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January 18, 2013


Triangle cane

First! Go Canes! Yeah I have a life. It's full of kids and a wife. LOL!




lol. deon bush.. go canes


Fresh roasted coffee! I'll pay the going rate, if it's that good, 86! Just send me info!

Posted by: j.w. | January 18, 2013 at 11:49 PM

Best coffee U never had:


Our good friend OcalaCane's shop in Ocala, FL. Fresh roasted and shipped the same day!




If I didn't despise theta stood coffeeI'd get some


Despise the taste of coffee*** stupid auto correct


Go Canes! Beat Duke!


Deep within the damp, torch-lit bowels of Bryant-Denny Stadium the masses presently gathered talked in nervous, hushed tones. They were all there, these champions of the old order of college football. Thirty years ago their world had been shattered by the earthquake that had rocked the foundations of the sport. For thirty years they had tried, time after time to put a stop to it.

Many instances they had failed. Occasionally they had succeeded. Sometimes their efforts had been sublime, such as influencing quarterback after wide receiver to go elsewhere. And sometimes they were overt, like a yellow flag thrown twenty eight seconds after a national championship game had concluded.

That penalty flag now sat in a glistening trophy case before a throne made of SEC money and ivory tusks. A throne whose back was to the crowd at the moment.

Yes, they were all there. Spurrier. Holtz. Herbstreit. Miles. Muschamp. Beamer. Porter.
And all fell silent as one from among them walked towards the chair and bowed.

"What is your bidding, my master", asked Jimbo Fischer, shaking in fear.

"There is a grave disturbance in NCAA recruiting," came the voice from behind the chair. "The young coach who resucitated a dead Temple program, I believe that he has inherited the Matrix of Swagger."

"Impossible!" yelled Frank Beamer.

"SILENCE!" screamed the voice, whose owner was suddenly leaned into the light. Darth Saban, wearing a crimson robe with an elephant on the back, scowled at the Va Tech coach who immediately dropped to his knees.

"I will not hear from one who has failed me," growled Saban. "Need I remind you the fate of those who let me down."

A quick glance at the hapless figure on the far wall sent a chill down the back of every reporter, referee, and coach. Bobby Bowden was still encased in a mixture of carbonite and bowl winnings, and hung now hung as a grim trophy. A plaque beneath the case read, "He Played Miami"

Beamer gulped and backed away. Satisfied, Saban turned his attention back to Fischer. "The Miami program was never to be revived. Ever. It's why I took the Dolphins job in the first place...to personally oversee the Hurricanes mediocrity. And now I hear words of its return, Lord Fischer."

"But sir," said Fischer, "How can that be possible?"

"He is running circles around you," said Saban. "All of you. Lord Fischer was supposed to secure Collins. Squire Kiffin was to secure Thomas. Failure after failure after failure! And that Canespace...rallying the loyal forces when they should have been crushed. Intolerable."

"Lord Saban, if he could be turned, he could become a powerful ally to the SEC," suggested Coach Miles.

"Yes, yes...he would be a great asset," considered Saban. "Too BAD he TURNED US DOWN. And Wisconsin too, for that matter."

"What is to be done?" asked Fischer.

Saban looked down at the gift box that sat on the arm rest of his throne. It was marked with a card that read, "All this has happened before - and it will happen again. See you next January". And for the first time he too felt the shiver of fear that they all felt. Fear that a sleeping giant had been awakened, sinew growing over the body of a program, followed by muscle, blood, talent, hyperdominance, and swagger.

He opened the box and held up its contents to all in the room. There was a hush.

"Find a way to stop Al Golden," he bellowed, holding the crisp green and orange tie up for all to see. "OR THIS WILL BE OUR FATE!"


LOL, that was f@@kin awesome. I could picture that in my head as I was reading.

Old Skool

No Such Dame burned by Gail Collins in today's NY Times. About the Manti Fantasy, she writes...

This all occurred a couple of years after the Notre Dame team was involved in a genuine tragedy when a freshman from a neighboring girls’ college reported she had been sexually assaulted by a football player. The school did not order up an outside investigation. In fact, there appeared to be no investigation at all. After a period of dead silence in which she received a threatening text from another player, the girl died from an overdose of medication. Nothing else happened. Writing this week in The Washington Post, Melinda Henneberger, a Notre Dame graduate, noted that “my alma mater held the kind of emotional news conference for the fake dead girl they never held for the real one, Lizzy Seeberg.”


Old Skool ND is about as fake as a $3 bill. At one time Winston Moss was mentioned as an up and coming coach what happened? I did not hear his name mentioned for any of the vacant HC positions in the NFL which have all been filled?


