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February 13, 2013


dj moonbat

My only question on the new, new signing, how in the world did he just slip through the cracks like that? A major prospect from a metro area the size of Nashville and nobody got his ink last week?

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | February 14, 2013 at 01:36 AM

Weird. I guess we didn't want to do anything to scare Collins off (Collins was probably a better complement to our existing star RB, Duke), and Elder REALLY wanted to come here (enough that he was willing to wait it out).

I just watched his highlight reel on YouTube. That kid has really good football speed. He's not exactly a "change of pace" from Duke; both those guys are going to bring the "fast and shifty" skillset to the field.

If Dillard is ready to take over Mike James's role as The Hammer, the 'Canes are looking like they're well set at RB, even with Clements a big question mark.

I like the pickup. The kid looks like he's gonna be a baller.



If duke Johnson gets banged up like last year, which I pray to God he won't, Corn will pick up his slack. He's gon be this year's Duke Johnson.


"When I went to Junior Day at Miami I felt like I was already home," Edouard said. "I was the only QB there. I got a chance to speak with [offensive coordinator James] Coley for awhile just one-on-one. He basically wanted to find a quarterback who could run and throw, have accuracy and be a leader on the field. He said I had all those tools.

> Berman said UM has shown interest in a couple others of his talented juniors at Hialeah including center Alique Terry (6-2, 285) and defensive tackle Tony Baxter (6-3, 300). Neither of those players though have offers from the Canes.



And on a side note.....


Jon Bastian - According to @BigCountyPreps1, 2014 linebacker Andrew Beck (6-3/230) from #TampaPlant was offered by #Miami.


Edouard will end up at saftey. Sure they'll give the dude a chance to play QB but we ain't running a spread offense. Goldie's just lining up athletes.


David Thompson to start at 1b and bat 4th or 5th. Wow, he's better than I thought he was lol

Schweaty Balls

David Thompson to start at 1b and bat 4th or 5th. Wow, he's better than I thought he was lol

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | February 14, 2013 at 01:30 PM

Ohio...now you are getting in to my territory, college baseball. Thompson is a stud hitter, if he did not put out the word he was always going to come to Miami he would have been drafted in the first 2 rounds of the draft. He is a much better baseball player than football. I would be surprised if he does not have at least a .320/15/60 this season. He needs to produce big time, especially early on.


He needs to produce big time, especially early on.

Posted by: Schweaty Balls | February 14, 2013 at 01:48 PM

Starting the year batting clean-up? He absolutely better produce big time early.

Schweaty Balls

With Whaley and Radzewski out, its a must the bats produce runs, and alot of them. Thompson is key in that being successful. With Morris batting him 4th, it just shows you what kind of stick he has.


With Morris batting him 4th, it just shows you what kind of stick he has.

Posted by: Schweaty Balls | February 14, 2013 at 01:58 PM

Absolutely, which is why my original post said he's better than I thought. That's some high praise when Morris says "Hey rookie, you're in the 4 slot".


I hate to say this but this will be an up and down season for the Canes baseball team. Best I can give them is 34-22. Lost a lot of their top recruits to the major league draft and with a couple pitchers down already, this could be a long year.



If duke Johnson gets banged up like last year, which I pray to God he won't, Corn will pick up his slack. He's gon be this year's Duke Johnson.

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | February 14, 2013 at 12:22 PM

Schweaty Balls

I hate to say this but this will be an up and down season for the Canes baseball team. Best I can give them is 34-22. Lost a lot of their top recruits to the major league draft and with a couple pitchers down already, this could be a long year.

Posted by: 5shipsago | February 14, 2013 at 02:03 PM

Don't be so sure about that. The dymanics of college baseball has changed so much that it does not take much anymore to have a good year. Plus, like Baseball America, you have no idea what to expect from this team b/c they are unproven and there are mamy new faces. But there is alot of talent, just a little unknown is all. Having Whaley and Radziewski out is not good, its only February, and the teams Miami plays before the Florida series are not that good. Morris had a better recruiting class this year than in the past and FR play a bigger role than ever before in college baseball. You are going to see a very different team than you have seen in the past.


