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February 05, 2013



Warrior...excellent post, I agree.


Is the Miami - BC game on ESPN?

orange 'n green in the vein

ESPN3, so internet only mi@?


Thanks ogv


the Herb,

Didn't I tell you to stop following recruiting till Thursday????


the Miami - BC game on ESPN?

Posted by: mi@mic@ne | February 05, 2013 at 05:18 PM

ESPN3, so internet only mi@?

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | February 05, 2013 at 05:19 PM

NESN, plus Some of the Fox Sports and/or Comcast Sports networks are carrying the game on regular tv


Ok ESPNU jus showed an in-depth view of Matthew Thomas smarts and that kid closes on a play like NO OTHER....BOTTOM LINE....he is the only kid Im sad if we dont get this year Everyone Else OH WELL...WE ARE GOOD....MT6 on that play in the UnderArmour game where he demolished the QB first noticed the play to the point where he closed out on the underneath receiver totally blanketed any passing lane he may have had....THEN when the QB rolled out he made his power move towards the QB only after the SS closed in on the receiver and MT6 BLEW THAT QB UP....IM WOW'D..



I said we need immediate help and talented help. We played Moore & Ivery last year. All I'm saying it couldn't be any worse, Plus Bostwick, Brooks & Bryant, are all 300 plus lbs. I know you got to think Thomas, even as a freshman, would be an up grade over, Gaines, Cornelius, Armbrister and even Buchanan, if he comes back. Grace, wouldn't be ready, he needs to put on weight. Figeroa, needs to put on some weight and even Thomas will need to add weight but as far as ability, this kid can play.


How long does it take for Brooks to make up his mind. what is there really to think about. That's like choosing between steak and a ham sandwich.


@ByTimReynolds: Tomorrow night at this time, thousands of high school seniors will be at Lids, returning the caps of the schools they didn't sign with.

Funny stuff.

orange 'n green in the vein

That's what I'm trying to understand herb, you think those young guys are difference makers with a single spring at the most under their belts right now? I agree UM needs marked improvement in the line play on that side of the ball and can use some immediate help in the recruiting class if that's the only way they can make that happen but for my money it's more likely that those guys who played so bad as freshman last year are going to provide that than the upcoming group of freshman this year. Did Moore and Ivory weigh too little or something for you last year to think they're age wasn't the reason they got their heads handed to them?


Feeling good about Bostwick and Kirkland. I'll be on here around the same time as you Ohio. Looking forward to NSD no matter the chatter.



The NCAA is really f**ked....vp of enforcement approved 20 grand to Shapiro's attorney.


Taking your mind off of recruting for a few minutes. Interesting stuff here, $20k approved to pay Perez, by an NCAA Vice President no less.


Semper fi beats me by seconds :)


Posted by: j.w. | February 05, 2013 at 06:32 PM

It's all good bro...I'm sure none of us can enough of seeing the NCAA getting hammered!


I interpret that comment from Pete Ariz differently.

That seems to me like false bravado coming from the coaching staff, they let it leak to Pete so that the perception is that there is no scrambling or panicking. Because if the impression is one of panic it will ruin it for someone that might be on the fence.

I think we get very few of those targets mentioned and I think in the end it will have to do with perceived sanctions, negative recruiting, and the Heralds campaign for the last two weeks to make the program look bad. I think the coaches have done the best they could but those obstacles have been too hard to overcome with impressionable young minds

I hope I'm completely wrong and tomorrow is EPIC good and not EPIC bad like I fear. My fingers, toes and everything else is crossed and I'm not superstitious but I may even drive over to Hialeah to put some magic on my canes lol


I will be online at 6 also.. Although will be at work and cant flow any feeds or Twitter lol


Canesfan, if what you say comes true just relax. Al Golden will never have it harder recruiting than he does right now. The NCAA situation will be resolved within a few months, meaning Golden will have ample time to recruit for 2014 without this hanging over his head.

He's added two strong recruiters to his staff. We'll be set going forward.

If we have to whiff on recruiting, let it be with an undersized class rather than a 31 man squad that forms the backbone of your team.


If we have to whiff on recruiting, let it be with an undersized class rather than a 31 man squad that forms the backbone of your team.

Posted by: TonyCane | February 05, 2013 at 06:56 PM

That's an excellent point!!!


first row did not put a link up...looks like im left with the radio


You can't tell me that UM is on the phone with the NCAA at this very second telling them that this $hit has got to and put out a statement immediately.


Game score espn3 is blacked out In my area

dj moonbat

Interesting stuff here, $20k approved to pay Perez, by an NCAA Vice President no less.

Posted by: j.w. | February 05, 2013 at 06:32 PM

Even if an attorney's hourly rate is really, really high, $20K means that the attorney billed quite a few hours. That's not a number that goes together with the NCAA casually asking Perez to pass along a few questions in the course of a deposition.


