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February 09, 2013



Per ESPN: "According to the NCAA's research ... 35.2 percent of football players ... who enrolled as freshmen in 2009-10 to play Division I sports would not have met the 2016 standards."

That number may actually be higher in some regions, like South Florida.


Barry Jackson:

Here’s what new UM offensive coordinator James Coley tells us he would like people to say about his UM offense in time: “Here’s a guy that creates explosive plays in the run game and passing game and is always seeking how to stretch the field, whether it’s horizontally or [vertically] and gets your guys in space where they can do damage.”

He will use a pro style offense with multiple formations and spread elements. “You are not handcuffing yourself into a two-back set all the time,” he said, adding he’s willing to use formations, at times, such as five receivers and an empty backfield, and isn’t opposed to occasionally lining up Duke Johnson at receiver to flummox defenses.

Tight end is a UM strength, and Coley said: “[If] you’ve got athletic tight ends” the key is “find the bad linebacker and exploit them.” Of emerging Clive Walford, Coley said: “The more he’s played, the better he’s gotten. I’m looking forward to start feeding him the rock.”

Coley, 39, helped craft the Seminoles’ game plan as offensive coordinator, but coach Jimbo Fisher called the plays. “It was time for me to go out and do my own thing,” said Coley, who called plays in 2006 for a talent-deficient FIU team. “Calling games is my passion. I want to try it on my own.”
Besides Fisher, his other offensive mentors include Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan, both colleagues in his three seasons on the Dolphins’ staff.

### UM people believe Florida State and Arkansas were two schools that negative recruited against the Hurricanes, with FSU warning players that UM is going to be on NCAA probation, despite having no firm evidence. FSU was irritated about losing Coley to Miami, but UM believes FSU bad-mouthed UM last year, too.


Boo hoo. Other teams are bad mouthing Miami, mommy. If you can't say anything nice, don't say it at all. They are a bunch of meanie-heads. GTFOH with complaining about that negative campaigning crap. It's part of the game.

orange 'n green in the vein

Al needs to quit crying about negative recruiting and return to stopping the staff from being lazy like they were this year confronting the incidents of it, he sounds like his college roommate moaning about plays being ran he didn't see on game film after yet another 500 yard toasting.

Can't ever trust a reporter who can't get the year Coley called plays at FIU correct either. Unless he had a press box view of the 'across the ocean' extra point in 2006 because he was slacking off or on a draft scouting assignment that night James should have been working for the pro team that year shouldn't he? Such a mess right now in that coaching office anyway, not surprised it's spread to the fact checkers by association, with only Hurricanes with rings on their fingers even approaching trustworthy at doing their jobs decently now. The Pimp winning the first basketball title in his second year at UM while under an even worse NCAA cloud would put all the division 'title' from the worst in major college football celebrators to shame with the sheer amount of egg tonnage that would avalanche on them as the nets were cut down. Al's wife would pay the refs to Donnaghy up the title game so UM gets beat and she can feel destined still to be where they belong while she talks late at night on the phone with her husband from her hospital bed in Atlantis though so I'm still having trouble seeing them win six or more in a row to finish the season.



I hate to admit it but all you see & hear from Golden & his team is mediocrity & excuses. All you see & hear from Larranaga & his team is wins. I'll give Larranaga this. He did return virtually his entire team this year. Golden will return virtually his entire team next year. If him & his staff is really on point. We'll see similar performance from the football team next season. It does bother me that Larranaga never once gave an excuse about missing Scott for the 1st 3 games or missing big Reggie for 8 strait games. He just made adjustments & kept winning...

The Dude

Ah... 500 yards... corners playing ten yards off on 3rd and 2... rushing 2 on 3rd and 7... linebackers covering no one... ah.. flashbacks... LOOK OUT... They're going to the tight end... no coach... NOOOOO!!! God help us all!!! Huh, ah, ugh. What happened? I must have blacked out again. Did someone mention 500 yards of offense?