WWIN: Corn. Now THAT just sounds like a football name to me.

orange 'n green in the vein

86, I'll drive three, possibly more, hours to go see the Hurricanes play, doubly so when the coach of the team is beyond barely competent at his job and actually excels at it.

I'll drive twice as long to get the heck out of the redneck riviera that is Tallahicksville and back to something resembling culture anytime.

Can't describe the complete feeling of confidence I had last night even when the Indian impersonators pulled even that UM was going to street fight their way out with the win, an absolute 180 to the football team this season and the chicken dance mutant from Philly/his buddy from college in similar situations.

I almost was happy for Hamilton that the inbred fans dressed like they had been skinned filed out grumbling about 'at least it was respectable,' due to lingering appreciation for his work at UM when I was in college, but then I realized, it's better it was close and still a loss because it = more heartbreak for those nimrods.

Account Deleted

After the past day I'm even more confused.

Repeating my post from early yesterday..

Looking at the current roster and depth I see some interesting numbers. While I'm no expert of depth charts a few things look out of line.

Here's the number by position vs starters on the field. Gives you some idea of backups available.

WR - 13 on roster 3 usually on field
TE - 8 on roster 1 usually on field
QB - 5 on roster 1 usually on field
RB - 6 on roster 2 usually on field
OL - 12 on roster 5 usually on field
LB - 10 on roster 3 usually on field
DL - 16 on roster 4 usually on field
DB - 10 on roster 4 usually on field

I can understand a 2 or 3 deep need. But 8 TE's??? 16 DL's?? At WR we're nearing 5 deep, esp if a RB is in the pattern.

Odd thing is with 16 DL's we still need help at that position.

Since I posted this we added another QB, RB and Athlete (probably DB). At least the RB might have a spot, maybe the DB. Another QB?? What, no TE's available......

orange 'n green in the vein


We can't account for the fact the staff likes multiple position football players and will churn them around the roster to different spots, not that I think it's a good idea to, but they do ltcf.


Longtimecanefan, the NCAA allows us to have a total of 85, with your count we are still under the total number allotted. You have to think this is the norm.


When it comes to Depth chart OGV is right that kids will change spots, but you also have to account that some of those players will never see the field for a snap on D or O they are going to be just special team players, account for injuries kids who wanto to transfer, seniors leaving plus account for juniors who may leave early as well. I mean look at our WR last year Lewis went out and Hurns was out for a bit and didnt lockhart get hurt to. So their is three guys hurt already. I don't think its that big of a deal as your making it out to be. IMO of course


Coach L on Tim Brando radio show: http://www.cbssports.com/video/player/tim-brando/JGSQvZIrry8V


16 DL and even with that number we have a ocean wide hole at, need I say It DT! Dye & Perry have been moved back to DE, so that will cut the TE numbers. The numbers need to be up at DB & CB, slightly.


"Think like a gardner, but work like a carpenter"

Love that line by The Pimp


I meant LB & DB.


NO RUMOR, he wanted to be a CANE that's a fact. I've told yall this since last year. How do I know? Because he told me face to face out of his mouth.

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | February 14, 2013 at 11:12 AM

And the rest is history...WWIN got this!

I think Cristobal better be worried, WWIN gonna take his job. LOL


Back to the 863 from the 850. Long day, long life. Be back later, Valentine's Day dinner is on the table, gotta go.


Leonard Conley ****

Mcginns ale house

Wow-- corn looks fast-- Willie is he someone that's ready to play or do you
Think he needs a year?

Old Skool

Happy V Day. No matter how bad things may seem. Be glad you're not stuck on a Carnival ship eating onion burgers and smelling sewage for days on end or even worse live in Tallahassee.


Cane brotherhood: At last behold 2014 #1 recruiting class The University of Miami. A lot South Florida kids want to be canes and put the team back on the map believe it or not.man SoBe is the spot to be especially with the bball blazing hot. This last year during recruiting we let other coaches get to the young teenage manipulative minds with the probation b.s.and $EC. The $h!t the school did by opposing another ban was probably detrimental to the 2013 class but in the end it looks like it was a smart move after all.Checkmate NCAA!!!!! This will all be over with going into fall. Trust me they U will recruit big and more importantly win big!!


