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November 27, 2012





Rip Sean. I literally watch his highlights every other day and get chills nobody plays the game like he did.

I remember kenny Phillips awhile back saying ST was his favorite player cause of the way he played the game.. without gloves also!


Top 3! Working from home is good for something I guess


I was lucky to see Sean Taylor play in person several times.

I saw Sean Taylor beat FSU all by himself in the cold rain in Tally.

I have been to Sean Taylor's grave site in Kendall. He is buried not far from where my mom was laid to rest.

I will NEVER forget Sean Taylor.


Sean Taylor in the middle of the d was like having a mutant with a force shield keeping the offense out of the middle of the field. When he took that interception for the score in the FSU game you could feel the air go out of the stadium... total domination capped off by his flip dive at the goal line....


Every now and again, i like to play ST's highlights on youtube.

Reminds me of what a real nasty/aggressive football player looks like... The best part is, he did it for the love of the game!

Although it isn't always fair to other kids that play the position, dude is THE standard for playing back there at Safety.

R>I>P> Sean Taylor

orange 'n green in the vein

Love the tribute to one of the could have been all-time greats when it's posted on his birthday, hate the running it on his day of passing tradition here. Still it's touching.


r.i.p sean taylor

orange 'n green in the vein

Willie, for the last time, here's what happened in your stretch of 'improvement' by the defense;

NCST, worst performance against their offense all season.

UNC, 6th best performance all year, in other words, completely average, middle of the pack, thank you extra penalty flags in the loss for keeping it close.

FSU, 7th best performance all year, again, completely average, middle of the pack, thanks extra flags for keeping it closer than it would have been otherwise.

VT, 2nd worst performance all year against their horrible offense. The standard of the league is a .500 joke, only if you never won a division title in the MAC and hire your college roommate for your DC apparently and then you still can't stop them anyway.

UVA, 3rd worst performance against their offense all year long. Also, they are a really bad four win team but again, you see this as improvement?

USF, 6th best performance against them all year long. Also they've played only 11 games so at best they'll be slightly above the median at the end of the year, at worst, slightly below, either way, completely average performance against another really bad team playing a 3rd string freshman QB and aided by a boatload of dropped passes to open WR's.

Duke, worst performance of the year against their offense. Somehow you're still claiming there was improvement this year in the later stages of the season Willie? Pass your strain to me and I'll send it to the herb afterwards for evaluation because you're on some kind of cloud to see improvement in these results.


BigSonny...good to see U around Canespace once again! It was great meeting U in Fort Pierce. Hope to catch up with you all next season at a game or tailgate.

If U have time email me at:



BTW to he ex players this isnt the first time Al Golden has said that he thinkgs the players should have not left earlier and that the ones that did could have become better players and move up their stock up higher.

Also what he is saying is the truth. It's not a knock. Want to know why here you go guys grab a tissue if your to sensitve it may hurt.(Sorry if I get the RD wrong)

Tommy Streeter: Draft 6th round. Had his best year as a RSJ and first year starting....still was not a good route runner per the draft guys. If he comes back this year he learns how to run better routes and imagine what he could have done in this Offense OMG!! Plus better stats at the Combine with another year or SC. Easily would have been taken higher than 6th RD

Brandon Washington Draft 6th rd: Was an All Acc guard as a Soph. Got moved to Tackle and had a rough year as a Jr. If he comes back he goes back to starting as guard as a senior were he was great and with Duke and Miller running behind him putting up those running stats Im sure he goes higher than 6th and most likely goes back to All Acc.

Lamar Miller 4th rd: First UM running back with over 1000 yards in years break away speed....as a RSSop. Down side can't pass block and injury questions....If he comes back may not have as many yards, but improves pass blocking is the main back and shows he can carry the load. Goes higher and doesnt sit behind 2 other RB because he can't pass block. Also would have been talked about in pre season heisman also had another season after this one if wanted to.

Forston was he drafted? When played showed power. Knock on him can never stay healthy. If he could come back and play a full season healthy who knows whay he could have been capable of with OV starting on one side and Chick on the other and a possible healthy Porter. Im sure if he had a healthy season he would have been drafted mid rid.

