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November 30, 2012



anyone see the attendance for last nights PAC 12 Championship game at Stanford? 38K!!


Basketball(men) Final

Miami 75

UMass 62

Expect your Canes to be in the top 25 on monday.



Why were we trying to get Da plug down to 315 then???


Thought control, let it alone. There were roughly 50 lengthy posts defending or excoriating D'no. Good arguments both ways, but its time to let that go for at least a few days.


Wllie because u have to be able to play at that size. I might be wide as hell if i eat my way up to 350 but i will not be able to chase a rb on the backside. The plug could not play high intensity fb for long when he was heavier. You should be big but also able to play at that weight not just being that weight. U do your team no good to be out of gas and position but 350.


Why have we not had a football commit since July?


Hey boys and girls how about our BB teams they are both legit to go to the big dances...Top 25 here we come...

Let's be positive!!! Let's go Canes!!!

Terrance Sullivan

Nice win by our Canes today. Keep it going Canes.


Georgia defense i like it!

dj moonbat

Why have we not had a football commit since July?

Posted by: Jack | December 01, 2012 at 05:02 PM

Maybe recruits wonder whether they'll ever play a postseason football game at the U.

VA Cane

Hey all, we beat Prince George in Round 1 of the Hopewell Bowl last night 24-0, my oldest kids are 13, we beat a 14 year old team. Today we smoked a strong Richmond team 28-0, tomorrow we play Henrico County for the title. We have won the last 2 Hopewell Bowls. Henrico team is an All Star team from West End of Richmond....rich kids rich parents, liberals, Obamaites. They do not clap on a good play, they rattle their jewelry. Their coach asked me did I like 2nd place.....told him I dont know I have only finished 2nd once in the last 6 years, you know These guys are yuk yuks... their league does not have teams like ours. They and their parents like to talk alot. I promise you guys they wont be talking tomorrow. I got their number, watched them beat a weak Colonial Heights team 10-0. Tomorrow they will meet their Waterloo. Their QB asked my QB....the best QB in the county by far...how did it feel to be the N Word!!!! What a smartass jerk racist. I really hate when kids do that...and adults do not control it!!! Thats ok though....we will erase all doubt tomorrow. These guys are weak and loose. I told my guys to stay cool...cause tomorrow we play Apocalypse Now Ball...you know....2 ways home...Death or Victory. I promise we will destroy them....I told my guys we can win 7-0.....but they will carry people off the field for them. My guys are so ready. Sent them home, told them eat good, watch SEC game....I will call each guy and we will be ready. I have never played dirty....but tomorrow we will do some serious hitting between whistles. This ones is for Canespace...and DNo cause he doesnt know how to play like an Assassin!!!!

By the way, that Georgia D is pretty damn good to Huh?


Good luck tomorrow VA Cane, I'll be looking forward to the details of your teams win!

Go Canes!!!



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