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December 21, 2012




Terrance Sullivan

Awesome 86. Hope the ACC kicks Azz this year.


A special apology to 86 for dealing with me. Also a special apology to Willie and Cane Rock; sorry for being a moron. I wish each of you the very best, and thank you for making my life better. May God bless and hold each of you and yours during this wonderful season.

Posted by: VA Cane | December 21, 2012 at 07:12 PM


Get up on your feet, get busy and get on with your life. Be strong, be proud and be a Hurricane. No apologies needed here just move forward and be the best U can be. That is all U can ask of your self and all we can ask of U.





ACC is a B ball conference as of right now. FSU should win, and that's about it. I don't like any other matchups for the ACC teams. ACC goes as Miami and FSU goes and both have been down for years.


Just bounced in for a quickie and saw VA Cane's apology. Dont know what happened but whatever did-- VA that was a beast of an apology. Very big man!


Great article! I was wondering who was playing who

DallasTX Cane

VA - it is good to see U back! U have my sympathies and prayers. I hope U will remember the good times and good qualities of your mother as that will ease the pain. U are lucky...my mother never once saw me play, receive awards, graduate, etc. give thanks for all the good times U shared.



Final whistle: #UCF seniors get program-best 34th win, 38-17 over #BallState. UCF ends 2012 10-4, BSU finishes 9-4.


A black eye for sports:


Terrance Sullivan

Rob "Assclown" Parker is lucky he wasn't fired for essentially calling RG3 a house n word. Smdh a shame when educated brother dissing another.


Once again, I'm just sayin IMHO:


Terrance Sullivan

Btw who do you think Coach Golden will hire to replace McDonald.


Sully...see above.

Terrance Sullivan

Cool 86.


86' that guy has a ok resume but can he coach recievers


Good to see you back VA Cane!


Just in case U missed it: Golden talks to Larry Blustein. Recruiting, team, etc.



No apologies needed here just move forward and be the best U can be. That is all U can ask of your self and all we can ask of U.

Posted by: 86Cane | December 21, 2012 at 09:48 PM

VAC, I second what SOUP said, no apologies needed Brother. If anything, I should be apologizing to YOU!, I didn't know you were going through such a tough time. Anyways, I hope things are getting better for you, and keep coaching those boys up in football, and in life, I love hearing those stories. One.


Nice article SOUP. Well done!


Appeal Rejected In 1996 UM Campus Slayings

December 21, 2012 8:30 AM

TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/AP) — A South Florida man on death row has lost another appeal in the murders of his former girlfriend and a football player at an apartment on the University of Miami’s campus.

The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday upheld Labrant Dennis’ murder convictions and death sentence.

Dennis was convicted of fatally beating Timwanka Lumpkins and Hurricanes linebacker Marlin Barnes with a broken shotgun in April 1996. Both died from massive head trauma. Jurors voted 11-1 to recommend the death penalty.

The Supreme Court denied an initial appeal in 2002.

In the new case, the justices rejected Dennis’ claims his lawyer was ineffective and had a conflict of interest and that a prosecutor made improper comments throughout his trial.

Dennis and Lumpkins had a child together.


The UCF football team did just that with an exclamation point Friday night in the 2012 Beef `O' Brady's Bowl. The Knights earned their second bowl victory in program history with a 38-17 victory over Ball State.

Led by the all-time winningest senior class in school history, UCF clinched its 10th victory of the eason behind an impressive effort by the duo of redshirt senior running back Latavius Murray and redshirt sophomore signal-caller Blake Bortles. Bortles capped his first full season in style, earning MVP honors while finishing 22-of-33 for 271 yards and three passing touchdowns. He also led the team with a career-high 80 yards on the ground and another score.

"I want to congratulate the seniors. I thought they had a whale of a four-year career," said head coach George O'Leary. "They had the most wins in the school history of a senior class and they are all going to be successful. Whether that is playing on Sundays - a couple have an opportunity that way - or not, they are all going to be successful people."


Happy bowl season, Canes fans. Can't play outside today because of a huge storm. So, time to enjoy some college football.


Love this site!! Thank you to 86 and all the spacers!

Merry Christmas!

Go Canes!


Roach and WWIN...thanks for the comments about the articles and titles recently. Much appreciated!

Happy Anniversary to me: 22 years with Mrs. 86 and counting! Off to celebrate...


Papa Cane ‏@ByPapaCane

Recruiting Update: Remember 4-Star WR Levonte Whitfield who originally committed to UM and then FSU? He's visiting January 18th. Watch out!


Duke Johnson...The sky is the limit. Randy wants his 40 time to be 4:30 by the summer now it's at 4:39.


Merry Christmas to Canespacers,the recruits and all Canes fans. 86 Congrats on 22.


Love this site! Thanks and congrats 86!

Golden wants Duke faster? That is a scary thought - for ACC defenses, that is. Throw in that experienced offensive line and Morris, and you got a very potent running attack and play action pass. The offense should put up some huge numbers.

This is the year that the Canes take that big jump into that national conversation about the college football elite.

Golden and and the Canes are trending up for 2013 and beyond.

orange 'n green in the vein

Every year I watch Chris Petersen roll out his bowl team and they calmly proceed to fricassee their auto qualifier competition with a precision offensive game plan that looks like they're stealing the play calls from the other team and I get a little annoyed at what could have been at UM with just a mildly competent AD getting an itchy finger.

Then later in the year, I watch Gary Patterson do something similar but using a defensive game plan that finds a way to blunt the opponents strength instead and that's when I get angry for the same reason I get annoyed watching Boise.

Terrance Sullivan

Congrats 86 on your and Mrs 86 22 year anniversary.



Congrats on the anniversary


Yea 86 and Mrs. 86 congrats!!!!!


Congrats 86! Truly a blessing for U and the misses!


Congrats, 86!


Men Basketball in about 2 hours Miami at Hawaii watch live online...


Old Skool

Congrats 86...
22 years. Your marriage is old enough to drink.


Skool - LOL!!!! Congrats 86 and Mrs. 86

Terrance Sullivan

Lol Old Skool.


Miami wins!

Final Canes 73 Hawaii 58


congratulations 86

Terrance Sullivan

Exactly Montreal-Cane. Our Bball team is doing the Damn thing.


Mele Kalikimaka!!! Beat Arizona.

The Wizard

Good morning all. Anybody know if Reggie Johnson is playing tonight ? What is the extent of his injury ?


If big Reggie plays tonight. That's Arizona's azz. Hoops team is going to win the Diamond Head Classic. Oh yeah baby!


Reggie should play. He has a jammed thumb. I guess it depends how sore it is. I'm hoping he ain't play against Hawaii for precautionary reasons. Making sure he's good for the Zona matchup.

I think with Reggie they'll pound Zona. Zona is young inside & they turn the ball over a lot. Judging from Zona's post game comments they're taking us likely. Saying they can't keep turning the ball over & expect to beat San Diego St. in the champ game. THEY GON LEARN TODAY...


Good morning Canespace! Co and Wizard you guys are up early today


So are you. We got to catch that worm...

orange 'n green in the vein

Anybody ask Santa to bring San Jose State athletic director Gene Bleymaier as UM's new AD like I did this year also?



No. Who da fukk is he? What has he done?

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