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February 08, 2013







Soup I noticed how you tried to ignore my clients demands earlier so I posted it again. Lol

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | February 08, 2013 at 12:05 AM

OK, I'll work on it. But I would check with your client again today just to see if he ain't happy with his current contract status after receiving the recent SWAG package he got yesterday. Im jus sayin.


My final thoughts post recruting is that we landed a small but good and solid class. Honestly I wasn't too hurt bout Keef(needs maturity and dudes a clown) and DK(I trust Kehoe's eval, plus he gets paid to do that stuff not me) and from what I read he wasn't too impressive at the camps UM had, unlike what Kehoe said about Sonny. The 6 thing hurt but the more I read in between the lines of things, imo he was never coming here and the only thing the DK saga did was put USC above us acording to him. Not every blue chip kid from Miami is or wants to be a cane and if he wasnt down with us then f him. Hope our big boys on the line put his ass down when we play. His justification for choosing FSwho(so fam could go see him play was retarded btw). The one that really sucked was losing Bostwick to the Gayturds. He was supposedly a Miami lean for the longest and assumingly was ready to join his cuz Armbrister but that chump took one away from us that filled the biggest position of need. Maybe he'll be the next Luc, we'll see. Don't know if the AC being a silent and then renegging at the last minute is true or not but if it is $$$$EC and that phat phuck definitely swayed him cause of the boys he's got on the Arky staff. Hurt but I'd rather have players that WANT to be here. Good luck with that turf kid. BTW, McFadden injury prone and so is Felix Jones, coincedence? Grace and Coley are prime examples of local kids that WANT to be canes, it's in their DNA same as Artie and Jamal. Can't wait to see them ball out. Everybody that we got wanted to be here and that's all we should want. AQM and Bond will help the pass rush tremendously and while we did strike out at tackle hopefully one of our guys step up big time. The Nigerian boys could pleasantly surprise. If Gus the Bus does anything to resemble Mike James we'll be good with that. Upgraded our TEs drastically and Gall and Standish are OOT guys that repped us hard during the recruting process and showed us how much they want to help us get back to the old days of winning. We'll have Big Ray around to make sure lil Ray puts in work and we picked up a qb for the future both with UM bloodlines. Overall, with all the drama and NCAA black clouds hindering us even though not as exciting as last year Al did good. 7 out of 10. Good and solid. Look at the glass half full not the half empty portion. 86, I'm down with some more spanish stuff on herre, lol. Dimelo!! Great to be a Miami Hurricane, they wouldn't understand and GO CANES and to all the haters especially the ones on a Canes blog trolling GET A F'ING LIFE.


Miami will get 4 of top 5 on this list GUARANTEED:



Miami Central's Telly Lockette and FLL Northeast's Donnell Bennett rumored to be candidates for next RB coach at UM.


Dan Sileo really talks out his butt. In the Trevor Harris interview, he said only two guys from out of state.

My parents are born and bred Polk County, but we were stationed at Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio, where my brother played football at Wayne High School in Huber Heights (OSU's Brandon Miller's school). JJ went all they way up there to bring my brother here. He was born in Lakeland but was recruited from Ohio. And the main reason Miami looked was because Howard was recruiting him while he was at UL.

However, Trevor Harris makes a lot of people's "opinions" on here look very dumb now, didn't he? LOL


So I guess he's saying my brother and Chud were the only two out of staters. Narrowmindedness only gets you so far, but definitely makes you look dumb.


Beyond adding 16 players on National Signing Day, a few other roster moves are playing out at UM, with one key player suspended and three changing positions.

Linebacker Eddie Johnson is “suspended indefinitely” for an accumulation of undisclosed issues, coach Al Golden told me. Asked if he would play for the team in 2013, Golden said he is “hopeful” but preferred not to discuss it further.

Johnson needs to starting behaving maturely, because UM needs his speed and skill set, especially after parting ways with Gionni Paul and losing senior Ramon Buchanan.

