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November 02, 2012




IMO Virginia is the toughest game we have left, duke will be beat up by the time they play us. This is the ultimate test for us because you know how we do when everything is lined up perfectly for us and all we have to do is win.

orange 'n green in the vein

Willie, if the UVA team that showed up in Raleigh today takes the field next week instead of the on that was lining up for the first 2/3rds of the year, I agree with you. Luckily that game still probably doesn't have much bearing on the division race when all this shakes out but you never know.



I'm more concerned about us than them

dj moonbat

It's nice to know that UM is so good now, we can start thinking ahead about whether to graciously accept the ACC Championship game berth. Why, just last year, I would've been worried about losing to Virginia. No problem now, though, not now that we beat the mighty VT juggernaut.

orange 'n green in the vein

dj, Al himself proclaimed them the standard to measure by. A game under .500 on the year seems about right for the standard measurement to me, doesn't it to you too?

Go back and relive the amount of blog sweat being shed before the Duke game last year, UVA was being chalked up as a win in the week run up seeing as how there had never been a Thursday home game loss in UM history to that point.



Hi Thomas-

THANK YOU for cheering us on at Sun Life Stadium on Thursday, and for doing your part to help Miami move into first place in the ACC Coastal Division. We truly appreciate all the ways in which you support the ‘Canes; from your season tickets, to inviting your friends and family to join us, and for spending your time with us at the stadium on game days.


OGV...surely even your thick noggin can get what Golden meant when he said that about VT and Beamer, right?


dj...it is all based on "IF" the Canes win out and have a shot. U know that nobody lives in the "here and now" anymore, it's all about next week, or next month or even next year (recruiting).

orange 'n green in the vein

Of course I get what he was trying to convince us of 86, I just completely disagree with it from the basis of the argument he was trying to get across by saying it. I know, shocking, I don't agree with everything Al tries to sell us, still want to see him win a national title next year. Both are not mutually exclusive.

orange 'n green in the vein

Did you thank them for not playing "Enter Sandman," pre-game 86? Only one week every two years they shouldn't be allowed to play it and they finally did in a win, coincidence? No. Also, don't mention where that extra ticket ended up going whatever you do.


86 -

I read an article that stated the average home attendance in 2001 for UM games was 48,000 fans per game. This year attendance is around 38,000 fans per game. Next year I would bet that the average goes up because we WILL be winning more games. Also, I hope Sunlife builds some seats closer to the Damn field and puts on a retractable roof!! Once Sunlife make those improvements the staduim will be much better with crowd noise, heat, home filed advantange ect. If they make those improvements there is no reason to leave Sunlife.




Miami's Recruits vs Opponents Recruits (Last 4 Seasons)

2009: (1)*****,(9)****,(8)***,(1)**
2010: (0)*****,(6)****,(18)***,(4)**
2011: (0)*****,(2)****,(13)***,(2)**
2012: (2)*****,(8)****,(23)***,(0)**

Total 5-Stars: 3
Total 4-Stars: 25
Total 3-Stars: 62
Total 2-Stars: 7

2009: (0)*****,(1)****,(6)***,(10)**
2010: (0)*****,(2)****,(14)***,(5)**
2011: (0)*****,(4)****,(9)***,(10)**
2012: (0)*****,(2)****,(8)***,(6)**

Total 5-Stars: 0
Total 4-Stars: 9
Total 3-Stars: 37
Total 2-Stars: 31

2009: (0)*****,(0)****,(12)***,(13)**
2010: (0)*****,(2)****,(12)***,(3)**
2011: (0)*****,(0)****,(20)***,(8)**
2012: (0)*****,(1)****,(14)***,(6)**

Total 5-Stars: 0
Total 4-Stars: 3
Total 3-Stars: 58
Total 2-Stars: 30

2009: (0)*****,(1)****,(17)***,(3)**
2010: (0)*****,(5)****,(11)***,(2)**
2011: (0)*****,(1)****,(18)***,(3)**
2012: (0)*****,(2)****,(13)***,(2)**

Total 5-Stars: 0
Total 4-Stars: 9
Total 3-Stars: 59
Total 2-Stars: 10

2009: (0)*****,(1)****,(19)***,(7)**
2010: (1)*****,(4)****,(9)***,(5)**
2011: (0)*****,(1)****,(13)***,(6)**
2012: (0)*****,(0)****,(17)***,(5)**

