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January 25, 2013




The Dude


The Dude

Welcome to The U coach.

The Dude

Another great article on Canespace.


Nice article there, 86!

Terrance Sullivan

86 Gold Star for you man. U doing the Damn Thing. Between the 3 headed monster on the gridiron, and the Pimp on the hardwood, these other programs are going to be in for a world of hurt.


I showed Mrs. 86 your comments and she LOL!

Love U guys, thanks for your support.



Sorry just finished watching Spartacus


Perez under investigation by Fla Bar now


Terrance Sullivan

Hassan looks like she has S**tted and stepped in it.


Ken Dorsey!




Sinister..may? May? There will be more championships...many more championships. Hurricanes, prepare for glory!


With the conference championships of the 2012 NFL postseason in the books, the University of Miami leads all schools with seven players on Super Bowl rosters. With both teams remaining teams boasting ProCanes, 2012 will mark the seventh straight season at least one ProCane will earn a Super Bowl ring.

Terrance Sullivan

Yes sir the Canes are representing hard.


FYI - If you are a Spartacus fan, the new season started Friday night.....


From Greg Cote


I find Al Golden's two most recent Hurricanes football hires to be good ones, but more than that interesting ones, for the same reason. James Coley, the new offensive coordinator (from FSU, pictured top) and Mario Cristobal, assistant head coach/tight ends (from FIU, bottom) have this in common: Recruiting. It is a clear strength of both men, especially in South Florida.

Cristobal is born and raised here and tapped in with local schools. Coley is a Miami High alum whose first coaching job was at Norland; ESPN has named him top recruiter in the ACC. I mentioned this coincidence to a source in the football program. "But it isn't a coincidence. It's our 'Homeland Security' plan," the source said, the phrase his, not Golden's.

"Al wants to dominate [recruiting] in Dade and Broward." That's especially true now as the school faces possible scholarship limits by the NCAA in the Nevin Shapiro case. If you don't have quantity, the quality had better be that much greater. The strategy to dominate in your bounteous backyard also sounds to me like a head coach digging in and planning to stay awhile.

Golden and Cristobal were at the basketball arena with guest recruits during UM's big win over No. 1 Duke -- a result and ambience that could only have helped Canes recruiting leading to next month's signing day. And sitting right next to UM's current star running back Duke Johnson was the player Miami hopes follows in Duke's footsteps: South Plantation's heavily recruited Alex Collins.

My guy coined the new reemphasis on South Florida as 'Homeland Security.' I might call it fencing in the backyard. Either way, Coley and Cristobal are smart hires to help Golden and UM get there

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2013/01/xx-x-x-x-beyonce-lip-sync-dont-blame-the-singer-blame-the-person-who-allowed-the-fakery-790-dec-6-ro-jan-2-holiday-b.html#storylink=cpy

The Dude

The future is bright, but there are some concerns. Our offense is on the brink off being one of the best. Morris has incredible armstrength and our receiver get behind a d quick. Collins and Duke and Dillard and OT will be uncontrolable behind the best Miami OL since 2003. We gotta make sure this new guy is a great game planner and play caller. Not just a great recruiter.


Who is visiting Miami this WE?

Old Skool

Joe Nocera in todays NYTimes taking on the NCAA. The U is mentioned prominently



OGV and Gallo are not the same. Their writing styles are similar but check it
Gallo mispells words in every post and OGV may be negative but he never mispells a single word.

Hey, what a great week to be a Hurricane fan!

Like my old Country AZZ buddy says," The sun dont shine on the same dogs AZZ every day......And if you aint the lead dog the scenery never changes!

Goldens fitn' to be the Lead dog and the sun is starting to shine on Miamis AZZ!

Canespace Rocks!!!

Go Canes!!!


Old Skool, Miss Alabama is an 11 in my world too!
Brilliant Minds! LOL

Go Canes!!!


Canesteeler - the Pens need a change behind the bench


Posted by: 86Cane | January 25, 2013 at 11:20 PM

That makes me happy. Good article again by the way.


Canesteeler - the Pens need a change behind the bench

Posted by: CGNC | January 26, 2013 at 09:31 AM

Completely disagree. He's trying some different line combos while it doesn't matter too much. Keeping Fleury rested for when it matters.

