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November 19, 2012





I am hopeful for the future and I know we will find success on the other side. We have a great yet difficult opportunity to rebuild the program right for sustained excellence. We are gonna need a ton of wins to wash away the immediate future. But I have faith.


This year's class is going to be very small, and once we here from the NCAA, the quality of players may not be of the same caliber as 2012 either.

Posted by: BigSonnyCane | November 19, 2012 at 04:24 PM

Big Sonny...good to see U on the blog.

Go Tracy Howard!!!


So anyway I am on my way home from the UM - USF game with my lovely wife Maria. After leaving The Hampton Inn in Plantation we drove up I-95 to Juno Beach to visit the Loggerhead MarineLife Center. They specialize in sea turtle preservation and rescue/recovery.

We had a great visit there along the beach and had some great seafood in Jupiter before driving up I-95 to Fort Pierce and then crossing over to the FL Turnpike.

We stopped at a McDonalds in Fort Pierce for a cup of coffee for the long ride home to Winter Haven. We are in the parking lot there where we see some UM fans in Canes gear. We say hi and good game and flash the U. Well next thing U know we are approached by more UM fans.

Turns out that some of Tracy Howard's family are there too. His Aunt and Big Sonny come up to me and say: "Hey, we like your shirt." (Canespace 2012)

Big Sonny says: "Hey, your the main guy at Canespace right?" I say yeah and we chat for a while about the Canes, Al Golden and Tracy Howard. It was ALL good!



On self-imposing a bowl ban… I’m not in that loop. I have complete confidence in our president, our legal counsel and our Athletic Director Blake James. The way I look at it is this - we have the best president in the country. A president that oversaw a 600 million dollar budget when she was in the cabinet. She was in rooms where they made decisions as to whether they are going to overthrow heads of state, whether we were going to commit troops. I think she can handle this one. I have complete confidence she can handle this one. I’m just happy for the guys. I’m happy for the win today. I’m happy to have the opportunity to go to Durham next week and play for the Coastal.

On his role in the bowl decision-making…
I’m not part of it, and most of that is to protect me from the legal side of it, to be quite honest. I’m not privy to what the president is privy to. I don’t know what the president knows, or our legal counsel, or what Blake James knows, and I’m not a part of that. I’m sure there will be some discussions tonight and tomorrow and we’ll go from there.

On addressing the bowl eligibility with the team… I lamented the fact that I didn’t address it before Virginia. For all the things we didn’t do well in the game, I wish I had said, ‘hey guys, I’m getting so many questions about it, if we are we going to do this or do that, so I know you must be seeing it or hearing it.’ I think the kids did an awesome job this week of just listening to what I was saying and what the staff was saying. Just live in a vision. Go out and play. Enjoy it. Don’t let anyone get you down, talking about what you don’t have, because it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I thought our kids enjoyed it tonight. Our kids played hard. We have to do the same thing next week. We have to block out the circumstances. Don’t make any excuses, we’re responsible for what we can control. The rest will take care of itself - I have faith in that.



On the performance of the team’s defense…
Denzel [Perryman] and Eddie [Johnson] make a difference, I don’t think there’s any question, having guys back like that. Hopefully we’ll get Deon [Bush] back. I think Corey King did a nice job. The presence of all three of those kids made a difference in the game. We played a lot of guys, we rotated, we got some takeaways which were huge. It was a good win.

On the defense holding USF offense to single digits… We were all disappointed with how we played last week and the circumstances we were dealing with. The three games leading up to Virginia, we showed marked improvement, and obviously we got back on track here tonight. You can’t erase what happened last week, but obviously we all understand what goes into a game like that and an effort like that. I thought the guys responded today.

On blocking out distractions with a young team… It’s tough. It’s not just the kids, it’s everybody. Everybody in the organization. I’ve never had a season where I wasn’t answering for those questions, never been in a kid’s home recruiting where I didn’t have to answer those questions. I can’t wait for that day. I thank the parents, and the players who stayed here to fight through this – those are the ones we should be honoring. Those seniors who stayed here to fight through this and didn’t take the easy way out, and all the kids that joined us, that want to see the University of Miami back where it needs to be.