Ps OGV I read the space three to five times a day. Quit hatetin. No matter how bad you think DNO is we will have momentum going into the fall once the ncaa b.s. is over. THE monkey off your back. Make way WE GOT SOME CANES OVA HERE!!


Or GVille. I leaves there for two years...........Worst two years of my life.


Momentum-monkey off our backs come this fall. WE GOT SOME CANES OVA HERE!!!!

orange 'n green in the vein


I'm not surprised, you were old enough to vote for those two years, weren't you?

JCane, good to see you got into your typepad account so I could go dig up THIS post quote from you easily:

"OFF:Shane McDermott DEF:Vaughn Telemaque Frosh:D'Mauri Jones Coach:DiNofrio
Toggle Commented Aug 7, 2012 on Legends Of The Fall 2012 at Canespace"

Let's see, underrated good player that reminds me of an athletic Brett Romberg, a guy who I seem to like better than nearly everybody else maybe even including you today, who, and lastly LMFAO!

Hurricane Warrior

Ufomba Kamalu DL 6-6 280 Fayetteville, Ga. (Butler CC)

I believe he is a redshirt sophmore and will have 3 year to play 3 much like Gunter was last year.

Bond and Beau are the 2 Juniors who have 2 years to make an impact, although they have redshirts available, I don't think Golden signed them to redshirt.



Posted by: Anthonyjmanis | February 14, 2013 at 08:37 PM



You always miss the point OGV? I live in the next town over from Leesburg (D.Jones) was a hometown pick. 86 said don't pick the obvious so McDermott wasn't on obvious pick. My bad on Good Ol Telemarketer lol. DNO okay I was at the spring game and although it was extremely vanilla. I thought the d would be a surprise. I've looked up all the d stats a temple when was the mutant was there and I come away unimpressed. However from my previous comment with the talent and momentum we gain provided the ncaa waves the white flag even he can't f this mega storm brewing. You owe me a beer I'll be coming to the spring game so see you there.

Hurricane Warrior

Based on the new spring roster vs. 2012 spring roster.

Biggest Gainers this off season:
DE Ricardo Williams: 31 lbs up to 251
DT Olsen Pierre: 31 lbs up to 296
CB Nate Dortch: 23 lbs up to 175
DE Tyriq McCord: 21 lbs up to 236
S Deon Bush: 16 lbs up to 195
LB JaWand Blue: 16 lbs up to 210
CB Tracy Howard: 15 lbs up to 185
WR Herb Waters: 13 lbs up to 185
TE Jake O'Donnell: 13 lbs up to 243
WR Robert Lockhart Jr.: 12 lbs up to 188

Biggest Losers:
OL Danny Isidora: 33 lbs down to 312
DT Dequan Ivery: 28 lbs down to 303
DE Dyron Dye: 17 lbs down to 258
TE Asante Cleveland: 10 lbs down to 260
OL Seantrel Henderson: 10 lbs down to 340

Looks like our team is getting a little bigger. Of all the returning players from last spring they put on a total 154 lbs. This includes the weight that is lost by some players.

Hurricane Warrior

FYI last year the biggest gainers were:
DT Junior Alexis: 40 lbs up to 280 - gone
Dt Corey King: 25 lbs up to 295 - contributes significantly
WR Phillip Dorsett: 16 lbs up to 186 - break out year
Thurston Armbrister: 17 lbs up to 212 - got to start
TE Asante Cleveland: 15 lbs up tp 270 - did not play much
LB Tyrone Cornileus: 15 lbs up to 210 - played a lot
S Kacy Rogers: 13 lbs up to 213 - started a few games
CB Thomas Finnie: 13 lbs up to 183 - played a lot
DE Anthony Chickill: 10 lbs up to 258 - slowed down a bit

No one lost more than 10 lbs last year and only 6 players lost weight compared to 24 this off season.



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