I'm ok with it.


Ohio - he always does that doesn't he? I would like to see more defense oriented play - would really like to see Therrien back as an assistant. It seems Bylsma's system is more offense oriented. The last two games were a MESS. As much as I love Geno, he is not one of those players that elevates his play when ticked off.




Anyone can call plays. Lets hope he calls them well.

Old Skool

Native Good to see ya back


For anybody wit concerns or worries about the new OC or D'no or any other coach, take the proactive role and go to church and pray for em like Soup did.

You're either part of the problem or part of the solution, which one are you?

Terrance Sullivan

Willie Will Preach!

orange 'n green in the vein

Posted by: NativeCane | January 26, 2013 at 09:02 AM

Thank you Wally, both for your setting the record straight and collaborating that the Ale House isn't just tilting at windmills that I've never even heard of in between adult beverages, and I'll add that I agree with your assessment that UM's view in the coastal line now has a chance to be altered.

The Dude

Posted by: CGNC | January 26, 2013 at 10:13 AM

Hockey must be back? lol.


Meanwhile, in the Fortress of Swagitude, otherwise occasionally known as the Hecht Athletic Center a titanic battle was being waged. Al Golden fended off attack after attack, brandishing his tie like a bullwhip. His foe circled, face grim and eyes afire. The black pleather outfit of Golden’s opponent was a stark contrast to the gleaming, high tech confines of the athletic center, a blackness broken only by the crimson “A” emblazoned on his chest.

With another salvo General Saban was driven back towards an unusual device that stood in the back of the room. A gleaming chamber that resembled nothing more than an outsized crystal BCS Championship trophy.

Standing to the side, Lane Kiffin looked on in alarm. “Don’t go in there General, it’s a trap! It’s an NCAA Punishment Sphere. It turns programs like yours into programs like mine.”

Standing next to a hushed Donna Shalala, Emert added, “He is correct. It is quite…draining.”

General Saban growled at Shalala, “Cease this struggle…this futile effort to regain your status, or I will tear your school apart.” Al Golden looked to his president, who stifled a sob as she nodded.

Kiffin walked confidently towards General Saban. “Coach…I mean General, I believe the Shapiro testimony activates the mechanism.”

Saban sneered and beckoned Golden to enter the chamber. The Miami coach sagged. He was resigned to his fate, all hope now lost. Golden entered the crystal sphere, which quickly slid shut.

Moments later the Fortress of Swagitude was bathed in a green and orange glow as the device activated. Emert’s eyes widened with anticipation. Shalala sobbed, realizing that the revenue producing engine for the athletic department was being ground to powder.

Finally it was over. The chamber opened and Golden staggered out, robbed of skill and recruiting powers. Saban stood tall and beckoned him to kneel. The Miami coach complied.

“And now. Finally. Take my hand, and swear eternal loyalty to Saban.”

He held out his hand. Golden slowly reached out and took it.

And then he squeezed.

A resounding crunching filled the room as Saban gasped in horror. His powers undiminished, Golden effortlessly lifted the coach with one hand and held him up for all to see. Finally he gave Saban a sad shake of the head and tossed him out an open window. Onto the U-haul truck that was waiting to take him back to the SEC.

It was Kiffin who summized what had happened. “He switched it!”, he exclaimed. “The testimony was obtained incorrectly. The lights were on out here, and the Miami program was safe in there.”

Shalala turned to Emert and said, “You know something? You’re a real pain in the neck.” She hopped into the air with effortless strength and delivered a stunning drop kick that would have made Dwayne Johnson blush, sending Emert tumbling out the window and into another waiting vehicle, never to return to Coral Gables.

The Dude

Are Chad Thomas and Matthew Thomas related?

The Dude

Funny stuff TonyCane.


Native -

Please don't even mention gallo on the Space! Dude reminds me of the raw pimple. Bunch of trolls!!! Weeeeeeaaaak!!!!!!!


As much as I dislike OGV's negativity and insults to other bloggers here, there's no denying his loyalty as a Cane fan, and his dedication to learning and analyzing all he can about our team. I must say he often "brings it" with some very insightful stuff. Many of you may have missed this from the end of the last Blog, but THIS post by OGV, (in my opinion), is spot on.
What's this joker blabbing on about free passes?