Vernon 3rd rd(did I get Miller and him mixed up): Anyways played strong in a shorten season because of suspensions. With another full season under belt he could have blown up with a Soph Chick on the other side and possible healthy Forston in the middle. Could have been a first rd/2nd rd pick pass rushers in the NFL are loved now.

Again yes this is all these players are healthy which is always a risk I know....I know....

but to me Al Golden said the truth get over! YOu all throw money away. YOur Canes and will always be Canes family, but thats what a family does we speak the truth and it may hurt.


The fact that The U produced Sean Taylor and Ed Reed and Fred Marion and Kenny Phillips and Antrel Rolle (he plays more of a safety now) is unreal!

Who did I leave out?


But to me Al Golden said the truth so get over it! You all threw money away. You are Canes and will always be Canes family, but thats what a family does, we speak the truth and it may hurt.

Posted by: pbcfrcane13 | November 27, 2012 at 05:50 PM

There IT is right there.

orange 'n green in the vein

Unless there's more to the quote that I haven't seen yet, I don't think, ".20 cents on the dollar," is downing any players, it's accurately describing how much money they left on the table with their decisions.

Now if Al says, "they went for 20 cents on the dollar BECAUSE ________ (fill in comment on lack of effort, shortsighted money chasing, personal decision making process not being up to speed due to lack of logical reasoning skills)," then proceed to freak out on social media justifiably, but the fact that he didn't and still got the ant pile kicked up with his no-longer upperclassmen tells me I can't really believe that the buy in he was raving about last year and this one or going forward can be believed at face value.



Its funny how when I posted the stats proving it you never responded. The total yards went down every game from NC state till the end except for Virginia and duke games.



Look whos not following their own rules..looks like there was some personal animosity involved in this decision. If this happened in the USC Reggie Bush investigation what other rule breaking is going on in our investigation? Time to investigate the NCAA.


If it's 5ooyds they coughed up or 600yds they coughed up, the defense suked, with a capital "Tennessee T". It's a wonder they all don't have back problems from as much as they bent. What most of those pups went through this year is nothing short of a gang initiation. If some of our veteran boys would of stepped up like Telemaque, Robinson, Rogers, Cornelius, Uh I can't think of anymore vets, well you get the picture. Aside from McGee, Porter & Buchanan, that was all the veteran leadership we had was those 7 guys and only 3 of them had played alot, maybe that's why we got gutted like a fish game in and game out.

dj moonbat

Its funny how when I posted the stats proving it you never responded. The total yards went down every game from NC state till the end except for Virginia and duke games.

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | November 27, 2012 at 06:12 PM

Every one of the seven -- except for two of 'em.

Was the defense better in the second half? Yes. Was it a competent defense? No.


Soup. Brandon Meriwether.


I sit here on this day remembering exactly where I was, what I was doing, the weather outside, the time of day... Everything. It still makes me sad to relive it. What a waste of otherworldly talent and a great father and human being.

RIP, Sean.


bennie blades


Also sit here reflecting because it always reminds me that tomorrow is my brother's birthday. He committed suicide 6 years ago.


Bennie Blades

Brandon Merriwether



Ohio...sorry for your significant loss and your pain even if removed by 6 years. Be positive, be strong, be blessed.



Compare bc to south Florida game. Also not that EJ didn't play in the bc game or duke game. Also what did the players have to play for against duke??


Well, as expected, AG has publicly & TOTALLY defended and backed his BFF D'No.

End of story.


Break it up folks... nothing else to see here.


Sigh... I'm disappointed, but not surprised.



Video about Sean with former players. Pretty good


Hey Ohio, Sorry ant your bro. I had to deal with my older cousin being shot October 4th and my uncle February 2010. Sucks. Makes me cherish life way more.

orange 'n green in the vein

roach, Al keeps telling us to look at what he did at Temple, apparently he thinks that works on the blogs that he doesn't read but knows they predicted all of 4 wins this year for him on, so he's going to stick to the rhetorical game-plan?


OGV...the first time I hear a head coach at ANY school say: "I dont read the media or blogs or Internet" I start to worry.

But that's just me?



Jermaine Grace


Matthew Thomas. . My bad lol


Wore my Sean Taylor (CaneSpace) remembrance shirt today at tennis practice.

