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February 12, 2013



Vamos Barca!!!! lets get that Champions league trophy!!!!


Hey VACane... What can you tell us about Lockley?

Is he from your neck of the woods?


Shakhtar Donetsk!!!

orange 'n green in the vein

Definite deer antler velvet extract spray use suspicion on the new signee.


I just invented ram antler spray to give to our d-line. Watch how those boys get off the ball now...

orange 'n green in the vein


Is it on any banned substance lists now because if not, I'll need a case, possibly more.

Schweaty Balls

I would love to go to the spring game but I will be down there the weekend before for the FSU baseball series. Plus that weekend of the spring game is Masters weekend so I will be in Augusta, clearly a little more important than the spring game.

The Wizard

Lockley has TE, SS or OLB written all over him.


I don't see where a RB coach is that big of a deal. You hand the ball off you run to the hole, if it ain't there improvise and if you can't improvise then you get your azz flattened, what else can the coach tell you.


86, I'm working on an interview with Lockley for the blog


Just arrived in Trailernasty. What did I miss?


Are you taking any banned blog-performance-enhancers?

Posted by: nemo2002 | February 12, 2013 at 06:55 AM

I admit it, U caught me, I am taking BEDs:



There's a couple DT's floating around out there, Toby Johnson & Tevin Lawson. Since everyone but us got one of those on signing day, I thought I'd throw those names out.


Hi Tom-

Thanks for contacting us, and we apologize for the incorrect routing of comments as spam. We're in the process of rolling out new spam fighting tools, and we've found some legitimate comments are being flagged as spam. We're working on improving this process as quickly as possible, and we're sorry for the inconvenience.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.



I replied to TypePad again just now to let them know that it is still happening. Every time they "fix" something they break the blog. Don't U love techies? LOL

Ohio, OGV and I will continue to check the spam filter a few times a day and try to post any comments that get trapped in there inadvertantly until they "fix" it again.


Ohio, OGV and I will continue to check the spam filter a few times a day and try to post any comments that get trapped in their inadvertantly until they "fix" it again.

Posted by: 86Cane | February 12, 2013 at 04:26 PM

I've published at least 20 today, including several of my own.


Ohio...Thanks, I appreciate it!

Also check in the "unpublished comments" tab in addition to the "spam comments" in the exact same area of the blog as where U have been going (comments section, drop down menu).


Looking like 2014 DT's Anthony Moten and Khairi Clark both have Canes as front-runners behind the scenes.

Hope it stays that way. Can see Golden going all out after missing on DT's this year.


Native...I hate to do this to U but U know I am in Tally and U know what they have here at Calico Jacks, right?


I'll have an extra dozen for U.

Old Skool

Yepp the best thing in Tally is FSO.


Lockley has to get his S.A.T. score up or it's prep school for him.


Goldie needs to offer every DT in America a ship this coming year, he's bound to hook one!


Someone I know ordered Antler Spray 2.5 weeks ago-he got this today:
Your order has now been completely processed through
our shipping system and has either already been picked
up by the US Postal Service for final delivery, or is
awaiting pickup as we now have the USPS picking up
orders 2 times per day due to the surge in orders.
We have acknowledged that our normal turn around time
of 24-48 hours was completely backlogged with the now
close to 4500 orders that have been placed in the past
12 days.


Someone is raking in the $$ off of #52 & bama


Here you go:

Male enhancement testosterone HGH supplements with raspberry ketones delivered to your door with free overnight shipping

If this goes through, then the spam filter flat out sucks


Absolutely love this brief exchange from Anthony Moten to Chris Lammons:


Promising to say the least. Now just don't go keefin' us Anthony.



Xxcanes 305xx

New blog up

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