Total 5-Stars: 0
Total 4-Stars: 6
Total 3-Stars: 58
Total 2-Stars: 23

2009: (1)*****,(9)****,(5)***,(3)**
2010: (0)*****,(10)****,(12)***,(1)**
2011: (2)*****,(8)****,(11)***,(1)**
2012: (1)*****,(8)****,(7)***,(2)**

Total 5 Stars: 4
Total 4 Stars: 35
Total 3 Stars: 35
Total 2 Stars: 7

2009: (1)*****,(13)****,(9)***,(5)**
2010: (0)*****,(4)****,(16)***,(1)**
2011: (0)*****,(8)****,(13)***,(3)**
2012: (0)*****,(3)****,(18)***,(2)**

Total 5 Stars: 1
Total 4 Stars: 32
Total 3 Stars: 56
Total 2 Stars: 11

2009: (2)*****,(10)****,(8)***,(1)**
2010: (2)*****,(8)****,(14)***,(0)**
2011: (2)*****,(13)****,(13)***,(1)**
2012: (3)*****,(9)****,(5)***,(1)**

Total 5 Stars: 9
Total 4 Stars: 40
Total 3 Stars: 40
Total 2 Stars: 3

2009: (0)*****,(5)****,(14)***,(3)**
2010: (0)*****,(4)****,(14)***,(0)**
2011: (0)*****,(4)****,(14)***,(3)**
2012: (0)*****,(7)****,(19)***,(2)**

5 Stars: 0
4 Stars: 20
3 Stars: 42
2 Stars: 8

2009: (0)*****,(5)****,(11)***,(9)**
2010: (0)*****,(1)****,(12)***,(4)**
2011: (0)*****,(5)****,(17)***,(3)**
2012: (0)*****,(4)****,(16)***,(6)**

5 Stars: 0
4 Stars: 15
3 Stars: 56
2 Stars: 22

2009: (0)*****,(5)****,(17)***,(6)**
2010: (0)*****,(2)****,(12)***,(5)**
2011: (0)*****,(1)****,(15)***,(4)**
2012: (0)*****,(2)****,(16)***,(2)**

5 Stars: 0
4 Stars: 10
3 Stars: 60
2 Stars: 17

2009: (0)*****,(2)****,(13)***,(12)**
2010: (0)*****,(0)****,(10)***,(10)**
2011: (0)*****,(0)****,(11)***,(9)**
2012: (0)*****,(1)****,(10)***,(9)**

5 Stars: 0
4 Stars: 3
3 Stars: 44
2 Stars: 40


Als recruits are some of the best. Thats why our opponents are softer. We put a fence up around dade and win the recruiting wars then our opponents will half to settle for the crumbs.

Im excited and i believe its only gonna get better. Maybe we can made the ACC like the big easy...lol

We already self imposed a bowl ban... that should be enough to show the NCAA that we are being compliant. We do not need to appear to be begging... we should expect some scolly reductions but thats it. Al is gonna bring in more dollars than Satan in the future. Remember this is the UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU BABY.


We know the NCAA is run by sec schools. Its time to turn this thing around. We the most successful players and coaches are or have been in the NFL who can speak out about these injustices. I hope we get the machine behind Al.


No. Also, don't mention where that extra ticket ended up going whatever you do.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | November 03, 2012 at 05:39 PM



Oh and Duke is our best offensive weapon. Hes a game changer.. need to keep him healthy.. i think hes more shifty than Mcgahee was.


Ohio...U have been doing a GREAT job on the Troll Patrol over the last few weeks.



Steven needs to have a better percentage connecting on long passes. I know hes got a low percentage. And we cant keep dropping those long balls if we want to move to the next level.

Duke would have had a couple more long runs if Steven would have been more accurate on those swings.

orange 'n green in the vein

mi@, Morris' accuracy is starting to really become frustrating for me, not sure if the ankle injury is still affecting him or not but the high and behind the target passes and the swings in the grass to the backs is really puzzling as to why he can't correct that.


We used to be qb U because of our almost perfect perimeter game. It was our bread and butter. Now we are very inconsistent... its not hard to change... just need to have a crash course in catching the ball cause these guys dont play as much as we used to.. to many video games.


We used to play year round...lol


The football was part of our wardrobe... used to carry it every where lol

Terrance Sullivan

Jack we are averaging 48,000 this year as well my friend.


