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February 06, 2013



86 I agree, I think we win 9 to 10 games next year. I see nothing but big things coming for the U. And all the fairweathers can bounce. Also when the cloud moves out. Look out for 2014. Alabama you have officially been put on notice. 12 percent for life


Jimmy Puma‏@DirtySouthCanes

Just spoke yo Donnelle Bennett. He says that if #TheU comes calling, he's in. #RBcoach.


NSD 2013: Good, not great, and certainly not EPIC.

WWIN...is there a buyout clause in your client's contract? LOL

Posted by: 86Cane | February 06, 2013 at 03:22 PM

This buyout clause that you speak of, whats that????? LOL



I tried. Lol


Collins to joe rose "I'm still going to Arkansas"


POST-NSD 2013 POSITIONAL BREAKDOWN BY SENIORITY (please let me know if I made any mistakes or forgot anyone):

* = 2013 newcomer

QB (7)
S. Morris
R. Williams
G. Crow
P. Dewey
D. Thompson (also on baseball team)
K. Olsen*
G. Lassiter* (also on baseball team)

RB (6)
E. Clements
D. Crawford
D. Dillard
D. Johnson
A. Edwards* (a la Mike James)
R. Lewis III* (possible)

FB (2)
M. Hagens
A. Edwards* (a la Mike James)

WR (9)
A. Hurns
P. Dorsett
R. Scott
J. Carter
D. Jones
M. Lewis
R. Lockhart
H. Waters
S. Coley*

TE (7)
A. Cleveland
D. Dye
C. White
D. Perry
C. Walford
S. Dobard*
B. Sandland*

OT (7)
S. Henderson
M. Bunche
H. Wells
E. Flowers
T. Gadbois
H. Knighton*
S. Odogwu*

OG (4)
B. Linder
J. Feliciano
D. Isidora
A. Gall*

C (2-3 since I think Gall or Knighton can also play C)
J. Wheeler
S. McDermott

DT (9)
C. Porter
L. Robinson
J. Grimble
O. Pierre
C. King
J. Briscoe
D. Ivery
E. Moore
U. Kamalu*

DE (9)
K. Cain
S. Green
A. Chickillo
R. Williams
J. Hamilton
D. Hoilett
T. McCord
J. O'Donnell
A. Muhammad*

OLB (8)
T. Cornileus
D. Perryman
T. Armbrister
E. Johnson
J. Blue
G. Terry
D. Bond*
A. Figueroa*
J. Grace*

MLB (3)
J. Gaines
D. Perryman
R. Kirby

CB (8)
T. Finnie
L. Gunter
A. Crawford
N. Dortch
L. Hope
T. Howard
A. Burns*

S (5)
A. Highsmith
K. Rodgers
D. Bush
R. Jenkins
J. Carter*

Not sure... M. Goudis only scholarship player on roster... Ricky Perez a preferred walk-on... I think we also landed another walk-on recently.



For anyone still remembering hoops, TCU is up by 10 over Kansas with 1 min. left in the game....oops, now make that 6. KU is #5, fwiw.


7 quarterbacks! How could we have possibly gone so many years with just 2?!


Those teams we grew up watching were set to self destruct every few years. If we try to follow that model again we will get the Death Penalty! It's a fact that has now been proven at the highest level of the NCAA! Do you think the NCAA isn't working with MLB as we speak? UM's on Double Secret Probation now!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | February 06, 2013 at 10:03 PM

NO!...those teams we grew up watching were self destructed by money, and couldn't be maintained because of lack of money. The only reason the previous model didn't work is because Shapiro is a CRAAAAAAZY! SOAB...nothing more,nothing less.
And after the PSU tragedy, the NCAA wouldn't DARE! hand out the DP again, the Miami "scandal" is pip squeak compared to PSU. And to follow up what Hassan said, MAAAAAN!, it's a lot of money changing hands, look at how Richt got RAPED! in the state of Georgia. Hell, look at how AG got raped here in Florida.