Ale House, this is from an article about why the Lakers suck this year, tell me where D'No and Al's plushies are on this example?

There are two types of coaches …

1. A coach who looks at his players and says, "How can I put these guys in the best position for them to succeed?"

2. A coach who looks at his players and says, "How can I use these guys to make my system succeed?"

Now, think about the mind-set driving Coach No. 2: He's basically saying, I'm here only because of my system. I can't actually coach. If you give me the wrong players for my system, it doesn't matter — I will keep using the system anyway, because Plan B would be coming up with a more inventive way to coach these guys. And I can't do that. I'm not good enough. So if it's OK with you, I'd like to go down in flames with my system."

Coach #2 is responsible for any clouds over the football program Ale. Plus, a shoddy carpenter always blames his tools.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | January 25, 2013 at 09:15 PM

Not that it matters... but I'm WITH OGV on THIS one... I believe D'No is a Coach #2...
"Eventually," (maybe even this coming season), we'll see improvement... But, (also IMHO), this #2 type of coaching will never result in the "elite" defenses that we've seen at the U in the past. His "scheme/philosophy" is too much "waiting" and not enough "attacking" to get us into the top 5 or 10 in total D like we SHOULD be.

Nice article SOUP! (Including the title, of course.)

Mcginns ale house

Larranaga is such a pimp. Somebody needs to get that lifetime contract ready for him at years end in the UM athletic department. You know, if they can pull themselves out of the subterranean jack shack set up behind their offices with the always repeating highlights of Golden's ties on the sideline blowing in the wind projected in high def 3D 1080p to be bothered that is. I always knew deep down inside that D'No was a coward in addition to a totally clueless mutant who chicken dances in his defensive signals, now there's the proof of it reported. He should cuss out Barrow in the film room if he ever hits puberty one of these days, that would be worth the price of admission to watch him be totally a failure at Miami.

Mcginns ale house

he is a real fan!!!

Mcginns ale house

some more positive ogv..O_C, they're the worse ever, nothing good will be said about them now, or 50 years from now, when and if their records of ineptitude are broken by D'No's grandkid who is hired by Al's grandkid when they come from coaching football at Drexel and barely getting over .500 in two seasons out of five, nothing good will be said about the coaches either, unless they get fired for their production and someone who turns it around in a hurry is hired in their place or if by some blind squirrel finding an acorn every once in a while MIRACLE, Al backs into a national title like he did an ACC title game berth opportunity this year. 670 days of sour Kool-Ade chugging is not too appetizing for the palette, huh?..


Willie Will Preach!

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | January 26, 2013 at 12:47 PM

Hey I'm trying to lol. I'm tired of fans adding to the problem. The season isn't no where close to starting yet and fans are already complaining. We haven't had this much success in the past two or three weeks since we won our last ship and fans are still finding things to complain about.



I agree. It's obvious D'No will try to make the talent fit his system, instead of bending the system to fit the talent. A few of us see the writing on the wall but the rest are in denial. We can only hope that someone with serious coaching cred gets in his ear this off season & influences him to adjust his (gulp) "scheme".

In the midst of a cold case where the canes defense has been dead for 2 years. Last seen with prime suspect Mark D'Onofrio.

A moment of silence...



anyone watching the senior bowl? Mike James looks good


Posted by: TonyCane | January 26, 2013 at 01:20 PM

Tony, funny stuff, Shalala does have a Yoda like essence!

Posted by: Jack | January 26, 2013 at 02:17 PM
You got it JAAAAAACK!

Go Canes!!!


Sandland and EJ both gone. Holy shyt. EJ had a run in with Barrow. Toast.

Looks like Thomas is a guaranteed start if he comes.

Who's the TE now?


^ ¿¿


Sandland and EJ both gone. Holy shyt. EJ had a run in with Barrow. Toast.
Posted by: DRAPER | January 26, 2013 at 05:47 PM

WHAT? ?!?!?!


Sandland and Eddie gone? Where did you see this?!


I call bs on that rumor

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