On the play of freshman safety Rayshawn Jenkins…I think he’s talented. That rookie class has really stepped up. I don’t know if he’s the ninth or 10th freshman who has started for us this year, but they’ve stepped up. They’ve really had to fill in. A lot of them were pressed into service before they were ready. They’re competitors, they love football, and they love the University of Miami. I’m very pleased with Rayshawn.


With over 30 years of coaching experience in the collegiate ranks, Jim Leavitt is in his second season as the linebackers coach for the 49ers after being hired on January 19, 2011.

In 2011, Leavitt led a linebacking corps that featured two, First-Team All-Pro selections, LB Patrick Willis and LB NaVorro Bowman. Bowman, in his first year as a starter, led the team with 173 tackles, while adding two sacks and two fumble recoveries. Willis ranked second on the team with 121 tackles and set career-highs with four forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries and 12 passes defensed. The 49ers also ranked first in the NFL in run defense, in 2011.

Prior to joining San Francisco, Leavitt was the head coach at the University of South Florida, a position he held since the program’s inception in 1995. In 13 seasons, he led the Bulls to a 95-57 record.


Big Sonny says: "Hey, your the main guy at Canespace right?" I say yeah and we chat for a while about the Canes, Al Golden and Tracy Howard. It was ALL good!

Posted by: 86Cane | November 19, 2012 at 10:56 PM

I knew you were famous. Soup you are on fire so many good articles in record time.


Kirby weighs 218 lbs currently and came into UM benching 225 for 9 reps he is currently up to 27 reps and hopes to be over 30 soon.

How big and strong will our LB corps he next year?

Perryman currently 225 and 30 reps of 225 - next year should be about 233 lbs and repping over 33 times

EJ currently 238 lbs and benches 225 for 25 reps. Next year should be 245 and benching over 30 reps



Lets make sure that when we are ranked next year kickin the Gators ass that there is no room on the band wagon for this guy.


The PBR returns here Super Bowl weekend! Can't wait.


ESPN Radio taking shots at the NCAA regarding the Miami situation... A must listen...

From ESPN Radio NCAA committee on infractions:


Miami has already been destroyed by the NCAA with the Shapiro situation.


USA TODAY college football coaches salaries database



AG headed to Rocky Top?


Beer...that is NEGATIVE, Al Golden is not going anywhere. His agent is a weasel and floating his name around to gain attention for his client. Golden will be at Miami for many, many years to come.


86 I hope not but you never know


Hassan that guy is dumb from the that paper....Miami was actually relevant in 2009 get in the top 10....we had a 3 loss regular season...and were in play for the ACC chip game that year. FSU btw hasnt won an ACC chip since 2005 our last one we played for acutally was 2004 against VT grant it yes it wasnt called it, but that winner of that game won the chip. That guy just wrote a lazy article to get hits with a catchie headline. The best part is next year the big 3 all play each other and we can see were we stack up than! SEPT 7 2013 CANT COME FAST ENOUGH!!



great article by Linda Robertson


OV telling the papers that sometimes it feels like th school doesnt have your back....regarding the bowl bans.....UMMM really OV UM is in this because you were one of the cheaters!!!!! How can you say the school that recruited you, that you played for the and the one you cheated and helped get in trouble doesnt have your back! What an ahole!!


pb - who is OV?

Hasssan - the Sentinel has always been a Gator paper


Olivie Vernon-sorry


All this bowl stuff is a distraction. Al needs to win convincingly against the Doogies... then he needs to go out and get the guys who are better then what we have now. He needs to get guys who are doing 100 reps with 300 pounds of pure muscle. All he needs to do is have a media blitz on all the d tackles that have come out of the U over the years who are pro bowlers... lets set our standards high enough to create more competition. There is always someone better.

orange 'n green in the vein

I think Vernon is one of the truly great DE's ever to play at UM potentially when he calls it a career down the line, but having been caught up in the courting behavior of jail-candy liars isn't giving him any credibility when it comes to throwing stones at the place he went to college regarding loyalty.

Now if he had said he doesn't think Jethro has your back when it comes to teaching you how to best disrupt a passing game, I'd be in total agreement with him.


And Al needs to study the film of the 20 years when we consistently had a top five defense. With some of those years consistently not allowing triple digits in rushing.