Btw you have to skip the bowl games this year. I really think if we skip two bowl games and we take away a few scholarships and put ourselves on probation I think the NCAA will be happy with that and not hit us with anything else. Perfect example is look at Ohio State. They could be playing for a title this year instead because of 6-6 going to a dumb bowl game they have to sit it out this year.

Lets just say UM has a great year next year 1-3 loss season and win our divison. Everybody will be so mad that we did not skip the bowl this season.


WOW the refs strike again for ND!!!


Pitt 20 ND 12.. fourth q


The refs who make bad calls need to have game bans lol


Morris' footwork has not been good, and I think it has impacted his accuracy. Morris must work on his footwork and consistency if he really wants to be an elite ACC QB.

Duke is the best playmaker in the ACC, and the best Canes playmaker in years. He essentially flips the field when he is healthy, by giving UM the X plays. If Duke can stay healthy, I am not worried about the Canes ability to score points. Duke will see to that.

I wonder if Jimmy Johnson's presence made D No become more agressive on D. I saw a little more agressive playcalling and even a blitz. I like the way our LBs are developing, and having Porter back made a differnce. I think our defense will improve a lot.

For the first time in a while, the Canes will enter a three game stretch where they are favored to win each game. Let's see if Golden and staff can close the deal and win the first ever Coastal Division crown. If they do, I think the Golden critics will be silenced for a long time.


yesssssssssssss ND slowly fading woshhhh


HOw Pitt did not blitz those last to plays is a joke!


Lets thanks the refs for two of the ND wins so far this season.....what a joke!!!


ND is so lucky


Like i said ND rise is the worse thing that can for college football .. its like boxing.. everyone knows the fix is in... a true loss of respect for the game.


Damn Nelson Agalor true freshman receiver from Tampa starts for USC just made an awesome TD...Amari Cooper true freshman receiver from Northwestern High starts for Bama..I guess we can't get them all but those two would have been nice!


TJL...not unless you have $$$, pimped out rides and Rolexs at the ready. NO SERIOUSLY.


OGV - I agree, Morris has a bunch of talent, and a great arm. Not 100% convinced either he or Fisch can take us to promised land.

Needs more touch on ball, go through his progressions more, would like to see a little more vocal leadership.

Can't argue about the guys' arm, though - I trust him more on the 50+ throws than I do on the 5 yarders....



When you gon reply to my email???


Alph...if you were at the game in the upper deck 50 yard line like us then you would see what we see. Morris' issues are:

1. He does not see the field well at all. There are guys open on almost every play and they hardly ever see the ball.

2. He has only average acurracy on short to medium throws. He makes simple passes very tough to catch by throwing too hard, hot and high or at the hip or knees.

3. He appears to be a hard worker (this year, not last) but is only an average motivator, leader, and QB. He is not vocal enough and lacks "presence".


Willie...Wednesday at 4:37 PM.


The weather channel just reported that a new tropical storm is brewing and will hit Miami on 11/17. BTW - the tropical storm will reach Cat 5 status by then and the name of the Hurricane is called Raizecane!!!


Y'all do know that teams have won NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS with worse qb's than Morris????



This past Wednesday??


Oregon has well over 600 yards on USC defense in 3 quarters

How many 5 stars does SC have on the D?



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Terrance Sullivan

86 u are spot on my friend. I see the same thing from section 130 East End Zone Crew. QB play has to get better. I mean Morris is serviceable. Love the guy but just being honest.



I got it and replied back. Thanks


Damn Nelson Agalor true freshman receiver from Tampa starts for USC just made an awesome TD...Amari Cooper true freshman receiver from Northwestern High starts for Bama..I guess we can't get them all but those two would have been nice!

Posted by: tjl3909 | November 03, 2012 at 08:34 PM

That #21 from USC would've been nice also. I don't even think we sniffed that kid during recruiting.


BTW - the tropical storm will reach Cat 5 status by then and the name of the Hurricane is called Raizecane!!!

Posted by: raizecane | November 03, 2012 at 09:51 PM

Rhuh rhoo...Better call in the Captain Morgan delivery truck? Back it up, c'mon back, lift gate, 10 cases of The Captain right here. LOL


In an early NCAA basketball result:

Oregon beats USC 62-51 on several late three point shots.

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