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November 30, 2012



Every now and then, I love it when the Space loses its collective marbles and goes nuckin' futs.

It must be recruiting season!

Imagine this place on NSD.

I have a feeling our best recruiter is Duke Johnson.


I love the Canes.


I know it, lb. there is a post every 10 seconds on nsd


miami has a collegiate boxing team..they are boxing tomorrow in tally against other florida schools


Talks about a few of the ex assistants may get show cause but nothing else really that new.

"UM officials and their fans aren't the only ones nervously awaiting
their notice of allegations from the NCAA, which could come at any time.

Former UM employees accused of wrongdoing will get separate notices
of allegation at the same time UM does, people involved in the
investigation confirmed. The NCAA also confirmed that timetable. And
for parents of UM players, that can't happen soon enough. (More on that

That group likely will include former assistant football coaches Clint Hurtt and Aubrey Hill, and possibly Joe Pannunzio and Jeff Stoutland, who are both on Nick Saban's Alabama staff. Ex-basketball assistants Jorge Fernandez and potentially Jake Morton also are expected to receive notices, and now-Missouri coach Frank Haith might, too, depending on the NCAA's findings. The NCAA has forbidden all from commenting.

Two former UM assistants were forced to resign elsewhere this year
--- Hill at Florida, Fernandez at Marshall. Morton was shifted from
Western Kentucky's coaching staff to director of basketball operations,
though the school says that's unrelated to the NCAA investigation. Hill
and Fernandez are suffering from the fallout, their careers in limbo.

The allegations against Hurtt are worse than those against Hill, who was accused by Nevin Shapiro only of being present at Shapiro's home for a recruiting visit by Ray-Ray Armstrong, Dyron Dye and Andre DuBose.
Hurtt, by contrast, was accused of assorted violations: being at that
meeting; taking a $5000 interest-free loan from Shapiro, which he
repaid; and twice bringing large groups of recruits to a Miami Beach
restaurant, using Shapiro's credit card.

So why is Hurtt still on Louisville's Orange Bowl-bound staff? An
associate said Louisville told Hurtt it will stand by him, at least for
now, as long as he tells the truth. According to a friend, Hurtt expects
to be punished for the loan, at the very least.

Yahoo! previously reported that Pannunzio (now Alabama's director of football operations) set up Matt Patchan's
2007 recruiting visit to Shapiro's home. But an associate said Shapiro
never implicated him because they were close and Pannunzio introduced
Shapiro to a friend who lost a lot of money in Shapiro's Ponzi scheme.
Shapiro's only known allegation against Stoutland was that he attended
the Patchan visit to Shapiro's home.

Sources said Haith told the NCAA he had no knowledge of any violations by Morton (who is accused of paying money to a DeQuan Jones family member, then returning it) or Fernandez, who was punished for allegedly providing frequent flyer miles for a flight for Reggie Johnson's mother and reportedly for a transportation violation involving Durand Scott.
But we hear the NCAA has continued to search hard for any potential
violations by Haith, amid Shapiro's claims that he paid for dinners and
strip club visits they made together.

Besides the Jones allegation ? which the NCAA has vigorously tried to
corroborate ? Fernandez and Morton also were asked to address claims
they were with Shapiro when Shapiro paid for entertainment for former
AAU coach Moe Hicks.

For the assistant coaches, the process will be similar to the one UM
will undertake. The coaches will have three months to respond to the
allegations before going before the infractions committee. Penalties
could come two to four months later.

A few of the former UM assistants might face show/cause penalties,
which means any penalties imposed on a coach involved in major rules
violations will remain in force if he is hired by another school. Those
coaches can be hired by another school but most aren't during the length
of their penalty, essentially blackballing them from the industry.

Parents of four former suspended UM players (Olivier Vernon, Jacory Harris, Marcus Forston and Ray-Ray Armstrong)
have spoken out that the coaches need to be punished. "In law
enforcement, it's called culpable negligence for their actions,"
Vernon's father, Lascelles, a Miami Beach police officer, said this
season. "Aubrey came to my house and said he was taking Olivier out. We
didn't know it was to Nevin Shapiro's residence."

"You can't let these coaches get away with this," Albert Armstrong
said. "It was Clint Hurtt and Aubrey Hill and those individuals that
walked those kids into negative stuff. They should call and apologize to
them and they haven't done that."

UM continues to hope the former assistants will be held more responsible for their violations than UM is."

