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January 16, 2013





First wit the flu, I channeled my inner MJ




Good article 86. Time of Possession wasn't helped by the insane amount of methodical drives allowed by the defense, though. Right on with it!

Giving up nearly every other third down conversion equates to less TOP... Unfortunate to say the least.


THose stats sum it up. Yeah I will stick with my 9-3

Herbie I am in SE Charlotte but from Miami originally. I am solar-powered this 4-5 days with no sun is depressing


WWIN - nicely done. Flu and all ;-D


Giving up nearly every other third down conversion equates to less TOP... Unfortunate to say the least.

Posted by: kenyon19ypr | January 16, 2013 at 09:59 PM

U are correct sir.

Saw that U made contact with Herring at PSA. Good move, smart guy. Did U see my suggestions on the last blog?


BTW...if U are ever in Sarasota and love FRESH seafood then U gotta go here (did U know that Groupers have cheeks?):


AWESOME seafood market and restaurant. They don't cook as good as Old Skool but it is the NEXT best thing. LOL

orange 'n green in the vein

D'No needs to be replaced, meanwhile, where winners play at UM, The Pimp continues to rake it in despite having his best pick of his stable down with an injury, MIRACLES!

Terrance Sullivan

13-3 overall record, 4-0 in the ACC, Our Miami Hurricanes are doing the damn thing.


OGV...Can U write an article about the UM basketball team titled: "The Pimp"? No seriously! LOL


Teo got "Catfished"


B-ball team at 4-0 in the ACC but with losses to FGCU and Indiana State (the current version...no Larry Bird!). Go figure. As for Durand Scott, fouling on a 3 point try with 0.5 sec. left...gimme a break. Good thing the BC shooter saved his fanny and only made the first two FTs to preserve the one point win. Looking forward to Reggie's return up the road. Still, a win is a win, although it was winning ugly.

As for the whole NDU and deceased girfriend hoax, there is real and there is fake. I don't care what his background. How did he supposedly spend hours every night talking with her on the phone per one article but not speak with her at the same time, along with Stanford having no record of her?

Looking forward to a mostly nice 2/6.


Teo got "Catfished"

Posted by: GURU | January 16, 2013 at 10:33 PM

No, Teo got Dumb F*****.

Either that or he is a damn liar.

U can decide?

Sarasota 'cane

I just "rubbed one out" to Manti Te'o's girl and I have to admit he's right, she's great in the sack!

In light of the PSU and ND scandals I for one am glad that our "crimes" at UM had to do with boating, strippers, and beer tabs!!

Go 'canes!



Thanks. We gon have to talk about this 9-3 thang!!


Nosuch Dame, LMFAO!!!

The Dude

Youtube a bad lip reading nfl. Funny.



Here you go



Soup, I'm with the damned liar camp, he milked this for all it's worth. if he comes clean now, I'll give him credit for a hell of a prank, right up there with Andy Kaufman and Johnny Fairplay (of Survivor lore).


I agree JW-He's lying and ND is like the Russian KGB they can pull off anything..Imagine if these 3 incidents happened at the U in a year..
a lying superstar---a squashed rape---a student killed while taping the practice in unsafe conditions....Death Penalty

Terrance Sullivan

I could be wrong but my guess is a scorned male lover of Teo put this out. Teo should just come clean. Cause its college u shouldn't have to resort to online alledged dating. So the lowest guy on the totem pole got action. Now if you a superstar u certainly shouldn't have a problem getting a lady. The only thing that kills me is the lying.


That bad lip reading had me rollin. You got an orange peanut for me!?


Good article Soup

Mcginns ale house

We lost a tough one!! We should fire the coach
Like ogv says.out coached out classed no defense
fire the pimp. Let Dno coach them up!!!!

Mcginns ale house

Hmm.... We won the game my bad .congrats hurricanes
Sorry ogv your pimp won. I guess we stick with him no Dno
On the court yet. Let me now when it is time to pull all faith and stick the knife in his back.

orange 'n green in the vein


When he coaches two of the worst UM teams in modern history, like D'No has already accomplished Mcginns. Try and keep up here man.


13-3 overall record, 4-0 in the ACC, Our Miami Hurricanes are doing the damn thing.

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | January 16, 2013 at 10:30 PM

great win for the 1st place Canes BB team! Canes have a shot at its first ACC title!


Athlon Sports early preseason predictions has the Canes winning the Coastal again.

Early Coastal Predictions for 2013

1. Miami

Key Returnees: QB Stephen Morris, RB Duke Johnson, WR Phillip Dorsett, WR Rashawn Scott, TE Clive Walford, LG Jonathan Feliciano, RG Brandon Linder, RT Seantrel Henderson, DE Anthony Chickillo, DE Shayon Green, DT Olsen Pierre, DT Tyriq McCord, LB Denzel Perryman, LB Eddie Johnson, LB Jimmy Gaines, CB Tracy Howard, S Kacy Rodgers II, S Deon Bush

Key Departures: RB Mike James, K Jake Wieclaw, P Dalton Botts

There’s not much separating the top four teams in the Coastal Division next season. For now, Athlon gives a slight edge to Miami. The Hurricanes were banned from postseason play, yet finished 7-5 and won three out of their last four games. Considering most of the starting lineup is back for 2013, it’s not out of the question Miami could be a top-25 team. Quarterback Stephen Morris and running back Duke Johnson will be a handful for opposing defenses, while the offensive line returns all five starters and could be the best in the conference. The biggest obstacle to winning a Coastal Division title rests with finding improvement for a defense that allowed 486.4 yards per game in 2012. While all signs on paper point to a big season for the Hurricanes, there’s the black cloud of a NCAA investigation hanging over the program, which could change the outlook of this division once the penalties are known.



te'o did that interview.. he lied and and even regan mauia (fb for the cardinals) tried to come to his rescue... nooo. I believe te'o is hiding something.. but ehhh the comments are hilarious tho

Account Deleted

Interesting to look at those stats...