Man, he was something special...


If we could just recruit more young men like Sean, it wouldn't matter who is coaching them...

Too bad there was only one...

It must be so hard on his family today... such a waste.

The Dude

Posted by: roachcane77 | November 27, 2012 at 09:39 PM

No sh*t!!! If we had 22 Sean Taylors WOW!!!

The Dude

Lets see, ST26 could play at a high level at any of these positions: CB, SS, FS, SLB, MLB, WLB, DE, TE, WR, RB, FB. Anyone know what kind of arm he had? I'd have him play option QB too. I cant think of any other player I could say that about?

The Dude

At a high level I mean All-American/Pro Bowl level.


How lovely would it be if LSu lets Arkansas get les miles from them for 27.5 for 5 years I. (5.5 a year) and lsu in return goes for jimbo


Btw espn reporting Cincy making a strong push to join the ACC....out of Lville and Unconn I like Cincy the best......Ohio is great recruiting grounds.

Terrance Sullivan

RIP Sean Taylor.

orange 'n green in the vein

Yeah, that's a pretty valid worry there 86 now that I think about it.

Al's going to have had enough time to shop for ingredients this upcoming year, now it's time to see what kind of dinner he's going to make. Coastal will be a lot stronger next year, UNC's going to be a beast again, Fedora already had them back to Butch level's of accomplishment with nothing to play for and will have plenty of weapons still to torch UM, and the natives are getting beyond restless now it seems, but then again, field the worst defense a school has seen and that happens when the guy in charge is obviously riding his friends coattails past the point of his ability.

Q, I like it, it won't happen I think, but it would be delicious watching those dominoes fall like that.


Just watched a really good piece on ESPN News about the 5 year anniversary of Sean's murder...

As much as I dislike ESPN's obvious SEC bias...

Their segment was a well done and touching remembrance...

I'm out.

Mcginns ale house

Soup ---you forgot the guy from the bengals


One thing about golden and temple, it took him four seasons to turn the corner at Temple. Not an overnight fix.


I hate this day with a passion those assholes took away my favorite football player of all time. Those same assholes left a now 6 year old girl without her father....

RIP SEAN TAYLOR the best to ever do it in the shortest period of time!!!



you point out the games you want but i can't??


I'm not happy with the d. My expectations are 250-275 TOTAL YARDS a game or less, and as you can see we didn't meet my expectations once this season. Next year I'll settle for 320-345 or less. My point about the d is that they didn't play bad every game this year. I said I wanted to see improvements and I did. When the total yards start coming down every week, what is that called??? Then you said well that was against a 3rd string qb, let me ask you this, didn't we get torched by a 3rd string qb last year??? So that's a improvement. We use to make every qb look like a heisman candidate, but not every game this year, true or false??

Please look at the date on my next post and what i said after the k state game.


Well my complaints weren't really about the k state game its about the d in general since last year, k state was just next in line lol. Next we got a heisman hopeful qb this upcoming weekend that plays for bcc but I don't know his name

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | September 10, 2012 at 10:58 PM

orange 'n green in the vein

Well the good news is TC, he finished tied for the division lead in only his second year at UM so we can pretty safely say that's a good sign the corner is now firmly behind him, defensive ineptitude records and all.

So again, time to make dinner with the ingredients you've shopped for.


Just looked it up and the alleged gunman in the Taylor case has still not gone on trial!



pay attention, i'm bout to post all the old stuff i said about d'no

DallasTX Cane

Great article 86. Terrible tragedy.



All i know is that i better hear that there was some fighting going on at practice today. After they got their butts handed to them, there better be some pissed off players.If practice goes as usual, then that confirms to me that this team is not ready to take the next step.

Posted by: raizecane | September 10, 2012 at 04:44 PM

Yeah that's right, the players need to kick d'no's ass

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | September 10, 2012 at 07:14 PM


Simple answer get used to more of what you saw the last 2 weeks. I need a drink. No excuses right? These guys just need to shut the hell up in the offseason.

