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February 23, 2013



The best thing that happened to Mike James is returning for his senior year to get really ready for the NFL. Hassan i agree with you Mike will surprise some people out there, except us and i expect him to get a very decent contract on the next level.


Mcgee will run high 4.3's and an official of like 4.42. I will be shocked if Mcgee run's 4.2's like he was timed here at Miami, that was years ago and I do not see 4.2 speed on the field and he never has seemed to regain that speed after putting on over 10 lbs of muscle. He is plenty fast still but just not other worldly speed like he once was, (he was once timed at 4.19 on the same day as Sam Shields but his time was later changed to 4.25)


Is it bad for our RPI if "Oshitostate" beats #4 Michigan State?


Larry Scott is our new Te coach


After the Miami mess, a source tells Bruce Feldman that Mark Emmert won't be the NCAA's boss for much longer ...


Seth Davis is a jerk and a Miami hater.


Mark Emmert going to Hawaii this week and will be glad to escape hard questions...

Seth Davis is so unprofessional got it all wrong on national tv...About Miami self imposed bowl bans... what a cone head.


VT beating FSU 80-70 Erick Green is the real deal for the Hokies...Next for VT at Miami.


Incredible comeback in the 4th DWade and the Heat beats the cavs 109-105

Mcginns ale house

"Last seen checking into the OGV
GERIATRIC CARE CENTER he escaped from.

Mcginns ale house

Statement released from OGV CENTER..

OGV spokesman ::: "After the Pimp had his jello he had this to say."
" I have not been pimped like that since John Wooden." "I am not sure how it happened?? But I am sure it is Mutants From Philly fault."




Two issues with the offense:

1. Not dumpling it in to the post (esp Reggie)and back out for wide open 3s
2. Larkin not penetrating as often as he was. Obviously opponents trying to take it away, but he is such a good driver--then shoot or pass--- that he has to force the issue a bit.

Kadji/Jones/Brown were on an incredible 3 streak and now can't buy one. That will return. Wish 2 could be hot each night and 1 cool, but doesn't work that way.


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