Johnson – who was fourth on UM’s defense with 59 tackles, including a team-high 7.5 for loss, plus three forced fumbles -- was left home for the Virginia and Duke games last November for violating team rules, prompting Golden to say at the time: “I’m disappointed he’s not doing the things he needs to do.” Tardiness was believed to be an issue.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/#storylink=cpy


Whereas Brandon McGee and Mike James on Thursday were invited to the NFL Combine in two weeks, former Cane Ray-Ray Armstrong - once billed as potential first-round pick by ESPN - was not even invited. Armstrong did not play this past season but his father said he's working with one of Tom Brady's former trainers

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/#storylink=cpy


"Check out what my daughter made me for my birthday!


How AWESOME is that??"

That's adorable, Ohio. Awesome.

As for the coaching candidates, I like Bennett best. Alonzo Highsmith is working his way through the pros, or I'd suggest him.


UM Spring game Saturday April 13 at Sun Life.


"Miami will get 4 of top 5 on this list GUARANTEED:


1. Clark
2. Michel
3. Lane
4. Moten
5. Wint
6. Cook

That would be the order I'd take them. Elite offense, load up on defense. Let the naysayers retract and utter "I never meant it thay way."


Here are what some of them had to say to the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson:

“You want to talk about a night-and-day difference,” said Miami Columbus coach Chris Merritt. “There’s a lot more communication and texts now. Miami didn’t recruit any of our kids under Shannon.”

“We see them more. This staff shows [its] face at your school even if you don’t have a great prospect,” said Hialeah coach Marc Berman, intending no criticism of Shannon.

Central coach Telly Lockett, who said Shannon ignored his program, noted this UM staff “is taking care of their backyard more. I talk to coach Golden a lot.”

“More UM coaches are involved in recruiting now. Different coaches call the players. That keeps it fresh,” said Norland coach Daryle Heidelberg.

But perhaps most telling is this: Miami Belen coach Richard Stuart claimed he had more contact with Golden in four months than in four years with Shannon.


"that way," that is.


Seniors in 2013 (those who tangibly affect the depth chart):

Rodgers, Highsmith

Gaines, Cornelius

Defensive Line
Porter, Robinson, Green, Cain

Offensive Line
Linder, Henderson, Wheeler

Tight Ends
Cleveland, Dye

Wide Receivers

Running Backs
Clements, Hagens


In 2014: I'm not at all worried about the secondary or the running back. I also think that the offensive line depth is solid. We've appropriately addressed quarterback, and I think tight end got a major upgrade.

However, if you look at the defensive line... it is worrisome. We will lose the most productive end (Green), and arguably our top two defensive tackles. Golden must address defensive tackle the way he did so with tight end in 2013 and the secondary in 2012.


LB...Dye is moving back to DE.




From another site

Jermaine Grace comments on Matthew Thomas

Damn grace comments on matthew thomas are hillarious. "Hey im sure he did whats best for his future and I cant blame him. I wouldnt wanna compete against me either"


In Golden I trust.


Best of luck to Mike James and Brandon McGee - two very hard workers


Jermaine Grace will be a beast count it!!!!! will be a monster!!!


"Damn grace comments on matthew thomas are hillarious. "Hey im sure he did whats best for his future and I cant blame him. I wouldnt wanna compete against me either"

Wow. I love that. LOVE IT.


"LB...Dye is moving back to DE."


Duck season!
Wabbit season!


Grace is awesome! That is some old school Jerome Brown type talk there!


Tony...U should get your Canespace shirt today.


Well, Eddie Johnson suspended indefinitely...

He has a 50/50 shot of getting back on the team.

Sad this kid can't get it together.


Ohio...apparently Johnson and Barrow do NOT see eye to eye. Golden, Cristobal in the mix now for disciplinary issues. SAD.


Jermaine Grace may have just become my favorite recruit from this year! LOVE THAT!


Good interview:



We need E. Johnson. This crap needs to stop. We've got a conference championship to win.


I'll say this about the RB coach search... I'd love Bennett, but I'd rather have Soldinger!