Such a mess right now in that coaching office anyway

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | February 10, 2013 at 12:59 PM

I'll say this OGv, you are consistent with your negative genda against this coaching staff. Do you have anything positive to say abou this staff? Anything at all? Have they done anything right?

I'm not trying to be a smart a$$ or start some stuff with you, but it's the same song with you 24/7 and I was wondering if there is any space in your thoughts about something positive in our future or is your mind closed to the thought that while these coaches may be flawed and imperfect, they could have us headed in the right direction?

It's a serious question.

Sarasota 'cane

You all are full of crap! Seriously! Miami has gotten better on the field and Al has begun to refill the empty cupboard that was left to him. The fact that All is even still here should be celebrated. A top 25 recruiting class in light of UM's circumstance should be celebrated.

This blog becomes such a drag to read sometimes because the "half empty" contingent is always the most vocal! If you can't see what UM is building on and off the field to improve the product then you're not really looking.

Go 'canes!!




"flummox defenses"...Really? is THAT the only or best word U can choose from to describe what U wanted to say. Really?

Somebody should use that as a blog name. Now that would be something!


Canesfan_1...I feel your pain. I used to take what OGV said seriously to the point that it made me angry and I even deleted a few of his worst rants. That was until one day when I decided that I would not pay attention to it anymore or just read it with a sly smile on my face. It is so very, very sad when your root for someone to fail, much less someone who you should REALLY want to succeed.

Now I just skip over most of his comments or read them with a smile on my face as I eagerly anticipate the day when Al Golden turns this thing completely around (this year or next?) and OGV and Dan Sileo will be seated in one room together, side by side and served a HUGE helping of crow to eat.

We will never let him forget, NEVER!


OGV and Sileo, sitting in a tree...

Can't U just see the two love birds together? A match made in heaven. LOL

orange 'n green in the vein

"Posted by: Canesfan_1 | February 10, 2013 at 01:23 PM"

(Al Golden/D'No-plushies joke goes here.)

Click the blue name, go back to when the head coach was hired and start reading for yourself, don't ask me to push keys that will make you feel good when you see what results from them since I don't owe that to you anymore than you do to me. Thanks C_1. I say good things about things that impress me, when it's bad things, I say amusing things to make it entertaining for myself to watch retroactively.

Terrence, I've been thinking about what you asked recently about UM/UNC football/basketball fans from that era you said they where born around;

They sound like the type of fan that would intentionally lose a bet to Jordan on the golf-course then try to pay off in the locker-room like a cross between Ali G and Larry Craig, while I'm most definitely assured of the fact they would be poor excuses for Hurricanes unlike guys like championship winning player and coach Randy Shannon and the second greatest passing QB in history Jacory Harris.

If such a thing you described were actually known to exist, that is.

You know, since you asked and all.

Sarasota 'cane

Dan Sileo will not be working for WQAM when football season starts!

Go 'canes!


lol, so true

I honestly believe we are headed in the right direction. That doesn't mean I think Al Golden is perfect but I am 100% convinced that we are in much better shape than we were at the end of Randy's last season. I'm not a Randy basher in the least, but we were headed down down down when he was justifiably let go. You'd have to be blind not to see it.

That doesn't mean there won't be bumps in the road, who knows, maybe Golden pulls the trigger on our DC, or maybe the defense substantially improves. Even if he has to fire his guy, didnt JJ, Butch, and either Erickson or Schnellenberger have to fire their DC's a couple or three years into their stints as our coach? I know for sure JJ & Butch did.

orange 'n green in the vein

LOL SOUP. Never listened to him other than in the SOUPmobile on the way back from the loss to UNC this year (thus pissing off the mythic lame creation Terrence was asking about royally I bet!) but I'd have to stay away from him so his deer antler velvet extract spray didn't get on me and cause me to fail a urine test and ruin my reputation.


I have no idea what you just wrote OGV.

Maybe my reading comprehension has regressed or maybe it's because I have to go back and reread several times before it starts to sink in. You're making me work too hard.