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/#storylink=cpy



Great job on the stats as always. Just put down the telescope and leave them damn stars alone lol


Hassan says:
December 1, 2012 at 12:48 AM
Any predictions on some of our young player weight gains?
Duke 200 and 4.30 up from 188 and 4.39
Bush 200 up from 185
Jenkins 205
Pierre 305 From 295
Chick 270 up from 260
Linder 315 from 310
McCord 245 up from 214
Lockhart 190 up from 176
We should be a lot stronger next year as most of our young players who played did not go through UTough last spring and summer.


LOL...Willie Will. Have a good night, guys.


STA beat BA faces Manatee next week



Whats the ideal playing size for DT's and DE's in a 4-3 defense????


Thanks Soup for keeping this place fair and balanced and avoiding excessive negativity that serves no purpose. This is the best blog anywhere for all Canes fans to express their opinions.



Saw Booker T. Washington beat Jackson this season,and they are very, very talented. Glad to see the Canes coaches recruiting there.


Good morning Spacers Go Canes


And may Clint Hurtt burn in NCAA HELL



If the ONLY thing U have to offer is posting comments all day that "DENO sucks" 10 times a day, every day of the week, then don't bother commenting.

We ALL get it the 2012 UM defense was bad.

We ALL know the stats, we have all analyzed and criticized the schemes, and yes we are tired of the excuses.

We ALL know that it has to get better and soon and that the DC and the head coach are fully responsible for that.

Now, let's ALL move on to another subject shall we?


Hassan...Got your email and LOVED it! It will post tonight at 7PM.



Whats the ideal playing size for DT's and DE's in a 4-3 defense????
Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | December 01, 2012 at 02:36 AM

Depends on the body type. Special players come in many sizes but I can say at the DT position you want a guy that can command double teams to free up your LB's. Height is great but having a wide body is more important. Those wide body's do not usually come in 290 lb men. Typically you have a guy 6'2 325+ who is very strong. DE's normally you want the weak side guy to be an up the field guy who is long and fast. 6'4 and 260 is about right. The strong side guys typically are a lil more stout to set the edge in the run game 6'4 280.


Soup...U rock! Thanks for this blog and a place to share info with other Miami Hurricane fans. I appreciate U.


"Police confirm shooting at Arrowhead Stadium. Facility put on lockdown."

Yuck. Don't wanna hear this...



Chiefs player shot his girlfriend then himself this morning at Arrowhead. Stadium locked down.

Prayers to those affected and/or involved.


86Cane, I agree with you...Canespace has been dominated for the last week with intensive, well-written, very detailed opinions for and against D'No. Let's put this issue to rest for the next week or two and concentrate on some of the other issues facing the canes, like NSD.


Does anyone out there hope that Ga Tech pulls the upset on FSU? Personally I would find this hilarious.


Canespace is the most open, diverse, thoughtful and welcoming blog for Miami Hurricane fans. I approved this message.


Da U N Houston

I think it would be great if GT does pull the upset lol lol lol lol


If FSU is beaten by Ga Tech, I hope a slew of potential recruits are up there to witness it.

Da U N Houston

Wonder if GiovaniBernard would go pro? They have him projected as #1 back!!!!! I'm not big on kids leaving early, but if ur #1 in ur position, you might HAVE to go....

Mcginns ale house

He really shocked me how good he turned out to be.iI knew he was good I just did not think he would be elite.


Thought control this blog rocks. There are other blogs you can post on if you don't like this one


As I was sitting here thinking, I began to realize just how great this blog really is for Miami Hurricane fans. U have done a great job with this blog and it provides a real benefit to UM fans all over the world. What a great service U have done for Canes fans across the globe. Thank U!

Mcginns ale house

Latest video with Kirkland after after game last
night . He leaves Miami off his list. Then asked
so Miami is off your list? "No no of course Miami on the list"
End of interview he is going to walk over and talk
With dno and mutters I think"it's all about the u" it's on caneinsider

orange 'n green in the vein

Al Golden; the coach so bad at hiring assistants that Canespace had to institute a rule protecting his choices for subordinates from criticism.

Thanks Special K. Never remember that being a house rule for the last coach here, who was an alumni with actual championship rings on his fingers, but then again, champions don't usually require special treatment unless you're ND and someone is wearing a striped black and white shirt.