Alright, today is over. Today sucked. The entire recruting process didn't necessarily, but the result speaks for itself. Golden really has to evaluate what he has at DC and especially DL coach, they are just not getting it done:the lack of talented kids coming in at DT (we need them worse than the national Republican party needs a new message,) and the poor talent at the position is not good. But the class is far from the worst ever, and in time might prove to be ok. We'll see, I'm just glad UM survived the day and will fight another day.Now we measure Golden; there is no question he was disappointed today, how he responds will tell us all we need to know about his ability.


The only reason Collins doesn't want to come is bcuz he doesn't want to take Duke Johnson's spot

Terrance Sullivan

Actually starting with the 2011 class headlined by Dorsett, Chik, and Perryman going into the 2012 class headlined by Duke, Bush, Howard, and now this class headlined by Burns, Coley, and Olsen things are looking great.


Hassan is right. I was told Collins was ours to lose. Wasn't told about the coach, but did hear whispers and wrote them off (sort of).

Not surprising, honestly. Recruiting is a dirty, dirty game




We will know whether a class was good or not when the players actually play in the games

Posted by: CGNC | February 06, 2013 at 08:14 PM

Thats the truest $hit i ever heard all day!!!!


People have to understand that its hard recruiting by the book these days, and AG is trying to do it the right way by the book


Can't wait to hear the NCAA say, "Hey UM, feel free to go about your business as U see fit... Oh, sorry btw"



Didn't i tell you about Jalen Ramsey? He was told we would get the death penalty


"@unclelukereal1: RT @theCANEofTUCKY @unclelukereal1 we got to get Randy Shannon back at Miami, terrible Al Golden"

Wtf is wrong with people? Do they have selective amnesia?


Agree semper fi, we are way worse off with Shannon at HC. Disapointment for me is over,momentum can change with one winning season, and hopefully this is the one.


TCU took down KU tonight, so #5 goes down along with formerly #2 FU yesterday night. Tomorrow NCState plays Duke, but it's at Duke and I expect Duke to take care of business. Nevertheless, it has the potential to be a tough game for the Dukies. I don't expect Gonzaga to have much trouble with Pepperdine or IU with the Illini, but that's why they play the games. Saturday our Canes face off against UNC again, although in Coral Gables. Michigan will play a tough Wisconsin team, and Kansas will face a good OU team. FU plays Miss. State, a team I'd expect they'll take out some frustration on unfortunately.

All things being the same, if the U can take care of business vs. the Tar Heels, #6 is in our grasp (and this assumes a Mich. win vs. the Badgers). Again, this is lotsa nuttin...just keep winning, Canes, and all will take care of itself.

I don't see AC ending up anywhere other than with Ark at this point, but stranger things have happened. Maybe he can contact Bryce Brown for some advice....


I hate these recruiting websites...espn has miami at #21 and rivals has us at #44???? What gives? This isn't even close so either way I think it was a good day...not thw best..but don't forget we have an amazing offense coming back with even more firepower...defense can't do anything but get better..I hope... we aren't going to win a national title next year but I can see miami winning the acc championship and playing in the orange bowl and possibly winning that. They say defense wins championships and I think that is true..but I think we can definetly win with the talent that is on this team...just dont forgetwhat golden has done with the situation is beyond great


Miami fans are simply the worst, least supportive and most delusional fans anywhere.

Why all the anger at the current HC?

U chest thumping morons who are still living in the past think U deserve the best of South Florida talent? Really?

This HC cant even answer a simple question from a recruits parents because of the NCAA cloud and self imposed silence. THIS HC cant visit some homes becuase of self imposed limits on in home meet and greets.

Your program been mediocre for almost decade.

And yet your not thanking this HC for perservering and putting up with all the BS to try and guide this ship into harbor when he could of taken gigs alot more lucrative, and with fan bases who actually give a crap unlike your own fickle 1500 fans?

Any self respecting head coach would of walked away from ur disaster the moment the news dropped from Yahoo.

I guess having a Saint for a head coach to hold it all together while rebuilding a decimated talent pool from the Shannon era isnt enough.



