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November 19, 2012





Good morning! Let's go Canes! Finish strong! This is a must win!

7-5 improvement indeed!


Herb Waters and Michael Irvin look alike...


Let's go canes!


Will Miami self impose a bowl ban? FYI A former player told me yes they are.


They just self imposed a ban

Old Skool

Judging from my success in handling cheerleaders or at least trying to back in high school, I'm the last guy you need negotiating for you.

Old Skool

Another Bowl ban.

Sounds like an indication the administration is expecting a pretty heavy smackdown.


I now some of you will defend Donna shalala but too many bad things have under her watch and it maybe time for a change in personnel or a change business football mindset.


Old Skool

Hoo Boy.
Letting Georgia Tech play for the ACC championship is like letting Rosie O'Donnell compete for Miss Universe.


Boy that sucks. Sucks.

I guess someone got wind of potential sanctions. I just hope they understand how serious the Duke game is.


And NO more consulting Barry Alvarez


"Breaking News: As expected Miami will forego it's second consecutive Bowl appearance. http://ow.ly/foUMU #NoBowl #MoveOn"- PapaCane

I think Papa's "as expected" doesn't hold weight here.

Terrance Sullivan

Nice 86. Well my fellow Canespacers our Canes need to beat Duke Saturday finish 7-5 and get ready for 2013. In the words of the Legendary Canes great and Ravens great Ed Reed I'm hurt dawg.


"From a recruiting standpoint, the Bowl issue helps. It's over now. Potential Canes won't be scared about missing Bowls. Relief."- PapaCane

Won't be scared about missing bowls? Am I supposed to infer that there won't be any additional bowl-related punishment from this?


AnthonyJManis aka Antcane

Crushed,I was gonna be 5 hours away from Wallace Wade and was looking at tickets. If I don't want to go now and I am die hard( Spring games,noon games,away games,hauling ass down the turnpike for thursday nite games, and bowl games)then how do some of the players feel? I recall last years game against BC when we self imposed. It was senior day and you could tell by alot of the guys emotions they were done with the season. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man this sucks. 86 not bieng a pest but whats up with the canespace shirt?
P.S. Wrong AntCane when you said you had a pick of me at the UCF game I was like how the hell? Funny. Anyways whose going to UCF arena 12/18 Bball?

AnthonyJManis aka Antcane

"Living in a world of fools"


Something positive:

Duke Johnson has 1,791 all-purpose yards. He is also responsible for 11 TD's.


The administration surely realizes that UM is facing some potentially heavy sanctions from the NCAA. As such, in the short term a self-imposed bowl ban makes sense (and it will earn more dollars and cents for the U over the long term).


This sucks!! I knwo it had to be done but AH!!! the NCAA SUCKS!!



CORAL GABLES, Fla. - The University of Miami has made the decision to withhold the football team from bowl consideration for the 2012 postseason. The decision was made in response to the ongoing NCAA inquiry and the University has informed both the NCAA and the Atlantic Coast Conference of its decision. The decision also means that should the Miami football team qualify for the ACC Championship Game, it will not be eligible to participate.
Interim Director of Athletics Blake James informed the team of the decision this morning, two days after the Hurricanes became bowl eligible with their sixth victory of the season.

The unprecedented decision to voluntarily withhold the football team from a second consecutive postseason was made by University leadership, including President Shalala, the Office of the General Counsel and Department of Athletics leaders. Considerable deliberation and discussion based on the status of the NCAA inquiry went into the decision-making process and, while acknowledging the impact that the decision will have on current student-athletes, coaches, alumni and fans, a determination was made that voluntarily withholding the football team from a second postseason was not only a prudent step for the University to take but will also allow for the football program and University to move forward in the most expedited manner possible.

The University and President Shalala have been clear from the start of the inquiry that Miami will cooperate fully and will seek the truth, no matter where the path might lead and that the institution will be stronger because of it. The University has already taken proactive measures to ensure more strict compliance with NCAA rules and continues to evaluate further steps.

No other self-imposed penalties have been issued at this time and to continue to protect the integrity of the inquiry, the University will have no further comment.


Again I have no inside inf...but I agree with Papa I would be shocked if they gave UM another bowl ban....Ive read places that if OSU and UNC would have banned themselves last year they would have not be banned this year.

We are the first school to ban ourselves 2 years in a row. I have a feeling and lets not forget this is a business....and most of these people are in bed with each other. I find it hard to believe that UMs lawyers and Prez was not able to fins any "inside info" about if they banned themselves again that no more bans would be coming.

Maybe its just me "hoping" that they wont get another one and this my way to convince myself lol.