Canesteeler...that is a good question. He didn't even get an interview under the NFL's Rooney Rule? I'll have to look into that.


Winston Moss bio with Packers:



Moss looked like a candidate for Raiders job:



Moss interveiewed for Raiders job last year:



Fisch to the Jags as O-Coordinator per Adam Schefter Twitter?! Tell me this isnt true! Not sure how to link it.




From Susan at the MH:

Breaking news: Adam Schefter reporting that #UM #Canes OC Jedd Fisch hired by NFL's Jaguars for same job.


Enter Mario Cristobal as OC?

NY Trooper




I'm very sad we lost Jedd to the Jags. Especially right now, a little under 3 weeks until NSD.


Enter Mario Cristobal as OC?

Posted by: 86Cane | January 19, 2013 at 09:14 AM

Probably why they gave him the "Associate Head Coach" tag when hired and he was obviously uncomfortable answering questions about what that title meant.

This is a bad start to my Saturday. Really like and respect Fisch. Jags getting a good one.

Sarasota 'cane



For those about to ask: No, this does not hurt us with any current commits/targets. The only one it could would be Olsen, and he's all Cane.


TonyCane that post is epic! That one should go up on the front of the blog. 86?

Fisch gone. Wish him well. Did a lot for the Canes.

Next man up Cristobal. This is how we roll. Like Jay-Z, "on to the next one.".


Next man up Cristobal. This is how we roll. Like Jay-Z, "on to the next one.".

Posted by: usagainsttheworld | January 19, 2013 at 09:36 AM

Possibly Mario. Possibly an outside hire. We'll see soon. Can't see Golden letting this go past NSD. Gotta be calculated by him. Especially Fisch announcing it mid-official visit weekend.

Terrance Sullivan

Fisch best of luck man. Al G.Sure got everything under control. Go Canes.

Da U N Houston

Man, during the recruiting weekend with our top Offensive targets? AG, I'm sure you have a plan.

Man not liking this.


As a die hard fan of the "U" & Star Wars, the post by TonyCane was the shyt. BEAUTIFUL SHYT...


Man, during the recruiting weekend with our top Offensive targets? AG, I'm sure you have a plan.

Man not liking this.

Posted by: Da U N Houston | January 19, 2013 at 09:58 AM

U better believe this was ALL calculated. Golden wouldn't let a surprise departure happen during his biggest recruiting weekend.

Da U N Houston

We have to get some NFL experience in, either as a new QB coach or OC. Morris is not there yet and if he gets another good QB coach he'll take us far.

If we're not progressing, we're regressing!!!


If McDonald would have waited a little longer...


Our 2013 just took a HUGE hit...HUGE..IDK if Cristobal is the OC, or whoever..this will be a problem.


Brevard...McDonald could come back from 'Cuse? Then he could have three jobs in the last month! LOL


UMike...yeah I just heard that UM just canceled the 2013 season? C'MON MAN!




McDonald has to be kicking himself for leaving.

Given Fisch's experience and success with developing QBs at the U (Harris and then Morris), I am not surprised the Jags (who have horrible QB play) went after Fisch. I just hope that the Canes have a plan in mind that still focuses on QB development.

Although the lack of continuity among coaching staffs is never a good thing, one positive note under Golden (as opposed to Shannon and Coker) - is that the Canes have had good coaches who are coveted (instead of being fired) for better opportunities.


If Golden doesn't go for the "Big Hire" (NFL coach) for OC, how about this name...

Matt Lubick.



That would be funny..


About McDonald that is..


Did Cristabol call plays at FIU?

Da U N Houston

HUGE hit!!!!! We have to keep Olsen. How can we work on Collins if we need to work on keeping Olsen?


We have to keep Olsen.

Posted by: Da U N Houston | January 19, 2013 at 10:32 AM

This WILL NOT affect Olsen. None whatsoever.


Mcnulty or Dorsey and I'm happy as heck.

Doesn't hurt with Collins much, assuming we don't suddenly hire Greg effing Knapp, the run game won't change much nor will personnel usage.

Might kill things with Stacy Coley, but looks like a Nole anyhow.

Relax, lol. Yeah, Olsen's going somewhere. Insert *rolleyes* emoticon here.


Ohio...just hit DELETE, do not REPEAT.


tom moore.


Matt Lubick.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | January 19, 2013 at 10:26 AM

Now, where have I heard that name before? LOL


cam cameron


Ohio...just hit DELETE, do not REPEAT.

Posted by: 86Cane | January 19, 2013 at 10:37 AM

LOL, I did. Can't help myself sometimes. It's fun some days haha

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