"@unclelukereal1: RT @theCANEofTUCKY @unclelukereal1 we got to get Randy Shannon back at Miami, terrible Al Golden"

Is that real?

That's hilarious!


I like the class. It addressed most of the needs. We need at least one more DT. Other than that, good job.

Now let's see that schedule!


Perhaps, PCC, rivals doesnt count jucos? Who knows? Who cares?

21 or 44 . . . What difference does it make, if we're not in the top ten?

Let's face facts, NSD was disappointing for the U. We were vanquished by UF and FSU (again) and some other schools too.

We're not ever going to be an elite team (again), unless we can find a way to AT LEAST recruit more effectively in Sourth Florida.

We signed some good recruits, no doubt. However, in this fan's opinion the image of Golden being a "great recruiter" is now seriously tarnished. (In Golden we bust?) And the myth of the U's "three headed [recruiting] monster" has seemingly been shattered.

Of course, a better test will come next year when the NCAA shyt is behind us. (Sorry 'bout the pun.). And then we can recruit aggressively without the fear of unknown sanctions looming ominously over the program.

But for now all I can say is that we did OKAY on NSD. . . And that's not bad!
But we should have done BETTER . . . And that's not good!

The one thing that really mystifies me is WHY would anyone ever NOT want to play for the U?


Does anyone know the rationale behind not letting a kid sign his LOI until he's 21 without parental consent?

Seems a little archaic and patronizing if you ask me (even though it has helped us stay in the Collins sweepstakes).

Thanks in advance!


VA Cane

Uncle Luke is an idiot; the guy needs to go away.RS decent D coach, terrible head coach. Thats foolish talk. Go root for FSU UF or whomever RS signs with since hes so hot and in demand....one of my friends called him the black Nick Saban!!!! Really? He said RS just needed more time to build a powerhouse!! OK buddy.

While I wish we could have gotten more kids we wanted, I imagine there would have been grade issues with several. There is nothing wrong with having standards; I think they should be the same for all: in state out of state athlete non athlete city country. There should be no exceptions for groups; there are too many people in school now that do not have the skills.If you cannot make it at the U UVA Stanford go somewhere where the standards permit. We put sports and activities first from day one, then we have a govt that wants to continue to invest in education.....heck we are what 17th in world, 23 in math and science....how has the investment of trillions since the 60s worked out...not good. We have been investing for years with taxpayer money, with little or no change. We have the same problem here; city of Richmond has terrible govt and schools...size has dropped cause people got into surrounding counties. I cannot imagine living in the city anyway, so much is bad. While the thought of Willie Williams getting a chance to break out of a bad life, get a degree and play in the big time is nice, for so many kids from the same background its the same thing; a nice thought. It is very sad that it so often is not reality. Willie was in jail when I checked last year; hope things change for the young man.

I cannot imagine an athlete going to Ole Miss or Arkansas and thinking they are going to get an education. The poverty level and school systems of those states are pretty bad...why would one think that the higher eduction system of the same state is going to be better. Got to be $....would you go there?

CGNC great point....we will know when we see them play....just like all the others that went to schools....lots of them will never pan out.


RBL...check here:



We will know whether a class was good or not when the players actually play in the games

Posted by: CGNC | February 06, 2013 at 08:14 PM


100% agree


I just saw the list of redshirted players (now officially redshirt freshmen). This is the first time in a long time where we had the room to do that. It's impressive, and should help us quite a bit. Gives a little more perspective.

DL: Hoilet, Briscoe, O'Donnell.
LB: Blue.
DB: Dortch, Hope.
OL: Gadbois, Isidora.
WR: Carter, Jones.
RB: Dillard.
QB: Dewey, Crow, Thompson.

I don't know about the rest of you, but knowing that 14 players got developed last year is really, really promising. I think Briscoe & Blue can immediately contribute.

However, I'm most excited about Dillard. Everything that I've heard (and I've heard quite a bit), he's an everydown back with sickening skills. Duke, Dallas, Dillard, Clements... that's a hell of a group.

Out of the 2013 group, I'm certain that Sandland, Grace, and AQM will play immediately.

