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December 17, 2012



PS - Beau Sandland is announcing his decision between us and ASU tomorrow at 11:30 am. Will post it here when it happens.


And Ohio_Cane, do you think we land that Michael Parker kid that SOUP brings up from time to time?

I like His size and speed...

Posted by: CaneRock | December 18, 2012 at 09:44 AM

I sure hope so, but it doesn't look great.

Mike was actually brought to our attention months ago when the staff started looking at him before any recruiting sites even had him ranked.

It was info from that "fake hood insider" via email. Cornbread loves this kid.

That's when 86 originally brought it up.


And Ohio_Cane, do you think we land that Michael Parker kid that SOUP brings up from time to time?

I like His size and speed...


CR, I believe it's still a "indefinite suspension" situation as of now

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | December 18, 2012 at 09:28 AM



CR, I believe it's still a "indefinite suspension" situation as of now


Assuming with what we know holds, this is Golden's third year with his players and we should start to see some tangible results in 2013.

1. We have an excellent out of conference schedule, playing FAU, UF, USF, and FSU's sloppy seconds (Savannah State).

2. The Randy Shannon classes are now out of the UM roster or have transcended into the Golden era.

3. We have a successful QB with a returning offensive line, an awesome tailback, and return 6 of the 8 leading receivers (James and Davon Johnson graduate).

4. The top 5 leading tacklers return (we hope).

- I still don't trust the tight end position. Hello Standish Dobard.
-The "dropped passes" disease which have loomed over the UM program since 2005 needs to be removed from the vocabulary.
- We need a pass rush.
- Replace the kickers.

It could be a very, very interesting year in 2013. It's also the first year when we have an excellent sample of what Golden can really do. Most importantly, the schedule works in his favor as the ACC sucks.


I actually think the ceiling can be as high as 11 games. I also think it's reasonable to put the floor at 8 given the weakness of the conference, though this is extremely early.
UM better get its BCS mojo on soon, else the BCS may vote to chuck the ACC out of the equation. I actually think Northern Illinois has a shot to beat the Seminoles, given their abysmal record in big games.


Recruiting: After losing AJL to grades (Marshall), the full court press is on Coley. FSU is still the favorite, but I don't doubt him flipping to UM. No lock, but we're in it.


Recruiting: For those worried about Jamal Carter because he visited LSU... Don't.

3 of his closest friends said there's no way he'd flip from UM. Plus 3 coaches met him at the airport before he left.

Love this staff!


What's the word on Finnie?
Is He unofficially kicked off the team, or is it a wait-n-see type deal?
I just figured if He was gonna get kicked off, it would've happened by now, or we would've heard about it by now...


Recruiting: OL Sonny Odogwu (Prep school) had a great time on his visit this weekend, according to Peter Ariz.

Expect him to commit to Kehoe, who loves him.


Recruiting update: I'm calling Beau Sandland to UM.

No insider stuff, just listening close and reading between the lines. Would be a HUGE get for Golden and staff.

Terrance Sullivan

A lot of talent in the
305, 954, and 561. Our Canes gotta get our fair share of the great players outta Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. Canes 4 life.

orange 'n green in the vein

Clinton Portis, upset at this state championship final score.

OGV, not upset at this state championship final score.

This is from Feldman's most recent column;

"From @Frizz527: Is Duke Johnson a dark horse Heisman candidate in 2013?

Johnson should be a legit candidate given how spectacular he was when he was healthy in his true freshman season. Johnson battled turf toe and some other nagging injuries at mid-season. but by November, he was closer to 100 percent and ripped off 100-yard rushing performances in three of Miami's final four games. He averaged 8.8 yards per rush in those games.

Obviously, if a guy is going to be a true Heisman contender, his team needs to be better than 7-5 (see Marqise Lee). The Canes should be improved in 2013, but how much better? Miami returns almost every player of note in 2013. The D, O-line and receivers should be much stronged as should QB Stephen Morris. If they can win more than nine games in 2013, Johnson can certainly be a factor in the Heisman race given his explosiveness and production. Look for him to continue to blossom as he gets bigger and stronger. After the season, a UM staffer remarked how Johnson is as mature as any freshman that he has ever been around. If the Canes become a national factor again, Johnson figures to be the headliner of that resurgence."


Barrow did not mention EJ and I forgot to ask. Prolly confidential anyway.


We dont need him missing anymore games


Soup did barrow say if EJ is heading in the right direction now?


86... check your email.

Nice article. (And title, of course.)

Hope you feel better soon.


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