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February 08, 2013


Terrance Sullivan

Our Canes bball team ballin baby.

Terrance Sullivan

M-I-A-M-l fight, fight, fight!


I think this may be a sign of things to come. Golden is going to want to match what the Bball team is doing and I think our Football team is going to ball!!!!

Ok so maybe I may have a few adult drinks in and feeling a little high off of the Canes Bball beat down of UNC so what!!!

Old Skool

87 61 final Canes win


no problem it is saturday. posted from my smart tv...fran



I hate to tell you but UNC had the tiebreaker. Better overall record. Love the team spirit though...

WOW! The hoops team may be the best in the country right now. Definitely the best UM hoops team I've ever seen. Great win...

To all of the Legion fighting through the ugly weather up north. Keep ya head up. I'm praying for you...


Win and they will come. That has always been the formula for putting asses in the seats.


Gotta love the passion the basketball team is playing with. Coming out with a big early lead, and especially that off the backboard pass on the breakaway by Larkin with just under 8 min. left. The announcers were talking up the U for consideration for being ranked #1, but even though they are arguably playing the best ball in the land right now they don't deserve to be #1 based on how the rankings work. There are 3 teams with only 2 losses still (Duke, Arizona, and Gonzaga). Even though Duke got whipped by the U, Arizona beat the U. Maybe U could make a case for being ranked ahead of a non power conference school like Gonzaga being behind the U, but they have a long hx of being a solid hoops school and haven't yet lost any conference games either. Frankly, if the U moves ahead of all of the schools that lost this week (FU, IU, KU and UMich), this would be a huge sign of respect by the pollsters. Normally this wouldn't be expected, but with a huge win on national tv today vs. a good, but not great, UNC, this 3 loss U team will likely still be rated as the highest 3 loss team in the land, which would be huge and put them at #4. This would be amazing! Even though IU lost on a fluky ending (blown coverage on an in-bound pass with 0.9 sec. left) and UMich lost because of an almost half-court shot 3 pointer at the buzzer by UW to go to OT, the U will likely move ahead of them with equal losses and a lesser basketball pedigree as a sign of major respect. Unless something else happens before Monday's polls come, expect #4 and be thrilled.

It's all about the U, baby!


Canes look really athletic. They fly around and play d like the Heat of college b ball... Number 1 team rite there... Something good goin on with D Wade, Labron wanting to watch... championship excitement back in Miami

orange 'n green in the vein

1200 games and still the best in the league. Eastern Conference runs through Newark suckers. Expect a full on tear filled baby meltdown Sunday in the return match.

The Pimp is that good dj, Blake better get the lifetime extension ready and he can send the bill to Odai for setting the bar for those so low.



VA Cane

Patchan never panned out did he. He may have had ties here, but he was not a very good player at UF. All that hype when he did not come, and he never did jack at UF. He nneds to transfer to BS, he aint no football player sorry.

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