TOP - For sure we score quick, maybe to quick, but then again points are points. Longer drives would help, but what the really would do is keep a bad D off the field. Seems then that the O is our best D...

Penalties - So much for coaching, not easy to be at the bottom of the pile in this one. Been hearing for years this has to improve, haven't seen it yet.

3rd Down D - Didn't think we'd rank this low since most of the opponents scored on first or second down. Can't recall we ever held them long enough to even reach 3rd down.

No where to go but up next year, or out if you're a coach on this team....


Another Gator arrested - http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/8850572/jessamen-dunker-florida-gators-arrested-scooter-theft


LTCF...it is a complex issue. I'll deal with it more in depth this PM when I get back to the CCC. Long day of work ahead in Sarasota then back to Winter Haven.

Ohio and OGV...U got this?


Teo is lying and ND is covering it up! So this guy tells everyone this girl is the love of his life, but yet he never saw her? There was also reports (on CNN) that they meet after a football game. Also, the love of your life is dying and you dont visit her????? You dont attent a funeral???? And then when people start sniffing around, he tells ND this bs story. So instead of reporting it, ND hires their own investigators????? Why on earth would you pay all that money just cause someone had a prank pulled on them? They were covering their azz so they knew what story to tell.


Ohio and OGV...U got this?

Posted by: SOUP | January 17, 2013 at 08:23 AM

Under control, sir!


Papa Cane - If Signing Day Were Tomorrow: I would expect TE Jeremy Kerr to sign with Florida State & UM to replace his spot with a defensive player.


Papa Cane - If Signing Day Were Tomorrow: I would expect TE Jeremy Kerr to sign with Florida State & UM to replace his spot with a defensive player.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | January 17, 2013 at 09:05 AM

CaneRock was right..Jimbo just cant find his own talent, unless it the obvious cant miss guys lol


SOUP, as far as some of the aformentioned futility, I think it was a direct result of one word...OOOMPH!!!
We just ain't got that yet.

I was reminded of this by watching that 1994 game against FSU: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4D9WVH-KU14&feature=share

If ya'll get a chance, LISTEN to how the game sounded back then.
LISTEN to how the pads are POPPIN'!!!, LISTEN to how the helmets are CRACKIN'!!!

And after ya'll do that, pull up another recent Miami game, and LISTEN to how it SOUNDS.

Don't just WATCH, but LISTEN!

I'm tellin' ya'll, you can HEAR the difference.


What's been missing is the WEIGHT ROOM. That's what separates the boys from MEN!!



I was thinking the same questions about Teo. Watching sportscenter & Steven A. Smith just asked the same question. You can tell ND & Teo are reacting & responding in a cautious way so they can sugarcoat the bullshyt. When Teo is exposed for this fraud, the Media is going to chop him up & feed him to poor & rich. Also, ND is being slick. By supporting him & acting like they believe him they'll look innocent. Then, they'll join the public execution of Teo when he's exposed. Smh & Lol. I wonder if Teo sees how he's being set up by ND to be thrown to the wolves. You best believe ND knows he's lying. I just wonder if realizes why ND is helping him lie. FOR NOW. In the words of the great Bernie Mac. "THIS NIGGAZ ILL"!


What's been missing is the WEIGHT ROOM. That's what separates the boys from MEN!!

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | January 17, 2013 at 09:21 AM

True that, but thing is, weight just go up and down, but football is a sport that requires dynamic,explosive, and violent movement. That's why I've always felt that instead of running track, I think most of our players should be involved in some type of combat sport conditioning. Not saying we should get rid of weights, but just something to supplement that weightlifting.


Keith Bryant now visiting UM this weekend.

I'm telling U, he's trolling all of America that follows recruiting is will end up a Cane.


^^ AND* will end up a Cane


Bryant is definitly loving the attention..but next year..watch for Vincent Jackson..he is already ASKING for followers and "love" from every dam school who is recruiting him lol


CaneRock, were you there at the 1994 game? My friends and I had a pretty recognizable banner that we brought and hung up in the student section. I remember one of the Seminole players looking at it, appalled.


LB's odds, 1/17/13 (from worst to best)

Kirkland: 25%
Coley: 45%
Robinson: 45%
Bryant: 50%
Collins: 55%
Ohio Cane's Stargazing Surprise: 60%
Bostwick: 60%
Thomas: 75%
Grace: 99%


Ohio Cane's Stargazing Surprise: 60%

Posted by: LB | January 17, 2013 at 10:40 AM

U calling me a Stargazer??? LOL



Kirkland - 75% IF grades end up ok
Coley 30%
Robinson 95% - L$$$U?
Byrant - 70%
Collins - 75% - Coach pushing Arkansas?
Ohio Cane's Stargazing Surprise - LOL
Bostwick - 75%
Thomas - 90%
Grace - 99%

calGary Cane

I think quite a few of the ole time canes greats would have been trolling as well if the technology existed back then.

I think we need some of that swagger back. As long as they don't play us, I am fine.


I did see your comments 86, appreciate that.

Bryant is such a troll. Honestly, I feel like he has such a horrible attitude that he will "unintentionally" cause drama. From what I've heard, his work ethic is crap. But then again, it's all rumor and I'd love to see him show up in Miami ready to play.

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