Mcginns, I had to read that post at 12:44 three times before I could wrap my head around it and I can't decide still if you think the entire thing is a good or bad sign. I don't go that url so I won't be watching the clip in question but I'm leaning toward that entire post being not a good thing in your opinion, is that right or off base?



What would you do if you were Bernard??? I don't think you would be coming back to school cuz I know I wouldn't. The nfl is a once in a lifetime opportunity

Mcginns ale house

Ogv--- at first I thought it was a bad sign. Then I watched it over and changed my mind. I don't know for sure I am leaning toward "not bad"
I don't have a real reason but I think we get him. I wonder what would happen
with recruiting if jimbo and some staff leave.. (I know big if) but it is starting to get some traction on major sites. I wonder if may already maybe messing with fsu recruiting considering stoops Is already gone...??

Da U N Houston

W2, I completely agree. If he was top five it would be a consideration, but with him being #1, it's got to be a no brainer.

Question for you, if ur his coach what would u advise him? I'd get him an agent now!!!!!


OGV...U got it wrong; there is NOT a rule against criticizing ANYONE at UM, including Golden (as U did in your post above) or D'Onofrio (as U have done 1,000 times).

The ONLY rule is that once U have done it 1,000 times in a 1,000 different ways for 1,000 consecutive days then there is no sense or purpose in doing it again for the 1,001 time. We get it already.

It simply becomes old, tiresome, boring, obnoxious and just pollutes the blog with excessive negativity. Let's move on PLEASE!


Houston...I agree that IF U are the top rated player at your position in college and a projected first round pick it is a NO BRAINER to declare for the NFL draft and your coach should tell U so. Go man GO!

BTW...Golden's comment about former UM players who declared last year and wound up getting "20 cents on the dollar" the other day was not necessarily directed at former UM players.

That was directed at Drew Rosenhaus and that is all I can say about that.


OK, out for a while to go shopping for some new furniture. See U gatos later.


Not sure why U guys want to get rid of DNofrio. Considering no one of any credibility would want to come here anyway. Look at the state of our program...We suck...End of story....

I think next year we will 10 games but for right now U guys need to toke up the Bob and jus chill man. Have fun watching real football this weekend and Go Falcons!!!


O yeah Duke of Coral Gables got robbed he is WAY BETTER than Ellington. I know FSU fans here who are scared about next year because they know that man will be running wild!!!!

dj moonbat

Jiggy and OGV...Just stop it and do it now.


Posted by: 86Cane | November 30, 2012 at 08:42 PM

Yeah, there's entirely too many divergent opinions up in this joint.

Mcginns ale house

Comments from "Jimbo". "I am very happy at FSU
and so is my family ---- but I could be fired tomorrow as a coach nothing is
forever you are always listening" Then asked if he could confirm
or deny that his agent(sexton) has been in talks with auburn or ark.?
"No I can not because I have not been in contact with my agent and don't
Know who he had talked too. "
Really Jimbo you don't who your agent had been talking too????? He left
himself a lot of wiggle room.
Maybe trying to get more money from fsu?but he
sure could have put the thing to rest if he wanted to and did not.


Question for you, if ur his coach what would u advise him? I'd get him an agent now!!!!!

Posted by: Da U N Houston | December 01, 2012 at 01:14 PM

At the rb position these days, 1st or 2nd round I would tell him to go. Other positions, 1st round see ya don't be a stranger, 2nd round you need to think about it, anything after that I give em the 4 nickels on the $1 speech and show em pics of fortson, streeter, vernon and rosenhaus


Hi, I'm a troll. I name myself ridiculous names and come here 20 times a day to whine and cry that 86 banned me. I want everyone to stop posting here so I'll feel better that I'm no longer welcome here.

Sound about right?


Remember that Coker won a national championship ...thats rite Larry Clappy Coker...so it doesnt matter whos coaching if youve got the players. Its time for these players and recruits to own the future success of the U. Als not going anywhere and he is the man to lead us back to the promise land. So you better get on board because all those other schools do not have the history of success in the last 25 years like the U.



Watching the UCF game-Storm hasn't played, but Jose Jose is a beast!


Thought control,

First you said this was a great blog but now its not?? But you on 86's case?? GTHOOH


Ohio...yeah, that sounds about right. I deleted the last comment from the troll but if it happens again please handle it, I am on the road in Lakeland.

Da U N Houston

What ever happen to Godfrey?????


Godfrey is playing receiver


Any link online to watch the Canes at UMass?

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