Posted by: Jiggafras | September 10, 2012 at 07:25 PM

Lol. Jigga what? Jigga who? Lol

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | September 10, 2012 at 07:50 PM


Willie I think those numbers would be better with the caliber of athletes we can get at Miami. In the Mac all defenses give up big numbers. 317 ypg would be considered really good for the Mac. I was on the I hate D'No side but looking at the numbers they tell me something positive. You have to look at the numbers wholistically in the whole Mac and not just temples numbers. I could be wrong but I really hope not.

Posted by: BigTimeCane | September 13, 2012 at 06:05 PM

I hope you are right too lol. Right now I'm not seeing it. I still don't understand what D'no meant when he said now they'll start to play the best players and it won't be like pop warner anymore, so what was he doing at first then and why wasn't he doing it at first?????

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | September 14, 2012 at 12:46 AM


Heather Alfalfa Dinish said on ESPN today she could pass against Miami's defense.
Run on us maybe, but I doubt she could pass against us.

Posted by: solarcane | September 18, 2012 at 04:02 PM


Id bet she could do both. Dual threat qb our a$$ lol

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | September 18, 2012 at 04:05 PM


Willie, personally, I think my favorite D'No excuse is when he says that the other team that just got done torching his side of the football for school record yardage totals again, 'ran things we didn't see on the film.'

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | September 20, 2012 at 03:24 PM


Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | September 20, 2012 at 06:24 PM


ok, dun. sorry about that, pretty funny tho



Total yards went down every game EJ played in since the nc state game, thats a FACT. So every game except virginia and duke. Also note that EJ didn't play against bc.

You actin like i said the d is good. All i'm saying is, i gave d'no hell when he needed it and i'm giving him props when he needed it. The d played good against unc, fsu, va tech, and south florida, and played good the first half against notre dame. The offense played bad all those games i just named except south florida. 4 out of 5 losses was on the offense this season. Last year the defense lost every game.




Al Blades (R.I.P.)



I don't know why Willie insists on believing there is a difference between strait garbage & pure sanitation, but he does. There's no difference in suckage giving up 450 yards compared to 550. They both suck. 550 Just sucks a tad bit more. I guess he's just trying to psyche himself into having hope for No'D next year. Maybe? (Shruggs)

All I know is he's sticking to it. Just agree that when EJ plays the yards per game drops to 425 from 500 & be threw with it. He's hopeless...



If you bang a chic for the 1st time, only last 4 minutes & she tells you "if you want some more, you better bring at least 20 minutes for round 2 or you'll never get it again". Then the next time you squeeze out a rigorous 8 minutes. ('o') You just double up & still fukkin sucked. No'D & his crew fukkin sucked at 500+ yards & 400+ yards respectively. PERIOD! Move on & save your optimism for next year's excuses...

I speak on behalf of the entire Legion.

COKE 5000


If you guys get a chance Al Golden interview with Sid on 640 sports was great.



Defending the defense during UVA and UNC is indefensible.

D'Onofrio should be fired, end of story.

Your optimism is good, but it doesn't excuse the fact that it cost us two conference wins. It also can't cover up the horrendous stats in every category which further explains why the defense is so bad.

D'Onofrio's defense held us back from at least a nine win season and Golden as a "coach of the year" candidate in many a category. It can't be disputed. If there's some sort of formal debate about this, I'll gladly pick up the flag. Gladly.

Question to all:

Who is the fourth non-conference opponent in 2013 (UF, FAU, USF the others)?


One more time, from best to worst:

Turnovers Gained: 49th.
3rd Down Defense: 79th.
Red Zone Defense: 90th.
Passing Defense: 100th.
Tackles For Loss: 105th.
Rushing Defense: 113th.
Sacks: 114th.
Total Defense: 116th.
First Downs Allowed: 118th.

Points Per Game: 30.42.
30+ Point Games: 8
40+ Point Games: 4
Opponents Held Under 10 points: 1 (USF).

Game over.


Sources: Louisville expected to leave the Big East & join the #ACC in 2014, replacing Maryland (leaving for Big Ten).


"Sources: Louisville expected to leave the Big East & join the #ACC in 2014, replacing Maryland (leaving for Big Ten)."

Now their recruiting nonsense now hits a little closer to home. Oi.


Papa Cane - Recruiting Update: 2013 RB Darius Tice is being evaluated by Miami per @CanesInSight - He has the grades, speed & size. Needs better form.


