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January 18, 2013



Miami in the driver's seat for Kirkland! And yes, we've said it all along, but now he did haha

The Dude

I fully expect to get many of these last few recruits and think we will end up with a solid class. I am VERY bummed out that we lost Fisch. The "optimists" can say whatever they want, but losing your OC hurts. Losing Fisch hurts right now A LOT! He was a damn good OC. Coud we get an even better one? Sure. But with Fisch we were guaranteed to have a top 10 offense. Now we only have question marks.

The Dude

And congrats to Frank Gore. Cane will go off in the Super Bowl.


LETS GO vince wilfork!!!! Time to eat up your favorite plate "Ray Rice"


C'mon RayRay!!!


and don't forget Bostwick has a cousin on the team, too (Armbrister). He's the type of player we always saw the U pick up, before the last decade or so. I think he'll be a Cane, along with Collins and most on the list. There will be 1-2 disappointments, but probably a surprise or two, so we take who we get and see how they do the next few years.

Most importantly, so sorry to hear about coach Fraser.

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