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February 15, 2013



One final thought on the baseball opener: A freshman and a sophomore combine for 5 RBI while a sophomore pitcher gives up 1 (unearned) run in 7 innings. Would be great if that became a trend.


Maybe closing by committee until you get the hot hand.

Posted by: Canesfan_1 | February 16, 2013 at 05:19 PM

Wasn't Salcines shaky last year too? Or do I have that wrong?


VfB...thanks for doing work here today. It takes everybody pitching in to make the blog go 'round.


Yes, 86. It sure seems like it was a replay of last year. I don't have the stats, but it seems like we lost a lot of games because of blown saves.


Wasn't Salcines shaky last year too? Or do I have that wrong?
Posted by: 86Cane | February 16, 2013 at 05:25 PM

86 ... on the contrary:
"Sophomore (2012)...
Named Team MVP after a dominant season out of the bullpen...Split time as a closer late in the year, ranking second on the team with seven saves...Finished the season with the lowest ERA on the staff (1.40) and the most appearances of any pitcher (39)...Allowed only six earned runs across 38.2 innings of work, striking out 44 batters compared to only 11 walks...Held opponents to an impressive .193 batting average while allowing only four extra-base hits all season..."

Cut the guy some slack ... he'll be alright, especially with a short-handed pitching staff and two more games in the next 12+ hours.


VfB...yeah, obviously my bad, I had it wrong on Sally, he's got the goods.

In other news...the Bolts come back to tie the Panthers with :10 left in regulation and win it in O/T 6-5.


So it wasn't EJ, but didn't we blow a lot of late game leads last year?

I'm just going off of memory so I could be wrong, but thanks for the stats.


86 & Canesfan_1: I'm too lazy to go through all of last year's season stats, but you are certainly right about our rivalry games. Both UF and FSU went 3-0 against us, where we handed them the sweep in game 3.
UF 8, Canes 5 - Canes lead 5-3 after 8. 0-5 (!) in 9th.
FSU 8, Canes 7 in 10 innings, Canes lead 7-4 after 5.

Sorry to remind Canespacers of those dark hours, but the CEO himself asked for it ;-)




Miami wins the ACC!!!!!


WVUM Sports‏@WVUMSports

Duke loses! Blue Devils go down 83-81 to Maryland. Miami Hurricanes now up 3 in the loss column atop the ACC.


CANES WIN! Clinch their opening series with a 4-1 victory!


Nice to see the baseball team pull one out, even though with some struggles. It was the first game of the season though, and a win is a win, especially showing the ability to come through in the 9th.

Duke losing on the road in Maryland shows how hard, once again, it is to win on the road and consistently. Just hope the Canes don't let up knowing that they have a three game lead over the Dukies with only one game left against them (3/2). However, a win on the road vs. Clemson would likely move the U to #2, behind IU, although Gonzaga could solidify their standings a bit after taking it to Saint Mary's the other night (amazing second half after a mostly even first one). Also, Arizona lost Thurs. night, too, which is now a bit of a bummer for our RPI.

Just winning the ACC in the regular season isn't necessary enough to secure a 1 seed in the ncaa tnmt, although it is quite possible if they don't lose any further games but possibly lose deep in the ACC tnmt. Still, this is the U, a team not known for hoops tradition, so if they want be assured of respect, they'd better keep winning. Likely their best case scenario for a #1 seed with any more losses involves nothing worse than a loss at Duke on 3/2 and then winning out the rest of the way, including the ACC tnmt. I don't suppose they'd be allowed a do-over game vs. either Ind. State or FGCU??? Just win, baby....


BOOOORING! a$$ slam dunk contest.
I would've been better off watching 2 people fishing.


Harlem Shake at the U



Dunk contest???? Are they still doing that????




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