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November 26, 2012


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Seems AG will stick with No'D for another season at this point (or at least it appears that way).

If he does, for sure AG knows that another year like this with the worst D in Div 1 and they'll both be looking for new jobs.....

I sure hope he's right...otherwise we're starting over again come 2014


I heard the Golden interview. I got the impression that he decided to play for points early on. I find it hard to believe. It makes me think that hes protecting his buddy but not blaming it on the offense. But he did mention that the offense needs to score late to win the game.

Its his rite to protect his buddy. But to ignore talking about the d problems because they have a rite of passage being so young and then to pin point some of the problems on the offense makes it obvious that he is intentionally trying to take the negative attention away from no d. THats fine rite now but if these problems continue next year that means hes taking chances that could affect his own reputation about the decisions he makes as the head coach. Given the history of this d philosophy and were we stand statistically now its a very small chance this thing gets turned around next year in order for us to win against top ten teams and some close acc games. I wouldnt get my hopes up. Just my humble opinion... hope he proves me wrong.


My take from the Golden interview kind of blame the offense for scoring too quickly, thus not giving the defense time to rest which cause the breakdown...puzzling. Does he slow down Stephen and Duke next year IF/when the defense gets better? I kind of sympathize with him about guys new to the system with the exception of McGee. There was a lot of freshman playing and learning in the fly, but with spring and fall camp we should have no excuse about the defense.


Baseball: Gino DiMare named program's recruiting coordinator: http://bit.ly/10ZRyAd


Age will not be an appropriate excuse next season. There were 14 freshman and around 8-12 soph's that were baptized by fire. Should be old hat to them next year.

Add an offseason of UTough and I'm friggin pumped for next year.

3 losses MAX.


ESPN's ACC player of the week: Stephen Morris.



You can put D'No on the the No.1 defense in the nation and he will make it No.100. Golden knows it. Everybody knows it. He has absolutely NO RECORD to show he is a good DC. None. Nada. Stop with the youth excuses. This will not get better. He should have been fired long time ago.


If Golden does not fire D'No, he should be fired for being an imbecil. It is not fair for the team. Where is his "ACCOUNTABILITY" when it comes to coaching.


Aj..I agree..you cant preach accountability and not old your friend to it. The offense moving to fast bs an excuse..I don't see Oregon's d-coordinator complaining lol..normally Golden is straight forward with everything, EXCEPT this. I don't care if all 11 starters were freshman, their still talented enough to finish better than near last place. I am a HUGE Golden supporter, but by him finding every excuse in the book to not blame D-No, I am started to waiver on that support.


not hold your friend**


It's amazing to me that Duke was 39 yards from breaking Miami's all-time all purpose yards record by Willis. Wow.


at the start of the season, you all (I didn't) predicted doom and gloom for this season because we are really young. funny how 7-5 is now cause for 'execution.' if you think the record is fine because of where we are, then you have to know that us not having a better record was bound to be the result of a break down in one of the three facets. in this case, it happens to be Defense....deal with it. get a life. support your team and coaches. look to the future...

Posted by: NigeianCane | November 26, 2012 at 02:26 PM

Yup! Couldn't agree more.
And not saying that fooball is easy by any stretch, but since offense is mostly rote, it's easier for a talented freshman to make an impact on offense, as opposed to defense.
It's no accident that Duke,Lewis,Scott,Waters,etc., had an impact this season, because again, that's the nature of offense, that's the nature of the game.




And ya'll check out this Raising Canes episode with McCord. And notice the underlying theme of this espisode...SPEED OF THE GAME!


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