The NCAA is like the Mob that has a nation wide organized chain of command of thuggery. They are like the old movies where the Mob meets around the kitchen table to decide between life and death of a college program. And they control the money like its being laundered. lol


The SEC would be equivalent to the Chicago crime bosses. lol


So the rant goes on: Should of, would of, could of. We made our own bed and now we have to watch the sand pass through the hour glass, waiting for the inevitable and that's what sux. The NCAA, is slowly letting us bleed, why because we are the redheaded step child that they hate. How long did it take for them to render a decision with OSU, UNC & Penn St, pretty dam swiftely, so fast that they didn't really even get to the bottom of Carolinas whole problem, Cheating to stay eligible. It took them, what 5 years to figure out Reggie Bush was guilty but that's only because they really didn't want to go after USC, only after more and more stuff came out specifically about O.J. Mayo did they do anything. Okay, we've know we were going to get some sanctions laid on us. We all knew it wasn't going to be good, so anything that comes our way shouldn't be a surprise. I, as a rabid fan, am more concerned with this team getting better and putting a product out on the field, that has a chance to play for a ship, not just an ACC ship. In order for that to happen in this conference you had better not have a bunch of cupcakes, as non-conference games, and you had better not lose a game or you have no shot and the only scenario that would be different, would be if Miami & FSU, were like they used to be. FSU's defense is ship caliber but not there offense. We are not even in the same area code they are defensively. I agree 86 to some extint about DENO, I don't know about coordinator of the year but give the man some more talent and then we can really comment on what he is or isn't. Being a coach, what I hear all the time, is parents making up excuse for their kids for their lack of talent or blaming an official. We have to blame someone, so we blame DENO, when in reality the talent level overall is just not that good, at this point. There are however, several players who could develop one day, into something special, it just isn't happening right now. Don't be surprised to watch Duke light up the skies passing Saturday. They have never beaten us but if ever they had a chance, it would be this year against this defense. The Herb sees an offensive explosion 41-31 and with a finaL 7-5 record, LETS LOOK FORWARD TO RECRUITING.
Since Mary has bolted for the big 10 or 12, I wouldn't be surprised if FSU doesn't bolt for the SEC, especially if they win out.


Thats why the U was a dominating team cause we did not let the outsiders affect our play on the field. The truth is the NCAA is like a family that has rules so some programs get favoritism while the other ones get picked on. If you follow their rules your gonna end up being mediocre.

Our program has always attracted the players who were pushing the limit. Thats what we called swagger. And the truth is that if we try to be good and fall in line then we will still be accused of being out of line.

This is why we were respected when we had that swagger. We were more than just a player .. we were an icon of success. Its hard to understand but it is really true that you can go to another program and get beat by us when we have that swagger back because we are always perceive as the outsider. We cannot be bought and sold. Its just the way it has always been.


I ask the recruits from miami... which side would you rather be on? Going to Ohio state with 120,000 cheering you but they dont care about your home town. They think your from a screwball place. Now with this in mind wouldnt it be better going into that stadium and silencing those buckeggs? Seriously.. thats what it was all about... i was in that time period... the U was looked up for that...and the 70,000 fans you get in Miami are gonna be more loyal because as you see it hurts to much to watch the team you love lose. This is the only place that you can achieve that status.

Old Skool

CBS Sports.com report that the ACC has targeted Big East members USF, Connecticut, Louisville and Cincinnati as potential replacements for Maryland.

orange 'n green in the vein

I'm going to repeat this one more time and hopefully this sinks in this time around;

The SEC will never admit FSU, Clemson or Georgia Tech due to the blood pact sworn amongst UF, South Carolina and Georgia respectively to never allow the two other than their rivals in when it comes to a vote. These three schools have agreed to vote as a block to keep the SEC card in their part of their state to play with recruits over their respective ACC rival programs. Recruiting makes strange bedfellows in the SEC East.


OGV...I totally get it and agree with U 100% on the SEC thing.


I tend to agree with you OGV, but if the Big 12 wants Clemson and FSU, the SEC might change their minds. I saw a comment the other day that the Big 12 needs 2 more teams to get back to 4 out of conference games. I take that to mean they're still looking to grab someone, and many people think Clemson and FSU are the most attractive targets. The SEC might feel compelled to block the moves.