Canes up by 10 at the half, at 33-23, vs. BC. Equally as much fun, #2 FU is down to unranked Arkansas (maybe AC will run on to the court at this game, too??) at the half, 43-26. Hope this one sticks. FU, with a loss, would drop to 3 losses, same as the U, and it would be interesting to see if they'd drop below the U, assuming an undefeated week for the green and orange. I would guess yes if they lose handily....

Back to recruiting. Tomorrow should be fun. Also, I think there will be plenty, but not all, good news tomorrow.


45-29, the U, a little over 13 min. left in the second half. Arkansas over FU, 49-33, with 16 min. left in the game.


Tony cane you are 100% correct. He has gone through some shit! Year 3 and it is time to become elite again.


Canes rolling now!


58-35 Canes.


Miami up by 23 ...Turds going down.. its a great nite to be a Cane


UM up 25 points ova BC with 6 minutes left.


Turds down by 24 with 8 min. left. Ah, continue winning and a chance to at least move to 7 this week. No matter. I still love seeing FU go down.

Canes are looking impressive tonight. Hard to believe they barely beat this team on the road a few weeks ago. I still like to fantasize that they hadn't lost to FGCU and Indiana St., as the loss to Arizona alone would still likely have the U at #1. Still, I have no big complaints about the U on the hardwood this season.


For those interested, #10 Ohio State plays #3 U Mich. later tonight. As much as I'd like to see the Wolverines drop, I can't pull for the Buckeyes...


Big win for the 'Canes... they owned BC from start to finish!!! Keep it rollin'.




^^^SHOULD HAVE BEEN 36!!! hahaha


For those who want to watch a replay of the game:


Gators fought back, but still lost by 11. Excellent.


Miami hurricanes only team in the country unbeaten in conference play!!!! Lets gooooo Canes!!!


Tim Reynolds ‏@ByTimReynolds
Miami has nine ACC wins already -- matching their most for any season since joining the league.

ESPN Stats & Info ‏@ESPNStatsInfo
Miami is the 1st team not named Duke or UNC to start 9-0 in ACC play since Virginia started 12-0 in 1981


Baylor: fans go to games, new on campus stadium, fun offense.

Miami: Large yet lifeless stadium off campus, angry, demanding fanbase that ironically cant find the time to show up for games.

Pretty easy choice.


From CanesInsight & Pete Ariz..

Here are some “projections” for tomorrow.

Jermaine Grace-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 2PM, ESPNU
This isn’t the lock that it once was, as Charlie Strong has made a big push over the past couple weeks to get Louisville squarely in the race with Miami. In the end, I would be surprised to see him choose over the hometown school. Two of his closest friends in Tracy Howard and Malcolm Lewis also play for the ‘Canes. Miami—Peter Ariz

I feel as if Miami was always his leader and thought he made his decision to attend Miami earlier in the process. Miami—Tito Benach

Denver Kirkland-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 9:20AM, ESPNU
The Kirkland saga will come to an end tomorrow at Booker T. Washington High School. While I’m told Miami is technically alive here, I just don’t see him picking the ‘Canes with everything that has happened over the last week. We may never know what really happened behind-the-scenes, but it didn’t end as smoothly as Miami had hoped. I believe his decision will come down to either FSU or Arkansas. Florida State—Peter

The fact that Miami was his leader prior to the incident and he actually waited for Miami to re-offer again shows me he really doesn't want to leave, strangely enough. Miami—Tito

Matthew Thomas-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 9:15AM, ESPNU
One of the most highly recruited players in recent history, the Miami staff recruited Thomas as hard as they possibly could. If he doesn’t pick Miami, it isn’t for a lack of effort on Miami’s side. FSU has the upper hand heading into tomorrow, but that’s not to say he couldn’t wake up tomorrow and pick the ‘Canes. Florida State—Peter

While FSU had the lead, I don't see Thomas passing up the opportunity it to play close to home and with friends. Miami—Tito

Jaynard Bostwick-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 8AM
Miami had led for almost a year and a half for Bostwick until recently when UF made a strong surge. The DT prospect took a visit to Gainesville this past weekend and the Gators believe they have pulled even with Miami down the stretch. Miami has two major things in their direction with early playing time availability and family connection with his cousin, Thurston Armbrister. Miami—Peter

Bostwick has family at Miami and I don't see him passing that up. Miami—Tito

Keith Bryant-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 1:30PM, ESPNU
Bryant’s family wants him close to home, but there’s been too much smoke between him and FSU over the past few months for me to believe that Miami will be the choice. His relationship with FSU DL coach Odell Haggins has a lot to do with why I expect it to be Florida State. Haggins has been recruiting Bryant back to his freshman year in high school. Florida State—Peter

