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February 04, 2013



Amen, Jcane.
Bottom line on this one is Collins seems like a great kid who didn't pick us. No denying its a big loss simply because he is really the only one at his position that we recruited for most of the year (sorry, but I'll beleive the kid from New York is the real deal when I see it, too many examples of kids from the northeast at skill positions who don't pan out). But its just one miss, and there are many more important battles we need to win to determine if this is a successful calss or not


Imo, the "U" has been down for too long. Because of that, missing out on going to the "U" isn't a big deal as of now. If this was an out of area thing it wouldn't matter. But this is a issue with local recruits. Golden HAS to win big next year. Recruits like Collins won't get away if you're winning every year.


Damn some of you take this shit too serious to be adults. Worry about the ones we sign. Alex good luck in Arkansas.


Wish everyone was like Frank Gore......he still comes to the U with Willis and Portis on the roster. I think Gore is the best running back to come out of the U!!!!


Sony Michel now becomes a BIG MUST GET. The top 2 RB's in Dade for 2014have already committed to other ACC schools. FSU & Clemson...

I'm trying not to get steamed about Collins but I really didn't like that shyt. Lol



Greg Cote: Jim Larranaga lands in dream job with Miami Hurricanes

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/02/04/3217330/jim-larranaga-lands-in-dream-job.html#storylink=cpy

Jim L is an excellent coach as we all know...

The only problem with Coach L is recruiting
Enjoy this year and don't even think about next year...


The aged English knight looked down at the husk of what could have been a legendary Miami career laying at his feet, the unsigned commitment letter quickly turning to dust.

"He chose...poorly."


Cocaine I agree. As much as we hate to admit the U has a long way to go to become a top program once again. A 10 win season and a BCS bowl will get us back to being attractive again.


The only way to have better recruiting years is to start to win 10 and more games and it will begin in 2013. We can't no longer rely on the past....and the reputation...Just win and it will be great.


that sounds like a story of a scorned lover ... lol


Does anyone know who Collins picked tonight?


Whatever happens in recruiting, I just wanna win.


Whatever happens in recruiting, I just wanna win.

Posted by: 86Cane | February 04, 2013 at 11:35 PM

Truer words were never spoken.



You're right. I had to put cell phone on silent. All of my cane fan homies here in Lauderdale have been blowing my phone up. Lol. People here in Lauderdale are REALLY PIZZED. Not just because he chose Arkansuck. Because the "U" showed him love & offered him when nobody knew about him. 1 of my homies said "he's a biatch & he ain't no real n*gga from the bottom. How you gonna switch out on the crib like that? Fukk'em. I hope his puzzy azz ride the pine his whole time up there". LMAO. I told him to just chill. As long as they keep gettin better & win. We'll get players we're supposed to.

Collins really pizzed the streets off in Lauderdale though. I'm listening to the dudes outside my window downstairs. Everybody's shocked & mad. We've all been hearing from people that know him, that he's been a cane fan his whole life & was all about the "U". Oh well. (shruggs)

Terrance Sullivan

Lol at Alex Collins picking a 5-7 team that lost most of its great players. Guess he got the D.Coward syndrome. Good luck with that. On to the next one. Go Canes.



Next year could be quite the problem for the U in hoops given all of the upperclassmen. With Larkin still around and a good season now, they could still p/u some good ones, but never know...

On a fantasy note, if the U had lost to Arizona but not to FGCU and Ind. State, this team could legitimately be the #1 team in the land right now. Kudos to them, but imagine.... I think we have to enjoy a great season in hoops when we have one, as we aren't quite like football was, where we could count on it every year. Hopefully Coach L can turn this around, but he likely only has a few years to do it at his age.


JCane, he just has to get the initial burst of momentum going, like Schellenberger did in football.

I'll go all out and say, if Couch L can get the Canes to the national championship this year, then the momentum begins and Canes basketball becomes a perpetual force in college basketball.


We won WAAAAAAY more than Arky last season, and AC still went went to Arky, so IMO, winning ain't the problem. We need to be righteously selfish...IOWs, we need to start winning for OURSELVES!
TO HELL! with winning for some damn kid who thinks He's got it all figured out.

Terrance Sullivan

Yessss sir CaneRock.


Okay, time to start stating my case for 4* RB Corn Elder who WANTS to be a cane, all Golden has to do is call him

Terrance Sullivan

Willie Will AG need to call him then.



And I got his number and his momma number

Hit em up AG!!!!!


Corn Elder



Getting Thomas and some DTs would make up for this but who knows now.

Posted by: DeployedDiehardCane | February 04, 2013 at 10:44 PM
Just give me Thomas and a DT and I will be happy on wed.

Posted by: thirstybuzzardcane | February 04, 2013 at 11:16 PM
We're on the same page homie.


NEW BLOG!...fellas. LMAO!



If you could trade, would you take LB Thomas over OC Coley?

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