Ideally, Olsen, Dobard, and Coley would also redshirt. But I think Dobard is too talented to keep off the field.

What do you all think?


Even up here in Chattanooga, the talk shows are talking about the Collins situation lol

The Wizard

LB, I've also heard that Dillard is a stud ready to explode. Looking forward to seeing him on the field.


I think it is very possible Olsen, Dobard and Coley redshirt..unless they just blow the doors off. We have a very talent group of WR's returning, and at TE we have Sandland and Walford who really came on at the end of the year. Olsen should sit behind Morris and redshirt unless Morris is injured and he just happens to be #2 on the chart.


Chick is up to 270, jelani 276, McCord 230's.


From Rivals..


Written about ad nauseum, this is a tough class to call a winner or a loser but the optimism coming into National Signing Day ended with a thud. Miami bungled the recruitment of Denver Kirkland and lost him to Arkansas. It likely pushed away five-star Matthew Thomas as well. Alex Collins' mom tried to make the former commit sign with the school, but it appears he is headed to Arkansas as well, with former 'Canes coach Randy Shannon dipping back into the South Florida market. The day was not all a loss, though, because the program landed four-star linebacker Jermaine Grace and four-star receiver Stacy Coley. There are major questions about the defensive line, which went relatively unaddressed in this class, and even with the backdrop of self-sanctioning many people expected more than this.


Posted by: RBLCane | February 06, 2013 at 09:38 PM

Great post but this is nothing new. Look into Georgia Tech and read the quote the coach then said why they needed to leave the SEC. The academic standards at GT were much higher than the rest so they had to opt out for the ACC.

Dodd also indicated that the stiffer academic requirements played a role in Georgia Tech's departure from the SEC.

"I just could not compete with those damn state universities. And Auburn is just as easily a state university. They could take these same boys we couldn't take, who wanted to come and play for me. And it just broke me down. I couldn't beat'em. You can just outcoach'em some of the time, brother. Better football players will beat you."

Schweaty Balls

Big article today in the NY Times saying that the Miami Baseball program was the hub of PED's down in S. Florida. Man it just never stops! You all know how much I follow Miami Baseball so this one hurts.



Posted by: 86Cane | February 06, 2013 at 10:18 PM

That's insider information?!

That's more like common sense. LOL (for you ogv)



Even kids games aren't safe anymore... 2 teens lose fingers playing tug of war:



Will someone tell Luke Randy Shannon is a position coach now?

Schweaty Balls

Randy Shannon was the worst head coach ever! He sucked worse than a $2 whore. And Luke needs to recognize the he is so 1980's. Move on pal and get a life!


Luke loves to say how all this kids wanted to come to Miami...so then why didnt they commit to Miami??? HELLO!!! lol...Freeman, Cooper, Thomas, Kirkland, Rogers, Bridgewater ALL had offers and didnt commit and some de-committedd...funny how Luke never mentions that lol


Luke is a fuggin moron. Why ANYONE even listens to him is beyond me. He's a damn ex-rapper that ran for Mayor.


People take what he says seriously? Really?


Posted by: Schweaty Balls | February 07, 2013 at 09:14 AM

You're not really THAT surprised are you? I mean, we do have a field named after the kingpin.


I guess it is a good sign that we flipped Burns from Alabama to Miami and Luke is his coach lol


Golden on Joe Rose hinting at a JUCO DT that "could qualify late that's still available"


^^ Also possible, "A transfer or 2"


27 official visits this year (self-imposed). Had 40-50 officials last year.

Golden's hit ratio once getting guys on campus is excellent

Schweaty Balls

Posted by: Schweaty Balls | February 07, 2013 at 09:14 AM

You're not really THAT surprised are you? I mean, we do have a field named after the kingpin.

Posted by: 360Cane | February 07, 2013 at 09:36 AM

No, not surprised at all. I am probably going to get s#@t for saying this but we know its the truth, Luke is a racist. There is only 1 reason why he wants Shannon back and it has absolutely nothing to do with head coaching qualifications.

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