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December 16, 2012



Some JR RB named Urebe...or something like that and another kid named Cook.

Posted by: pbcfrcane13 | December 17, 2012 at 05:00 PM

Dalvin Cook is a JR who plays for Miami Central and starts at RB and Safety but has verballed to Clemson. Kid is fast and is a tough runner and good tackler too.

Central has another RB named Joseph Yearby who is also a JR and is smaller and shiftier but has verballed to FSU I think.

Barrow said that Central has a lot of talented kids that they are trying to keep home. I told Barrow he has gotta fix the hole in the fence. LOL


86 yea thats who CP was talking about that UM need to go and get. Started to speak to them on the radio saying look I can't go pick you up and things, but if you want to be like me Willis Edge, Frank go to UM if you want to be just some other RB than go some other place. It was great. He told Channing Chowder that when gets Edge and Willis to join the push to get them well get them lol.

Than FSU fans started to text Sedano crying saying CP is doing NCAA violations.

Old Skool

RIP Senator Daniel Inouye. He died today while still in office.

Inouye was a World War II hero and Medal of Honor winner who lost an arm to a German hand grenade during a battle in Italy. On top of that he served in Congress since Hawaii became a state (1959).

Talk about a life of service to state and country.


If the Canes can get the recruits that herbitis is referring to, the Canes will have a great 2013 class.

As for how good Duke would be, I always thought he could be special. After watching him play as a junior and then as a senior in H.S., I concluded that he was the best H.S. RB I had seen play since Frank Gore.

No disrespect to Cook, Yearby, Devonte Freeman and some of the other RBs that have played in South Florida H.S. recently, Duke is by far the best. Everything he does on the football field looks amazing, and he also has a good work ethic.

I also saw him shortly after the 2011 Norland championship season and then I saw him a few months after that in street clothes during the summer, and I could see he had been working out and that he put on more solid muscle. MOre importantly, he is a really good person. I thought he would be outstanding, and he has not disappointed.

I am sure that Richardson would like to think that his coaching had something to do with Duke's sucess, and I do believe that Richardson, Fisch and U-tough did a lot to develop Duke. But Duke is a very special player from the moment he stepped on the field.

The Coastal-Division winning young Canes will be one of the favorites to win the ACC next year with Duke, Howard, E.J., Perryman, Chick, Morris and all the other returning Canes as long as the NCAA is fair with the Canes with the sanctions are handed down.


86 you got me laughing so much...In looking at your last picture with the word ass-ets in the above article.


Here we go again lol


My purpose was not to insult anyone or argue.

I simply stated my opinions thats all. I dont run or have any say in what is posted here. I havent been around much so I was just shocked to see what was going on at Canespace

Ive read enough here to know Hassan is a valued member of Canespace. Everything he posts could be facts for all I care its just not something im interested in reading about thats all

Theres always other homes

Lets Go `Canes



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