Sarasota 'cane


The Alonzo Highsmith interview is awesome! It contradicts everything the "Half Empty's" are spewing here today!

So now we have the 12%er's, the "Half Empty's", and all points in between!!

Go 'canes!


Canesfan_1...U are not alone there are many that feel "flummoxed" after reading one of OGV's comments.

Here is the funniest part of the whole flummoxing conundrum: Sometimes people that get inisder emails from our source on the street ask me to translate what the heck he is saying from The Hood in Liberty City. Well the source then emails me and he asks me to translate what the heck OGV is saying on the blog because he can't figure it out either. True story, swear to God!

(I already prayed at church today so I am covered and can do that LOL)


I agree Golden is better than Shannon. I'm just not sold that Golden will bring us back to elite status. I haven't seen that in him yet. I can't help but doubt a man that sounds like he believes continuity is more important than ability. He gives off the impression that even if our defense sucks next year, he'll keep No'D just for the sake of continuity. Instead of saying goodbye to the weakest link & finding someone that can coach defense. I hope I'm wrong but this is jmo.

I have no faith in the defense we're running. From what I've seen, it sucks. I don't see it ever being capable of winning a championship. No matter how much talent that plays in it.

I also haven't seen so much of an improvement that it's obvious that Golden will develop into an elite coach. The play of the defense next season will tell me all I need to know...


hurlie brown to coach running backs at Miami,Fl

Terrance Sullivan

This is a make or break season for our Canes on the gridiron. Win the ACC Coastal outright, Win a bowl game, Win at least 10 games, and beat at least either Florida or FSU. Preferably beating both.


What's up fellas! Just catching up now after a very eventful weekend (started new marriage group at my church on friday and got water baptized on sat!).

No-D will be a mid-season fire if the D doesn't improve significantly. This heavily depends on the strength of the first half of our schedule, which includes at least two gimmees (FAU, Savannah State) but also includes a home game against the Gators. That homegame will be the real test IMO, kind of like the FSU loss at home a few years back was the beginning of the end for Randy (except that No-D will be fired immediately). Golden can only protect No-D for so long from the alumni base before the vitriol is directed at him (as is already happening). That Golden would keep No-D on board this long would appear to be a huge risk to his own livelihood on the surface, except that Golden knows he can do what he wants given his nine-year contract.

I personally believe the D will be much better in 2013 given the ridiculously high pressure to perform, a favorable schedule, and continued player development. Also depends on the O doing their jobs and keeping drives alive to keep the D fresh, which is a big question mark given our new coordinator. But you also gotta assume that having Ray Lewis around will help the D, if not as a consulting source for the coaches then for player inspiration. I don't think our D will be fabulous but my guess is that we'll be a top 30 D given our relatively weak schedule. That should keep the fan base at peace and inspire the recruits to start rolling in.



So a former safety and DB coach will be coaching the RB'? lol

Account Deleted

My fearless look ahead for 2013...

7-5 - Barring major injuries (like Morris) if we wind up here or worse AG and team will be cleaned out. Our patience runs out.

8-4 - Here's my real guess, allows for some D improvements, schedule and a few injuries. Maybe a run at the ACC title, but at least a decent bowl game.

9-3 - Now we're talking some big time D changes, moving from 116th to maybe the top 50 or so, but I just don't think we have the depth and talent to pull it off. Avoid injuries and upsets and we can get there. I'd say this is a long shot, but you never know.

10-2 or better - Sorry, but not going to happen. Not enough talent on the D, depth, schedule and injuries will come into play. We're still a recruiting season or two away from this level.

You can bank this forecast, 8-4, improving one game per year, sets us up for 2014 at 9-3 or better.

Terrance Sullivan

If our Canes cant go 10-4 this season it would be an epic fail. Real Talk.


Ariz interview with Luke...



