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February 09, 2013


Terrance Sullivan

The Pimp and Crew Layed the Smackdown on the Tar Heels.


Don't forget that in addition to Michigan, Kansas lost twice, Indiana lost and Florida lost. Duke is the only Top 5 team not to lose (... and we know what we did to them!) We should get some first place votes this week!


OK, I'll work on it. But I would check with your client again today just to see if he ain't happy with his current contract status after receiving the recent SWAG package he got yesterday. Im jus sayin.

Posted by: 86Cane | February 08, 2013 at 07:18 AM

You would think. My clients know my motto, "Its NEVER enuff". Lol

Schweaty Balls

All I can say about this Miami basketball team is they are in the midst's of a special season. I watch this team play and I think about a team like '76 Indiana and their great undefeated team under Bob Knight or teams that came out of nowhere like '83 NC State, '85 Villanova and '88 Kansas or the unknown of '06 George Mason and '10 and '11 Butler. All of these teams just had special seasons and I think this is where this Miami season is headed. There is a long way to go with a game at Duke which is very big, then the ACC tournament then the NCAA Tournament, but it just seems this is going to be one of those great stories you will remember for a long time. I hope I am right and I hope the Canes cut down the nets in Atlanta b/c right now, Miami has a once in a lifetime opportunity. This type of thing does not happen very often, enjoy it canes fans, that's all I can say, enjoy the ride!

orange 'n green in the vein

Man, a James Jones sighting, the story I can tell. Too funny. He's probably sweating just a little that Salmons, Bland, Hemsley and the gang's run is going to be eclipsed pretty soon here.

Very concerned about how The Pimp's crew continues to deal with the success but it's nice to see Brown's hot hand was apparently contagious since their last pimp slapping, hope the elevator hasn't hit the top floor and only has one way to go from here for this team though.

I also still think finding a way to get Kadji, Reg and Gamble on the floor with the superstar back-court is something that will put this team on the untouchable level come postseason time.


Great art. Soup! Watching John Salmons as I type. ;)

Mia Chi 'Cane '98

Miami is talk of the college basketball world. Vitale keeps talking about Miami during the Notre Dame vs Louisville game, and ESPN keeps putting different stats of them on the scroll...


Skool..we are set! The setting and the guide are GUARANTEED. The lake is to die for, and we just might if NativeCane gets involved. LOL


Ya, no wonder his hands measure 12" from thumb to pinky... WOW!

Old Skool

Good news Soup. Just got back from Zero Dark Thirty. Very good flick.

Sounds like you're breaking in the lake early for us

As for the guide, if he can go even halfway toward matching that trip where they caught 30 bass - one that weighed in just over 13lbs and the majority that weighed 8 to 10lbs. I will be one happy camper.


Odogwu is a MONSTER!!

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | February 09, 2013 at 09:11 PM

And a DT starting tomorrow!


Sonny Odogwu is bigger than Malcolme Bunche.... LOL. http://t.co/KvMLWnus

PS - Bunche is 6'7 323! Odogwu is a MONSTER!!


JCane...just keep your posts coming. And in the future consider writing an article about the UM BB team? We need ALL the help we can get!


Great article, 86. A few trap games on the road could be dangerous, but the main games of danger in appearance on the schedule otherwise would be UVa (but at home) and Duke in N.C. on 3/2. After, it's really a matter of conference tnmt. outcomes to position for the tnmt (no longer a doubt of whether but what seed...and a #1 seed option is really in their court at this point).

