returns. I think Duke can break Portis' UM freshman record, will be ACC freshman of the year, and if the Canes can win out (and that is a big if), he may have a few teammates join him on that ACC All-freshman team.


A guy here said the U on our helmets stands for Unicorns, a myth you heard a lot about but have never really seen.

I said 7-5 before the season started, and with a lot of luck we could still make it.

Would you rather have 45 guys with good grades that can bench press 210 lbs 20 times 7 days a week, or 6 guys that could tackle in the open field every Saturday?


For those who say the canes lack talent to execute No D scheme, then what type of players are needed to execute rushing 2 lineman and droppin' 9 into coverage in the redzone and for those fan who've dug their heels into the sand to defend this staff at what time has the 2/9 scheme worked?


I wonder if anyone sent the clip of Tubberville turning around and smacking the headset right off his OC's head to Golden and NoD

Dude on a Pale Horse

Is D'Onofrio still on our staff this morning?


One thing that concerns me is that it appears that this defense is far, far worse than the one that took the field during the 1997 campaign. That sanctioned team could field less than 50 players total due to scholarship reductions, yet still gave up 60 fewer points a season than this squad.


Just saw the Tuberville clip from yesterday. That might make for a great fake on an opponent in the future, with the coach and OC feigning anger and confusion.


Did I read the Coastal leader board correct?

Canes still a top of division at 4-3 ACC record?

No Perryman No E Johnson No Bush = NO GOOD! Not an excuse just a f#%king fact people! Those three are the best players at their position! I will judge this staff next year!


Happy Veteran's Day, to all who serve and those who served! A grateful nation appreciates all that you do.


We got 1 DT now, that is something. We got 3 good LB but they never play 100% at the same time. We got 1 safety and might have another but they have never played together much. Our DE's will be stronger and guys like McCord would be bigger and much better next year, you have to think guys like Hoiett and Williams will do something by next year.

The Scheme sucks, it is not our style and D nofrio has never been a top coach hence why he was at Temple. we should replace him but we wont barring him looking real really bad in these next two games.

The players are small and inexperienced, hey we have "talent' these guys could have played anywhere except for a couple of our 2 star guys. But if you play alabama's freshman 60 snaps a game they would look small and lost too. Next year we WILL LOOK BIGGER, we WILL HAVE EXPERIENCE. we can only go UP from here. Golden will get it done, the road is not pretty it is not an expressway but he is on the road and he will get it done.

With all I said we are 5-5 and even with the exact same team but a sophomore Duke Johnson instead of a Freshman Duke we would be about 7-3 right now and almost ranked and a lock to be acc champs. Playing these young guns will pay off next year. Support this team like they are your own kids. We are not the Harlem Globetrotters but we are not the Washington Generals either.......

Guys for all the talk about having crappy temple coaches, having a crappy stadium, having a crappy fan base, not having horses to win the race. On the bright side the school is still in SFLA and that was the only key element in each of the 5 titles. The Championship talent still plays HS ball in SFLA, as long as that is the case we have a chance to be elite and build a program. We all wanted out team to go from 6-6 a top 75 team to top 5 in one year. the reality is what Randy left behind was a team with some talented individuals but not a TEAM. the roster was a mess, Golden probably could have got more studs overall on this team but he had to address certain things.

*He had to get bother a kicker and a punter in one year, his first year at that.

* He had to recruit 7 WR because we did not even have enough to run practice. Had we had normal depth and he only needed 2-3 guys there he would have had 4-5 spots to get top studs all around. When you recruit 7 guys in ONE YEAR at the same position you are not getting a top 100 guy or even top 10 guy at that position with your 5th,6th and 7th WR. When you only take 2-3 in one year you have a chance to shoot for the top 100 guys and top 10 in their positions for each of those top 2-3 guys. The roster is finally gaining symmetry but because Golden had to address these issues it does not have top talent through out. There is a big drop off the the top level guys and their back ups. Each each this will be addressed and as long as we do not have suspensions and injuries like these last two years we can fight this. These issues happened at numerous positions QB,WR,CB,LB

I can write a thesis about this team and our issues but Bottom line the sky is never falling as long as this team has that U on their helmet and they play football in Dade County where the best HS players in the Nation play. All it takes it a couple of kids and a couple of bounces of a football to make your year special. Ask the Gators they are 9-1 and the worst 9-1 team I ever saw. a couple of bounces from being 7-3 or worst. The organization and support issues are being fixed by Golden it takes time to fix and 85 man roster and years of a lazy culture. Next year with a SR QB who will be better after spring, Bigger better DL, 16 guys who RS this year, our ST our depth our entire team will be better. Our Senior's next year will be better and Juniors too. We are close have faith.


Sorry for typo's


Finish strong Canes!!




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