Saying Vernon is one of the best DE's we ever had, is like saying Marcus Forston was one of the best DTs we ever had. WTF!


Dan Stubbs

He finished his college career as the school's all-time career (39 1/2) and single season (17 in 1986) sack leader. He also had 25 tackles for loss and 267 total tackles and holds the school record for his position with 139 assists. In 1999 he was inducted into the University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame.

This is what a good de does.

orange 'n green in the vein

The SEC can change their minds, but those three programs would rather add another Missouri-type lightweight than let in an in-state rival to their all mighty conference hegemony. Big 12 is a dicey proposition for both FSU and Clemson but if the money is right the dominoes will fall.

Herb, the smoke is in your eyes again, and I quote, "I think Vernon is one of the truly great DE's ever to play at UM potentially when he calls it a career down the line," notice the POTENTIALLY part of that one? Now pass it over here por favor.



Terrance Sullivan

OGV you are spot on.

Old Skool

My favorite DE Rusty Madearis appeared on his way to the NFL before a block resulted in a dislocated knee and extensive structural damage. In his first two seasons, Medearis totaled 20 sacks despite starting only 15 games. In a game against Texas Tech as a freshman, Medearis was credited with 5.5 sacks, 12 tackles and one quarterback pressure


roach, Willie is scheduled to end his honeymoon with D'No sometime in the winter of 2013 right now, but he might spring for another trip to the Caribbean if UM ranks in the last 3/4ths of teams defensively by then I think.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | November 19, 2012 at 07:14 PM

This made me LOL literally, one of those moments when everybody is quiet in the room and then you bust off laughing out of no where lol.

I digress lol. But anyways, how am I on a honeymoon wit D'no when I wanted him GONE last year??? I'm the one that named the defense "the offenses water break". But all I can ask for is improvement and that's what I've been seeing, 306 yds down since nc state. Is it great right now?? No. I'm I satisfied wit it?? No. But its going in the right direction wit young players so I have to give him benefit of doubt till next year. I can't get rid of somebody that's improving. If I was your boss and I came to you and said things need to improve or I'll have to let you go and you start improving what should I do?? Still get rid of you?? Pretty much we've had too much coaching turnover recently and that's what's been hurting us. So id prefer to judge all the coaches next year when youth and depth shouldn't be an issue.

I hope you'll be prepared to eat some serious crow when this thing gets turned around?? Still funny that you LOVE coker but HATE golden, that's totally a$$ backwards lol


He may have a great pro career and hope he does but he didn't leave here as one of the all time best but he had potential, unrealized that is.


Hey Willie, the Herb loved Coker too, as an offensive coordinator.


Al Golden met with the media at his weekly press conference. http://tmblr.co/ZYURCyXgp9R1


Goldie says Scott to be reinstated after Jan. 1ST. What did this dude do?


See I love being on here when it is not a bash the coaches day. Good convo's going on. Does anyone know if the duke game will be on tv? I know it says acc network but I dont think I have that. Hopefully I can watch this game.



From yesterdays comment. I have high standards for our defense, Ima defensive minded person. Id rather have a better defense than offense 7 days out the week. But we really can't keep up all the coaching turnover that's been going on for the last decade, we need stability.

You brought up the point that the D did good bcuz it was South Florida wit their 3rd string qb. Let me ask you this, last year would it have mattered who we played and if the water boy was qb?? I don't think so. Last year the water boy for any team could have played and threw for 300 yds wit 80% completion. Look at Logan Thomas' stats from last year to this year, I believe he was like 25-28 completion ratio last year, that's un heard of lol


Herb...can go into details but it had to do with "academic issues". It is the kind of stuff that happens everywhere all the time and usually get swept under the rug at places like FSU and UNC but that is not gonna happen at UM.




Lol. Who would you prefer as your head coach today if you had to make the choice between Coker and Golden???


Willie...keep fighting the good fight on behalf of DENO and the UM defense. I for one completely agree with U and I got your back. Plus if U are gonna spring for that Carribean trip I would love to go!


All this bowl ban, crap D, coaching rumors, conf changes is driving me crazy!! Im starting my holiday early and pour myself a glass of JW black damn it!! Wake me up Saturday morning!!

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