I always seem to post right before the new blog comes up, which would save most the trouble of reading my long-winded comments. That being said, I'm re-posting my opinion about the amazing play of the team and where they'll rank:

Gotta love the passion the basketball team is playing with. Coming out with a big early lead, and especially that off the backboard pass on the breakaway by Larkin with just under 8 min. left. The announcers were talking up the U for consideration for being ranked #1, but even though they are arguably playing the best ball in the land right now they don't deserve to be #1 based on how the rankings work. There are 3 teams with only 2 losses still (Duke, Arizona, and Gonzaga). Even though Duke got whipped by the U, Arizona beat the U. Maybe U could make a case for being ranked ahead of a non power conference school like Gonzaga being behind the U, but they have a long hx of being a solid hoops school and haven't yet lost any conference games either. Frankly, if the U moves ahead of all of the schools that lost this week (FU, IU, KU and UMich), this would be a huge sign of respect by the pollsters. Normally this wouldn't be expected, but with a huge win on national tv today vs. a good, but not great, UNC, this 3 loss U team will likely still be rated as the highest 3 loss team in the land, which would be huge and put them at #4. This would be amazing! Even though IU lost on a fluky ending (blown coverage on an in-bound pass with 0.9 sec. left) and UMich lost because of an almost half-court shot 3 pointer at the buzzer by UW to go to OT, the U will likely move ahead of them with equal losses and a lesser basketball pedigree as a sign of major respect. Unless something else happens before Monday's polls come, expect #4 and be thrilled.

It's all about the U, baby!

dj moonbat

So with Kansas and Michigan both losing, UM may be Top 5, eh? That would sure be something.


Saw my pic I mailed U was in the box of goodies

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | February 09, 2013 at 07:13 PM



LOVE THE SHIRT! Thank you, 86!

Posted by: TonyCane | February 09, 2013 at 07:50 PM

U got it the old fashioned way: U earned it!


Skools gonna love it.

Posted by: NativeCane | February 09, 2013 at 07:40 PM

He would love it even better if U would go with us and let us avoid the HEAVY guide price! LOL


LOVE THE SHIRT! Thank you, 86!


Skool...glad U are around, I have a scouting update for U re: our planned Bass fishing trip to Lake Istokpoga near Sebring/Lake Placid.

Posted by: 86Cane | February 09, 2013 at 05:45 PM

Dude, that is one of the most beautiful lakes I've ever Airboated. Huge bald cypress on the eastern shore, thousands of acres of poinsetta down canal at the south end, cool party island in the middle, and an old crashed drug runners airplane in the cattails on the western side.

Skools gonna love it.

Go Canes!!!


CANES on Sportscenter NEXT!


86, no luck on the AJ signature, huh? Saw my pic I mailed U was in the box of goodies


Power is back on!!!! Go canes bballl beastsssssss


May be my personal favorite article ever. I absolutely LOVE this team and what they have accomplished. The Pimp has it goin on!


Skool...glad U are around, I have a scouting update for U re: our planned Bass fishing trip to Lake Istokpoga near Sebring/Lake Placid.

1. The Lake is BIG and VERY beautiful.

2. I drove to the marina we are leaving from and it is 1:15 minutes from my house.

3. I talked to the marina operator there and he HIGHLY recommended the guide we are going with.

4. I fished a couple of places for about an hour total and caught one 3 LB bass.

Sarasota 'cane

Nice article! I have to admit I thought UM was done when they lost to Florida Gulf Coast University! This run has been unreal!
The whole atmosphere with LeBron and D Wade and blowing out UNC and being 10-0 in the ACC reminded of an old school UM football game in The Orange Bowl!
When UM is kicking everyone loves it!

Go 'canes!


Lets go Canes !!!! football team needs to take notice

Terrance Sullivan

Great stuff 86.

VA Cane

Good job by these kids, they really look good today. Coach is a good one, they grabbed him from Mason. They really look strong. Maybe we ought to forget the lackluster football and baseball teams, and cheer on the Canes hoops team....they are doing a great job.


U are good Roach, U are good.


Yeah... the Heels got caught in a rip current alright!

(Love the Tina Turner title too SOUP.)


LOVE the fast starts! (Wish our FB team could get the hang of that!)

Get on top and PLAY YOUR GAME!

Let's Go CANES!

NY Trooper


Old Skool

Dang again

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