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February 24, 2013





Deon Bush!

Love the Larry Scott hire!


Ohio...U notice how OGV will NOT answer any Larranaga Questions? Or how poorly his defense played against WF? Or why he did NOT call T/Os? He has no answer.

I'm jus sayin...

Sarasota 'cane

Is this the same guy that turned us down last week?

Go 'canes!


Melvin Brattonon.
Re: Scott, honestly don't know much about him. Hope he knows what he's doing, his resume looks alright.

Terrance Sullivan

Seems like a good hire. Lets go Canes.


So Carroll is really going to WR's this year?


^^^ "coach"


Canes coach Jim Morris said ace starters Eric Whaley and Bryan Radziewski, who have yet to pitch this season, might throw one or two innings in the games against St. Thomas and/or Barry this week.

Hurricane Warrior



There IT is right there.

McGee defended D’Onofrio: “It’s a good system if it’s executed. All Coach D can do is the make the calls. We had mental breakdowns, guys not getting deep enough in coverage.”
D’Onofrio blitzed some, but not a ton, because he didn’t want to put his young secondary at risk and “you have to figure out the risk/reward. It comes down to putting guys in situations they’re ready for...

Our young D with 9 true freshman wasn't ready. I keep telling you guys it had nothing to do with schemes but what the guys were learning in film room. Sometimes you gotta coach to what you have not over coach it. I'll take the words of an insider and the use of my football expertise over any fan's opinion on a 3 hour game...


But I get it. Just let them play. The talent was there, right? Lmao!


Posted from Seantrel's woman:

"Below is a statement by Lou Anna K. Simon, executive committee chair and Michigan State University president on the NCAA regulatory pathway and Mark Emmert’s leadership:

“The NCAA Executive Committee continues to support the association’s broad-based reform agenda. This reform agenda must include meaningful change in the regulatory process beyond the changes in enforcement that have already been enacted.

"We, as the Executive Committee, on Friday affirmed our expectation that the association move forward with the next phase of its regulatory review. A thorough examination and subsequent improvement of processes, policies, procedures and investigative tools is necessary. Developing a mechanism for monitoring adherence with policies, while also reviewing the interaction between the legal and regulatory staffs, is key to moving forward. In short, we demand the highest level of integrity and accountability not only from our peers but also from the national office. While progress has been made, additional important work remains.

"Mark Emmert was hired to lead a major transformation of the NCAA. Much has been accomplished without fanfare, such as academic reforms, enhanced fiscal accountability and organizational transparency. The Executive Committee and President Emmert recognize there is much yet to do and that the road to transformational change is often bumpy and occasionally controversial. Therefore, on Friday the Executive Committee unanimously affirmed its confidence in Mark’s leadership as president and its support for his ongoing efforts to implement these essential and historic reforms.”

Translation (paragraph by paragraph):

We messed up. Big time. It's so bad that it makes those Twilight movies look good.

This isn't the first time we messed up, and we hope that we can shred documents and wipe servers before we get investigated by a governing body. Sex. Oh, and we're going to fire people.

Yeah, we haven't found anybody to take the job. Nobody really wants it, because whoever gets it is going to get hammered. So Emmert is our lightning rod. Kisses!



Canes Schedule is out later on today. Corey Lemonair was on that got away


Mayock says Seantrel manhandled Werner in the FSU-Miami game.


For those worried about the "U" not recruiting Quincy Wilson. He said UM, Florida & Alabama are recruiting him the hardest. We want him plenty...


Crickets cherping...


Hoops team dropped to #5 in AP & #7 in Coach's poll. Still in good shape for a 1 seed if we win out the regular season & win the ACC tourny


Mayack was right I watched that match-up close and Seantrel beat the german's ass

orange 'n green in the vein

Mr. Clean says it's getting murky;


This guy I believe is a turd, admittedly I do find him entertaining to read usually though, which makes this all the more bizzare;



You have to have some depth of talent to work with. The middle (DT'S) are made of adobe, they crumble to easily and the LB's are not far behind. We can crack on the secondary all day but if the front 7 don't do thier jobs, those back 4 are toast.


NativeCane...I went fishing with Old Skool this AM at Lake Istokpoga and we slayed them! News and photos at 11...


Miami Hurricanes 2013 football schedule

Aug. 30​: vs. FAU
Sept. 7​​: vs Florida
Sept. 14​: Open
Sept. 21​: vs. Savannah State
Sept. 28​: at South Florida
Oct. 5: vs. Georgia Tech
Oct. 12​: Open
Oct. 17​: at North Carolina (Thursday), ESPN
Oct. 26​: vs. Wake Forest
Nov. 2​: at Florida State
Nov. 9​: vs. Virginia Tech
Nov. 16​: at Duke
Nov. 23​: vs. Virginia
Nov. 29​: at Pittsburgh (Friday), ABC, ESPN or ESPN2


Very manageable schedule for Canes. Can't wait!

Oh, and I'll be attending the Canes season finale Nov 29 @ Pitt!


What's to like:
* For once, this is not a front-loaded schedule
* Good chance we'll be 4-1 or even 5-0 before we start ACC play

What's no to like:
* FSU & VTech within 7 days
* No more open dates after mid-October (UTough and staying healthy will be critical)
* Season finale on the road with only 5 days to prepare


Mayock says Seantrel manhandled Werner in the FSU-Miami game.

Posted by: Hassan | February 25, 2013 at 11:34 AM

Seantrel will be a first round pick in 2014. When Seantrel is at his best, he is absolutely dominant.


Schedule sets up for a magical run. 10-12 wins and a BCS bowl is doable.


NativeCane...I went fishing with Old Skool this AM at Lake Istokpoga and we slayed them! News and photos at 11...

Posted by: 86Cane | February 25, 2013 at 03:10 PM

Canespace Takeover of the Secret Honey Hole?

Go Canes!!!

Wayne UM fan since 63

Will you all be in Chapel Hill on Oct.17? I live 60 miles due east in Rocky Mount. I will be celebrating my 63rd birthday that night with a friend of mine who is a die hard NC fan. He has to buy me the ticket because we beat them in B Ball and he just cannot stand it. PLease e-mail me back and let me know if you all are comming. Thanks My info name tells it all. Thanks Wayne


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