Jorge Milian - Al Golden to defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio's critics: He's not going anywhere. My story: http://bit.ly/TtIpxv


Gentlemen, gentlemen, are we still discussing how bad the dfense was? I believe Stevie Wonder could see how bad we were, so can we at least discuss, what we need to fix this problem. Bashing DENO day in & day out isn't going to solve the problem. Maybe if he does read the "Space" we can give him some ideas on how to fix this sieve. Most of you think he's a bon-a-fide idiot, so lets give the man some help!
Let's state the obvious facts:
1.The defense suked.
2.We were 114TH in sacks, so that tells us what, that we got shredded in the passing game!
3.We played a bunch of what, FRESHMEN, wish equals another bunch of 100 rankings or more in other defensive categories.
4.Quit using So. Flo as a game were the defense showed up. They had scrubs playing QB and they still got close to 350 in total yds.
5.We were out muscled & out manned physically because we had so many first year players.
6.Losing to anyone in the ACC aside from FSU, Va Tech & Clemson is a disgrace anyway, regardless if were playing pups or not!
What does he need to fix the problem:
1.Well lets see, 2 big DT's will start, in the 6'4 range 300lbs or more. That should stop the gashing up the middle. Pocket crumblers, if you will.
2.We need a stud in the middle. Someone that's 6'2 240 range.
3.We need another saftey, someone along the lines of S.T.
4.These 3 or 4 players should take care of the problem and allow our defensive ends to get to the QB a little quicker.
Sounds like an easy plan but in the famous words of LEE CORSO, not so fast my friends, The Golden one has to find these type players and I mean in a New York minute.
From what I'm looking at on the recruiting sites, I don't see any 6'2 240 Lbs coming our way and I don't see the S. T. type saftey either but I do see where there are some JUCCOs in the 6'4 300 lb range, so hopefully we can at least scoop 2 of the 4 problems we have. That's all for now from the Herb!


Miami VT BCc Louisville Pitt Syracuse

Big East is the triple A farm team to the powerhouse ACC conference.

They realign the ACC and Clemson and Louisville end up in the Coastal maybe we will get to see a guy throw for a thousand yards in one game.

orange 'n green in the vein

Willie, the offense did a good job against VT, so don't make it out like they didn't move the ball even with cashing in on the short field set up by the special teams which D'No has very little to do with other than getting them on the field by doing or not doing his job well.

solar, at least UM will get a regular chance to go stomp on the bird at mid field again like back in the day with Coker. Oh wait, that didn't turn out so well did it?


Pay attention to how many freshman and sophomore starters are on that team in the article, and they're playing for win 10 Thursday, so why does Al and company keep bringing up that excuse after promising not to prior to the season starting when he gets hits with questions about losing games he shouldn't again?


Why am I the bad guy?????



Now their recruiting nonsense now hits a little closer to home. Oi.

Posted by: LB | November 28, 2012 at 10:00 AM

U mean until the sanctions come out and Hurtt gets hurt?


ESPN: Al Golden Senses Excitement At Miami. http://ow.ly/fE8UC


There should be excitement. I remember back in 98' when were coughing up a lot of points, especially Syracuse & McNabb lit us up for what 66. We had a lot of youth starting then and we were like 9-3 the next year and 12-1, Butch's last year. The only problem I see, in two years will be a new starting QB and most of these guys will be JRs & Sr's, if they all stay.

Account Deleted

ya gotta admit achieving D stats that bad is quite an accomplishment. It's not easy being the worst game in and game out.....

Let's be honest, the D was Div II level at best....next year, either it improves or we'll be debating who the new coaching staff will be.....


"U mean until the sanctions come out and Hurtt gets hurt?"

Yuppers. Tee hee.



I like yo reference above that's some real life sh*t right there, but that don't refer to me my pimp game strong homie lol. You gotta put it down on the 1st lol.


OGV its not about the amount on the team....its about how many of those freshman are playing with how many plays per game.



Go back and watch the UNC game and come back and tell me how many possessions the offense had a chance to take the lead. If the offense could have moved the ball the defense would have gave up less yards


Let me break this down for y'all about defense.