Bruce Feldman ‏@BFeldmanCBS
Minutes before RonTurner announced his signing class, he informed the asst who landed FIU's top recruits he was fired:


ESPN Stats & Info ‏@ESPNStatsInfo
According to @eliassports, Miami (FL) is the 1st team since ACC play began in 1953 to def. both Duke & UNC by 25+ pts in the same season.

orange 'n green in the vein

I actually have virtually no problem with Hurlie Brown moving a little higher up the food chain, even with the jump to the other side of the football at this point in his coaching career. I liked the Richardson hire somewhat more when it was announced initially than the replacement announcement but this one's fine, he can always call Sol for tips anyway if necessary.


Then we want to go again with you in March around the full moon, so 3/24, 3/25, 3/29 or 3/30 would work. Have U fished the Lake before or just gone air boating there?

Have U been to George Medard to boat/fish? I read they stocked the lake with 1,000s of bass last year and the year before?

Posted by: 86Cane | February 10, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Any of those dates should be good for me, we could bring one of the flats boats and the airboat and have a large time.
Havent fished the lake but its prolly like Kissimmee or Arbuckle.

Medard is where I learned to fish as a kid, I actually watched Game and Fish put thousands of Largemouths and Speck fry in there a year or so ago from the hatchery at Green Swamp.
I think its catch and release there for a while.
I actually kayak there a lot, theres nothing that gets your adrenaline going than yaking up beside a 10 or 12 foot gator laying on one of those islands and watch him hit the water beside you, you should go out with me, its a rush!

Go Canes!!!


Weird the same ppl complaining about how Al Golden is recruiting where he is recruiting and etc etc....are the same CRYBABIES now saying Oh Stop Crying Al everybody bad mouths....smh...U shall remain nameless but I believe U guys are Peons....tht is all

If U Not Wit Us U Against and GET GONE..


Posted by: longtimecanefan | February 10, 2013 at 02:49 PM

Pass me da green I need some weed wit my Hennessey


I am behind 100% and trust him almost implicitly. However, he is being a giant baby complaining about the attack ads.


Watching the Heat game. They have Howard mic'ed up.. Makes me laugh that Kobe is nowhere near Howard at all


We don't have the talent to go 10-2¿¿¿¿

We were 3 plays away from doing that last year. We have everybody back and we can't go 10-2, wit a weaker schedule¿¿¿

Old Skool

Sounds like we need to have a Canespace Cayak Confab in Turkey Creek



Some people get EXCUSES and FACTS mixed up


BEER I only see him speakn out because now he is being asked "why this, why tht" Last Year it was "Look at Golden cleaning up the recruiting trail" its more than evident he gave U a stellar class last year knocked his nmbrs dwn targeted very few and was self imposed yet again this year.. Ijs U ask the man to speak he speaks and even tht is not good enuff at some point U guys gotta give the man a break....




Mcginns Ale House




My Man Now we gotta getcha 12%'n

RCCF....now recruiting 12%ers and Signing Day is the Final Spring Game...Everyone therefore after shall be a Walk-On....(even U 86)

LoL...but serious tho



Nah after that we closin' the door on da bus. We ain't allowing NO switch sidin'


Good Call Willie Will NO Walk On's....




Maybe Carroll is doing some recruiting of his own shoring up the WestCoast....maybe




Maybe Carroll is doing some recruiting of his own shoring up the WestCoast....maybe

??? What are you saying RCCF? (I'm not following... )

orange 'n green in the vein

I read it as he thinks he would be a good staff addition but I don't agree with that if that's what RCCF intended.

Sarasota 'cane

James' dunk with the "mean mug" finish just now was off the chain!!

Go Heat!!


Sounds like we need to have a Canespace Cayak Confab in Turkey Creek

Posted by: Old Skool | February 10, 2013 at 04:37 PM

Skool, I put the C in confab. I have been a confabulator as long as I can remember but I'll have to show U or you'll think my tales are confabulous! LOL

Go Canes!!!

orange 'n green in the vein

When I go here, I can only shake my head in disbelief about a lot of things:


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