Da U N Houston

Was watching highlights from last year. MAN our offense was efficient!!!!!!! Do really wish we could have kept JF for one more year. Stephen Morris flourished under his coaching, I hope Coley can take it to the next level! Hope we keep it going!


Regarding Lockette as RB coach, well, it'd get us in good with Dalvin Cook, so... Yeah! Lol


Listening to the interview with Golden on The Joe Rose show really gave me a new found respect for the man. He is sharp, detail oriented and has a good plan in place. I've said my 2 cents about this recruiting period, but he will get it right. I have a feeling that the next few years are going to be totally different then the previous 5-7 years. He has them going in the right direction. If these DT's learn to plug some space and take on more than one blocker and the LB's take good angles and play smart then this team will improve greatly and see no reason they can't win 10 games next year. If anyone hasn't heard the interview I'm talking about I urge you to listen. Good stuff!


I hope Coley can take it to the next level! Hope we keep it going!

Posted by: Da U N Houston | February 08, 2013 at 10:16 AM

I hope that their is continuity in the offense at least for next year when Morris will be a Senior. I bet the Coley runs Fisch's offense for next year since Kehoe and and Golden will want it to be the same for Morris and then Coley will install his new offense the following year when we have a new starter and Olsen as a RS Freshman just starting out.


I like Lockett, Bennett or Highsmith for RB coach.

Not sold on Solly coming back. He WAS a great RB coach no doubt of that but at his ripe old age I'm not sure if it would work. Does he still have the 24/7 drive of a young buck and could he recruit in today's modern technology driven world? Not so sutre about that?


Some Duke fans chanted "How's your grandma?" at a player whose grandma just died http://deadsp.in/TBkvH39

Classless pricks...


Birdman is here to stay!

Heat signed Chris Anderson for the rest of the season




Birdman is here to stay!

Heat signed Chris Anderson for the rest of the season

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | February 08, 2013 at 10:48 AM

PLEASE! keep that guy away from meth and strippers.


From www.coachingsearch.com:

Duke: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting the Steelers' wide receivers coach Scottie Montgomery has left the staff to rejoin David Cutcliffe's staff at Duke. Coaches have now left Sean Payton, Nick Saban, Eric Mangini, and Mike Tomlin to join Cutcliffe's staff at Duke. Think about that.


Pete Roussel‏@coachingsearch

I have learned that Chip Kelly has hired Cincinnati Bearcats defensive backs coach John Lovett. http://bit.ly/sbcB2K

Yes, THAT John Lovett.


If U are into nation-wide caoching changes in college and pro go here:



Bruce Feldman‏@BFeldmanCBS

Under NCAA initial eligib. policy startng in '16 40% of men’s BB players & 35% of FB would be nonqualifiers: http://bit.ly/12yGFsy


UM's Blake James named new AD.

Terrance Sullivan

86 U bringing the heat today.

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Congrats to Blake James, solid hire, continuity is a must.

VA Cane

I do not think it should be made harder, but there is no need to delay it to 2018 or try to make it easier. I am sick and tired of athletes getting breaks. An athlete should be held to the same standard as any other student. An athlete should be held to the same level as any other student regardless of race etc. If you cannot meet the standards that are fairly basic, then you probably should not be in college. If you choose to play in HS or college, it is choice. You have to work harder at it. To be a great athlete, you have to work harder, do the weights and training etc....same for the classroom. You must manage time and plan to do the work. It is not fair for athletes to get breaks....they get too many now. Cookie got a break; would a regular student get one?

I am sick of all the coddling and sympathy for the overwhelmed athlete. Guys at the U have to work at it; tough school. Time to get the tit out of the mouth; put up or shut up these people are owed no favors.

I played, took a full load (History and Econ major poly sci minor) worked 15-20 hrs a week during the season, 40 off season and graduated on time 3.2 gpa in my major. Now I am not claiming to be Einstein, but I did it....so should others. JMO

VA Cane

Too many athletes going to school just to play......thats not what it is about. Worlds tough lifes tough school should prepare you for them.

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