I see no more bowl bans scholarship taken away and probation and thats it....again NO INSIDE INFO JUST MY THOUGHTS.


I'm sad we won't be in the ACCCG after we beat the crap out of Duke this week, but I'm also relieved. Anyone that was around pregame Saturday knows I was asking for this.

That said, LB, I do believe there won't be any more bowl bans by the NCAA. I don't have any inside info on that, but believe it to be true.



Miami's decision will add to the ACC's bowl dilemma this season.

The ACC has affiliations with eight bowl games, but this year, it will be unable to fill those spots. North Carolina is ineligible because of NCAA sanctions, Miami is choosing to be ineligible, and Maryland, Boston College and Virginia have already lost too many games to be bowl-qualified - so at most, seven teams will be going to the postseason. Wake Forest (5-6) and Virginia Tech (5-6) could merit bowl invitations if they win this coming weekend.

The ACC pools its bowl revenue and shares it among all 12 of its member schools, but it's unclear how that process will be affected - if at all - since the league will not receive payouts from the usual number of postseason matchups.


I'm glad we chose to self impose but I really hate it for mike James and the rest of the seniors. Man I'm going to miss that Cane.


This reallly reallly sucks!!!! The reason being Mike James and Brandon Mcgee and other seniors have worked hard and deserved one more shot at getting a Bowl win.... That also means i don't get to watch a healthy Duke Johnson beast on fswhoo....

SOup good looks on the shout out Boss!!! have a ton of pics from the UVA game i was going to send you but ive buried them..

Account Deleted

glad they did it....let's hope the NCAA doens't hit the scholarships to hard.

Be interesting to see the level of play against Duke, they have everthing to play for and we're done for the season.

Oh well, on to 2013!!


No point in speculating people. We have no knowledge as to what the NCAA is thinking. The bowl bans are prudent, conservative decisions which protect the program. Don't freak out. We knew this was coming.


I was going to be in Florida anyway - driving back on 12/2 so I wouldn't have been able to make the ACCCG. But in reality we were only in it because UNC had sanctions and beating FSU was probably not going to happen. BAH


TOnycane - you know what else is prudent? Hiring GOOD AD's, not letting your Athletic Department become so broken that midget ponzi schemers are roaming at large.


Finally, a no brainer decision. Now it's on to bigger and better things, like beating down Puke and get to recruiting. We have a good scrappy team but who wants to be called scrappy. This was not the year to be sentimental and want to play on. We will be a year older, bigger, stronger and the experience we have coming back should ensure us of nothing less than 9-3. What stinks is we have most of our tough games away next year and we will be facing a lot of veteran QB's. You have to think V. Tech, FSU & Flo. defenses will be tough, so nothing is guaranteed but I like our chances a whole lot better next year, with a veteran team, than this year. Our defense has got to get fixed, first and foremost. It's time for Goldie to get the final pieces to the puzzle, with this recruiting class.


"Winning" the ACC Coastal would be more meaningful, if we had beaten UNC. Regardless, a 7-5 season looks pretty good right now.

BRING ON DUKE. Let's end the season on a positive note!


I'm glad we chose to self impose but I really hate it for mike James and the rest of the seniors. Man I'm going to miss that Cane.

Posted by: ARCane | November 19, 2012 at 09:44 AM


If there is any anger, it needs to be directed to the "knuckleheads" that put us in this situation.

Duke is now our Bowl game.......damn that sounds really sad.


No point in speculating people. We have no knowledge as to what the NCAA is thinking. The bowl bans are prudent, conservative decisions which protect the program. Don't freak out. We knew this was coming.

Posted by: Tonycane | November 19, 2012 at 09:49 AM

There IT is right there.


MD sources going to big 10


forget uconn get lville

orange 'n green in the vein

UConn is a better school than Louisville, in the ACC that means a lot. Still doesn't explain Florida State Community College addition in the 90's though.

I'm more than fine with not playing in a jabronie bowl that UM will lose money traveling to, but not getting another chance to screw up the indian's season ticks me off even if they end up in a three way tie for first that who knows which team would have arisen to the top once you factor in the breaker scenarios.


BREAKING: Maryland to leave the ACC for the Big 10.

Rutgers from Big East to follow.


I know the ACC will take Uconn, but I think lville for sports is a better choice IMO.

BTW OMar is making Selio look like an idiot knocking him on all his complaints about the admin of UM if you have a chance to listen I would. I know Omar has killed UM, but it was tough for me not to agree with all he was saying.

FInally somebody agreed with Ive been saying....we should have gone into business with FIU....to build a staduim! Damn it.




86Can, its was great to meet you this past weekend @ the Turnpike's VERO exit (T. Howard's uncle)!

Keep up the good work!

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