While Miami tried to gain momentum at the end, I see him ending up in Tallahassee. Florida State—Tito

Rashard Robinson-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 9AM
Miami came on strong in the end, but it was too little too late. Robinson even took two unofficial visits to Miami, but his commitment to LSU was too strong. LSU—Peter

Miami showed up too late for him. Might have had a shot had they offered a lot earlier. LSU—Tito

Stacy Coley-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 11:05AM, ESPNU
Next to Matthew Thomas, this is also one that can truly go either way between Miami and Florida State. The Florida State side seems to be very confident, while Miami positioned itself very well after having ground to make up for a few months. In the end, I think his coach wanting him at Miami has an affect and he chooses the ‘Canes. Miami—Peter

Can't see Coley passing up the opportunity to play close to home and also feel as if His coach played a big factor. Miami—Tito

Augustus Edwards-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 7AM
Edwards was on campus this past weekend and it went well. Miami and FSU have been fairly even over the past week or so, but with Miami losing out on Alex Collins last night, he becomes even more of a priority. With the opportunity to get a good amount of touches in Miami’s offense next season, I believe Edwards chooses Miami. Miami—Peter

Think FSU reels him in due to his interest in the campus. Florida State—Tito

Other Chatter
**Don’t rule out the possibility of Quinton Powell joining this class tomorrow. I believe he is the contingency plan to either Thomas or Grace and I’m not sure if USC would accept his commitment with such limited spots.

**I exchanged messages with former Miramar OC Tyrell Conyers (now at MNW), who is very close to Jermaine Grace. Conyers told me that as of now, it is a “toss up” between Louisville and Miami for Grace.

**I spoke to a local high school coach today who follows Miami recruiting closely, and he told me that based on people he’s talked to, the recruit he feels most confident about is Keith Bryant. He says that those in Bryant’s inner-circle adamantly want him to stay home.

**This may seem like a vague statement, but I’m told the staff feels very good about tomorrow. This can be evidenced by the fact that there aren’t necessarily a lot of back-up plans being mentioned at this point, especially with so many available spots.


Command center is almost ready!



Ohio place is looking good man.... Were starting on te floors in my man cave in about a month, i have the walls painted all black and im going with a black and white theme of hurricane pictures and customized U logo... Cnt wait till its done!!


UpNorth, thanks bro! That sounds hawt!

I've still got some stuff I wanna do to it. Needs drywall put in and new drop ceiling. Oh, and some more Canes stuff! LOL!

We just moved in here a little under 2 years ago, but with a 18 month old, I haven't had a lot of time. Will do it all myself sometime in the near future.


Hey what's that smell? Oh the shyt is hitting the fan, that's what that is:



Oh, and some more Canes stuff! Will do it all myself sometime in the near future.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | February 05, 2013 at 09:26 PM

That STUFF is on it's way my friend! Check your mail on Thursday. Don't forget 10% to your agent WWIN.


Watching this OSU/Mich game. God I HATE OSU! Go Michigan! LOL


So as more and more details of the botched investigation are coming to light, two things have jumped out at me that go far beyond whether or not the NCAA is just going to settle with UM for, "time served."
First of all, this was a Federal bankruptcy investigation that the NCAA was apparently using for their own purposes. The NCAA was using the full force and power of the Federal government (the Treasury Dept I think) to gain access to information they would otherwise have been unable to obtain. You better bet your ass that the US government will look into this...and by, "look into this," I mean they are going to subpoena and depose EVERYONE that may have been involved. In addition, Shapiro's lawyer is the small fish in that scenario. Think she might take some kind of a plea arrangement to spill the beans to the feds and avoid disbarment? In a heartbeat. The end result of that is that not only might Emmert be exposed as the true ringmaster behind trying to use illicit means to bring down UM at all costs, it might expose other abuses of power that he engaged in during his tenure.
The second issue that no one seems to be talking about yet, is the fact that if the NCAA did use 20 grand to pay her, breaking their own rules, that is 20 grand of the member institution's money. You think that there might be some university presidents who might be interested in looking into that? That is a gross misappropriation of funds, and to me, that exposes that NCAA as an organization to a class action lawsuit by their members...and if you want to take that even farther, where do those dues to the NCAA come from? The tuition of the students who attend those universities. God help the NCAA if Federal accountants start digging through their books, because if there is anything fishy, they will find it.
Now I know there is a lot of speculation and assumption in my opinions, but if you think it sounds farfetched just consider this, if someone would have told you a year ago that UM might get off with time served and minimal schollie reductions, and this investigation could lead to the demise of the NCAA as we know it, would you have believed them?


Sorry about the format above...I had spaces in there between paragraphs, but they got deleted when I posted.


Terrell Brooks picks Baylor...

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