If our offense can't move the ball, that means more plays for our defense. More plays for our defense, means more yards for their offense. That's what happened against UNC, va tech, and fsu


Everybody on my back please answer this question.

Before the UNC game if somebody would have told you that we would hold them to 18pts total and only 3pts the second half and hold them to 480yds, what would you have said??????

Cuz me personally, I would have said you crazy as hell, I thought they would kill us. So if you ask me, that's improving.


I agree with Willie Will on this...

Stephen morris inability to go through his progressions did cause quick 3 and outs for the offense, which forced an already depthless defense too come out alot more than they shudve had too.


So it's Morris's fault for the defense?


Def not Morris but he does contribute his part to what could be the issue... its obviously not just one mans fault, i just feel that Morris although he did tremendous still has ways to go and when he gets there then you will see an improvement on all phases of the game.

If your offense if going 3 and out over and over for the 2nd and 3rd quarter like we did this year, that gies your defense less time to get coached up and go over what errors they committed.

I can be wrong but im just saying.


Papa Cane - Must Watch: Great Mike James Tribute By @canefreak2001 - http://ow.ly/fEuvG



Didn't you predicate 4 wins this season??? And you still complaining smh


Curious...the freshmen laden 2008 squad finished 7-6. The freshmen-laden 2012 squad finished 7-5. Are the current canes better positioned for the future than the 2008 version?


No this current group is much better. Sm17 is wayyyy better than j12. Every time j12 threw the ball it was opportunistic to other the db or wr.

orange 'n green in the vein

No Willie, I said before the season Golden would struggle to get to .500 and then have his agent try to turn that into a raise when it should turn up the seat temperature if the AD wasn't a total bust like the guy who hired him was and like we don't know yet if the guy who offered him the extension is yet.

Brandon Odai from Canesport predicted 4 wins, which Golden didn't read but somehow knows about because people tell him in press questions (?) apparently, and now expects him to be offered both a lifetime extension and an afterlife one as well for pulling that particular feat off.

I'm not sure you understand that UNC is a good all around team on both sides of the ball so the offense when they face teams like that, is going to need help from the defense, which the mutants from Philly have yet to offer whether Jedd slows or hurries the pace of his side of the ball plays and holding a team with more than 10 penalties in a game to 20 yards under 500 is still not approaching good?


JuCo LB Devante Bond just told Tito Benach that he’s been offered by the Canes


Lifetime extension.....lol. He'd be the strom Thurmond of college football.


For those about to focus on recruiting (Like me lol)

Current commits:

2013 Commits

Kevin Olsen, QB, 6'3"/196

Angelo Jean-Louis, WR, 6'0"/185

Keith Bryant, DT, 6'2"/192

Standish Dobard, TE, 6'5"/235

Artie Burns, S, 6'1"/190

Jamal Carter, S, 6'1"/185

Alex Gall, OG, 6'5"/295

Jeremy Kerr, TE, 6'6"/245

Travis Johnson, WR, 6'4"/204

Ray Lewis III, RB, 5'10"/186


Some info from CaneInSight on new targets/current targets/old targets:

**RB Alex Collins no longer committed to Miami

**RB AJ Turman removed (Committed to UGA)

**DT Deadrin Senat removed (Miami not showing interest)

**LB Skai Moore removed (Miami not showing interest)

**OL Roderick Johnson removed (Miami not showing interest)

**LB Quinten James removed

**CB Mackensie Alexander removed (not a realistic option)

**RB Derrick Green added

**TE Beau Sandland added

**DL Lavon Hooks added

**DL Dee Liner added

**LB Devante Bond added




Stephen morris inability to go through his progressions did cause quick 3 and outs for the offense, which forced an already depthless defense too come out alot more than they shudve had too.

Posted by: UpNorthCane | November 28, 2012 at 12:23 PM

Exactly. But play calling had something to do with it too


Lmao fsu wants bud foster

Account Deleted

Just a thought....about 7-8 years ago FSwho had a pretty bad defense (no where as bad as ours this season). The story line was wait till next year, they had few seniors, underclassmen playing, injuries, ysda yada yada, new scheme, all the usual.

Guess what, a year later they were still just as bad......bottom line, when you don't have the talent or coaching the number of years you play isn't going to help.

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